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Monday, January 29, 2007

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Thursday, September 28, 2006


A Teachers Fantasy
Courtesy of Richards Realm
In almost thirty years of teaching, I have been propositioned three times, by a student. While I did turn them all down, it has become more difficult to do so each time. Last year, I nearly gave in to the temptations offered by one of my pupils. Ultimately, I turned her down, but I have often wondered what would have happened if I had given in.This is how I fantasized that it would have turned out. The bell rang, signaling the end of class. The students rose, almost as one, to go to their next class. The exception being Victoria Allen. Tory, as she wascalled by her friends got up slowly, spreading her knees as she slid out of the seat. At the same time as she was flashing me a shot of pink lace panties, she looked up at me and smiled. She approached the desk, leaned over (showing her cleavage, and a matching bra) and asked to see me after school, as she needed some help. After the last class, she showed up, clutching her books to her chest and began to tell me her tale of woe. If she didn't get a high enough grade in my class, she would not be able to play on the tennis team. " Is there anything I can do to raise my grade", she asked? I proceeded to tell her the usual things. "Spend more time studying", I replied. "I do study, but I just don't get it", she said. "Can I do something for extra credit? Anything, I'll do anything, but I need the grade!" As she said this shelowered the books, again showing off her chest. An evil thought entered my mind as I gazed at her chest. My code of ethics and my loins were fighting for control of my body! I gave in to my baser instinctsand told her to come to my apartment that evening for some tutoring.At 6:30 she arrived, wearing a tee shirt that showed midriff and hip huggers, giving me an eyeful of her assets. Prior to her arrival, I had decided to make an honest effort to actually tutor the girl, but with her showing up in that outfit, my resolve began to crumble. My mind went from the succession of the English monarchy to my success in getting into her pants. I invited her in and showed her to the couch, where I had set up my stuff to help her conquer the intricacies of world history. After a half an hour or so, she blurted out, "its no use! I just don't get this stuff! All these stupid wars! It's boring! What do I need to know this for, anyway?" "Why don't we take a break. Can I get you something to drink? , I asked. "Sure", she said. "Root Beer O.K.?" "Only if you don't have any other kind!" she teased."I'm not a beer guy." , I replied. " I prefer a glass of wine." "Oh, yeah? What kind?" she asked. "That depends on what I'm eating with it.", I said as I sat down beside her. "Is there anything else I can do to get my grade up?" It was now or never! Either I would be noble and not take advantage of the situation, or go straight to hell and have great time getting here. My mind was made up for me when she put her hand on my leg and ran it up toward my crotch. "I guess there might be. You have any ideas?" "Well, the boy I was dating says I give good head." "I guess that would be a good place to start", I replied. The hand resting on my thigh immediately went for my zipper. She fished for my cock, which had expanded enough to make it difficult to remove from my pants. Finally, she pulled it out, staring at it. "Its bigger than Ray's." I had never thought of myself as being overly endowed, but to her I guess it seemed huge. She kept staring at it, as if mesmerized. Then she looked up at me as she lowered her face to it. She kissed the head, still looking at me. Then she took the head between her lips, running her tongue along the underside. I closed my eyes, reveling inThe feel of her mouth on my cock. As she sucked more of my rigid cock into her mouth I let out a moan of pleasure. Then she proceeded to unbuckle my pants and pull them down off my ass, leaving me sitting there in my boxers. She reached into my shorts and pulled out my nut sac and began playing with them as she sucked. Between moans of pleasure, I managed to let her know that if she wasn't careful. She would soon be getting a mouthful of cum. Upon hearing this she smiled (a difficult thing to do with a cock in your mouth) and began sucking harder while massaging my balls. Almost involuntarily, I reached down inside her blouse, cupping her left breast, feeling the nipple swell as I rubbed it. It was her turn to moan, now. Pulling her mouth off my cock, she asked, "would you like to see them?" "Definitely.", I replied. She stood up, pulled her top over her head, revealing the pink lace bra I had seen earlier that day. She started to unclasp the front closure, but I interrupted, asking "may I Do that for you?" "Sure.", she said, standing in front of me, hands now at her sides. I reached up, unclipped the closure, and peeled the lacy fabric from her breasts.I stared at them for a moment, until she said, "I don't like them very much. They aren't very big, and the nipples stick out from the rest of my tits." To which I replied, "Oh no Tory, these are beautiful! Not too small. Not too big. And these nipples! Any man would kill to suck on these puffies!. "You mean that?" "You bet I do!" And with that I leaned into her, kissing one, then the other. I then opened my mouth, surrounding the whole thing with my lips, gently sucking, feeling it grow as I massaged it with my lips. "Mmmm! That feels nice." "You ain't seen nothin yet, dear!", I replied as I transferred my attention tothe other nipple. Grazing the nipple with my teeth elicited another pleasure moan, from the girl as she leaned into me, grabbing the back of my head, pulling it tight against her. "You're making me wet!", she moaned. "Good", mumbled into her breast as I kept sucking. She stepped away, smiling, and said that she had some unfinished business to attend to. Kneeling in front of me she took my rampant cock in her hand andstarted to lick it like an ice cream cone. "You like the taste of cum?", I asked. "It's O.K." "If you don't like it, why do it?" "Ray liked it. Don't all guys like to get their cocks sucked?" "Well, Yeah, I guess they do." "Then shut up and let me suck it!" After a minute of her pumping my cock with her hand and sucking on the head and shaft, I felt a tightness in my balls. I was about to cum in this sweet lookinggirls mouth, and I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to (Which I didn't). I started bucking my hips and grunted, "I'm cummming!" Her reply was to suck harder as she moaned onto my cock. The first spurt hit the back of her throat. I could feel her trying to swallow it. The second expanded her cheeks. At this point she pulled it from her face,aiming it at her open, cum filled mouth. With more there than she could swallow it drooled from the corner of her mouth, landing on her right nipple. As she went to wipe the excess cum from her lips, I grabbed her hand, bent over and kissed her full on the mouth, getting a good portion of the cum I had just deposited there. From there I licked her nipple clean. "Oooh! What a turn on!", she said. As she watched me lick her tit. "You like the taste of cum?", she asked. "Not especially!""Then why do it?" "I thought you might like it", I replied. "I do!" She bent over and kissed me again, shoving her cum coated tongue wellinto my mouth. "By the way, how am I doing on my extra credit?", she asked. "So far so good, but there are a couple of things we have to go over yet" "Like what." She said with a smile. "For one thing, you haven't come yet" "And for another, you haven't seen inside my panties yet, right?" she shot back. With that, she skinned off the hip huggers, and paraded around in the pink lace undies. "You like?", she said."Lovely! Simply lovely!" I stared at her as she peeled of the undies, and stuck them under my nose. "I know you like these! You want em? Go ahead, I have more at home" But I wasn't paying attention to the lace, I was mesmerized by the neatly trimmed auburn haired bush, just inches from my face. "Oh, I see what you want!" she playfully replied to my silent stare. She walked up to me, her cunt at my eye level. I just stared straight ahead, mumbling, "Beautiful. I can't believe how beautiful it is." I now knew that the dynamics had changed. I was no longer in charge. It was her show now. She could ask me to do anything she wanted and I would do it. No questions asked. I could sense that she felt it too. "May I kiss it?", I asked. "You may do more than that! But go ahead, I know you want too." I leaned into her, breathing deeply as I got close. I gently kissed her outer lips. She grabbed the back of my head, pushing it into her pussy, thrusting her hips forward to meet my face. My lips crushed against the racing stripe bush as she exerted pressure on the back of my head. My tongue slithered out of my mouthand in between her pussy lips. "So, if I come, I get a better grade? Is that how it works?" she asked. All I could do was nod my head, which caused her to let out a short moan. "Oooh! I like this kind of extra credit work! You gonna eat me til I come?" Again I nodded. Again she moaned. "Ray didn't like to lick my pussy. Said it didn't taste good. That's why we broke up. It was all one way stuff. You like to do this?"I finally pulled away far enough to be able to talk. "Yes, I love to eat pussy." I stood up, grabbed her by the hand, and led her to my bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back, pulled her knees to her chest, and said, "Dinner's ready!" I knelt down in front of her, put her thighs on my shoulders and dove in. My tongue lapped at her outer lips, getting a taste of her. She let out a short moan. Then my tongue probed between her outer lips. She moaned again. I startedto tongue fuck this sweet, young, wet cunt. "Oooh, yess! Eat me!" she ordered. I obliged by sucking some of the juices out of her, as she squealed and bucked her hips to meet my tongue thrusts. Now it was time to really get her hot, so I wrapped my lips around her clit and suckedon it, making it swell. This sent her over the edge! "Ohh! Godd! I'm Cumming! Ahhh! Yesss! Nnngg! Don't Stop! Aaaahh!" she screamed, as I gently chewed her swollen clit. Her hips were bucking furiously now as I worked her over with my tongue. I wormed two fingers inside her, as I continued to lick her. Again she started screaming, "Ohhh! Fuuuucckk! Nnnggg! Aaaahhhh!" She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her crotch. "Fuucckk meeee! NOW!" "But, I wanted to make you come again before I filled you with my cock!" "Later! I need you inside me, now!"I stood up, dropping her legs from my shoulder to my forearms, positioning my raging hard-on at the entrance to her cunt. Slowly, I pushed the purple head in between her puffy pink cuntlips. "Promise me that this won't hurt!' she blurted. "I thought you had done this with Ray.", I said. "Only once! And it hurt!" "I'll try not too, but I can't promise anything", I replied , as I pushed more of my stiff member inside. "Ooooh, that feels good" "Yes it does!", I said as I slid another inch inside. Slowly feeding her my manhood, I watched the expression on her face turn from fear to lust, knowing that there would be no pain, just pleasure. When my balls touched her ass cheeks,she reached for my hands and placed them on her breasts. "Fuck me, teacher!" she ordered. "Fuck me good!" I looked down at her crotch as I withdrew my cock, shiny with her juices, her cunt lips clinging to my shaft. With nothing but the head still inside, I shifted my gaze to her face, then shoved it back in. " You look beautiful, when you'rebeing fucked.", I said. The sudden re-invasion of her cunt had caught her by surprise and she gasped, smiled, and thrust her hips, fucking back at me. Establishing a slow, deep, rhythm, I concentrated on her nipples, alternating between massaging them with my palms, and gently rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. She began to whimper each time our pubic bones met. The whimpers became moans; the moans turned to grunts. I could tell she was close to cumming. "Ohh! Ahhh! Nnngg! Goddd! Feels soooo good! Don't stop! Please! I'm cumming! Oh Fuuuuccckk!" I could feel her cunt muscles contracting like a vise around my cock. She pulled me to her, mashing our chests together. Grabbing my ass cheeks, she dug her fingers into them, pulling me in further. Her fingernails raking my ass sent me over the top. With a loud grunt, I began spewing my seed deep within her hungry womb. A second gob of sperm blew out of my cockhead, washing the walls of her cunt. The third shot of cum had filled her to overflowing, the gooey white liquid squeezing out and oozing down the crack of her ass.I pulled out slowly, watching my deflating cock slide out, covered with cum and cunt honey, a long string of cum stretching from my cockhead to the puffy, pink, freshly ravaged lips of her cunt. "Oh God, that was good!", she panted. "I'm not finished yet", I replied, as I licked my way down her body from her nipples to her navel. "What are you doing?""Desert!", I said, as my tongue started licking up the combined juices of our fuck session. I licked her outer lips, savoring the flavor of my cum and her honey, dipping my tongue inside and sucking, looking for more. This brought on another mini-orgasm for her, as she held the back of my head, pushing my face deeper into the folds of her cunt. When finished I lifted my face from her snatch, feeling her pull my head toward her face. She kissed my sperm covered lips, slithering her tongue inside my mouth, tasting both of us. "Do I get my "A" now?" she asked. "And then some!" I replied. "And if I need a refresher course?""Whatever you need, whenever you need it!", I answered. With that, she got up and got dressed, leaving her pink undies behind, after rubbing her crotch with them. " I expect to see you in class tomorrow", I said as I escorted her to my door. "Oh, you will, and then some." She answered over her shoulder as she walked home.
Home Alone
Courtesy of Richards Realm
My brother and I both had plans to have friends over the weekend, our folks were away, and this was our chance to have some fun. At the last minute both our friends cancelled out so I told my brother "maybe we should just rent some movies and have our own party". He seemed agreeable and offered to get the films, I would make some popcorn and get some pop for us both. By the time my brother got home from the video store I had showered and slipped into my nightshirt, if this was going to be a sleepover like it was supposed to be I was going to dress the part. Brandon saw me and said if I was wearing my sleeping clothes so was he "fine with me as long as you dont sleep naked" I joked. Ididnt know all he slept in was his boxers, but after his shower he showed up in the family room in just that. We got comfy on the couch and started the video. From the opening credits I knew he had pulled a joke on me, the film was x rated, he probably wanted to see if I would complain but I wasnt going to give him the satisfaction. I didnt say a word I just smiled and watched the screen. It wasnt long before I noticed he was getting a hard on from the action on screen, and I must admit I was feeling a little wet between the legs too. I decicded to give him some of his own medicine, I pulled up my nightshirt a little and started to finger myself, he could see me from the corner of his eye and I could tell he was watching. I let one finger slip inside my now wet pussy and began to enjoy it, matching the rhythm to the stroking going on in the film. Now it turned into a battle of wills as my brother opened the fly on his boxers and pulled out his dick. I had never seen it before and it was bigger than my boyfriends, about 9 inches long. While I let my fingers bring me to a lovely pitch he started pulling on his cock and jacking off. I wasn't about to losethis battle so I got on the floor and removed my shirt completely, I had one hand in my pussy and let the other one play with my tits, pinching my nipples and massaging my breasts. He pulled his boxers off now and stroked his cock harder and played with his balls. We weren't watching the tv anymore we were looking at each other and it turnedme on. I got to my knees and went to the couch, without a word I took his cock in my hand and began to jack him off, his cock filled my fist and felt warm to me, his balls were large and hairy and I took them in my other hand and fondled them both. Then without thinking I kissed the tip of his dick, he layed his head back on the couch and just moaned, I put my lips around the head and let it slide into my mouth slowly, I was able to take it all in. I could feel the tip at the back of my throat and let my tongue roll around the shaft as I pulled itout to start over again. I kissed and licked the balls sucking each one into my mouth and letting my teeth scrape them as they fell from my lips. This was more than either of us bargained for but neither of us wanted it to stop. His cock filled my mouth as my head bobbed up and down on him. One hand stroked his dick, feeding his hot shaft into my mouth, while the other found his asshole and circled it. I wet my finger and let it slide in his asshole just as I gave his cock a big suck n' slurp, his ass rose off the couch in response and he moanedand threw his head back. I could feel his balls tightening up, getting ready to squirt, and his cock was as hard as a rock, the vein that ran along the front pumping blood to keep it hard throbbing against my tongue. I let my finger go in up to the second knuckle as I sucked, licked and nibbled his dick until I could feel him tense his hips, he bucked his cock deep in my mouth and I had to hold on to his balls to keep from losing him as he shot load after load of his hot cum in my mouth, he filled me up and I couldnt stop the excess from drippingfrom my lips unto my tits and belly, there was cum on my lips and chin and I licked it off, then I rubbed his cum into my skin and on my nipples. As he stopped squirting I pumped his cock to get every last drop I could from his hot meat, I stuck my tongue in his peehole and sucked him dry. He was smiling and exhausted when I finished with him.......but the night was just beginning. On screen a blonde woman was being fucked up the ass by a huge cock. I mentioned that, that looked like fun. My brother was eager to oblige. He joined me on thefloor where he turned me around on my hands and knees and put his face into my pussy. I put my head on the floor so that my ass was high in the air and I opened my legs a little wider so my brother could get his mouth on my cunt. He was eager to eat me, his mouth kissed my lips, making me wet for him, he took his tongue and probed the inside of my already hot slit. He was getting hard again also. He substituted his fingers for his tongue and put his mouth in the crack of my tight ass. He let his saliva drip down my crack and fingered my bung hole letting his saliva make it wet. Then he took his cock and put the head onmy asshole, I braced for the coming pain and tried to relax. He started slowly, pushing just a little cock at a time into my tight ass. I pushed back taking all of his cock in me, I could feel his balls slap at my ass and then his hand smacked me hard on my ass cheeks. I was stunned but the shock gave way to pleasure when he continued to spank me while his cock shoved its way in and out of me. My ass walls were so tight I could feel his cock build up to its climax. He started to cum in great gushes of hot jism, spilling out of my asshole and down my leg. He pulled out of me and shot the rest all over my red hot ass cheeks and continued to spank me hard, I collapsed on the floor and his cum continued to squirt all over my ass. I was hotter than hell then, I had just blown my brother and been ass fucked by him in a matter of half and hour. My cunt was twitching for more, I pulled him down to the floor and pinned him down by sitting on him. My wet snatch left sticky pussy juice on his belly as I backed my ass over his cock. I let the head lay against my wet cunt lips until I couldn't take it anymore and I forced my lips to take him deep inside me. My brother moaned and began to move his hips up and down, forcing his cock even deeper with every stroke, I took his hands and put them on my titsbegging him " play with my nipples Tony, make them hard and suck on them, I want you to bite my nipples while you fuck me." I think my filthy talk inspired him, his cock seemed to grow bigger and histhrusts were deep and hard now. His hands fondled each tit and pinched at my bright red nipples till they hurt, then he pulled me to his mouth and suckled on them like a baby hungry for it's mother. He pulled on my nipples with his teeth while his fingers stroked each breast, his cock meanwhile was tightening up. I forced myself down hard on his rod feeling his hairy balls slap my ass, I began to cum and reached back to milk his cum filled balls of any jism. We exploded together cum shooting in my cunt and splashing back on his balls, our privateswere covered with sticky pussy and cock juices. The music from the video throbbed in the background as his cock pumped it's last cum in me and we collapsed in each others arms.
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I find myself thinking about you far more often than I should. My mind wanders in and out of fantasy all day long. Thinking about little things from a call or a note commanding me, to catching you after a meeting downtown and having a hotel room ready, or even down to the classic mistress routines. I can't help myself ... You are so damn hot! I lust after every part of you. The captivating mind, sexy smile, great voice, beautiful eyes. The talented tongue, the hard body, and then there's the incredible cock. Mouth watering, tongue waging, finger-licking cock! I can never get enough! The other afternoon made it clear to me that I need tease you just a little bit more than I do right now. With the two of us being as mental as we are I realized that it was time to share one of my sexual daydreams with you... It begins with a Saturday game. Somehow we run into each other. Of course you play it cool, but I instead hit on one of the guys in the group. One way or another I get myself invited for post-game tailgating. It's during this time that the fun begins. I make eye contact with you as much as possible just so you know that I am up to something. I come on strong with your friend making sure you can hear all of it, being very suggestive, and working my way to the next step. Someone suggests going to a bar to continue the fun. As the group leaves, you pull me to the back of the crowd. Quietly but with an irritation in your voice you ask me to explain myself. With a smile I respond " Just making new friends". Once at the bar you stay pretty close to me. Close enough that I can run my hand along the front of your thigh and the bulge in your pants. My new friend finally leans in to kiss me and as he does I massage your cock through the outside of your pants. He leaves for the restroom and I turn around to talk to you, all the while keeping a firm touch on your growing muscle. "Are you having fun?" I ask with a devilish grin. "Just what the hell are you trying to do?" you ask with very little amusement. Pretending as if someone bumped into me, I push my body into yours so that I'm close enough to say "I need to be fucked! Are you going to be the one or will I have to have your friend help me out?" I tell you to think about it and I leave for a couple of minutes. When I get back you are talking to my new friend. Setting my beer down next to yours, I switch them. You start to take a sip of beer when you notice there's something very different. Smelling it you soon realize that it has my pussy juice all over the mouth of it. I wink and say, "Beats a wine bottle." With that you get up and walk to the restroom, giving me a look. I make an excuse about a phone call and follow. Watching you go in I wait to see if anyone is around. Quickly I go in behind you. You ask me if this is what I had in mind. No. I undo your jeans and get my hand around your swollen dick, and say that this is what I had in mind. I bend over to get my mouth around the head of your cock. Slowly I move up and down swirling my tongue along the rim and then swallowing you as far in as I can. Now that you are rock hard I stand up and take off my pants and lock the main door. "Are you going to fuck me or just stand there?" I ask you. With that it took only seconds before you had me bent at the waist hands up against the wall, and your great big cock inside my hot wet pussy. Just as we get a rhythm going you stop and tell me to tell you just how bad I want your dick. I begin to but you say I don't want it bad enough that I need to want you more. My begging isn't enough for you, so I tell you that I'll do anything it takes anything you want. With that you start pounding into me harder than ever before. Within minutes you cum. While you are getting dressed you tell me to clean up and go home. Startled I ask you why. You command again to clean up and go home. After following your orders I arrive at home and check my messages. There's one from you with instructions to insert my plug in my ass, lay face down and tie my hands to the footboard. The instructions also say that I should be naked, blindfolded, and that I'm not to speak unless told I could do so. I follow all orders to a 'T' and wait...
Introduction to Lust
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Let me start by introducing myself: my name is Ben, I'm 25 years (born June 1980) old and I live in south London, England. I'm a fitness and psychology coach for a group of professional golfers. I'm 6ft tall with short, messy brown hair, blue eyes and a build that is best described as athletic - I like to run and swim to stay fit. I've been with my girlfriend Chloe for two years now – we started going out in September 2003 after meeting at a dinner party hosted by a mutual friend. Chloe is 22 years old (born September 1983), has shoulder length frizzy blonde hair, brown eyes and a slim figure that makes nearly every guyjealous of me! To make things even better she has lovely 34c breasts and a tight, juicy pussy that is to die for...but more about that in a minute! The first night we met Chloe and I got on really well. We chatted, flirted and laughed together like we'd known one another for years. Initially I thought she was quite timid and innocent...little did I know about the dirty devil that lay beneath the angelic exterior! That night I invited her out to dinner with me the following week...and no sooner had we started dating than our amazing relationship sprang straight into life. After enjoying a great meal together at a restaurant in central London, we headed back to my flat for a nightcap. During the taxi ride home we chatted and laughed some more, then we suddenly kissed, passionately - a kiss that lasted the entire journey. No sooner had we gotten through my front door than we were undressing one another, urgently seeking the same sexual buzz. I was a littlesurprised by her urgency but was not going to complain. We fell into my bedroom at the same time that Chloe unclipped her bra to reveal her amazing breasts. They are incredibly pert and her nipples are possibly the most sensitive I've ever experienced. I immediately began to suck on them as my hands slipped into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down her legs. Pushing her down onto the bed I lay next to her, now just wearing my tight fitting Ralph Lauren boxer shorts, and started to slide my fingers inside her as I continued licking and nibbling her nipples. Her quiet, lustful moans spurred me on as my fingers realised just how tight her pussy was. But it was amazing hot and wet and my index finger worked its way in gradually. Slowly I kissed my way down her body as I continued to finger fuck her. Shesquealed loudly as my tongue found her clit and began to lick it as my fingers worked her dripping hole. It didn't take long for the dual assault to cause her to orgasm and I slowly kissed her wet pussy lips as she eased down from what she later said was her most intense climax to date. I lay next to her again and kissed her softly. Her hands began to stroke the unmissable bulge in my boxer shorts. A few seconds later she had me on my back and had slipped my boxers off to reveal my hard cock. Now I'm the first to admit that I don't have the biggest cock in the world...but at nearly 8½ inches I think I have enough to satisfy most women. Clearly it was more than Chloe had ever seen as she let out a surprised gasp when she first saw it. The size didn't put her off though as she soon had her tongue running up and down my shaft thenseconds later she was taking me inch by inch into her mouth. The sensation was wonderful and I just lay back and enjoyed her expert sucking. Moments later I was pleasantly surprised to feel her nose pressed against my stomach...somehow she had managed to deepthroat me at the first attempt. After getting used to having so much dick in her mouth she back to slide up and down my shaft, licking and sucking brilliantly, pushing me quickly towards an orgasm. As her paceincreased I put my hands on her head and raised my hips, pushing my cock as deep as I could before erupting and emptying my aching balls into her mouth. Not surprisingly she spilt a lot of it but swallowed plenty, staring into my eyes and smiling greedily! That night we spent about 4 hours fucking in almost every position imaginable. Her pussy felt even tighter around my cock than it did my fingers and we bothknew that it was just the beginning of an amazing relationship.
I Love Her Pussy
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Tonight he was going to focus all his attention on her pussy. No neck licking, no massages, just pussy. He loved the way her lips got full and wet when she became excited. He knew he could make her squirm just by licking her neck, sliding his tongue over her breasts, biting gently, then harder, on her nipple. He could get her wet by slapping her ass, hard, until it reddens, or with the crop, leaving thin redlines, as she leans over the bed. But in the end, it came down to the pussy. Clit hard and standing out from its hood so he can flick it lightly from the bottom with his tongue, making her push his face into her pussy so she can feel his tongue brushing over her clit. But first he wanted to play with it, or at least have her play with it. Shelaid back on the bed in her grey calvin kleins, legs spread, as he knelt before her and slid his tongue along her slit. She squeezes her stomach tight and releases a flow of urine, the warm wet water spreading quickly to form a dark patch between her legs. He pulled the panties down her waist a little so she was free to spray into them. Her hands move down between her legs, pulling back hard on her lips as she rolls her hips, contracts again, and lets a stream flow into the ever wetter cotton panties, changing their colour to a dark grey. Pullingthe panties back up her thighs he buries his face between her legs as she lets the final stream of warm water flow. He takes a warm damp towel and washes her down after he's taken the soaked panties away. Sitting on the edge of the bed he directs her to start touching herself. Slowly, shyly at first, her hand moves in small circles over her clit. As her fingers spread her juice, her circles become larger, gliding over her lips, full and warm from the previous little game. Warming to the task she throws her legs wide open, sitting up on thepillows, her breasts visible under her open shirt, nipples hard as her fingers press harder onto her mound. Leaning forward she pushes two fingers into her pussy, deep, pulling them out wet, bringing them to her lips to suck the sweet juice. Then back between her legs, one hand holding her lips open, as the other moved in small, tight circles over her clit. She sits back, slowing the pace of her hand as she feels herself getting too excited. Her hand covers her mound as her breathing begins to return to normal, her breasts heaving slightly. He reaches into the box on the dresser and pulls out a set of silver beads on along string. Beads of various sizes, shiny, and wet as he poured some warm oil onto them before handing the string over to her. She sat up and took the beads into her palm, rubbing them against her pussy, sliding the hard balls along her lips and over her clit, pushing one into her pussy, then tugging it out. She takes the end with the smaller balls and pushes one into her ass, pushing it slowly, but deeply in with one finger. Then another ball, it slides past herasshole, clinking against the one in front of it. Then with the other end she takes a larger ball, sliding it easily between her lips, following it with another, then a third. Pulling the string up she inserts two more, then puts two fingers into her pussy, shaking them, pressing them against the beads squeezed tight in her ass and cunt. Then slowly she pulls them out, feeling her pussy release one after another, but not without a fight. Then the two smaller ones from her ass, each gliding out easily as she drops her head and sighs. He brings some warm water, shaving cream and a new blade from the bathroom. Sitting beside her , he spreads her legs and hands her the utensils. She scoops some water onto her fingers and splashes it over her pussy. Then the cool cream which she rubs and builds into a deep lather, along her mound, on each lip, deep into her thighs. Then after wiping her hands clean of soap, she drags the razor along the inside of one thigh, scraping the short stubble she'd grown from her thick outer pussy lip. With short strokes she shaves close, her fingers testing her work. Then on the the other side, razor gliding over her smooth lips. She strokes slowly, with longer strokes on her mound. Stroking up from her clit, shaving close so he won't chafe when he licks her pussy.He loved the sight of her holding her lips back as she drew the razor across her delicate skin, her pussy, wet and bald just waiting for more abuse. He takes the warm oil and washes the extra cream from her thighs and lips. Rubbing her bald pussy with oil, sliding his fingers under her ass, coating her thighs, leaving her lying there with a sheen. Then he hands her the dildo, and she wastes no time in applying it to its job. She has spun around on the bed so she can lift her leg against the bedpost. With one leg bent, and one raised in the air, she pushes the big rubber cock against her lips. She drags it up and downher slit , getting the head wet, then pushes it , slowly, just the head, into her cunt. She stops, then lifts her head, pushing the dildo deeper into her pussy. She starts to stroke it in and out, using her legs for leverage, sliding a little deeper each time as she grunts with the effort. Then lying back, she makes fast, short strokes, pounding the dildo into her pussy, in hard, out fast, the back in, as she watches it disappear then appear again, only to be swallowed one more time. She lays back on the bed, holding her head in her hands and watches the big cock dangle from her pussy as she squeezes and forces it to slide out onto the bed. He could tell she was ready to cum. He helps her up and has her stand in front of him as he takes a seat on the chair. Turning around he puts his feet on the back of the large grey cushioned chair, his ass supporting his weight, his head on the floor. Then he directs her to stand over him, straddling his waist, as he points his cock between her wet and flowering lips. She slides down onto his cock, easily, as she is half standing, half sitting. With only slight movement she's able to stand straight, his cock almost slidingout of her pussy before she sits back down and swallows his cock deep, her wet lips coming to rest on his balls. He can feel her juice sliding down his thighs as her ass slaps onto his. She bucks and rides, her hands at her clit, then being used to hold herself up. In exhaustion she falls forward onto him. He rolls them both over and puts herback up on the bed. Raising her legs he brings his mouth down to her wonderful, full wet pussy and sucks the juice from it, swallowing deep, lapping at her lips. Then her takes her hand and brings it down to her clit, her fingers sliding over it, slowly but pressing hard. She moans as he slides his cock deep inside her, her legs up, his balls slapping at her ass as he thrusts deeply into her. His strokes are long, and slow, as she presses her fingers against her clit. When he notices her pick up speed he starts to stroke faster. She drives her ass towards him as he pounds into her open, wet, and warm pussy. She squeezes her legs tight together as her orgasm washes over her and he sprays hisjuice deep into her pussy, before falling over on the bed, thankful he has this pussy to adore every night.
Private Places
Courtesy of Richards Realm
He picked me up at the terminal, waving to me as I got off the bus. Aswe approached one another, arms outstretched, my heart skipped a beat.We were here - together- finally! We stood face to face and I set my bag down on the ground, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed himpassionately. It felt so good to hold him so close. "I love you, darling. I'm finally here!" I exclaimed, holding him tightly. "I love you too, baby. I'm so glad to finally hold you in my arms," heresponded, kissing me again. "Let's get a taxi and get out of thismadness." he suggested, grabbing my bag for me. We walked hand in hand to the taxi and climbed into the back seat, my bag secured in the trunk. The weather was still a little chilly, so we both had our coats on. He wrapped one arm around me, pulled me to him and we kissed again, lightly, then passionately. As we kissed, we opened our coats to one another to slip our hands inside. I unbuttoned his shirt and slid my hand into it, curling the hairs around my fingers and feeling the maleness of his strong body as he held me tighter. His hands slipped into my coat, unbuttoning my dress, then into my dress to caressmy breast through the lace cup of my bra. He bent to kiss my throat,gently nipping at the tender skin, and I moaned in delight. As he kissed my throat and caressed my breast, I unzipped his trousers and searched for the treasure within, finding it hard, smooth and ready for my caresses. I slid my fingers down to his testicles, fondling them one at a time, causing him to moan into the softness of my neck. As we fondled each other, we began kissing again, our lips probing each other's tongues, flicking and sucking and nibbling on each other, caressing tenderly, until we noticed that the cab had stopped in front of the apartment building and the cab driver was waiting for us to get out. We pulled ourselves together and got out of the cab, grabbing my luggage and heading for the apartment. The steps were empty to his floor, so we once again found ourselves groping each other. We opened our coats and his hand slid under my skirt, pulling my panties aside as I unzipped his trousers once more and freed his rock hard erection. He lifted my leg and slid into me...such heaven! I cried. I had needed this for so long. I didn't care where it was. This was good. This was dangerous. This was my lover - in the flesh - inside of me in the stairwell of his apartment building. In the heat of the moment, the door opens and a woman enters - it's his next door neighbor. She can't see what we're doing, she just knows that we're kissing and hugging in the stairwell. After a look of disgust, she goes up the steps and leaves us alone once more. We resume our loving until I can't hold back anymore, my love juices flowing over his manhood in sweet release. He still hasn't ejaculated, so we gather ourselves together, proceed to his apartment and unlock the door. I'm sweaty and tired from the trip, but I want him to fill me with his seed. I need this to consummate the union. We enter the apartment, remove our coats and he takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. The curtains are open and there is an apartment directly across from his. I can see the occupants and know that they can see us if they look this way. I stand in front of the window and he comes up behind me, reaching around to unbutton the rest of my dress and slide it down my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. His hands cup my breasts through the blue lace and satin my nipples hardening as he kisses me on the back of my neck and my shoulders ever so lightly. I shiver as he tickles me with his lips and I feel his erection poking into me from behind. I reach back and stroke him and then I turn around to face him. He removes my bra then my panties as I am undressing him too. We stand in front of the window, embracing in the morning sunlight. I turn toward the window again and direct him to enter me from behind doggy style. He reaches through my legs and dips his fingers into my damp crevice, then rubs the moisture over the tip of his erection. I grasp the window sill as he holds onto my waist and guides himself into me. I cry again. It's so beautiful, I can't bear it! He moves into me slowly, then faster and deeper, finally pumping harder, deeper and faster as we make love in front of the window, watching the world go by, until we both reach our climax together, screaming to the each other, "I love you! I love you!".We recover, turn to kiss and hold one another again, then get dressed to go to breakfast. We go across the street to a little cafe and sit in a booth together side by side. I reach over into his lap. He's hard again. He slips his arm around me and caresses my neck as I fondle him under the table. He gets hard again. I grasp his hardness and revel in the power I have over him at this moment. He leans over to kiss me on the neck and the others in the restaurant casually glance over at us. Iclose my eyes. We are alone in a public place, and my hand is in hisprivate place. Finally the waiter comes over and takes our orders. Iremove my hand and we eat breakfast hurriedly, eager to get back to theapartment and become more acquainted with each other. It's just starting. This is going to be beautiful.
Ski Trip
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I love skiing about as much as I love anything else, but this last vacation I took gave a whole new meaning to a ski week.A friend and I had been planning a ski vacation for some time, and we needed two more people to join us to share some accommodation expenses. I couldn't talk my friends into joining us, so my buddy said he'd ask a couple friends he knew at work. I was happy when he told me they had agreed to come, and even happier when he told me these two friends were Julie and Kim, a couple of really fun and attractive girls he was very friendly with, although not romantically. I did not know them that well, but wehad met on a couple occasions, and I found Julie extremely attractive and a little mysterious.We were all set to go when a couple weeks before the trip, my friend John said something drastic came up at work and that he couldn't go. Since we had already paid deposits and bought plane tickets, I decided to go and hoped he could find someone to take his place. But of course, it was last minute, and just the three of us flew out to Colorado.We got to know eachother a little better on the way out there, and I began to secretly be quite glad that John backed out. Julie was very attractive with long brown silky hair and a dark complexion. She had a wonderful body from what I could tell, with long,slender legs and medium breasts. Kim was a vivacious, outgoing blonde, with a similarly athletic build and very sexy eyes.We got to our condo OK, and found two spacious bedrooms, with a living room, fireplace, kitchen and a Jacuzzi in the complex. We made a trip to the grocery store, and settled in for the night. Skiing the first day was superb, and we all enjoyed eachothers company, and confessed to being a little sore and tired after a hard day on the slopes. So we decided to take a jacuzzi after dinner to relax. The place was crowded, but we managed to find a space in the corner and talk. We began commenting on thebodies of the other guests, and I found out what each of them likes. Kim prefers buns; Julie likes eyes. I was very graciously complementing their figures and I was getting a little excited at the same time. I told them that if we kept this conversation up that I wouldn't be able to get out of the pool without much embarrassment. They both laughed and we continued some more playful conversation. I was still sporting a major erection that was plainly visible to both of them as we headed for our towels, and they grinned at their effect on me. Kim had made some quick friends there and decided to go to their place, while Julie and I declined and said we would hang out for a quiet evening.Since the condo had one shower, I let Julie take her shower and I started a fire and read until she was done. She emerged in a long, white cottonnightgown that while unrevealing was somehow sexy nonetheless. She said she was going to lay down for a while and rest while I showered. I was kind of hoping she would appear in the shower with me and take command, but I showered as long as I could to no such luck. When I finished, I put on some sweats, and walked down the hall past their room. Her light was out, but I could see her laying down with only the hall light seeping in. At first I thought she was asleep, so I walked quietly past. Then upon a better look, I couldn't believe my eyes.She was laying down with her robe still tied at the waist, but her breasts andcrotch were exposed. Not only that, but she was slowly masturbating with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. She seemed utterly transfixed, as was I as I stood motionless and watched. She was slowly playing with her clit with one hand and alternately inserting two fingers into her vagina. Her other hand was firmly twirling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were closed tight and her breathing was quick and shallow. Her partially exposed body was more beautiful than I expected. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and her nipples were quite erect. Her legs were well muscled and slightly taught from her excitement. She then reached the hand that was on her breast down and held her lips open to better rub her clit. All her actions were unhurried, yet intense. I could feel my erection strainingat my pants, and I dared not move for fear that she'd notice me standing there.Then she must have sensed my presence because she stopped and quickly opened her eyes and looked at me. At first I saw shock on her face, which quickly turned softer. Perhaps she planned this little intrusion. I didn't know if I should enter or let her alone. When she started playing with herself again, still looking at me, I guess that finally got me going and a entered the room and sat at the foot of the bed. I think she wanted me to join her, but I said to continue where she left off. She just smiled and closed her eyes againand began to really give me a show.She held her pussy open so I could see how wet she was and slowly inserted one, then two fingers inside herself. She moved them in and out slowly and methodically while reaching her thumb out to stroke her clitoris. She opened her eyes to look at me and saw me absolutely transfixed on her body and the pleasure she was giving herself. Part of me was dying to rip my clothes off and join her, but the rest of me was too thoroughly enjoying this scenario. I looked back at her and just smiled. She read my mindand knew how much this was turning me on. She continued her show for me for quite a while, when I could finally sense her urgency and excitement. She didn't quite speed up, but just got more and more rhythmic in her motions. She knew what she was doing. No words were spoken.I could tell thought that she was nearing orgasm because her breathing got more and more erratic. She brought herself skillfully and deliberately to climax. Her fingers were glistening with her juices and her breasts and forehead were covered with light perspiration. Her eyes closed tighter as her hand kept moving in and out, with the other onestroking her clitoris. Then her orgasm racked her body as she came, gasping and moaning. Her legs tightened and her hand remained buried in her pussy. She kept playing with her clit as if to prolong her pleasure, and she kept coming for what seemed like minutes. As she came down from her peak, she opened her eyes again and looked at me. I could only smile my appreciation and she approved of my control. She withdrew her hand from her wetness and brought them to her lips and languidly licked her juices from her hands. As she sat up to lean towards me, I pushed her back down gently, and stood up to remove my pants. I saidnothing and she laid back and watched. I wanted to return her favor. I slowly pushed my pants down over my aching hard-on, and she watched anxiously. The tip of my cock was sticking out over the top of the waistband of my underwear, and I looked at her to see a wonderful, sexy smile. I then reached inside my shorts to play with my balls, prolonging her view of my hardness. It was obvious by now that we both liked to play the same game.I grasped my dick and slowly stroked it up and down still inside my underwear. I was standing only a couple feet from her, and I kept watching her watching me. I slowly removed my handand slid my underwear down. I just stood there for a minute to let Julie take it in. I reached my hand down again to grab the base and point it at her. I wanted desperately to move a step closer and place my cock in her mouth, but the game was quite fun. I pulled the skin of my cock down tightly to engorge the head further. Then I reached my other hand down and slowly stroked the underside with my thumb. A little drop emerged from the head and I rubbed it in.I needed to sit down, so I moved her legs aside, and sat with one foot on the bed, and the other hanging off the side. Julie was absently stroking her still-exposed breast, and was as glued to my cock as I was to her show moments earlier. I continued to stroke my shaft slowly and rhythmically, as she did herself. The feeling was intense, because I was getting an extra jolt from her watching me. I stopped to caress the groove on the underside of my cock and the feeling went down to my toes. I held the base with one hand and pressed harder on the underside, knowing I was getting closer. I closed my eyes and let Julie watch as I continued teasing myself for her. I couldn't keep this going much longer, so I continued to stroke my cock by taking the shaft in my hand and sliding it up and down with a rhythm that brought me closer to orgasm. I began to get that feeling that climax is inevitable, right at the base of my spine, but I resisted in thrashing away. I just kept stroking steadily. The feeling was incredible because I felt the orgasm coming slowly and surely.The I felt my orgasm cascade through me as Icame. The first jet of sperm shot over Julie's leg and onto the floor. The next waves sent my come onto her thigh and robe. I kept tightly stroking the last of my climax until I was spent and my hand was wet with my come. Julie looked from my cock to me eyes, and without speaking, reached down to her thigh, scooped up the drops that landed there, and brought them to her lips with extreme pleasure and seduction. God, she was good.We maintained our silence, and cleanedourselves up just in time when Kim returned from her friends. We just smiled at eachother and told Kim that we sat around the fire and talked for a while. Well the next day's skiing was exceptional, but I could hardly get my mind off the previous night. I desperately needed to touch Julie and needed her to touch me. So I set my mind working on a plan to do just that. Since Kim had mentioned that her new friends invited us all over for dinner that night, I needed a plan to get Julie alone again. When we rode up in a double chairlift, I told her that I would love to give her the massage of her life, and promised her shewouldn't be disappointed. She said she'd had backrubs before and wanted to join her friend. I was pretty sure she was teasing like she knew we both liked, so I persisted in my offer. She said she'd tell me later. After skiing, I said I was going to stay in and watch a movie on TV; Julie said she would keep me company. Kim just shrugged her shoulders and said it was our loss.After Kim left, Julie said she was going to take me up on me offer, and what did she need to do. I told her to just get undressed and lie down on her bed and I would be in shortly. She disappeared into her room and I followed a few minutes later. Shewas laying on her stomach, completely nude, with a bottle of baby oil next to her. Keeping our silent roles, I took off my pants, but left my shorts and shirt on. I spread a generous amount of oil on my hands and proceeded to give her a thorough massage. I started at her neck and firmly eased the soreness from her neck and back muscles. I worked my way down to her ass and deeply rubbed to gluteus muscles. Then I went to her feet, and spent long minutes massaging the muscles on the sole of her feet, moving to her calves and then to her thighs. She slowly moved her legs apart, and I could see her wetness. I then rolled her over onto her back, and gave her the same attention to her shoulders, arms, torso, and legs, being careful to avoid any sexual contact.She was thoroughly relaxed when I discarded the baby oil and began to trace light lines up and down her body. She was exquisite. Her breasts were topped with hardening nipples at my indirect touch, and her body glistened with oil. Her muscles were long and lean, with great tone. I started to trace circles around her breasts, moving slowly towards her nipples. I reached her aureole, and almost imperceptible graces the tips of her rock-hard nipples. I took both breasts in my hands and kneaded their flesh, working towards her nipples. I took them in my fingers and gently rolled them back and forth. I squeezed harder a few times , then released. I slowly flicked each nipple absolutely loving the feel of their firmness in contrast with her smooth breasts. I spentfifteen minutes relishing the feel of her body. I brought my mouth down and blew softly at her tits, and watched the nipples harden further, and felt Julie gasp a little. She opened her eyes, and I snaked my tongue out to flick at her nipples, looking at her eyes, filled with passion. Still holding her gaze, I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked softly at first, then took little nibbles. One hand kept rubbing her other tit, while I slowly traced circles with my other hand down to her downy pubic hair. I let my hand linger there, as I switched my mouth to her other breast. I took as much of her tit into my mouth as possible, and hungrily sucked on her nipple. Then I sat up andrepositioned myself between her legs, and helped her sit up a little for a better view. Lightly I stroked her outer is with my fingers, and felt wonderful wet juices on them as I found her inner lips. I pushed just the tip of one finger inside and just let it sit there. Slowly I inserted it further, until it was buried all the way inside her pussy. I could feel the contractions of her muscles on my finger and I transferred that feeling to my cock. But we had agreed on no intercourse; anything else was OK.As I withdrew my finger from hermoist hole, I let it trace forward towards her clitoris, and she gasped again aas I found it. Julie opened her eyes to look at my hands on her, and I used one hand to open her lips to better get at her pleasure center. I took my other hand and lightly rubbed circled around her clitoris, and felt her slowly rotate her hips in concert. I moved closer and applied pressure directly to her clit and rubbed quick circles on it with my wet fingers. I kept up with that and moved the other hand to insert two fingers into her wet pussy. I slid them inand out in time with my movements on her clitoris. I noticed her breathing getting shallow, and knew she was close. I looked up at her and her eyes were shut tight, and her hips were moving up and down to meet my hands. I kept going until I felt she was just on the edge of her orgasm, and then stopped. She pleadingly looked at me, as if to say 'please make me come.' So I obliged, and started to rub her clit and moved my fingers deeply in and out of her. Again I stopped when she was nearing her release. This tie when she opened her eyes to look at me, they were burning with fire. One doesn't get to see that look often, and holding her gaze, I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue and madelicking motions just an inch from her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I know she could feel my breath on her and I felt her arch her his up towards my mouth. I wanted to taste her so badly, but instead, I looked directly at her and licked her juices from my fingers, one at a time. I then took that hand and opened her lips again to really drive her wild. With her clit perfectly exposed to my tongue, I leaned down and flicked at it as lightly as I could. Julie was holding her breath, and I obliged her and placed my mouth firmly on her clit and sucked on it like I sucked on her nipples. My tongue drove her slowly up again, and I put my thumb inside her fire box again. Then with the index finger of that hand, I pressed it against her anal hole, and when it relaxed, I moved it in just a couple inches. I could feel my thumb against my finger, with only a thin membrane in between. It was incredible. I pushed both fingers in as far as I could, and continued to lick her clit, this time slowly and rhythmically.I could feel her soaring again, and her muscles became tighter. Her hands were grasping the pillow, and I brought her to her long-awaited orgasm. I felt her pussy and ass closing on my fingers, and her legs clamped around my head. She gasped, and rolled, engulfed by her climax. I kept licking her and withdrew my finger from her anus, and she came again. She held my head against her mound and pushed my mouth hard against her. I stopped licking, and she came down from her trip with me relishing in her scent, and her pleasure. She kissed my lips, wet from her juice, and said,"That was extraordinary. Now its my turn andI'mgonna make you come like you never came before." Hearing her say those words, and knowing she meant it was almost too much for me. I stood up to take off my shorts and shirt, but she quickly stood up too, and held my hands firmly at my side. She then took off my shirt and satdown on the bed in front of me. She looked up at me, her face only inched from my bulging shorts, and reached to the waistband and gently pulled them down. My hard cock was only an inch from her mouth and I was hoping she would put me inside her. She reached her hands up to my ass and squeezed my cheeks, and pulled me yet closer to her mouth. I saw her looking at my cock and her mouth opened slightly to let her tongue protrude and lick her lips. I couldn't breath for fear of breaking this spell. I needed her mouth on me. I could feel her breath on the head of my cock, yet she wouldn't touch me. She slowly stood upand she let my cock rub her belly as she guided me down on the bed, face down. I heard her open the baby oil, and then she straddled my back. As her hands worked on my aching muscles, I could feel her still wet pussy on my back and buttocks. She was still wonderfully moist, and getting excited again rubbing on my ass. In the same manner as I massaged her, she massaged my neck, back, but, then strongly worked on my feet and legs. I felt a little more relaxed from the sexual energy, but when she rolled me over, I came back to life seeing this beautiful, sexy woman on top of me. She rubbed my shoulders, stomach, then mylegs and thighs. Hr motions were unhurried and deliberate. I half closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, and sometimes opened them to take in the image of her breasts swaying with her massage movements, and her eyes on me returning the pleasure I gave her. She sat beside me on her knees, and moved up to my chest again. Her fingers grazed my chest and then slowly she toyed with my nipples. They hardened for her as she pinched them and rolled them in her fingers. Then one hand left and I felt it playing with my balls. She rubbed them gently in her hand and continued to drive me crazy by playing with my nipples. I shouldn't have tortured her so much, because I wasn't sure if I could handle this for much longer.She moved down closer to my groin, and lightly raked her fingers up and down from my scrotum to my asshole. She then tapped her finger on the skin there up and down. It felt great. She started totrace lines up my hard shaft, not touching the tip. She was watching my cock intently, as if planning her next move to send me further up the passion ladder. She let go to encircle my cock with her hand and grasp it tightly at the base. My dick throbbed in her hand and she smiled a little. She moved her hand up and down , slowly at first, then picking up her speed. I watched her hand on my cock, and began to thrust my hips to meet her rhythm. Then she stopped as I was nearing climax. After a few seconds she started again. Stroking a few times fast and intense, then stopping, squeezing the base tightly. She would only stop long enough to let me come down a little, but each time she started stroking again, she would bring me further. I was going crazy. She knew when I was at the point of no return and she would stop just a secondbefore. I felt like I was going to burst with desire.She look in my eyes again, and saw that I was desperate, and still maintaining my control. She held my gaze and bent forward so that my cock was an inch from her open mouth. She held me firmly in her grasp, and opened her mouth around my cock. She lowered her head, and engulfed me without touching any part of me. The sight was incredible and I held my breath. She pulled up and licked up and down my shaft, again without touching me. This was intense. I have never been raised to this level of sexual excitement before. Then she finally touched me lightly with hertongue and made hot saliva lines up and down my cock with the very tip of her tongue. She then took the head in her mouth and closed it firmly inside. She didn't move so she could feel my throbbing again. When it subsided somewhat, I felt her tongue licking at the groove on the underside, where it is the most sensitive. Her hand began to stroke my shaft with firm deep strokes. And in one motion, she put my whole dick inside her mouth and stopped, looked at me, and allowed me to take in the sight and the image. My pubic hair was at her lips, and just her thumb and forefinger stayed holding to my pulsing member. Then painfully slowly she withdrew my cock from her mouth and started pumping my shaft. She returned her lips to sucking at the head, especially the sensitive side. Her saliva had greased up my rod and the saliva dripping down from the head made it more slick. She kept up her slow rhythm, with her head and hand bobbing in unison. This time I knew she would let me come, so I let myself go. I thirsted into her too as my orgasm approached. She quickened her pace for me a little, but kept bringing me off deliberately, making me wait for her too. Then I felt my orgasm start deep in my pelvis and move out. I held her head andshot my load inside her hungry mouth. She swallowed a couple times and then pulled me out of her mouth to catch the next drops on her face and neck. She rubbed her chin and lips all around my head, covering her mouth with my come. When the last waves of my orgasm subsided, she looked at me sweetly and put my member into her mouth again and sucked on it softly until I came back down to earth. She crawled up next to me and kissed me so I could taste my juice, and we got up and prepared ourselves for Kims return.
Office Holiday Party
Courtesy of Richards Realm
My wife's office always has a big holiday party at one of the downtown hotels. They go all out with food, drink and entertainment. It's a workers only affair, no spouses, dates or significant others. This year's event was not exception. As in most years, it took place on the Friday before Christmas. Everyone gets off work early and the party starts around 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres flow from the time the doors open until the last person leaves. My wife isn't much of a drinker and wasn't going to go, but some of herco-workers talked her into it. She arrived with a group of ladies and once at the party, they all headed for the bar, including her. She started with diet colas, but soon felt the peer pressure and graduated to the spiked egg nogg. After two or three glasses of that, she was feeling good enough to move on to Margarittas for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, by 6:00 p.m. she wasn't feeling any pain.Put bluntly, my wife can't handle liquor. She's always been honest with me about what happens to her when she drinks. She lost her virginity when she was drunk, and even once had a mini gang - bang with two guys after she'd been drinking. So, she simply didn't touch the stuff. But, I guess the spirit of the season caught up with her a few weeks ago.The party began to break up around 9:00 p.m. By that time, my wife was almost unable to walk. She'd driven her car to the hotel, but was in no shape to drive home. Trouble was, by the time she made it out to the lobby from the hotel ballroom, the friends she came with had already left. She'd left her cell phone in the car, and decided to go out to the parking garage to call me and come pick her up. She wandered around the garage for about a half hour, looking for the car. She was so drunk that she didn't remember where she'd parked. She wasn't even sure what car she had brought to work that day. One of the guys from the office was on his way out of the garage when he noticed her wandering around. He stopped and offered to help. She explained to him that she had forgotten where she parked, but she was sure she would find her car soon. She told him about the cell phone, and that once she found the car she could call her husband to come get her. He told her to getin, that he would drive her around the garage and help her find her car. He drove her around the garage a couple of times and she didn't recognize any of the cars. On the third go around he stopped on the top level of the garage and pulled into one of the stalls. "Why don't we sit here for a little bit while your head clears," he told her. "OK," she said. "That may be a good idea. All that driving around was making me dizzy and I can't think. I'll be OK in a few minutes." He turned the car off and turned on the radio. My wife looked down at her achingfeet and discovered she had (somewhere along her drunken route) fallen, broken the heel off of her shoe and torn her hose. "Damn it," she exclaimed. "How the hell did I do this? I just bought these shoes." With that, she bent over and pulled off the damage shoe. "Just look at that," she said, holding the shoe in front of his face. "Yeah," he answered, "it looks like you scraped your knee up, too," he said, pointing to the torn hose on her knee. "Is it bleeding?" She asked. "I can't stand the sight of blood." Would you mind looking and telling meif it is bleeding?" He looked down at her knee and could see it wasn't bleeding, but told her he couldn't tell. "It might help if you took your hose off. I can't see with the torn hose in the way," he cleverly told her. "I guess it can't hurt, just my hose anyway," she replied, then she arched her back, reached up under her skirt and pulled her hose off over her feet as she kicked off her one good shoe. "Canyou tell now if it's bleeding," she asked him. "Let me see," he told her. He reached his and over to her leg and pushed her skirt up just a little to expose her knee. "Doesn't seem too bad to me, but it looks like the scratch runs up your leg," he told her as he cautiously edged her skirt up a little more. He could see that she wasn't wise to what he was doing yet, and decided to keep going with it. He pushed his hand up her skirt, rubbing it along her inner thigh and said, "does it feel like you are scraped here too?" She was so drunk she hadn't quite caught on yet, and told him that it didn't feel like she was cut there. "It feels OK to me," she said when he asked. With that, he ran his handall the way up to her panties and told her, "it feels pretty OK to me too." She didn't reply right away, but after a moment's hesitation said, "you shouldn't have your hand there. I'm a married woman. He told her, "come on, just let me touch you there outside your panties. No one will know, and no harm will be done. I am helping you out aren't I?" She was so polluted that she thought if she let him just hold his hand there against her panties he would stop quicker and they could find her car. "OK," she said. "But only for a minute." He started to rub her crotch through her panties. The more he rubbed, the more she forgot about what was really happening. Before she knew it, he had pulledback the crotch of her panties and had slipped a couple of fingers in against her pubic hair. She let him keep going, still not realizing fully what was taking place. He'd soon gotten a couple of fingers onto her clit and was massaging it between them. After a minute or so of clit massage, he gently slipped a finger into her pussy. He had gotten her wet enough by now that it went in without any trouble. Seeing that she had accepted this, he reached over and put his other hand up her skirt, then began to pull her panties off. The combination of the booze his hand proved to be too much, and she reached down and helped him remove her underpants. With nothing in his way, he now stuck twofingers into her pussy and began to bang her with them while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. She spread her legs open for him, and pulled her skirt up above her waist. Then she began to move her pussy with his hand, bearing down on his fingers as he shoved them in her dripping hole. As he was finger banging her, she reached over and began to clumsily unhook his belt. "Let me give you a hand," he told her. He sat back, undid his belt, snapped open his trousers and pulled them to his knees along with his boxer shorts. "Is this what you wanted, baby? "he asked her as he held his cock in his hand. "Yes, oh yes," she said as she leaned over and grabbed his cock. "You're so hard . . . your hard cock feels so good," she told him as she began to jack him off. She pumped his cock in the same rythm that he was finger baging her.She'd jacked him off for less than a minute when he told her, "suck it baby. Stick my cock in your mouth and suck it." Now, my wife has only given me head 3 or 4 times in nearly 25 years of marriage. She just doesn't like it. But she was so plastered that she just leaned over and put his cock right in her mouth. He had to change the position of his hand and arm now that she was bent over his lap with his penis in her mouth. He reached over her back and stuck his fingers into her pussy from the other side. She squeeled a little as he stuck them into her. It wasn't long before she was so caught up in the whole thing that shepulled his cock out of her mouth and told him to, "Fuck me with it now. Stick your cock in me before I change my mind." "We'll have to get in the back," he told her. They stopped what they were doing, he took his pants off all the way, and they both hopped into the back seat of his Lexus. At first, she sat up on the back seat, just long enough to unbutton her blouse and lift her bra up over her tits, letting them swing free for him to see. He quickly started to caress them, then bent over and sucked her nipples. She pushed him away, then lay down on the back seat with one of her legs up the seat and touching the roof of the car, the other bent behind her on the floor. "Fuck me with it," she growled at him. He grabbed his dick and put it against her very hairy pussy. "I don't want to get you pregnant, are you on the pill," he toldher." "I'm 45 years old. I've been fixed, don't worry about it," she said. Satisfied with that, he shoved his cock into her and started to fuck her. He pumped her faster and harder as she screamed for more. "I'm getting fucked in a car, oh my god, fuck me in your car," she whimpered. Even he could tell that she was having an orgasm, and that it was growing. This excited him and he started to feel his own orgasm coming on too. "Where do you want me to shoot my load?" he asked her. "I'm gonna cum, tell me where quick." "Pull it out and let me finish you," she said, and he quickly pulled out his slick cock. He tried topull it out first, but started to cum inside her before he pulled away. She quickly sat up, grabbed it and began to jack him off wildly as he shot all over her. "Spray me with it, spray me with it," she chanted as she worked his cock. "Oh shit," he yelled as his cock exploded with a huge load of hot creamy sperm. "Fucking shit, oh shit," he cried as she continued to yank his dick and he spurted all over her tits and belly for a third time. She milked him until she could get no more semen from his read and swollen cock. Then she got some tissue out of her purse and cleaned both him and her off. They quickly got dressed before anyone could spot them, and then found her car. She called, and I came to pick her up. I didn't think anything about it at first. But when we got home, I noticed she wasn't wearing any hose, and that one of hershoes was broken. "What happened?" I asked. "I tripped at the hotel, ripped my hose, and broke my shoe. Just too much to drink. I went into the bathroom and my hose was shredded, so I took them off and pitched them," she told me. Again, I didn't think too much about it. That is, not until she started to get undressed and ready for her shower. I happened to walk in on her to ask her when she wanted to pick her car up the next day. I just strolled into the bathroom like I always did, just as she was stripping off her panties. I could see that the crotch of her panties were wet and stained. I still didn't think too much about it, until a milky white sticky substance started to drip from her pussy. She must have felt it as I saw it, because she quickly reached for a towel to catch the drip before it hit the floor. "What the hell is that dripping from you?" I asked. "Nothing, just some female discharge," she said. "Bullshit," I said. "Don't you think I know spermwhen I see it." I made her tell me what had happened . . . and go into great detail. When she was done I was mad as hell and horny as hell. I pulled my pants down and told her if she could fuck him, she could fuck me too. "Of course I'll fuck you," she said. "You know it was just the booze fucking that other guy. Let me wash up first." "No," I told her. You're going to fuck me just like you are. I bent her over the vanity and jammed by hardened cock into her already sperm filled pussy. I fucked her hard for about two minutes, then pulled it out of her and told her to suck my cock like she sucked his. "He hadn't had his cock in me when I sucked it. You're covered with his sperm now too, I don't want to taste that." "You let him put it there, now suck his sperm off my cock." She grudgingly bent over and sucked my cock. I knew she didn't like to do it under the best of circumstances, so this must have really been nasty for her. Just to make matters worse, I made her suck me till I came in her mouth (the first time that ever happened withher). We still aren't getting along, but at least I can get head from her now any time I want it.
Cabin Love
Courtesy of Richards Realm
My name is angel and I had just turned 18 and graduated from high school. After graduation my friend Tammy invited me to spend the weekend at her parents cabin. Since they weren't going with us I figured they won't leave us alone for the weekend. But I was wrong I guest since we've known each other so long they thought of me as part of the family. I had asked Tammy what I should bring she just told me to pack light since we would spend the whole weekend at the cabinand the lake. When I got to the jeep I had my camping backpack which held a week's worth of clothes all she did was looked at me in disbelief. When we got to the cabin I saw why all she had for the weekend was a small backpack that could only hold maybe a towel and a couple of swim suits. My first thought was that I must look very stupid with this huge backpack. Then I had just remembered that there was a lake and I only brought jeans. I went in to the cabin to help Tammy unpack and saw the only thing in her pack was a towel and sun screen. Although I never thought of her in a sexual way before the thoughtof her being naked the whole weekend made my dick almost rip through my jeans. At that point all I wanted to do was hide my erection so I ran to the jeep to unload the food for the weekend in hope's that it will take my mind off Tammy I had put the food in the kichen and headed back to Tammy. I almost came in my pants she was standing there in nothing but a towel that barely covered her pussy I just stood there with my mouth open she just stood there as if daring me to do something. At this point my dick was so hard it grew up to at least 8 ½ inches much larger then I ever thought I was. Because she was my friend I wassorta ashamed that I got hard thinking about her so I ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower. In my rush to cool off I had jumped in the shower with my clothes on and what was even worst I forgot my towel and clothes since I left my stuff in the jeep I had no choice but to call Tammy to get them for me she just loved the fact that sheturned me on so to see how aroused she could get me she told me to get it my self I told her in a angry voice to go get my stuff from the jeep and put it in my room she was a little upset at my tone but she knew that while she was at the jeep I was going to run to the room and cover myself so instead of going to the jeep she got so turned on at my arousal that she wanted to fuck me so she went to my room took of the towel and laid spread eagle on the bed. as she thought I had ran to the room naked and when I saw her on the bed with her pussy glistening with arousal I just couldn't hold it any longer I went to her bent down between her legs and began to eat out her pussy. The aroma that she was producing was intocsicating her pussy tasted so sweet I just couldn't get enough she started to breath very heavy she yelled out i'mcumin i'm cumin and wave after wave she came I almost drowned in her juices she came at least four times before I was through. When I was done she took me laid me on the bed and began to suck my Dick at this point my Dick had gotten so hard and wide that she could hardly get it through her lips. I was ready to cum right there I told her that if she didn't stop I was going to cum in her mouth all she did was suck harder that just drove me over the edge and with a laud grunt I pumped what seemed like a gallon into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.After that we fell asleep together we woke up two hours later and decided to go for a swim in the lake after what just transpired I felt no need for swim suits. We jumped in swam for a few hours and got out. We added sun screen to each others body's but the caressing of our body's turned us on even more. As we touched each other I began to caress her tits my hand moved down her body as I reached her pussy I began to slide my hand over her pussy witch was already sopping wet I began to insert my index finger in her pussy I had took my fingerout and climbed on top of her she looked at me and said I'm a virgin we looked at each other and I asked her do you really want to do this at this point her look of lust turned into a look of innocence. With a look of lust and of fear she told me that she wanted to make love to me I moved up her body positioned my Dick at the entrance of her pussy as I slowly inserted my Dick into her she bit her lip with some pain I went as slow as I could before she yelled out fuck me break my hymen do it hard now hearing her say those words made me ram my Dick deep in her pussy with the feeling of warmth and wetness I was overwhelmed with a laud grunt I filled her pussy with so much cum that it leaked out of her after laying there for a few minutes my Dick became hard again I asked her if I could fuck her in the ass she reluctantly excepted I took my Dick dipped it in her pussy to get it wet then slowly insertedthe head of my Dick in her rose bud she started hissing with pain then I forced my Dick in her she yelled with pain but did not stop me after a few pumps she started to yell with pleasure I started to pump for all I was worth after about 20-30 pumps I shot an incredible load in her ass. We spent the whole weekend fucking when we got home we just gave each other a knowing smile. A week later she tells me she's late we got a test done and she was pregnant I proposed a week later we were married a month later we've been married for six years now with two kids but we still take a trip to that cabin once a year.
Club Trip
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I am a 22-year-old college student, white male 6'1" tall with an average build, dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. The club that I was in went on a 7-day trip in early July. Things were uneventful in fact it was down right boring until the fourth night of the trip. After a long day of wondering through a mindless maze of natural science displays, lectures, and fast food joints, I could not sleep. It was about 2:00am when I got up put my bathing suit on and headed down to the indoor pool and hot tub building. When I opened the door, I could see just the top of a blonde head in the hot tub. As I walked up to the tub, I realized that it was Mrs. Tamara our student advisor. I had often dreamed about her. She about 28 years old, slender build, about 5'5" tall, light green eyes that a man could get lost in, long blond hair, with legs to die for, and large full breast. I do not know if she did not hear me come in or just did not care. As I stood there admiring her beautiful body, debating on getting in the tub with her or not she started rubbing her hand across her chest then squeezing her nipplesthrough her bathing suit. After a few minutes, she let out a low moan as she slowly opened her eyes looking at me with a faraway gaze in her eyes, and smiled. By now I had a hard on that just would not go away, so I went ahead and climbed into the hot tub and made my way toward her. I settled down to beside her and ran my hand up her shapely firm leg. Just then, Tamara grabbed my hand and held it firmly as she started to shake from her organism. As she started to come back down, she looked at me and asked me if I thought I could keep her going.I did not hesitate a second I stood up just long enough to pull my suit down and rock hard dick sprang forth. Tamara reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock pulling me towards her. I dropped down to my knees and pushed her bikini bottoms over to the side, then slid my dick into her smooth pussy as she wrapped herself around me. As we made love, I untied her top and pulled it to away so I could play with her beautiful breast. It was not long before she started to dig her fingernails into my back and biting my right shoulder. I told her I am going cum! Tamara said breathlessly, don't worry I am cumming. Just then, I blow my load deep inside of her, and collapsed into her arms. After a few minutes, we got out of the hot tub and dried off. As we were leaving she asked me if I would like to come up to her room. Without even thinking I agreed and before long we were up in her room, where she confessed that hot tubs always made her very horny. Kissed me deeply, took my hand and lead my to her bathroom where she started the shower. We then took along shower together where we washed each other's body. While washing me, Tamara took extra care washing my dick and balls, which got me hard all over again. She then rinsed all the soap off me, dropped down to her knees, and took my balls into her mouth, gently sucking them and licking me like I was an all day sucker. I ran my fingers through her hair and she took my dick deep into her mouth sucking me so hard that I thought my nuts were going come out my dick. Just before I cummed again she stopped and squeezed the base of my cock until the feeling had passed. She then reached back, shut the water off, and got out of the tub. Without taking time to dry off, we went strait to bed where I started kissing, nibbling, and licking my way down her body. Once I reached her feet, I started working my way back up. To her shaved pussy where I lapped her juices up as I fingered with her butt hole, until she was ready to cum and was telling me that she wanted me. I rolled her over on all four and slid my dick deep inside her silky smoothpussy as I gripped her hips, and just before she was about to cum I slid my cock out of her dripping wet pussy and slowly, gently eased into her tight little ass. I just held it there until she got use to the feel. I then slowly started working it in and out of her virgin ass. Before long, she started gasping for breath and grabbing at the sheets as she started moving back and forth. I started to tense up as I was ready to cum, she grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them as we both cummed at the same time. We them collapsed together and laid there until it was time to go. The rest of the trip we spent every night together, making love and wonderful memories. After we returned to school we had to cool things off some, however we still see each other as often as we can as after I graduate we are planning to move intogether.
Pictures Of
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I have seen these pictures many times before. I saw her, as she placed her lips upon his. She was wearing her button-down dress exposing her long neck, sun tanned from her trip to France. She was hungry for his body. She told him, "I want to smell, touch and lick you, as I want you to do the same for me. He needed no more words. He returned her kiss, holding the back of her head Kissing her neck, fondling with her ass, She had the hottest ass, he had ever felt, it was hot, longing to be touched. He slowly started to unbutton her dress, one by one, each time looking into her soft- light blue eyes looking at him with anticipation ,they kissed between each button. She did the same with his shirt opening the buttons, revealing his chest, which she began to caress with her lips and hands. As he continued to do the same with her. He was slow, leaving him time to discover her body letting her get warmed up in a slow, soft way. But , it was her ass that he wanted. Allow me to tell you how this occurred. She wore a tight dress, as she opened the door to let him enter the house. He was there once before in order to look at the repair job, which had to be done on the bedroom window.She turned about, walking in front of him reaching down, to pick up a paper, as her dress outlined her ass, sitting tight underneath the fabrics. This was a sight that made him sigh, as she sighed as she stood up turning about, looking at him with a smile. As they got up the stairs, she smiled at him again, walking into the kitchen, she bent over once again, exposing her tight ass, under her dress for him. This was too much for him – he got up behind her and placed his hand on thefabrics of this tight sitting dress, touching her ass, she sighed, getting up he grapped her head pulling it towards his, placed his lips upon hers, she returned his kiss, longing her tongue into his mouth. He was holding her ass with both hands pulling her towards his groin, grinding his hard. prick into her . His rod was burning for her, and she knew this. She smiled at him, "Oh yes", she said. "I feel you burning desire", she whispered into his ears. "I want you to kiss me, touch , lick and fuck me, as I wish to do the same to you". She started to rub him, unzipping his pants, releasing him from his agony, as she let his pants drop on the floor. His shirt unbuttonsing, revealing his broad chest, which she began to kiss with her wet lips, while she was rubbing his hard tool. He was still holding her tight, broad ass, felling the soft cheeks through the fabrics. "Well then..." she smiled wickedly. He slowly started to unbutton her dress, one by one, each time looking into her soft- light blue eyes. She looked at him withanticipation , they kissed between each button. He was slow, leaving him time to discover her body letting her get warmed up in a slow, soft way. Her dress was now open, revealing her undergarment. She wore a cream colored silk top, with lace covering her small breasts. This woman had little breasts, no need to hold them in a bra. Her silk top loosely over her petite body, covered with a row of small little pearl buttons. She wore a pair of white silky panties, the front being almosttransparent, revealing her dark bush of hair. He started to open those little buttons slowly, kissing her neck, and breathing into her ears.She squirmed under this feeling of hot breath, coming from his mouth.He opened the buttons, revealing her little girls breasts, with big pink erect nipples. He loved the sight of her breasts, he could not resist, licking them softly, sucking on them, rolling his hot tongue over those wonderful nipples and little breasts. She was now fondling with his lovestick, holding it tight in her small hands, caressing his tool softly. It seemed to be growing, by each touch of her hands. Sliding her hand in a slow, soft motion back and forth over the length of his shaft, fondling with his balls. She looked at him with her soft smile, over fill lips, with a pouting expression, pushing her lips in front her mouth slightly open, giving them an expression of desire.He had to kiss her, sticking his lips between her sexy lips, his tongue into her mouth, her tongue exploring his mouth with her hot breath. He was holding her ass which seemed to get hotter with each kiss. After the two finished their hot exchange of kisses, he released her dress from her body, falling to the floor. Now standing in front of him with only her silk top and panties.. Standing naked on front of this hot woman, she looking at him with those soft eyes filled with longing for his body. He started to rub on his tool with his right hand, looking at her with desire. Her hands crawling softly over his chest, moving to his wonderful looking shaft. She was amazed at the size of his piece of meat, filled with blood of passion. She replaced his hands with her own, touching him softly, slowing moving his tool back and forth in her hands, getting faster with each stroke. He was kissing her on her neck, caressing her back, moving his hands to her ass, spreading the soft cheeks through the silk panties. "You sure do have a good piece of meat", she told him. "I'm glad you seem to enjoy finding out", he said.He moved his hands now around her thighs, feeling how smooth her legs were. She was tickling the end of his cock with her thumb and now reached forward to kiss him again on the mouth, this times seeking with her tongue between his lips. He surrendered to her and felt that hot wet tongue go into his mouth where it began questing eagerly. His hand on her thigh seemed to take on a life of its own as it wandered around the soft pillar of her legs. He explored the inner valley of her thighs until his questing fingers reached a pair of very sheer, silky panties that were hot and damp between her legs. "Oooooh, yes, she moaned, I want your fingers in my pussy." She breathed, speaking into his open mouth. It didn't take long for him to work his fingers in under her panty line, Moving his hand through a generous thatch of hair then dipping into her warm juicy pussy. She was wet and his fingers slipped easily into her, probing deep inside of her pulsing mound. It was almost too much and he seemed to feel the pressure building. The tingling tightness in his groin. He didn't want to cum yet, therewere still things to discover about this sensuous woman. She sensed his situation and did something with his cock that eased the pressureinstantly. I guess she wasn't ready to have him squirt his load yet either. He played in her pussy, letting his fingers work in and out; running along inside her sweet lips to the hard little knob at the top edge. Her clit responded to his touch and she moaned against his mouth as a shudder seemed to go through her body. With a little shove she pushed him back, licking her lips as she looked into his eyes. "I wanted to touch you as I saw you the first time, I have been thinking of you ever since", she quietly spoke. "I had to release the pressure myself since then", she said. She moved slowly backwards, reaching the kitchen table, she sat on the edge. Placing her legs on a chair, she spread her legs wide, licking her finger she moved her panties to one side, placing her wet finger in her juicy cunt, rubbing her clit."That's what I had to do, to release my pressure", she said. "But now that you are here, you might be able to take care of this in your way,she told him. Standing there watching her work out, he was stroking his big cock. "Oh, yes I like to see you work on yourself, she said smiling. "I hope to feel your lovely piece of meat between my legs as you will put it into my hot, wet, juicy throbbing pussy" Walking slowly towards her, his hand working on his meat., saying, "Yes, I do hope I can satisfy your needs". She licked her pouting lips, while running her fingers along her clit. Reaching her, he took the back of her head and kissed her with hot passion on her lips. Then he dropped to his knees, softly pushing her hand away, holding the silk panties to one side, he kissed her mound, spreading the lips of her pussy, he licked her throbbing clit. Spreading her legs more to also kiss her between her thighs. She was moaning, telling him how good it feels. He could not stop licking her clit, running his hands over her legs. He was licking, and sucking on her clit, while jerking on his cock. He kept on licking her juices from her dripping wet pussy, covering his longing hot tongue over her clit, he kept licking and sucking on her throbbing knob, having stopped beating his stiff cock. He ran his hands up and down her thighs, while licking her. She was getting close to the point of release, thrusting her hips against his mouth, while holding his head with her hands. "Oh, lover, I'm cumming, lick me, suck me with that hot tongue of yours", she thrust her hips against him raising her ass from the table, he grapped her ass, holding it tight, fondling with her burning ass, as she released her pressure of lust., with a scream of delight, and her juices of sex! "oh my lover", she panted fully out of breath, "you filled me with delight, with your hot tongue". Slowly standing up in front of him, her legs spread, showing him her wetpanties. He was still knealing in front of her, looking up to her, licking his lips with delight. "I must say, you do know how to lick a woman", she said.
A Quickie
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Dr. Filth
She started on him right away, even before they got into the shower. He'd missed his mid-day liason this week and she figured he had some energy stored up to survive a little tease. She was already wearing the nipple clamps when she sat down beside him in the computer room. She absentmindedly jangled the chain, under her t-shirt, until he was suitably distracted from his surfing. He turned the light out and pushed her up against the wall. Pressing against her he could feel the hard metal clamps push into his chest. He slides down her body, dragging his chest and face across her breasts as he kneels in front of her and opens her housecoat. He licks the insides of her thighs, drawing his tongue across her panty line. She pulls aside her panties so he can flick her clit. He sucks it between his lips, kissing it gently, tongue pressing against her little button. She pushes him away and says heads towards the shower. He follows close behind. As he spreads the soap lather over her back, down to her ass, between her legs, she bends over slightly. Her wet crotch is pushing towards him as he steps forward and places his cock between her lips. Slowly he starts pumping as her juices flow onto his cock. Her hand reaches between her legs to rub the head of his cock and guide it gently into her pussy. He slides into her warm, wet cunt, pulling on her hips drawing her close to him. She pushes back, almost sitting on his lap, enjoying the slow tempo and the warm water, as he nuzzles her neck and bites her earlobes. As short while later they are in the bedroom. She is coyly playing with her clit , hand shoved into her panties, fingers sliding over her oiled and shaved mound. She closes her eyes as she touches her clit, nipples hard and erect. He steps forward to help her and she tells him to kneel between her legs, and just watch. He puts his face on her thigh, her fingers pressing against her wet and swollen lips, then pulling up, exposing her clit as her lips are separated, hood drawing back. He leans forward and just barely touches her clit with the tip of his tongue. She moans and holds her lips back, waiting for him to do it again, and when he takes too long her fingers fly over her clit again, rubbing harder and faster than before. He licks at her ass, biting her thighs, then slides his tongue between her lips, flicking her clit from underneath as she rubs harder. Then he sucks her clit into his mouth, sucking fast, tongue moving over her button, before spitting her out. She returns with her hands as he kisses her ass, tongue pushing into her asshole, fingers pinching her butt as she rubs and begins to come. She squeezes her legs around his head as she shudders with each wave of her orgasm. As she begins to relax he runs his tongue over her pussy, over her clit, sliding into her pussy a bit. She squeezes hard and lets out a stream of pee onto his tongue and face. He kisses her pussy as she continues to pee, warm water running down his chest. “Now you've been a bad girl," he says to her, with a smile as he stands up to dry himself off. Sitting on the bed he has her come over and bend over his lap. His hand massages her ass, warm and wet, then comes down on her cheek with a loud smack. She pushes her chest into his lap, his hard cock against her soft breasts, precum oozing out, over her nipples. His hand smacks her again, turningher cheek a light pink. Then he smacks her lower on the ass, with a higher pitch, sharper smack and she jumps a bit. Again on the other cheek as her ass gets as warm as it is red. Her hand is under her chest, pushing against his cock, pressing it against her breasts as she rocks. He starts to use the riding crop on her cheeks as she continues to stroke him. As he nears orgasm he hits her harder, each time she presses with more force against his cock until he comes onto her hand and tits. The end.
The Nudist Resort
Courtesy of Richards Realm
After my divorce three years' ago, I got into the habit of completely undressing when I came home from work. My wife and I split up just before summertime and I initially wanted to feel comfortable after a stressful day at work. It felt good to lounge around the house naked. And, if I wanted to just grab my dick and beat off while watching some hot babe on a TV show or video I didn't have to fuss with trousers and briefs. This casual behavior at home led to an avid interest in nudism. I started reading everything I could get my hands on and visited several great websites about resorts and the practice of going nude. At first I felt embarrassed going to some of the nude resorts and walking about with my dick swinging to and fro but I soon got used to it and began to enjoy my clothes-free vacations. This past summer I visited a new all-nude resort in the Caribbean for a week. It had everything you could ask for and food was served around the clock. I checked in around Noon and stripped off, took a soothing shower and headed to the outdoor buffet for lunch. I was naked (as was everyone else) but carried a beach towel with me for use at the pool or surf. Along the way I visited the tennis and volleyball courts (I just love seeing naked women playing tennis and volleyball!), the gym, pool, sauna and boatdocks. Everything was fresh and new and a young and fit staff maintained the resort. As I took all this in, I nearly bowled over a nude woman also heading for the buffet. I blurted out a quick apology for daydreaming and was very surprised to see Trudy, a woman from my hometown! Trudy was the head manager of a local supermarket and she was a casual acquaintance. I couldn't believe it! Here we were thousands of miles away and completely naked in front of each other. Both of us blushed at our mutual recognition and then we burst out laughing. Trudysaid she had been a nudist for the past ten years and only heard about this resort a few weeks ago. I said it was probably from the same Internet ad I had seen. Trudy was in her early to mid 40's (about 8 years' older than myself). She stood about 5 feet 2 inches tall and had deep green eyes and long blonde streaked hair usually worn "up" as it was now. Trudy had a marvelous all-over tan and had a set of heavy breasts topped by big nipples. She carried a few more pounds thanshe should have and had wide hips and nice round buttocks. Her pubic hair was a medium brown and was nicely trimmed in a triangle below her belly. I had always undressed Trudy in my mind when we would run into each other in the supermarket but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine seeing her naked out in public. I know she was equally shocked to see me and my swinging cock and balls in all their glory. We got over the initial shock of discovery and agreed to proceed together tolunch. It felt awkward but mildly erotic walking to the buffet line with her. We picked out a table and wrapped our towels around our waists as we filled our plates with food. Arriving at our table, we ordered tall rum drinks from a waitress and then sat down. We talked about our getting involved in nudism and where each of us had been to enjoy the lifestyle. She looked absolutely radiant. I was used to seeing her in a crisp white blouse or a suit jacket covering her now-naked breasts. I marveled how sexy she looked and often hoped to see her pop a button off her chest. She had very shapely legs that were enhanced by the short skirts she wore at work and the high heelsalways on her feet. She was short and each style of shoes had 3 or 4 inches of heel on them. As we ate and drank, I found it hard to take my gaze away from Trudy's chest. The soft flesh was evenly tanned and her nipples sun-baked to a darker brown. We finished our meal and were waiting for a second round of rum punch when she spread her arms wide, shook her breasts and said: "Well John, what do you think?" I laughed and responded: "You are a very attractive lady in or out of your clothes!" To that Trudy replied: " Well, you certainly have a lot going for you yourself!" She lowered her eyes to my crotch and grinned even wider. My balls began to tighten and my dick was getting hard. Before I really launched a tent pole, I put my towel over my lap. I hoped my cock would soften as we talked. It's kind of embarrassing to get up at full attention. We laughed and talked as our plates were cleared away and we drank our rum punch. Although we casually knew each other back home and only occasionally flirted with one another, this was totally different. We exposed all, so to speak. I suggested lying out on the beach and swimming in the surf as an opener. She enthusiastically said 'yes' and we proceeded to the beach area. We put down our towels and a staff member came by and brought a bottle of suntan lotion. I was very eager to rub the cream all over Trudy's body. She had a mutual interestand her fingers lingered a bit longer while she applied lotion to my cock and balls. We soaked up some of the sun and when it got too hot we romped in the cool surf. The sight of the water washing over her naked body was very stimulating. Only the coolness of the water prevented a full erection on my part. Trudy's nipples had puckered as the water ran in droplets off her full breasts. My balls were aching by now and I had to go someplace to jerk off or see if I could entice Miss Trudy to engage in a little sexual intercourse. By now really wanted to fuck her. I wanted to do some nasty things to her. She had me really fired up. I noticed when she briefly spread her thighs as she sat on her towel that it seemed her pussy was swollen. I was banking on her being as excited as I was. We left the beach and showered near the pool and got into one of the many hot tubs spread around the resort. After a few minutes, it looked like she was beginning to get real relaxed. I gotcloser to her and rubbed my body up against hers. Trudy responded with a smile and soon I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. That was my signal to place my hand on one of her swollen tits. I kneaded her nipple between my fingers and gave her a soft kiss on her mouth. She rose to the occasion and engaged me in a passionate French kiss. We both suddenly broke apart and realized that we were involved in some heated foreplay out in the open. No one was around our hot tub so there was no foul! I suggested to Trudy that it might be good for us to goback to one of our rooms. She invited me to hers and we left the hot tub, toweled off and proceeded breathlessly to her place. We no sooner got behind closed doors and Trudy put her arms around my neck andpulled my face down to hers. We kissed like two horny teenagers. Her soft, round body next to mine was very pleasurable. Trudy crushed her tits against my chest and ground her pussy against my rapidly hardening dick. My hands went to the cheeks of her ass and I pulled her tighter toward me. I undid her hair and let the tresses fall about her shoulders. "Fuck me!" she said. "Right here and right now! I can't stand it any longer. I've wanted to climb in bed with you for months now, so fuck me damn it!" I pulled her arms from around my neck and forced her down on her knees. "Suck my dick first", I said. She quickly took my cock in one of her hands and brought her lips down on the head. Soon Trudy filled her mouth with the head and shaft of my dick as she massaged my balls with her free hand. She gave me a fantastic blowjob. I rewarded her efforts with a tremendous explosion of cum in her mouth,on her face and on her tits. She smiled as I pulled her to her feet. Both of us were a little woozy from the fast and furious fellatio. But we managed to make it over to her bed. She cleaned off my jism from her face and tits with her beach towel while I made each of us a drink from the small bar in the room. I sat on the bed next to her and we sipped our liquor on the rocks trying to get back our breath. After finishing our drinks we returned to the matter at hand. I slid my hand between her thighs and probed her sticky wet pussy with my fingers. Trudy closed her eyes and moaned as I worked my hand in and out of her cunt. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. The sight of her naked and waiting for me to enter her was driving me mad. I went down on her and licked the outer lips of her pussy. She thrust her pelvis toward my mouth and I penetrated her twat with my tongue. I found her clitty and played with it while driving her mad! My cock was again stiff and I repositioned myself above her. I lowered myself on top ofher body. I slipped the head of my dick between her love lips. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as I drove my cock deep into her pussy. I felt our pubic hair mingle each time I completed a full penetration. I maintained a steady rhythm as she moaned and whimpered. I fucked Trudy nice and slow but soon I couldn't hold back any longer and increased the frequency and intensity of my thrusts. She was crying out loud now and I hoped the walls of the room were enough to deaden the sound! "Oh shit! Fuck me harder! Please, oh shit! Oh fuck! Uuuuggghhhhh! YEEEEESSSS! I rammed my cock in her one last forceful time. I let loose with a steady flow of hot creamy cum. I pumped my cock until my balls were drained of sperm. I collapsed beside her with my softening dick still slippery and wet inside her cunt. We lay there panting, soaked with each other's sweat and cum. I kissed her full on the mouth, driving my tongue down her throat. I squeezed her tits as she ran her fingers in the warm liquids dripping from her pussy. She rubbed her thighs with it. I looked down between her legs and her pussy was swollen and red. She had a satisfied smile on her face and I admit I must have had one too. Trudy and I rested a bit and then resumed our lovemaking, but the next time I entered her from behind. We fucked until dark and then showered and ate a late dinner. After a stroll in the moonlight we returned to her room for a night of wild and uncontrolled sex. This was, by far, the best vacation I ever had. When we both returned home Trudy and I dated for a while and lived together (in the nude!) for about a year until I had to move because of my job. She couldn't follow because of hers and we went our separate ways. I will never forget that hot naked summer and the steamy times that followed.
The Flight
Courtesy of Richards Realm
The twenty-minute taxi ride to the airport seemed endless. My mind was filled with thoughts of what might happen on the twelve-hour flight ahead. I was meeting a chat friend, for the very first time, at the airport. We were to be travel companions on th e long flight ahead. I was wearing what we had discussed the previous day, so that we would be able to recognise one another, a long black skirt and white shirt. As I dressed that morning, I was thinking back over previous conversations regarding the flight ahead, and had decided not to wear panties on the chance that some of those things might happen. As the taxi finally pulled up, I gathered up my bags and with shaking hands paid the fare. I walk slowly into the airport and look at up at the monitors displaying check in desk information. As I walk towards the desks I spot you standing away from the crowd, as I get closer to you, you see me walking towards you and smile, recognising me from the pictures we've swapped. As we head for the back of the queue, we start talking about the days ahead. Our turn comes to check in and as we're asked whether we want aisle or window seats, I hear you ask for seats at the very back of the plane. My mind replays hearing you say that is the best place to sit if you don't want to be disturbed by anyone. Once we have our boarding passes, we start to walk towards the departures area. As we walk I feel a dampness growing between my legs remembering what we've talked about. I shiver as I feel your hand on the small of my back directing me where to go. Once we get through security we realise we have a good hour before we need to head for the gate so we go off in search of a bar to have a few drinks before the flight. We talk as if we've known one another for years and the more we talk the more aroused I feel myself becoming. We hear a last call announcement beingmade for our flight and have to run to the gate to be able to board.We get settled in our seats and before we know it we're taking off. Throughout the meal I feel your arm pressed against mine, the contact causes my nipples to grow hard and my pussy to dampen again. People settle down to sleep or watch the movie, we get ourselves comfy and carrying on talking as if we'd never stopped. As we talk I feel your hand on the seat pressing between our legs. The touch of your hand sends bolts of electricity through my body causing me to shiver. Youmust feel my body shiver because you look at me and smile as you place your hand on my knee, squeezing it gently. Looking around you ever so slowly inch my skirt up, running your hand along the inside of my thigh. I close my eyes and rest my head on the seat. I hear you gasp in surprise as your discover that I'm not wearing any panties. Your finger parts my newly shaved pussy lips and you find how wet I am. I movemy hips forward as you slide your finger deep into my wet hole. I stifle a moan as your finger works in and out of me, your thumb finds its way up to rub gently over my very hard clit. My legs close around your hand, moaning as your fingers work on me. I feel wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. I feel your lips on mine, your fingers still working deep inside of me, as I start to cum on your hand, grinding my hips onto your fingers. I feel your tongue touch mine, your mouth muffling my moaning. You stop kissing me so I can get my breath back; as I do your finger keeps moving ever so lightly on my clit. You smile as I pull you towards me and whisper that you make me feel so good, that I want to fuck you right here and right now. Slowly you remove your fingers from my dripping pussy; lift them to your mouth and lick them clean all the while looking me straight in the eye. You lower theback of the seat and take my hand, placing it on your rock hard cock. I start to move my hands up and down the shaft through your pants. I stand up to find a blanket to cover your lap with so I can open your pants and play with your naked cock. I open your pants and free your throbbing erection, the palm of my hand running over the head, feeling a drop of pre-cum coating it. I take hold of your cock and start to pump it with my hand in a steady rhythm. I lean forward and start to kiss you, my tongue dancing with yours as I feel your cock jump undermy fingers. You pull apart from the kiss and tell me to stop otherwise your going to cum and you want to be fucking me when you cum. You pull me towards you and get me to kneel over your lap. I rub the head ofyour cock along the lips of my pussy, coating it in my own cum, making it nice and wet before I slide it deep inside of me. Before I do, you move me back a little and reach for you wallet, smiling you pull out a condom and quickly slide it down over your hard cock. You take hold of your cock in your hand and have me move forward to meet it. You mimic my own actions and run it along my very wet pussy lips before you move it back and position it at the entrance of my pussy. With one swift movement you slide your hard cock into my hot wet and very readypussy. I groan feeling every inch of you slide deep inside of me. I start to rock my hips back and forth, trying not to moan too loudly. I sense someone looking at me; I turn my head and find a man watching us fuck one another with an ever-increasing rhythm. I smile at him before I turn my head to you and start kissing your lips, as I feel your cock thrusting up to meet me. You whisper to me that you've wanted to fuck me for so long. I clench your cock with my pussy feeling another wave of pleasure wash over me; I bury my face in your neck, moaning as I cum. I feel your cock start to throb deep inside me and know thatyou are getting ready to cum yourself. I start moving so I'm fucking you deep and hard, squeezing your cock with my pussy. I soon start to feel the spasms as your orgasm hits you. You moan loudly causingpeople to turn and look. Ignoring them you smile and me and kiss me.
Mutual Masturbation
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Dr.Filth
Tonight was going to be a little different, he had told her, but he hadn’t elaborated. He’d insisted they shower separately, but watch each other. That should have given her a hint what he had in mind. As she sat on the toilet she could see him washing his hair, the soap cascading down his chest, to curl around his semi-erect cock and under his balls. He followed by lathering his cock and balls, cleaning the soap off his hands and taking up the razor. As he pulled his cock to the side he shaved the short bristles that had grown over the last couple of days. He pulled the razor slowly over the shaft, then did the area near his thighs and his belly, above his cock. Pulling his balls back tight he drew the razor from close to his ass, across one ball, slowly and carefully, but shaving closely. He repeated with the other side, the rubbing his hands over his still soapy balls, checked on the quality of the job. His cock was standing erect now and he stroked the shaft, forcing pre-cum from the top. Using only the palm of his hand he rubbed the head in short circles, as his other hand squeezed his shaft tight. He turns to face the water flow and lifts his balls and cock to rinse them off clean. He lathers up his ass and does a thorough job of cleaning his crotch. He turns around, bending over, to let the water clean off his back and ass, his hand under his balls, clearing all the suds away. He exits to dry off and she takes her turn in the shower, somewhat more aware of what he expects. The shampoo trickles down between her breasts, little bubbles tickling as they find their way to her close-cropped crotch. She squeezes her thighs together to spread the soap over her legs, as she rinses the shampoo from her hair. Using the puff she lathers up her chest, with her back to the water so the suds build up thick. She squeezes her breasts together, using her forearms, her fingers tweaking her nipples with little pinches that quickly release, slipping off on the soapy sheen. She flicks one nipple sharply, then the other, both standing out breaking through the soap suds. Her hands float down over her belly, her arms still squeezing her breasts together in a soft, fleshy heap. The soap is silky smooth as she glides over her stomach to cup her mound in her fingers. With three fingers she pushes down, pinching her pussy lips between the outside fingers as the middle one dives into her wet cunt. Pulling back she drags her finger hard over her clit, fully awake and waiting for a licking. She turns and does her ass, as well, one finger diving in slightly, causing her knees to buckle as she squeezes to grab hold of it. Rinsing off the soap her hand makes its way back down to her pussy, fingers running over her lips, bringing the moisture right to the surface. She removes her fingers and brings them up to her mouth, sucking the creamy juices from the tips as her other hand plays slowly over her nipples. As she dries off he makes his way to the bedroom. The room was dimly lit and a towel was laid out over the mattress. He’d spread their assortment of toys out over another towel on his side of the bed. He directed her to sit at the end and to watch only, no touching, at least not yet. He was determined to break two taboos tonite for her. She’d been more than willing to play along with new ways of having sex and tonite he try a couple new things, things he wasn’t sure how he’d feel about but was willing to try. I mean he was letting her, no asking her, to piss on his face, there didn’t seem to be too much more to do that would be embarassing. She took a seat in a chair just off the end of the bed. He’d poured her a drink and she lit a cigarette and sat back to watch. He poured the oil over his stomach running it down to his balls. Using both hands he massaged his crotch as his cock stood up hard between his hands. He ran both hands up and down the shaft, reaching down to cup his balls, squeezing them tight against his cock. Lying back on the pillow he spread his legs to afford her a better view as she sipped some wine. With his hands open he ran the palms up and down either side of his shaft, not grasping his cock, but rolling it between his oily hands. Changing pace he grabbed his balls and the base of his cock with one hand, squeezing hard, his cock bulging, while he ran the flat palm of the other hand over the head of his cock. This seemed to feel good to him, she thought, as his head rolled back and his palm slid back and forth, propelled by his precum, at an ever faster rate. Releasing his cock it bounced against his stomach as he picked the oil up again. This time he squirted a large amount directly onto his balls and it trickled down between his legs. He lifted his legs high into the air lifting his ass off the bed and exposing his balls and engorged cock to her face. More oil was poured directly onto his ass and he inserted one finger, slowly massaging the opening and relaxing the muscles. Picking up the anal plug he’d used on her for the first time only the other night, he placed it at the opening of his ass, thinking turnabout is fair play. Slowly he eased the plug in to its full length his ass grabbing at it as it enters. With the plug firmly in place and his legs still in the air he returned to massaging his balls and cock with both hands, smearing the head of his cock against his belly. Calmly sipping her wine she was surprised whenhe raised his legs even further, stroking his cock as it hovered over his chest, the anal plug still firmly in place. If he didn’t move, she thought, he was gonna wear his come. Even as he stroked he felt a little weird, but that was only fair, considering the things she was willing to try. As he felt his cock throbbing she leaned in closer to watch as he squeezed the head of his dick holding the cum in. When he released it shot out in a long stream, bouncing off his shoulder onto the bed. The next shot landed on his face, trickling down his cheek, with the last spurt splattering across his lips, the unmistakable salty taste. She jumps up from the chair and plants a deep kiss on him, collecting his come onto her tongue and driving it deep into his mouth for all the times he’d brought her juices up to her mouth to taste. Aftercleaning off his face she reached down and slowly pulled the plug out, replacing it briefly with her finger before slapping him lightly on the ass. As he raised up from the bed he took his place in the chair and told her...”Now it’s your turn, show me what you’ve got.
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I live in a road with houses down one side and a block of flats on the other. My name is Andy, I'm 25years old, single, a TV, I have a boy friend of sorts, he rings me from time to time telling me when he is coming round. This gives me time to get ready foe him, I shower and put on the clothes he likes me to wear. Black underwear, suspenders, stockings, panties and a black dress. Then the finishing touches is a blonde wig, lots of make-up and black high-heels. He had rung earlier to say he was coming over. As usually I was sitting in my bedroomwindow looking out for him, this gives me chance to watch for a guy who lives in the flats opposite. He is a hunk, well over six feet tall, he looks very fit, dark hair and suntanned. I hadn't been there long when I saw him coming up the road, he looked smart in a suit, I watched him go into the entrance to the flats. I don't now which one his is. Not long after A familiar car pulls up and Terry gets out he sees me in the bed room window and waves. He let himself in and came up to the bedroom. I was leaning on the window sill trying to see if I could see which flat me dream bloke lived in. Terry came up behind me pressinghimself against my bum and leaning over my back and kissing my neck. I could feel his hands running up the back of my thighs and up under my dress. I could see to much more out of the window as the sun had just appeared and was shining directly into my eyes from above the flats. He slid the hem of my dress up over my back and was feeling my ass. I'm 5 feet 7 tall and slim, Terry had always loved my ass, he said it was nicely rounded and sexy. He usually grabbed it as soon as he could whenever he came to see me. He was pulling my panties down at the back, then running his hands over the bare cheeks of me ass. "Don't move,"he said, "You are in a good position there". I glanced over my shoulder, "I hope no one sees us, through the window," I said. He placed a hand between my legs and grabbed my balls then slid his hand up along my ass, a finger was in my crack and soon found my asshole. "It's nicely greased I see," he said as he slid a finger up my hole. He insisted that I keep my ass lubricated when he was around as he liked to shag me whenever and wherever he wanted. I heard him undoing his trousers and then slid them down, moments later his cock was nuzzling up against my ass. His cock spent more time erect and hard than it didsoft. It was soon pushing into me, he pushed my legs as wide apart as they would go, as my panties were down mid thigh. He was soon humping me ramming his cock in and out of me. His cock wasn't very big, it was slidding in and out smoothly, his balls slapping my thighs, my head hit the window a few times as he lunged forward. He always likes to cum in my mouth or over my face, I know when he is about to cum as he humps me faster and faster. That moment had just arrived, he pulled his cock out and I turned around and dropped to my knees just as the first jet of cum shot out of his cock and hit my cheek. I caught the rest in my wide open mouth swallowing hard, then he wiped his cock around my face smearing the cum on my cheek all over. "God, I needed that," he said. Istood up and pulled my panties up and re-arranged my dress. "You look smart," I said noticing his nice trouseres and collar and tie. "I going to a wedding shortly," he said, "Thought I would come and see you first though". We went down stairs and I made us a cup of tea. It was a Saturday afternoon, there was sport on the tele, we watched it for a while then about 2.30 he said he had to go. "I'll ring you during the week," he said as he left. I went back to watching the sport and fell asleep. It was about 5.30 when I awoke, I was going upstairs to the toilet, which takes me through the hall past the front door. I noticed a letter on the mat, it was posted by hand as there was no stamp on it,just the house number. I opened it as I went up stairs, it said:- "Hi sexy, Saw the show you and your boyfriend put on this afternoon in your bedroom window " my heart skipped a beat I thought for a moment I might be in trouble for exposing myself etc. but I read on:- "I would like to come and see you this evening would that be possible? If so turn your bedroom light off and on three times at 6 o'clock, ps I love the sexy clothes. Joe". I began wondering who Joe might be, I kept on looking at the clock and wondering if I should see him or not. Curiosity gotthe better of me and at 6 o'clock I turned my bedroom light off and on 3 times, it was just getting dark so I pulled the curtains. I went back dowm stairs and pulled the curtains they as well. After a short time there was a knock at the door, I very nervously opened it and peered around the corner, I had a nice surprise it was my dream hunk, I stared at him in disbelief, "Are you not going to ask me in then," he said. "Sorry," I repleid holding the door open for him then shutting it behind him. He was older than I imagined mid thirties perhaps, I led him into the living room. "I'm Joe," he said holding out his hand. "Hi,i'm Andy," I answered. We shook hands, "What's your other name," he asked, "I can't call you Andy when you look like that," he added. I blushed a little, "Terry, my boyfriend, likes to call me Mandy," I answered. "Oh, him," he said, "Ok, I'll call you Mandy as well then," he added. "Can i get you a drink, a can of lager maybe," I aked. "A can of lager would be great," he replied. I went into the kitchen and came back with a can each. We both opened them and had a long drink each. "I loved the show you put on earlier," he said, taking another drink. "I do love suspenders and stockings, and a good ass. From what i couldsee your ass is pretty cute. Any way, I've had this all afternoon since seeing you," he said holding the bulge in his jeans. " It's your fault and I think you should take care of it," he said with a lecherous grin on his face and started to undo his belt. I watched him as he put his can down and undid his jeans, I was surprised by his bluntness, but not bothered, I waited eagerly to see what he had hidden. His jeans hit the floor, then his boxer shorts. His long white T-shirt hid his equipment. He lifted his shirt with one hand while supporting his enormous cock with the other.My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, his cock wasn't that long 6 or maybe 7 inches long, but it was so fat, I reached out and put my hand under it. Joe let go and it fell into my hand, it was heavy, I closed my fingers around it but they didn't meet by a long, long way. It was hard and the tip looked damp as i stroked it slowly. We sat on the sofa, Joe cock standing up proudly. He reached over and placed a hand on my thigh and slowly slid his hand up under my dress, "Ah, suspenders," he said lifting my skirt up higher for a better look. My hand was around his cock, I could leave it alone, it was amazing. his hand was shroking my bare thigh tracing the suspender along to were it disappeared under my panties.I noticed he had big hands as well. He then reached up and put his arm around my neck, "Suck my cock," he said pulling my head down into his lap. I loving licked and kissed the tip then opening my mouth as wide as I could I attempted to get it inside.The big head was just to fat it was scraping my teeth top and bottom before it was fully in. I just licked it up and down and sucked and licked the tip, tasting his juices. He pushed my up after a while then he stood up and took my hand and pulled me to my feet as well. He lifted the hem of my fress up under my arm pits, "What a cute ass," he said, his big hands squeezing my pantie covered buttocks. He slid his hand down the back of my panties and ran his fingers up and down my crack. Then i felt him tugging my panties down, they soon hit the floor around my ankles and I kicked them off. He found my lubricated hole and slid a huge finger up me. "This is nice, you are all ready greased up," he said. He walked me towards the table and pushed me down over the end of it, then I felt his monster cock pressed up against me. I wasn'tsure if I could take it, he slowly and very gently pushed. The tip started to stretch my ass, it slowly slid a little further in, I wasfeeling a little pain as it sank further in. Then, stretching me more than I had ever been, it's head slid up my ass, the rest soon was embedded right up to his big heavy balls. I gasped loudly as it filled me then slowly and gently and began slidding it in and out, each time it was getting easier and soon he was fucking me good and hard. This was what I had dreamed of after seeing this bloke out of my window, he pulled his cock out and got me down on hands and knees on the floor. He came up behind me and slid his cock back up my ass filling it once again, then fucking away some more. He was good. He then pulled out again, "Lets go to the bedroom," he said. I got up and led the way, as we went upstairs, Joe was right behind me rubbing and squeezing my ass as we went, running his other hand over my suspenders. We reached the bedroom he had my lying in my back on the bed, my ass overhanging the edge then he placed my legs on his shoulders and leaned over on top of me, my ass came up to meet him. His cock seemed to find my ass without any trouble and slid back in. This position seemed to get him further in and with long strokes he fucked me some more. My ass was used to the size now, his cock making a squeching noise as he pumped it in and out. He fucked me in a few more positions, I was beginning to think thisguy would never tire. Then he had me on hands and knees on the bed. "I'm going to try something I have always wanted to do," he said. He saw the jar of cream on the bedside cabinet, he picked it up and got some on his hands. He sat on the bed behind me and pushed a couple of his big fingers up my ass and spread the cream around. Then he bunched up all four fingers of his right hand and pushed them as far up me as they would go. Then he twisted them back and forth, pushing at the same time, he was strtching my poor ass even bigger. "I'd love to get my hand up your ass," he said, "If dreamt about it so often," he added,pushing more of his hand up me. I was gasping for air as the pain increased. He continued twisting his hand and pushing his thumd joined the fingers and my hole stretched a bit more. "It's nearly in," he said excitedly, then with a sudden relief my ass hole began to close as the widest part of his hand disappeared up my ass. He pushed his huge hand up me until my hole was now closed around his wrist. "Oh, this is fantastic, it's so hot up there, and so tight," he said overjoyed at doing what he had dreamed about. Then I felt my ass beginning to stretch again as he pulled his hand back, God what a relief when it got rassed the widest part again. He slowly slid his hand fully out andfully in numerous times I lost count, it blew my mind, each time, the feelings were so intense. He was kneeling behind me as he worked his hand back up me once more wanking his big cock at the same time. Suddenly he pulled his hand out and shoved his cock in, it didn't touch the sides, I close my ass around it and I felt him cum bucket loads deep inside me. He groaned loudly, "God, I have never cum like that before," he said as he pulled his cock out and flopped on the bed exhausted. I went to the bath room and got a towel and we went backdownstairs. I placed the towel on the sofa to sit on as his cum trickled out of my huge, wide open asshole. I watched him as he got dressed, "that was fantastic, better than my dreams, we must do this again," he said enthusiastically. "I hope you agree, I think you are incredable, and you have the cutest ass I've ever seen," he added. I looked at the time it was after 10 we had been fucking for hours. "Yes I would like to see you again, you have the biggest cock i have ever seen, and I'd like to see more of it," I said. I stood up and pulled my panties on to catch any more cum that might dribble out of my ass. I pulled my skiet back down, as i walked him to the door he was rubbing my ass and he bent down a little and kissed me full on the lips, his tongue inside my mouth flicking over mine. We reached the door, "Can I see you Thusday, evening," he asked. I thought for a second, "Thursday will be ok," I answered. "Good"" he said and left. I went to bed and relived the evening had had a fantastic wank.
The Project
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It was a Saturday and I was working. I work in a small cubical. Bonus and promotion season was rolling around so I decided to take on theproject. It was 7:00 pm and I was still working in Conference Room B on the third floor. Luckily my direct superior, Pam, was working with me.We were both 26 years old, but she got a promotion last year. I didn't know her well, but she was quite an attractive blonde. She is not very chesty so to speak, but she does play basketball and keeps a slim athletic look. I caught myself fantasizing about her occasionally when I was supposed to be working. We were both at our laptops working on improving the overall presentation of the project. We chatted for a bit here and there about this and that. Pam accidentally spilled some of her coffee on the floor. She told me not to bother and went to go get some paper towels. I stared at her as left. Thankfully it was summer.Since it was a Saturday, she was wearing a white skirt to her knees and a yellow tank top. I was fairly comfortable in my sweat pants and tee shirt. Anyways, just staring at her kind of made me hard so I returned to my work. Pam came back with the towels and started cleaning up and I stared at her ass as she bent down. My dick got harder so I returned my focus to my computer. Pam was finishing cleaning up and I guess she looked up and saw me. My sweats didn't protect my hard cock and the briefs I was wearing didn't help. Pam said, "Are you horny Bob (that's me)?" My cock was beating against my pants. She said laughing," I can see you're getting a little excited there." I was beginning to feel embarrassed until what happened next. Pam stayed there on the floor and reached into my pants to feel my penis. She said,"Hm mm, it's bigger than what I've felt before.' I was thinking holly crap, what's going on, and yeah go 6 inches. I finally decided to act. I said," Aren't you quite horny Pam." I went down to the floor with her and whispered into her ear with her hand still stroking my cock. "You must be getting a little wet" I nibbled on her ear. I can see it. You're beginning to blush, you're breasts are firming up and you want me right here and now don't chat?" She didn't reply. I used my hands to caress her body from her shoulders to her ankles. I could she that she was really horny now.I kissed her passionately as I slid one hand up her skirt. It was wet and it drove me wild. Before I know she is stripping me down and I'm doing the same to her. Her nipples are hard and I caress them them.I slide my dick beside her neatly trimmed pussy and she shivers in excitement. She calls out,"Oh Bob, You're right, I'm horny, give it to me." I thrust into her over and and over as she convulses to meet each thrust. She moans and screams as I fuck her. We grind against each other. The friction between our two warm bodies was wonderful. She climaxes just when I did and I fall on to her. We stayed up at the office until midnight "working" on the project.
Motorcycle Slut
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I used to work at a motorcycle dealership and I still have friends who work there. When I needed service on my motorcycle recently, I got in touch with one of these friends and he agreed to meet me at the dealership on a Sunday morning (when the store was closed) to do the side job. The dealership is owned by Craig and Beth, a former lawyer and his wife. Initially, I thought Beth was a trophy wife because she's thin with long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth and a recent boob job; and she dresses to display her attributes. Then I discoveredshe has a legitimate college degree in marketing and had a successful career going when she met her husband. She is about 36 and still pretty hot. Most men find her gorgeous, but to me she's not as beautiful as she probably used to be, and nowhere near as hot as she thinks she is. I don't really even like the woman very much because she has such a snotty attitude. Whenever she is being nice to someone, you can tell as an observer that it's an act. A second later she can be totally bitchy.I had heard about the boob job through the grapevine, but I hadn't seen the results yet. I was curious, to say the least, because prior to the surgery, she had the most amazing permanently erect nipples. Whatever complaints any guy had about Beth, nobody had anything negative to say about her nipples. They were always evident and we all loved that.While my friend was busy working on my bike in the service building, I wandered over to the sales building and looked around. I was checking out the bikes that were new for the upcoming model year when I heard Beth's voice say, "You're not supposed to be in here, you know..."There was a mostly pleasant tone to her voice, but there was also her typical implied menace, like the warning beep on an alarm system, telling me that I needed to get away immediately before her temper flared. I turned around and saw her standing inside the door to the showroom, hands on her narrow hips. She was dressed as she always is, in clothes that showed off her form. This day's ensemble was a white t-shirt, tucked into very short white shorts. She spends a lot of time tanning somewhere, so her skin is pretty well bronzed. Even fromacross the poorly lit room (no lights on when the building is closed, but it was sunny outside the window) I could see a pretty big change in her chest. "I was just looking at what's new while Dan works on my bike," I replied. "He said he'd cleared it with your husband." I was already heading toward Beth and the door behind her. There was nothing to gain by pissing her off and no reason to bring her wrath down on my friend in the building next door either, so I was planning to exit quickly. "Well, that may be true but you can't be over here by yourself." Her tone was less pleasant and more nasty now. Since I was obviously complying with demands, I didn't see the need for her to start getting bitchy and I immediately decided not to be as polite and respectful to her as I had always been up to that point. So instead of making a polite effort not to look at her new tits, I just staredright at them as I threaded my way through the motorcycles between us. It took me about 30 seconds to make my way to where she was standing near the door and I never took my eyes off her chest as I approached her. Thirty seconds is a long time when no one is speaking. She knew what I was doing all that time. "That's nice work," I said to her chest when I reached her. "What?" she spat. We both knew she had heard me and that she was offended. "I said that's nice work. I can only imagine how they feel." I said this as a passing shot, all the while thinking I was lucky not to be working for her anymore, since what I had just said would most likely have gotten me fired if I were still her employee.My hand was on the door when I heard her say, "You can feel them if you want." Now it was my turn to be shocked. "Pardon?" "You can touch them if you want," her tone was different again, softer, maybe even wistful. "Nobody else is these days..." Her voice trailed off as I turnedback and stepped close to her. I assumed she meant that she and her husband were having another of their legendary arguments. I didn't think twice or give her a chance o take back her offer. I just reached up and gently cupped her breast from underneath. The flesh felt unnaturally hard as I squeezed, but as my thumb grazed across the nipple it immediately hardened and expanded, pushing out the fabric of her t-shirt in spite of the bra she wore. As I mentioned, she hasamazing nipples. Anyway, I groaned involuntarily when I felt the nipple stand up to be noticed. "You like?" she asked somewhat breathlessly."I like how things respond when you rub them, yeah," I replied. "So do I," she said, sliding her palm up and down on the growing bulge in myshorts. After that, there was little to no talk as things began to escalate between us. I slipped my hand up under her t-shirt and began fondling her tits in earnest. My other hand slid up her back and took a firm grip of her hair as I tilted her head back and kissed her hard. I wasn't sure how this would be received but she returned my kiss willingly and aggressively, her tongue caressing mine. Both of her hands found their way to my crotch and in no time I was as hard as I've ever been. In a flash, she undid my snap and zipper and my shorts dropped to the floor exposing my hard cock to the open air. "Oh my God..." she said approvingly as she held it in her two small hands. I'mguessing ol' Craig is somewhat smaller than I am. She reached behind me, locked the door to the showroom and then led me by my dick to a big Harley-style cruiser bike nearby. She had me half sit and half lean against the seat as she knelt before me. She peeled off her shirt as if to get more comfortable and then simply dove in on my cock. She sucked straight down on it until all seven-and-a-half inches were in her warm, wet mouth and her nose was nestled firmly in my pubes. I know I don't have the biggest dick in the world, but it is pretty thick and I haven't met too many girls who could do that trick with such ease. I gasped appropriately. Her slim fingers and manicured nails alternatelymassaged and tickled my balls as she slurped and sucked my cock like she was trying to suck the color out of my skin. She came off my cock, then ran her tongue down the underside, then left the shaft resting on her face as she licked my balls. I reached down and flicked her bra straps off her shoulders so as she worked her new, larger, firmer boobs inched into view as the bra slid down. Near-nudity always works better for me than totally nudity, so I was enjoying that view almost as much as I was enjoying the view of her red lipsticked lips stretched over my cock as she deepthroated me over and over. I glanced around the showroom and managed to catch several angles of Beth's head bobbing in my lap reflected in shiny paint, chrome, and even a few rear-view mirrors. It was pretty cool to see. Wanting to savor this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I reached down with my hand and pulled my swollen cock out of Beth's mouth. I rubbed the slippery shaft across her lips and spanked her cheeks with it. "You give amazing head," I said. Beth flashed a genuine smile and dove in on me again. I let her get one good downstroke in and then pulled it away again. She whined when I did this, so I stood and began to feed her my dick an inch at a time. She moaned contentedly and sucked me deep again. Slowly, I started to facefuck her. I gradually eased my hand around to the back of her head and held it more or less still as I thrust in and out of her throat. This action caused Beth to salivate quite a bit and pretty soon my dick was coated in a sheen of slick saliva. It felt so good, I staggered a little, so I sat down on the bike seat and put a foot up on the rider and passenger floorboards, leaving myself open to her. Beth shrugged out of her bra and let it hang around her waist as she slurped onmy cock. My knees were somewhat raised with my feel up on the floorboards. This gave Beth access to my balls and my asshole. Her tongue found its way to both places. She flicked each individual ball with it and rimmed my asshole with it. She even poked it inside my ass and tongue-fucked me while my dick twitched against her forehead. It felt very, very good. Soon, she returned to inhaling my cock. A string of drool dripped slowly from her lower lip to the floor between her knees. There was no sound in the room other than my labored breathing, her pleasurable moaning, and the slurp of her sloppy blowjob. After a while, Beth's mouth came off my cock with an amazingly sexy wet popping sound. "You have a beautiful, big dick," she said as she pumped it with her slippery little fists, "I want it inside me, NOW." I was not about to argue, since I was more than halfway to what I was sure was going to be a phenomenal orgasm. She stood up and undid her shorts, shoved themover her hips, and they fell to the floor. Next she turned her back to me and slowly peeled her thong panties out of her anal cleft and pushed them down until they hit the floor also. hShe was wearing strappy high-heeled sandals and I was pleased to note that she did not remove them as she stepped out of the pile at her ankles. "Damn, look at that pussy...," I said as she stood up and faced me. It was shaved smooth as a wood floor with thick lips that glistened in the half light of the showroom. "You can't have that," she said, her slim hand covering the treasure. "That's for my husband only, even though he's on my shit list right now. I want you in my ass." She turned around and displayed her ass to me again, this time running a hand over it like those chicks do on The Price Is Right. For the first time ever, I noticed what an incredible little ass she has. Generally, I thought it was small and shapeless like a pre-pubescent girl's, but now I knew otherwise.Without clothing to confuse the eyes, it was easy to see how perfect her little round and firm ass cheeks were. Below them, her juicy pussy lips glistened. Then she leaned her elbows on the seat of a brand-new sportbike and spread her feet a bit apart. I stood and started rubbing the head of my saliva-coated cock up and down the crack of her ass, at which she gasped and quivered enticingly. Because I couldn't help myself, I also ran my dick up and down her engorged pussy lips. Her legs clamped shut and didn't open again until she had reached a hand between them to guide my cockhead up toward her asshole again. I took her hand and placed it on her ass cheek and told her to spread a little to make room for me. When she had done so, I began to push my cockhead slowly into her ass. Beth groaned gutturally and pushed back against my cock, forcing it in a few inches, up to the foreskin ring. It felt good in there. Very good. We stood this way for over a minute while her anal muscles adjusted to the invasion. "Craig won't do this to me," she grunted, "He thinks it's dirty." "Then he's an idiot," I panted, "I think this is great." "Your cock feels so good in my ass. Give me more." With some patience and pushing, her ass had soon relaxed and accepted my entire cock. My pubes were against her cheeks and our thighs were touching. "Oh yeah..." she sighed, "Now fuck my ass with that big fat cock of yours." I take orders well. I began a slow and steady long-stroke in and out of the incomparable warmth and tightness of her rectum. She moaned and groaned and ground her ass against me when our bodies met. I spanked her cheeks and caressed her skin. She clawed at my thighs. I spread her cheeks wide with both hands anddrooled saliva off the tip of my tongue into her crack and watched it seep down into her ass to further lube us as I stroked in and out. She tossed her head from side to side and squealed in ecstasy. Twice, when I pressed deep into her while catching my breath and adjusting my footing, she came like a wildcat, digging her nails into my hips and actually drawing a little blood. I slowed my pace whenever I got close to cumming because I was enjoying the spectacular view, the intense physical sensation, and the thrill of public sex. Eventually, however, I passed the point of no return and was unable to hold back the tidal wave rushing up from my balls. I grabbed a fistful of her hair again,turned her head to the side and leaned in close to her, my lips just grazing her ear. "I'm going to cum," I whispered. "Oh yeah, cum in my ass. I want to feel it. Cum in my ass!" she hissed back at me.That was about all I could take. With one fist in her hair, tugging her head back and the other hand hooked around her hip bone to hold her all the way back on me, I exploded with several big convulsive spurts. Just like the first two times I pressed extra deep into her tight, hot little ass, she came hard and long, with her lithe body shaking and spasming and her breath coming in rough gasps. This time, however, we were both doing it. We nearly pushed the motorcycle over in the process. Finally the waves of orgasm left us both and our breathing smoothed out and our heart rates settled. We stayed locked together for several minutes until my softening penis slipped from her juiced asshole. Without knowing what else to do, we both reached for our discarded clothes and put them on in silence. As soon as she was dressed, Beth was all 'boss's wife' again. "You need to get back over to the service building," she said, as if the past half-hour had not happened. "Okay," I said, knowing when to quit while WAY ahead. I unlocked the door and went through it without looking back. "David," she called in time for me to catch the door and pop my head backinside. She simply put her finger to her lips, enjoining me to silence."Of course," I said, and closed the door.
Courtesy of Richards Realm
As i sit on the couch with the flu.Fever of 102 coughing sneezing .But not really minding that i have this Awful virus i would usually complain till no ends about . Because of the way i came about getting it. My boyfriend had been away for a few weeks prior.So when he arrived home we decided to go for a stroll in the park to talk about things we did in the weeks we were apart. As we walked snowflakes danced about my cheeks and tickled my nose .The park was peaceful this time a year nobody but us would care to go for a stroll in the middle of january. As we came around the bend .An old weeping willow tree surrounded by bushes came into view .He turned to me with a devilish grin and sad remember that tree .I giggled and said yeah .How could iforget that tree in that tree we made love for the first time the summer before. Is was the hottest day of the year and we went in for some relief from the heat. Looking around to see if anyone was around he said yeah wanna check it out. I remember the last time those words escaped his lips. We cleared threw the bushes and went in .It was lightly covered with snow .Nothing compared to the amount of snow that fell out side just a dust of snow. We sat on a log that some kidsdragged in there to sit on. As i sat there thinking of the last time we sat in the heart of this tree. I felt my body begin to warm .The snow drifting on my cheeks wasn't as noticeable now .His thought's must of been where mine were. Because i felt his warm lips press against my neck and it made me gasp. His warm breath and his sweet kisses apon my neck .My breath began to quicken. AS he began to move his lips apon mycheeks i longed to feel his mouth apon mine. He always had a way of knowing what i wanted and pressed his lips apon mine .Lightly spreading my lips with his tongue. I could feel his warm breath enter my mouth .As his tongue danced around mine .Pressing his hands on my thigh's .slowly spreading my legs i could swear when he spread them heat made the air mist. Pressing his finger deeply in my thigh .My body jerked with excitement. Still kissing my lips His hand made its way under my sweater. I felt a rush of cold air bush over my flesh. As herested his hand apon my breast pulled my bra under it .He began caressing them ever so slightly. In a teasing way as he always did .He leaned down and drew one breast in his mouth .Then the other lightly nibbling and sucking them. The cold air and his hot breath felt like a thousand needles on my skin. His other hand caressing my body as he drew closer to the snap on my jeans .Slowly undoing my jeans. Easing his hand down towards my mound. My juices flowing begging for his sweet touch. My body Tingling all over .wanting what it hasn't had in weeks .His body drawing closer as he pressed his Hips into my thigh i could feel his hardness against my body. Closer his fingers drew to my mound my body screaming with excitement. I could feel my panties were soaked AS His fingers lightly brushed my clit he began rolling it between his fore finger and thumb sucking my breast deeply in his mouth i moaned louder with each of his touches snowflakes danced across my exposed flesh it made my body tighten. He plunged one finger in and started swirling my juices around .I could hear the slurping sound my juices made as his pressed his finger in further. Removing his finger he eased my jeans and panties over my hips. Laying there in the middle of winter half naked. He Stood and looked down at me. Removing his pants exposing his body to the cold air i thought we must be crazy. He lowered him self on top of me. His body a warm blanket. He began to tease my clit with the tip of his shaft. I heard my self begging him to enter me. Feeling his hardness fill me plunging deeper. His hands gripping my hips as he raised them a little. So he could reach my button .I dug my fingers in his flesh. Watching his eyes as he moved inside of me. The hot air escaping our mouths .His thrusts steady deeper. My body began to tighten My stomach began to get warm. I pulled him closer to me grinding my hips hard against his. I buried my face in his neck smelling his sweet scent my body began to quiver. I whispered I'm ready His thrust began to quicken. Our skin melting together My muscles tightening around his shaft .I could feel his muscles begin to tighten. Our eyes locked grinding in steady motion .As we drew closer to cumming I wrapped my legs tighter around him. I began to gasp his name my body shaking beneath his. Tears rolled down my cheeks .Not being able to control it any longer with one final thrust my body jerked with his .Our juices mixing With out saying a word our bodies rested together. Our breath beginning to slow. WE layed there for a bit. And as good as it was the summer before this was far more then i had imagined. That was worth the flu.
Fucking Fiona's Mother
Courtesy of Richards Realm
In the back of my mind, I had long noticed something strange about my girlfriend's mother; and as I watched my semen trickle down her face and onto her breasts, I realized what it was: She was trying to steal me away from her own daughter. That would explain the catty exchanges between them, the lingering sultry glances at the dinner table, and a lot more. It explained why she often decided to forego a towel after her shower when she knew she would have to pass the room I was in, why she "forgot" that I was home when she decided to sunbathe nude last summer... Not that I minded, exactly. I was twenty-three that August and had more spunk than my girlfriend alone could handle, and her mother somehow had managed to cultivate all the sexiest qualities of a woman her age : a smile that walked the line between sweet and seductive, eyes that promised to keep secrets, and a curvaceous, womanly body. Her brazen sexuality drove Fiona nuts, but to me it was an irresistible lure. Around Fiona I never let it show, but I had fantasized about her mother many times ; every time I saw that round ass sashaying across the living room I had visions of her bent over my bed gasping for breath and screaming my name , even sometimes while having sex with Fiona. She looked so much like her mom, in theface and everywhere else, that it was no stretch to imagine it was Olivia's, and not Fiona's, mouth pleasuring me, Olivia's, and not Fiona's, hips with my hands braced on them... Once we even fucked on her parent's luxurious canopied bed (at my request, naturally), and the whole time I couldn't quit thinking about her mother. We were staying with her parents this weekend in their mansion in New Mexico. Normally, whenever we visited Fiona's parents, I went to mass with them onSunday, but today I had stayed back to study for a law exam the next day. From where I was studying in the dining room I could hear the bedroom television. Her mother was watching a taped episode of a soap opera. As a housewife, she didn't have much else to do during the day now that her kids were both in college than perfect her nails and watch soap operas. I had been studying for about an hour and was really getting into my cases when I heard her call out, "Robert, when you have a moment to spare, will you come back here?" I didn't appreciate thedistraction, so I put it off for until she called again: "Robert, please come back here. It's important." Exasperated, I put down my pen and walked back to the bedroom. When I entered the room she was lying on her bed on her side in a pink silk robe, her head propped on her elbow, her coal-black hair falling down her arm. I caught a whiff of her perfume and wondered if she was naked under the robe. "Yes?" I asked impatiently. She rolled her eyes, and a slow smile crept across her face: "Don't be like that...You act like you barely even know me. We should be close! You'll be calling me Mom before you know it!" I sighed. "OK. What can I do for you, Mrs. del Rio?" "Please ; call me Olivia." "OK. What can I do for you, Olivia?" "Well, nothing, really. I just wanted to talk." She sat up, drawing herself to the edge of the bed. Her robe had fallen slightly open, revealing her large breasts and the edge of one of her blood-red nipples. She looked up at me demurely, not noticing my staring. "Wow..." she half-whispered, looking me up and down. "What?" "I guess I never noticed how solidly you were built... Have you been working out?" "Some... I don't get much time to with school and all." She reached out and ran her hands up and down my stomach through my tank top, absentmindedly gazing at my abs. Her robe had fallen completely open now, and I could see the fringe of her trimmed pubic hair under a glittering belly ring. She began running her nails underneath my jeans, tickling the pubic area just above my cock. I should have told her to stop, but it felt amazing. She sort oflaughed and smiled when she saw my cock starting to bulge at my pants."Well, hey there, vaquero!" she joked, her Spanish accent coming out a bit. "We shouldn't be doing this, Mrs. del Rio - I mean, Olivia. Fiona and I are getting married in May." "How many girls have you been with, Robert?" "What does that have to do with anything?" "Was Fiona your first?" "That's between the two of us!" "Were you hers?" "I told you, that's private." "I just want to know if you have... the requisite experience for the job. That's all." She started to unbuckle my belt, but I pushed her hand away and turned to leave. My heart was pounding with adrenaline. "No, no, don't do that, come here!" She stood up as I started to leave and pulled me back around. Suddenly we were touching, her breasts pressed to my chest. She was several inches shorter than me, and looked up at my eyes as she began whispering: "I'm just so glad... glad you're with my Fiona... glad for you two. She treasures you..." She was whispering almost right in my ear now, and I could feel her breath, hot and sultry: "I know you're exactly what she needs...a big, strong man... someone who can..." She began unbuttoning my shirt: "...protect and defend her..." I put my hand on her chest and pushed her back: "No ! Olivia, look , you're very attractive , very attractive , and as much as I want to do this , it's just wrong!" "Shhh," she whispered as she slid her hands under my shirt, "It would be wrong not to... After all... It would be a shame..." she cooed as she unzipped my jeans, "...if only one woman got to have this beautiful body." She slid her hands into my boxers and began fondling my cock. I could feel my resolve weakening, and I knew how this story was going to end. Her hands were warm and soft and felt amazing squeezing my cock. She dropped to her knees and slid my jeans and boxers down to my ankles. My cock flopped out of my pants, half-erect already. She stared at it like a hungry slut for a moment before grabbing it with a small hand and starting to pump it back and forth. It grew in her hands to its full length, until it was long and hard and veiny. I was dyingfor her to suck me off. She braced herself with one hand on my hip as she squeezed my cock with the other one and licked from the bottom of my shaft all the way up to my head. She licked this way all around my cock several times, until it was shiny with spit. Then she wrapped her glossy pink lips around the head and sucked hard on just the first couple inches. It felt great, but all I wanted to do was fuck her mouth and spunk down her throat. But every time I tried, she stopped me and kept teasing my head. I could feel all the tension in my body fade away as my senses concentrated on my cock : the hot, moist inside of her mouth sliding up and down my shaft, the gentle bite of her long nails against my shaft, the delicate tickling of her fluttering tongue swirling under and around my head. I felt her start to go deeper and looked back down at her. She was staring me straight in the eyes,watching the surprise on my face as she effortlessly took my whole shaft in her mouth. The only thing showing was my balls and my pubes. I could feel my cock touching the back of her throat, and this time when I started fucking her mouth, she let me. She just held on tight as I mouth-fucked her. Soon her cheeks were turning red and I could tell she was out of breath by the time I stopped. When she pulled back, there was a string of spit trailing from her mouth to my cock. "Oh!" she cried out, "I wasn't expecting that!" She wrapped her fingers aroundthe glistening shaft and began pumping my cock, squeezing it a little extra at the end of each stroke. With the other hand, she pulled her robe aside and rubbed her pussy in tight little circles. Her bush was shaved into a neat triangular patch and was as dark as her hair. I could see her pubes glistening from her wet pussy. "Did you enjoy that, baby?" she asked innocently. "Uh, huh," I groaned. "Does Fiona suck your cock as good as her mother does?" "Un, uh..." Suddenly, she stood up, shrugged her pink silk robe off her body, and lay down on her bed, her elbows propping her up, her legs bent at the knees. My eyesfollowed her delicate feet up her long silky smooth legs to the wicked curve of her hips and the swollen pink lips of her cunt. I jumped on the bed, pouncing on her and making her giggle. "Well, somebody's a bull , no wonder she likes to fuck you so much , did you know I can hear you come every time you guys go at it upstairs? You've got such a sexy yell. You gonna yell for me?" "You bet." I was rock-hard now, and I figured since my dick had already been in her mouth, it wasn't any more of a transgression to go ahead and fuck her. But I wanted to taste her first. I put my elbows by her head and kissed her lips delicately, feeling the soft flesh against my own. She kissed me open-mouth, sliding her tongue in just barely until I slid mine in, and then we were kissing passionately. I ran my hands up and down her long legs as we sucked each other's tongues, imagining what those silky legs were going to feel like wrapped around my head. I squeezed her breast in my hand, kissing down her chest and pulling her nipple up to my mouth. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars and absolutely blood-red. They were standing almost an inch tall fully erect. I sucked on them and bitthem gently, pulling on the nipple between my teeth. Her back was arched, making her tits look larger and her stomach flatter. She was moaning like a whore, begging me to fuck her, her teeth clenched, her brow furrowed, begging me to come fuck her. Not yet. I kissed down to her bellybutton and then down farther. I kissed all around her pussy, taking care to never touch it, kissing the insides of her thighs untilshe was squirming. Then I began licking her pussy in long flat strokes, letting her buck her hips against my mouth. I traced the edges of her lips with my tongue, used the back of my tongue for the smooth surface against her clit... Not five minutes and she was pulling me up toward her, saying, "Oooh... baby, come fuck me now... I'm so wet..." I crawled up to where she was, where she immediately began tongue-kissing me again, flicking her tongue in and out of my mouth like I had done to her pussy. She wrapped her long legs around my back and pulled my cock to her pussy. I could feel the soft wet flesh guarded by a faintly scratchy mound of pubic hair that teased my head. I put my elbows by her head and began kissing her as I slid into her. She was tight, hot, wet inside : I began thrusting. She rolled her head back and moaned gently, the same erotic moan her daughter used so beguilingly, and pulled me closer with her legs. "Oooh, you're so big... be gentle, I'm begging you..." I felt my cock slide in deeper and deeper as she gotwetter. Her pussy was as tight as her daughter's, even after all those years. I was slow and gentle at first, but then she began pulling me in deeper and faster with her hands grabbing my ass. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter, my cock sliding in and out, in and out, in and out, of those beautiful lips, her legs spread wide and pulled up to her chest. She clutched my back with her hands, dragging those fuck-me nails across my back so hard it hurt. I began thrusting harder and deeper as the pain sank in, and she started screaming. "Oooh fuck me baby fuck me that's right deeper deeper ooooh fuck fuck fuck oh god oh god fuck me!!" I had my hands under her ass, lifting her off the bed and pulling her into me. The bed was shaking with every thrust when I came. Pound! Cum! Pound! Cum! Pound! Cum! I screamed so loud I thought the neighbors were going to call the police. She held me tight with her long legs and squeezed my cock with her pussy as I kept thrusting, milking every last drop of cum out of me. Or so I thought. Not five minutes later, as we lay in each other's arms in the sweet afterglow of an incredible fuck, she said: "I want you to fuck me doggystyle." Before I could respond, she pulled out of my arms and knelt down onthe bed with her face in the pillow. She was watching me with a twinkle in her eye and wiggling her ass in the air, her pussy dripping a mixture of her own juices and my cum. The bright pink slit of her pussy was calling me, again. My cock was hard again almost instantly, even though normally it takes at least ten minutes for me to recover. I knelt down beside her and slid my cock in slowly, enjoying the delicate sensations, the way her hot moistness pleasured every part of my cock simultaneously. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows furrowed dreamily. I started pumping her ass, holding on at her curvy hips. Shepumped back, dragging my cock against the walls of her pussy, squeezing and fucking me almost as much as I was fucking her. Her large breasts were swaying back and forth as we fucked, looking larger and perkier because of gravity. I reached around her and squeezed her juicy tits, squeezing and rubbing her nipples with my fingertips. I noticed she didn't moan like when I was on top of her, but whimpered into her pillow, as if the pleasure were too much to bear. As she started to come she began pumping her ass against me violently, and finallyconvulsed in the throes of her orgasm. I could feel the flood of juices against my cock as she came, running down both our legs. I'd have to come any minute now. She pulled off suddenly, and whipped around to face me. She grabbed my cock with one hand, still rock-hard and slippery from her juices, and looked me in the eye: "Has Fiona ever let you come on her face? Because I know you've got a huge load just ready to blow, and I want you to cum all over my face... " It was almost like she was interrogating me, holding my cock hostage in her right hand."No. No, she hasn't." "Do you want to? On me, I mean?" "Mrs. del Rio, I couldn't do that." "That's not what I asked, Robert. I asked if you wanted to cum on my face. Do you?" "Well, yes, but !" "Well, I wouldn't be much of a mother-in-law if I didn't try my absolute best to introduce you to the finer things in life, now would I? And trust me, coming on my face is a rare pleasure. So just indulge me." She motioned for me to stand up, and as soon as I did, she swirled her tongue around my head and plunged her mouth down on my cock half a dozen times, swirling my head each time she came up. A minute of that and I was at my breaking point. I pulled out of her mouth, pointed my cock straight at her face, and let loose. As the first spasm convulsed my dick, a long thick stream of cum landed on her open mouth, then another on her face, then another on her hair, and another, and another, until all the separate lines ran together and little beads of cum were beginning to drip from her chin. She didn't flinch at all. She just opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue, and lapped up as much of my cum as she could. When I had finished, she grabbed my cock and managed to jerk afew more squirts onto her tits. She wrapped her lips around my nowsuper-sensitive cock and sucked me some more, making me wince with pleasure. "Now, wasn't that nice?" she smiled. I just groaned. Just as I began to wonder how long we had been going at it, I heard the sound of the screen door at the back of the house open. "Hi guys, church let out early!" Fiona called from the other end of the house.
Roan High Knob
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It was going to be a great week according to the weather channel. Work was slow so I decided to take a long hike and clear my head. I drove to Elk Park NC where the local sheriff had agreed to give me a shuttleride. I left my car and he drove me to Ervin, Tenn. The A/T crosses theNolichucky River there and gives me a nice 5-6 day hike back to Elk Park. The first couple days were nice, a little rainy, but I made good time. At least until I met April. She was blonde (of course), 41 and a great, lean body. She had run in the Charlotte Marathon earlier that year and a triathlon in May. Out of courtesy, I tried to give her plenty of space but we were moving at about the same pace. That night we camped at a shelter near Hughes Gap. She stayed in the shelter and I set up my tent about 20 yards away. It's amazing how being alonein the woods, a campfire and a beautiful woman can be so seductive. We talked for hours. She was divorced, one kid in college. Her X sounded like your typical asshole Doctor. She was trying to "refind" herself. Things were getting very hot and personal. I was thinking this is not why I had come hiking so I made some excuses and went on to my tent.The next morning when I got up she had already left. It was raining so I packed up and headed off. One hell of a climb up Roan Mtn. It was late afternoon and a perfect day when I got to the top. I made my way to the Roan High Nob shelter. It was packed. A bunch of college kids and beer. Not for me. One of the kids told me "my friend" was in the clearing about ½ mile off the trail. Out of curiosity I went to see who. Guess who. April said her feet were blistered and the shelter was full so would I mind if she shared my camp site. Being the southern gentleman I am, of course I didn't mind. I fixed her feet (mole skin and duct tape works wonders). We then set up camp and fixed dinner. She was complaining of a stiff back so (I don't know what came over me) I started rubbing her neck, then her back. She rolled out her bag next to the fire and lay down on her stomach, asking if I minded if she took off her shirt. I was breathing too heavy and my mouth was too dry to answer so I just nodded. I started at her shoulder blades and worked down to her lower back. After a few minutes, I slid my hand into her shorts to rub her butt. As I pulled her shorts off she let out a low moan. I continued down her leg to her feet. Though she was still covered with the days sweat and dirt, she absolutely glowed in the dancing light of the fire. Moving up her legs, I slid my hand between her thighs. The heat and moisture seemed to intensify. She rolled over and slipped off her underwear. I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. I rolled my tongue around and around her nipples while I slid my hand down her belly and through her hair. April was breathing heavy and arching her back. I ran my tongue between her breasts to her navel, continuing to her pussy. She spread wide allowing me full access to her clit. She pulled my legs around and wrapped her lips around my dick. We rolled over as one. She was now on top working me hard. How long this lasted, I am not sure. My jaw and tongue were sore and aching. I was short of breath as she forced herself on my face. Then suddenly she pulled off. I took a deep breath. As she rolled off, the dying firecast deep shadows across her upper body. Her chest was a combination of dark shadows and slick skin shinning in yellow, red and white reflections from the fire. My cum appeared iridescent in the dark on her lips and cheeks. She reared back like some feral beast and then straddled me, sliding my recovering dick into her pussy. She pounded me for what seemed like hours. When and how it ended, I'm not sure. I remember lying in the tent trying to sleep, but my heart still racing. I was afraid she would be gone again the next morning. When I woke, April was fixing coffee, bagels and packing. Nothing was said. Ipacked and started cleaning up the camp site. For small talk, I started talking about the days hike and where we may camp that evening. She said she was sorry, but she had to catch her ride at Carver's Gap at 11:00am. We left camp around 10. The hike down was an uneventful if not quiet slog on a series of wet gravelly switchbacks. As we approached Carver's Gap, it was steep with heavy vegetation. She turned, gave me a kiss and asked me to stay there for 10 or so minutes. While it sounded odd, I wasn't surprised. I moved to the edge of the woods for a better view. April was met by 2 kids, maybe 8 & 12, jumping out of a Suburban.Next came a man, maybe 45, short, overweight, balding with glasses. They exchanged kisses, loaded her gear and left. I came out of the woods and sat on a picnic table, wondering what had just happened. I didn't even know her last name.
That Red Shirt
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I walk into your house and you are waiting for me in your livingroom. Your wearing a nice red tight fitting t-shirt with a nice tight pair of jeans. I walk over to you and pull at your waist and bring you to me. Our mouths meet. I open your mouth with my tounge. I find your tounge and play with it. We kiss passionaltly for 15 min. or so. the whole time my hands all over your ass. God you have a nice ass. I slip my hand under your ass and feel the heat from your pussy. my hand runs down your thigh and lifts your leg. My other arm lifts you up. you wrap your legs around my waist and press against my semi erect cock. your hips move in rythm with my walking and i can feel your pussy right on my cock. Instantly it grows harder. you kiss my neck and lick up to my ear. you wisper "fuck me Jesse" I look at you and kiss you again as we walk into your room. I still hold you but i sit on a near by chair. You rock up and down on my stiff cock. As we kiss again. My mouth moves down to your neck. I lick all up and down untill your whole neck is wet. the whole time my hands caress your Breasts. i can tell your not wearing a bra because your nipples stick clear out of the shirt. I play with your tits outside your shirt. I weigh them in my hands and then move up to your nipples and roll them in my fingers. I pull on them and your t-shirt comes off your tits when i get to the end. I reach up undernieth your shirt and feel your stomach. you start to dry fuck me while my hands roam around under your shirt. i reach your breasts and pull and roll and caress your tits untill your nipples are sticking out as far as they can go. I pull your shirt up over your beautifull tits. i break our kiss and look at your nice ass tits. i finaly take your shirt up and over your head and drop it on the floor. i pick you back up and take you over to your bed. i lay you down as you unlock your legs from around my waist. i slip down to your right nipple. I lick up from under it to the top of the nipple then blow cold air on the trail i just left. i do the same from the side and top. finaly i take your whole nipple into my mouth. my other hand is playing with your left tit. i pull on your nipple with my teeth and then let go and blow on it. i do the same on the other one. this time my free hand moves down to your snap on your jeans. i undo them and undo the zipper. i slid my hand down and over your panties. your pants are really tight so my hand rubs hard on your clit making you moan and jump at the same time. your panties are wet. i can feel it. i leave your breast and slip my hand out of your pants and slid them off. now your just in your panties. i part your legs and lean in till im right infront of your pussy. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Your smell drives me crazy. I love the smell of your pussy. i lean in and kiss your mound outside your panties. i push your undies up into your slit and lick up and down. wetting your panties even more. finaly i pull them out of your pussy and take them off you. i stare at your awsome pussy. your lips are flarred because of the tounging you just got and your panties being pushed up into you. i quickly take off my clothes and reveal my cock thats going to be fucking you in a few seconds. i lean down on top of you and let my dick press against your lips. i kiss you and Wisper in your ear that i love you. you move your hips to try and get my cock into you but i move with you and dont let you have it yet. I keep it right on your lips. i reach down and rub your clit hard. You stop all motion and quiver. you cant move your all numb. i tell you not to move or try anything or else i wont fuck you. your ass goes back down to the bed. i push my cock into your pussy just a centemeter and stop again. your lips are parted around the tip of my cock head now. i lay there looking at you. you lay motionless in agany. you want that cock inside of you soooo bad. so bad it almost hurts. i can feel your wetness on my head. i slip farther into you till my head is coverd up. your face tells me your having fun. you shut your eyes and bit your lip. you want to move so you can have it all inside of you but you dont cuz you know im a man of my word. i slip it just a centemeter at a time. i wait about 1 min. before i continue each time. i get about half way down my dick and start to pull out again. you moan as it slips out of your pussy with a little plop as it comes out. the dissapointment is all over your face but you still keep your eyes shut. i do the whole process till i get almost to the hilt and pull it out suddenly. your eyes pop open fast and almost cry out. you want it sooooo bad that you have tears in your eyes. i put my head back to your lips and with one big push i slam my meat all the way into you and you scream out in pleasure. your head raises up off the bed as you start to try and pump my dick in and out of you. finaly i start to move. i take one of my free hands from your face and start to rub your clit, not hard but gently just so much that you start to cumm. i feel your pussy muscles start to contract around my dick. you get soooo fucking tight. we move together so that im slaming into you hard everytime i pump into you. you start to scream and scratch my back hard as you start your orgasm. i pump harder and harder. you stop moving and arch your back up and dig into my back. your pussy is way to tight for me. I feel my self starting to cum just as you finish and lay back down on the bed. you cum again once you feel my hot Cum fill your pussy. I pump maybe 3 more times before i just lay down on top of you. i shrink inside of you. finaly after about 10 min. i pull out of you and you move to your side. i put my arm around your waist and play with your pubic hair and pull you close to me. finaly we go to sleep with my hand on your pussy. your hair smells so good. i just breath you in.
Cybersex Encounter
Courtesy of Richards Realm
TsBiG38Ds: brb DaveWho: k TsBiG38Ds: ok I'm back TsBiG38Ds: I was checking out your by the way DaveWho: You were? In honor of what? TsBiG38Ds: just was enjoying the view and I mean all the view not just the hard LOL DaveWho: Oh, so it wasn't a whole masturbation thing... TsBiG38Ds: no but I was definitely hot very hot DaveWho: Well that's nice to hear. TsBiG38Ds: q. Have you ever measured your nice hot cock? DaveWho: Yes, it has been measured. DaveWho: lol TsBiG38Ds: and you said 7 to 7.5 right DaveWho: Yes, 7.5 when I am REALLY fired up. TsBiG38Ds: from this pic I have I bet it's more like 8 and I believe I can make it fully hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! DaveWho: I've never made it quite to 8 in. that I am aware of. DaveWho: But I would love to hear how you'd make it fully hard. TsBiG38Ds: well I can't tell you I'd have to show you and you'd have to totally relax and let me have my way with you DaveWho: I see. TsBiG38Ds: see I'm about making my partner groan and I also am about giving as much pleasure as I'm receiving DaveWho: I like to be made to groan. TsBiG38Ds: oh I think I can do that DaveWho: Oh really? DaveWho: and I too am a giver. TsBiG38Ds: that's very good I'd like to have you sitting in a chair with no arms on the chair and the lights dimmed when I walk in with just a thong and white cut off T-shirt that's a little too tight and very thin. And you're sitting there with your pants undone and your nice HARD COCK out for me DaveWho: Sounds interesting... TsBiG38Ds: as I walk up to you, you lean forward and lick my stomach and feel my pussy as I nudge you back in the chair and kneel before you mmmmmmmmmmm TsBiG38Ds: now I'm hot TsBiG38Ds: wetDaveWho: Yum TsBiG38Ds: starting at your neck and I love a mans neck and you got a nice scrumptious one TsBiG38Ds: mmmmmmmmmm then I work my way down your chest licking and nibbling on your nipples DaveWho: Hoo boy... TsBiG38Ds: down to your navel then you relax more down into the chair as I inch my way down to your shaft DaveWho: ahhh... TsBiG38Ds: rubbing your thighs and licking your cock as I lift it with my lipsand open my mouth DaveWho: mmmm... DaveWho: purrr... TsBiG38Ds: and suck real hard on the head DaveWho: My hands play in your hair.TsBiG38Ds: your going deeper in my throat as I massage your balls and stroke your cock with my hand and mouth TsBiG38Ds: and then I take you all the way in as much as I can and suck and stroke it faster and faster DaveWho: I reach down to caress your boobs as I start the groaning. TsBiG38Ds: then you move my hand and you're stroking it as I'm sucking you so fast TsBiG38Ds: then I slow it down DaveWho: oh yeahDaveWho: I love the gear changes. TsBiG38Ds: and I'm licking as you stand and I pull your pants down and grab your ass and try again to take you all in TsBiG38Ds: mmmmmmmmm damn I love that cock DaveWho: My hands stroke your head. DaveWho: I love that mouth TsBiG38Ds: I'm ravaging your cock as if I haven't had water in a month and you're a fountain DaveWho: Wow.... DaveWho: Mmmmmm TsBiG38Ds: man and your so hard I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth DaveWho: Yeah baby. You've got me groaning now... TsBiG38Ds: you can't even believe how hard that cock is and I hear you say 'damn I'm so fuckin hard' as you start thrusting my mouth as if it was my pussy DaveWho: I take your ponytail in my hands and hold it as I face-fuck you. TsBiG38Ds: mmmmmmmmmm oh yes damn this is very fucking hot and I hear thosewords 'you're gonna make me cum' TsBiG38Ds: and I pull back and say 'no not yet hold it PLEASE I'm not done I want your dick I love sucking your cock' DaveWho: I can wait then DaveWho: Just a little gear change and I can go awhile yet TsBiG38Ds: I'm going to cum just sucking youDaveWho: I pull out of your mouth and thump you on the cheeks with my slippery cock. TsBiG38Ds: oh yes I like that man I like that TsBiG38Ds: mmmmmmmmm then I lay on the bed on my back with my head hanging overthe edge as you stand in front of my face and slowly feed it to meDaveWho: I rub it on your face first. TsBiG38Ds: and on my big titsTsBiG38Ds: oh my pussy is twitching DaveWho: Dangling my balls over your lips. TsBiG38Ds: mmmmmmmmm I lick them TsBiG38Ds: as you stroke your cock between my tits a few times DaveWho: Slowly, I feed my cock into your mouth TsBiG38Ds: yessssssssssssss TsBiG38Ds: as your feeding me I'm rubbing my tits and clit my pussy is literally dripping wetTsBiG38Ds: man its tingling inside and my nipples are so hardDaveWho: Again I pull out of your mouth after a few strokes and then straddle your head as I slide between your tits. DaveWho: Press them together and wrap it for me. TsBiG38Ds: as I stop to squeeze your cock with my tits TsBiG38Ds: I'm sucking your balls as you stroke it between my tits then you slap my tits with your cock DaveWho: that's itDaveWho: slapping happily DaveWho: Now open your mouth again DaveWho: I feed you once more. TsBiG38Ds: yes give it to me I want it TsBiG38Ds: feed me let me eat you oh baby feed me TsBiG38Ds: I want it so bad I want to bite it DaveWho: Not too hard... DaveWho: lol TsBiG38Ds: I want to feel you in my mouth Dave real bad DaveWho: I would like that TsBiG38Ds: no no never not hard at all and that turns you on as you say to me 'easy girl there's plenty' DaveWho: That's what I would say...TsBiG38Ds: but I want you to cum and jack off on me as your cock is squirting all over me and I'm fingering myself and cumming with youDaveWho: My cum is thick and creamy. TsBiG38Ds: oh I love thick and creamy all over me TsBiG38Ds: so what are your hands doing right nowTsBiG38Ds: my pussy is so juicy DaveWho: Alternating between the keyboard and my dick. TsBiG38Ds: and my clit so hard I can cum againDaveWho: You've got a good semi going for me here. TsBiG38Ds: uummmm yum TsBiG38Ds: if I was there it would be at its potential maxTsBiG38Ds: I wouldn't stop sucking you DaveWho: And if you keep talking like you have, it may get that way here too. TsBiG38Ds: like I have been talking DaveWho: Yes. DaveWho: Your descriptions are very nice.TsBiG38Ds: Dave I would love to feel you inside me DaveWho: I'd love to feel your insides. TsBiG38Ds: you do have a nice long thick cock and I know it would feel so good sooooooooo tight it would burn and I'd be in ecstasy TsBiG38Ds: waiting with anticipation for you to pack me full and give it all to me DaveWho: Soon I hope. TsBiG38Ds: me too hon thanks for the good time DaveWho: Oh no, thank YOU TsBiG38Ds: haha goodnight Dave DaveWho: Goodnight
The Rich Lady Part 2: The Maid
Courtesy of Richards Realm
A few weeks after I began fucking Joan Lindsay, I found myself alone on the estate with Rosaria, the upstairs maid. Joan was out of the country on a business trip and I was at the pool area cleaning up after one of Joan's swinging weekend pool orgies. It was hot as hell that day so I wore only a t-shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts. I wasn't wearing any briefs because I had planned to swim in the buff after my chores. I didn't give a fuck if the maid told Joan because Joan could give a shit less. In fact she liked to see me swim naked. I found a couple of unopened bottles of booze lying around the pool bar and helped myself to a few sips as I did my cleaning. I took off my t-shirt and as Idid so, I noticed that cunt Rosaria peeking out of a top floor window at me. "Fuck her", I thought. She'd love to have my dick like Joan Lindsay. After finishing up I decided not to take a swim but to have some fun with the maid and finally get my revenge. Despite her being a shit-ass for ratting my skinny dipping to Joan, I liked to look at Rosaria. She was a cute hispanic girl from Costa Rica. She was short with long black hair and a nice tan complexion. She had a hot body and shapely legs and looked good in her maid's uniform. This consisted of a white-collared black dress that buttoned up the front. Rosaria wore her skirts a few inches above the knee and wore dark stockings or pantyhose and mid-heel black pumps. I reached down and stroked my dick through my shorts and headed toward the house. I guess the booze made me a little bold but I made up my mind to pay her back some time ago. As I approached the house I made sure she wasn't watching me from a window.I got inside the house and Rosaria was nowhere to be found downstairs. I crept up the back stairs to the bedrooms on the top floors. I thought I heard her on the third floor and headed up there. Joan had guests over the weekend and Rosaria was probably making up the rooms. I found Rosaria bent over a bed with her back to me. She was taking off a bedspread when I slipped up behind her. She heard me and swung around to meet me. "What are you doing here! I tell Mrs. Lindsay when she come back! You not allowed up here!" she screamed. "Fuck you, cunt!" I shouted. "Who the fuck are you to tell me where I'm supposed to be! Just shut the fuck up, bitch!" She put her hands up to me but I grabbedher wrists and pushed her off her feet onto the bed. She started kicking and screaming in Spanish as she fought me. She kicked me one or two times with her shoes so I held her down while I took these off and threw them across the room. I held her wrists together as I tore off her apron. I used the apron ties to fasten her arms to the headboard of the bed. She was still kicking and her knees caught me in the balls once or twice. I kneeled on top of her thighs while I ripped open the top of her dress. Rosaria ws wearing a black lace bra and her tits swelled against the cups as her chest heaved up and down from the exertion. My dick began to swell and I could feel the tightness against the fly of my shorts. "You bastard, motherfucker!" she shouted in English. "Leave me alone you fucking bastard!" "Shut up whore! Rat on me to the boss lady will you? Fuck you!" I yelled. With that I unzipped my shorts and my swollen dick sprang free. Rosaria took one look at my rock hard cock and began to panic. She tried to buck me off but I managed to hold her down. I pushed her bra cups up over her breasts and began to feel her up. She started sobbing and closed her eyes as my hands wandered over her bare breasts. After some minutes, I tore open the rest of her dress. I saw that she was wearing dark pantyhose and a lacy bikini underneath. Despite her wiggling around, I managed to pull down her panties and pantyhose off her hips and past her ass and pussy. I got them down almost to her knees before turning my attention to her naked cunt. Rosaria had a crop of black pubic hair at the entrance to her pussy. The sight of her cunt fired me up and I guided my pricktoward her cunt lips. I rammed my cock hard into Rosaria's cunt and began thrusting hard inside her. I wrapped my lips around one of her brown nipples and began to suck the soft, sweet flesh as I fucked her. Rosaria protested at first but after a few minutes of pumping her pussy and sucking her tits, she relaxed and began to moan. I sensed my balls begin to tighten and the cum rising in the shaft of my cock. I pumped Rosaria faster and faster until finally I exploded inside her with a hot shot of cum. She cried out and collapsed into the sheets that were, by now, soaked with sweat and cum. I kissed her hard on the mouth and rammed my tongue down her throat as I finished draining the last of my spunk into her pussy. I remained on top of her for a few minutes until I had recovered my own strength. Rosaria was much calmer and moaning softly. I pulled off her panties and pantyhose and untied her wrists from the backboard of the bed. I removed my shorts and stripped off the rest of Rosaria's clothing from her. I walked her into the bathroom and started a hot shower. I entered the shower with her and soaped up her entire body, playing with her nipples and probing her pussy with my fingers. She took the soap and fondled my genitals as the warm water washed over us. After drying off, we headed back to the bed and made mutual apologies. I rolled her over on the bed and pulled her buttocks toward me. My cock had regained its hardness and I slipped it under herass into her cunt. Rosaria offered no resistance this time and we fucked several times more. Even during the period when I was fucking Joan Lindsay, Rosaria and I found time to steal away for some hot sex. I found that she loved to suck dick and she gave me fantastic blow jobs. A few months after we first had sex, Joan said Rosaria had quit and returned to Costa Rica. Some of the other staff said she might havebeen pregnant. Who knows?
My College Friend
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Bryan Craig
I had been at university now for a few months and was dong quite well; I had just arrived at the library to meet my lab partner in order to finish our assignment. I walked into the library and saw Rachel sitting across the room. Rachel was the same age as me, we were both eighteen and in our first year. She had long dark hair, dark brown eyes and a very pretty face, she was five foot six and had long legs which today were uncovered as she had a short summery skirt on and was also wearing her usual white vest top. It would be fair to say that I didn't just find her attractive, but severely lusted after her. "Hello." I said. "Have you been here long?" "No, not really about half an hour." She answered. "You look nice." I said. "Thanks, I just got the skirt today. But enough chit chat we've got to get this finished." She said while tapping her notes." We both sat together and proceeded to complete the assignment, when we finished we sent the job to the printer. "I'll get it." Rachel said. She swung her leg out from the chair; because of the nature of the skirt I caught a glimpse of her white panties. "Whoops, that leaves nothing to the imagination." She said laughing. "Never noticed." I replied. "Really, that's a pity; they're new knickers as well." She said. The thing about our meetings was that they always turned into a flirting innuendo type of affair. Rachel walked off to the printer and as she did she lifted up the back of her skirt and flashed her knickers at me. Her backside was truly wonderful, a nice peach type shape. Rachel came back over. "Do you fancy going to get something to eat?" I asked. "I'd prefer a drink." She answered. "OK, we'll go and get something." I answered. "I haven't got any money, do you fancy just going to mine. I've got some stuff at home, well as long as Angela and Elaine haven't drunk it all." She replied. "Yep that's great." I answered. Rachel grabbed my hand and we left for her house. It was only a five minute walk; we arrived at her house and entered."Angela, Elaine are you two at home?" Rachel shouted. There was no response. "Just through this door." Rachel said as she led me by my hand." Have a seat; what do you want to drink?" "Just coffee thanks; I've got the car up at the university." I answered. Rachel disappeared and then returned with the drinks, hers wasn't coffee. We sat talking and had more to drink, the conversation got onto girlfriends andboyfriends. "No I haven't got a girlfriend." I said. "The thing is I'm serious about getting my degree and I can't get into a relationship." Rachel commented. My heart sunk, I really liked her. I looked at my watch. "Oh god that the time I've got to go." I said. I stood up and so did Rachel, I leant in to give her a peck on the cheek, but she turned her head and her lips met mine, She wrapped her arms around my neckand I wrapped mine around her waist, we stood together just kissing, as we were locked together quite tightly she couldn't have failed to notice the bulge now pressing into her. I moved my hands up and under her top, Rachel removed her hands from around my neck and pulled at my tee shirt, pulling it up over my head, I returned the favor and removed hers, her breasts were heaving up and down, entrapped in a white bra, she stepped out of her skirt, she was now stood in front of me injust her bra and knickers, She then unfastened my jeans and they fell to the ground. We then locked back together in our kiss, I reached up and unhooked her bra, as it fell away I felt her breasts press into my chest, my hands traced down to her waist and I started to push the material of her knickers down, and rested my hands on her firm arse, I pushed her back onto the sofa, I hooked my fingers into her waistband and pulled her knickers down over her knees, over her ankles and then threw them onto the floor. I gazed at her beautiful body, her tits were perfect not to big and definitely not to small, she had a firm stomach and then down to her narrow hips, but my eyes lingered on her pussy, she had a little tuft of hair leading down to her opening, she reached up and pulled down my boxers, my cock sprung free, I placed a hand on her knee and parted her legs, I then dropped to my knees and startedto kiss her inner thighs, I slowly moved up towards the ultimate goal, Rachel was lying with her eyes closed, she had a little grin on her face, as I reached the goal I skipped past and started kissing her stomach, and then I cupped her breasts one in each hand and the started to greedily suck and nibble at her breasts, I could feel her pubic hair tickling my stomach, my cock was resting on her thigh, just inches from her pussy, I ventured a hand between her legs, and felt her wetness. I moved back down her body and pressed my lips to her cunt, tasting her for the first time, I kissed her lips as though it was a mouth and then I plunged my tongue into her waiting pussy, her back arched and she gasped, her hips were gyrating as I continued to kiss her, I then found her clit, I parted her lips with my hands allowing greater access, she kept raising and lowering her hips, and my mouth remained clamped to her pussy, her movements were now becoming more pronounced, and then her body tensed and she let out a long moan of pleasure, I continued to lick at her clit, but Rachel was pushing my head away. "No more, please." She pleaded. I straightened up on my knees, I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me, and I positioned my cock at her entrance and entered her with one rapid push. Rachel screamed out. "Oh yes." Her pussy had clamped around my cock, the warmth felt so good, I remained buried in her, and then the instinctive rhythm took over as I slowly started to screw her, my cock nearly leaving her with each backwards movement, Rachel had pulled her legs back allowing me greater penetration, my movements became faster, with each thrust my cock vanished fully into her, as I felt myself approach the end, I pushed forwards and exploded into her, we remained locked together as my cockpumped its load into her. I collapsed onto her chest and we lay together. The front door opened. "Don't worry they'll go straight upstairs to the loo and then to bed. They always do after a night out." Rachel commented. "What always." I said. "Oh yes, they'll be wanting to get straight to bed." Rachel said. "I thought you didn't want a relationship?" I said. "I don't, but I didn't say anything about sex, how about we don't have a relationship but just have sex?" Rachel asked. "Fine by me." I said. "At least then we can concentrate on our degrees." "Got it in one." She answered. I got dressed and headed for the door, Rachel picked up her clothes and followed me, as Rachel opened the door she was greeted by Angela, she was the same heightas Rachel, had the same color hair but was more curvaceous, I could tell as she was naked. As she saw me she quickly covered herself."Oh god, I thought you were alone Rachel. Just that when I saw you come out you looked like you were going to bed." She stammered. "No this is Bryan. The reason I've got no clothes on is that we've just had sex.This is Angela." Rachel said grinning. "Nice to meet you." I said.Angela had one hand covering her breasts and the other covering her pussy. "I won't ask you to shake hands." I said. "Thanks." She said in a shocked voice. "Goodnight, see you at uni tomorrow." Rachel commented. "Yes see you tomorrow. Goodnight Angela, nice to see you." I answered. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and left.
The Garage
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I was under the car on my little roll around, my hands covered withgrease, my face smeared in places. I heard your voice, "Working hard." I rolled out the from under the car and looked up. You stood beside the car I was working on. I looked up at you, your blond hair around your face as you looked down at me. I half got up. "No, you work," you said dropping your car keys I manage to catch. "It’s over there. Fix it. I humms." "Sure," I say, glancing down at your lovely legs under the yellow skirt. "I’ll drive it out to you place tonight.""It’s OK," you reply. "I’ll be by tomorrow to drive it home.’ You turn away and walk to the car waiting for you at the curb. You open the back door, sit on the back seat and draw your legs in the car, close the door and the man behind the wheel drives you away.
That afternoon, I checked your car. Drove it around the block severaltimes. No hum. No sounds at all, but your scent filling the interior.I changed the oil, gave her a lube, tuned her up, though she neededlittle adjustment. I changed the plugs and washed it too. That evening, I dove it out to Long Beach, and parked it I your drive.I went to the front door and almost touched the bell, but thoughtbetter of it and decided to walk home. It would only be a hour or so.I like walking. I walked down the porch, got to the street and turned down the road. About two block down the street I heard a voice, yours. "Hey, what are you doing down here?" I turned quickly and there you were, in sweats, jogging in place, your blond hair tied in a pony tail behind your head. "I … ah … your car is in your drive.""You didn’t have to do that," you say breathing hard. "Follow me."You jogged off back to your house and I walked after you, a littlefaster, but walking, seeing you open the door and disappear inside,leaving the door slightly ajar. I got to the door a minute or two after you and entered, closing the door behind me hearing the lock click in place. I look around the lavish living room I never saw before and walk to through to the open door at the back down the hall and hear the shower running. I look into the open shower room and see your naked form behind the glazed glass washing yourself. I walk back to the living room and hear the water stop running, the shower door opening, and your feet on the floor. I turn to see you standing at the small hall with a blue towel, around you, your legs dripping on the wooden floor. "Where is your husband?" I ask. "I don’t care where he is." You smile. "Why should you? Take a shower. There is fresh set of towels in the draw beside the sink." You quickly disappear down the hall. I go to the shower room, remove my garage clothes and fumble around the shower room, figuring out how to use the shower, what is shampoo and what rinse, slipping on the awkward angle of the water streaming, dealing with the door. When I finished washing, I realized I had not taken the towels from the draw across the room and would drip water all over the floor getting there. I opened the shower door and there you are holding long blue bath towel. You take my hand and help me step out the shower. You stand in front of me and throw the towel on my head giggling and dry off my hair and head, pulling the towel off my head your rub the terry cloth down my body, drying my skin. Walking around me, you rub my back hard, dry down my back side, and kneel behind me drying my legs. I feel the towel drop behind my ankles and your arms surround my legs, your cheeks resting at the small of my back. You hug me that way and raise one hand finding my cock hard, standing up in the moist air. Your hand circles my prick and you squeeze it lightly and the other hand rises up and cups my balls, massages them as you lightly stroke my dick making it harder if that were possible. From behind me you hold your head against my back side and rub my scrotum and run you fingers round my cock, up and down.You suddenly let go and holding my hips, you turn me round and kneelingthere in the brightly lit shower room you take my cock in your mouth,your eyes closed and slowly suck me in and out between your lips. Yourtongue lapping at my shaft, your lips hugging my hard prick, your handslovingly scratching under my balls. In long slow drawing motions, youcontinue to give me your head as a place to fuck. You feel me ready to cum in your mouth, and slowly, very slowly, gently you open your mouth very wide and let me out of your face, your tongue lightly licking the underside of the head. You look up toward me with eyes of a woman enthralled with clear desire. I lean down and take your shoulders in my hands and raise you up an stand you in front of me. Your terry robe tied at the waist, my body naked I hold you close to me a minute andyou push me away. You stand a short distance from me, undo the belt and open your robe, your long naked body like a dream of a woman. You hold the lapels of the robe and wrap them around me and we hug, naked and damp, under the glaring lights of the shower room wrapped in your robe, your breasts against my chest, your legs against mine, my cock hard against your stomach, your head in my hands, you with me.
The sheets were cool when we first entered the bed. But they soonwarmed, and felt hot against our skins. Under the quilt, between thesheets, in the soft confines of the bed clothes we made love. I held you as we held each other in the shower room, now reclining in bed. I kissed your mouth, our tongues lapping at each other. You had a way of suddenly drawing your tongue and lips back that sent shiver down my spine, to be followed my tingles as your softly brought your tongueback to mine. I kissed your lips softly and just under your lips at the concave beauty just over your chin. I pursed my lips and felt the soft skin of your jaw line and nibbled down your neck. licking in soft touches the delicate feel of the skin of your neck. My teeth slightly biting the collar bone, before I run my head down between your breasts, both hand holding the sides pressing them against my cheeks. I lick up each side and suck your nipples in my mouth gently chewing on the puckered aureole, the right then the left. I work down your body, feeling the rise and fall of your stomach as you breathe, till I find myself between your legs, hold on your thighs with both hands, pressing my mouth around your clit. My mouth sucks your clit in between my lips, pressing it while my tongue flicks around and around the expanding knob of your pleasure center. I feel your hands hold my head and press me down to your pussy as my tongue finds the places deep in you, warm and wet. You respond with moans and panting breath as I fuck your cunt with my tongue, feeling how when my tongue presses a place in you, you buck and press my head down on you, your legs hugging my neck and your entire body rocking in a massive orgasm that renews my energy. You fall back your hand limp at your side as your cunt cums against my face, your entire body arched against the rooting of my tongue inside yoou. You scream as my tongue swirls in the inner folds of your pussy, till you buck away on your side, your legs held together. I push you by the hips on your back and spread your knees with my knees. Your breathing still deeply hard and filling your lungs with cool air and the hot breath puffs out. I place my hard cock head against your pussy and press down deeply in a slow stroke that seems to rip up your spine with delight. You feel no ability to imagine how the quick thrust of my cock in your pussy seems to be rippling your pleasure centers with frenzy. Instant translation of the feeling hard cock in your wet sensitive pussy sends you into convulsions of desire. You grab my body and press my entire frame against yours. You thrust your hips at me as your hair flies side to side, shaking your head in indescribable climax, the back of your neck in pins and needles, your skin simply glowing in my hands. You feel you could go no higher when the flaming sensation of my hot seed shooting in your body makes your arms spread out like wings, the sensation of orgasm taking over your body, releasing all your sensations into waves of screaming pleasure. The moment seems never to pass, waking delights in your arms, your hands clenching, your hips rocking uncontrollably, till I fall on you completely spent. My body on you, my cock twitching inside of you, you seem to feel the thick discharge spread inside your cunt, slide through you inner spaces, splay out till it penetrates the deepest core of your waiting home.
The colors of the morning wake us embraced in bed, looking into theyellow sky of love, feeling the morning glow that comes only after anight of first loving making. In a dance, of affection we bill and coothe early hours away, touching and caressing and simply holding thebodies now mutually owned, now a place we both know we can retreat to,when we need loving.
After School
Courtesy of Richards Realm
The day started like any other, I was in class during the last periodof the day. It was english, and Ms. Potter, my english teacher, wasdroning on and on. I had just turned 18, and would rather be at a bar than in school, and told my friend as we both laughed. "Michael, what are you laughing at?" the teacher said, giving me a stern look. "nothing" i replied. "Well, if something is so funny you can stay after class and clean the boards." she told me. I rolled my eyes, I would be missing my bus home if I stayed, but I had already suffered some troubles with the teacher and couldn't afford to get kicked out of the class. The rest of the period went by slowly, I didn't talk since I wasalready in trouble. The bell finally rang, and the other studentsfiltered out one by one. It wasn't long before it was just Ms. Potterand myself in the room. It was a very hot day, the sun was shining in through the window and heating the room up. Ms. Potter took off her long sleeve shirt and walked over to me in her tank top. I had never noticed before, but she had very prominent breasts, and they jiggles slightly as she walked. I'm sure she must be in her mid thirties, if not early forties, but for some reason her swaying breasts made blood rush to my groin. She sat down, oblivious to my staring. She was afairly attractive woman for her age, 5'8", not very skinny but certainly not fat. Her dark hair hung to her shoulders and herarms were fit from what I could see. She had big hips and a largebust, but her stomach was not overly fat. As she sat down on the desk in front of me, facing me, I noticed her legs looked very smooth and nice. I tried to look up her skirt, but her legs were closed and I didn't want her to notice my interest. "Michael, why do you insist on talking in my class. You know how it bothers me and distracts the other students." she said softly. "I know, Ms. Potter. I'm sorry." I replied, trying to tear my eyes away from her chest. "Well, you can erase the chalk from the boards and go home, but next time this happens I'll send you home and you won't be welcome in this class again. Well, what are you waiting for? Go." I stood up slowly, hoping my erection wouldn't be noticable under my shorts, but from the gasp I heard as I walked by her I think it may have been. She didn't say anything, but the thought of her watching my crotch as I erased the board did nothing if not make me harder. "Michael, do you need a drink of water you look kind of flustered." She said. I didn't know what to say, I felt a lump in my throat, a lump of embarassment. I slowly turned around and noticed that she was eyeing my crotch. My face turned red. "My, Michael, for someone so immature emotionally, you seem to have matured physically rather nicely." I couldn't believe my own ears. "Pardon me?" I muttered. "Michael, I have some time right now, how do you feel about some advanced sex education?" she purred. I almost fainted. I juststood there like an idiot as she casually pulled her white tank topover her head. She had a white bra on, and her cleavage was verybountiful and appealing. Her breasts were heavy, but not very saggy and I could see a few freckles scattered on them. She took off her glasses and stood up, unbottoning her skirt and sliding it off. There she stood, in her panties and bra, looking very sexy to me, despite the fact she had at least 20 years on my age. "That would be wonderful" I said. She walked over to me and unbuttoned her bra, easing her melonsloose. Those beautiful fleshy globes swung loosely as she shookchest at me and I almost blew a hot load in my pants. She sexilyswayed her hips back and forth as she took off her panties andstood in front of me. She touched my face with her hand, and it felt like electricity. I could barely contain my orgasm. She knelt in front of me and slowly unzipped my fly. She reached in and pulled my seven inches of uncircumsized penis out into the air. Her mouth evelopped my swollen head, and her tongue burrowed beneath my foreskin, driving me virtually crazy. I started to hump her mouth unconciously and it wasn't long before I blew blast after blast of hot semen down her throat. She stood up and kissed me blowing my own seed back into my mouth. I almost choked, but swallowed it and violently kissed her back, our tongues circling ferociously. Then she sat on the desk, spreading her legs. Her mound was hairy, and damp. Her juices were pungent and I could smell them as I lowered my head. I began to lick her clitoris and her hips rocked and rotated as she moaned huskily. Her thighs squeezed my head painfully as she was about to orgasm, but then I withdrew and stood up. I stroked my penis once or twice, and plunged it into her depths. She groaned with pleasure as I thrust in and out rapidly, bringing her to orgasm. As her vaginal walls squeezed my member tightly I spewed a second load into her body, leaning forwards and biting her big nipples as I came. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she started to finger herself. She leaned over and licked the remaining cum off my cock and then rubbed her clit with one hand and jerked me off with the other as she gave me a second blowjob. I bucked and blew a wad of cum down her throat for a third time as shebrought herself to orgasm. We had just finished and I was laying my head on her large breasts when the door opened. It was Old Bill, the janitor. "What in tarnation is going on here?"
Red Heels
Courtesy of Richards Realm
He made me wear a sexy pantyless red corset and matching red heels. The heels were strappy sandals, six inches high and made my feet arch, my ample butt thrust out and my mind tantalize me with the notion that I was a whore dishing out a free treat for her favorite john's birthday.Stepping out of the bathroom into a dimly lit bedroom, I leaned against the wall and raised a leg to give him a bird-eye view of my freshly-shaved cunt. His cock rose in appreciation and his adam's apple bobbed up and down. Slowly I sauntered towards him, one step at a time, one foot before the other and asked him what he wanted. He sat up, a naked god with perfect pecs and a hard abdomen which sloped down to a glorious shaft nestled in a bed of dark curls. Taking a condom out of the drawer, I put it in my mouth and slid it over his gorgeous length in a smooth motion. He sighed and pulled my head closer. His muskyscent made my senses reel and I sucked his cock like it was my favorite candy-stick. Sighs became moans and in raw passion he freed my breasts from the corset and began to play with my brown nipples. Sitting at the edge of the bed his buttocks began to undulate and he flung his head back feeling his engorged penis drive all sane thoughts out of hismind. All he could think of was of my supplication to his pleasure.He was about to come - I could feel it. I sucked the juice out of him and felt him spurt into the condom. Groans of climax filled the air and made my clit swell in anticipation. I released his cock with a pop andsmiled in satisfaction - it was still hard as a rock. Viagra in exchange for high heels. He would be randy for a long time to come. Smiling at me he lay back on bed and I pulled the old used condomoff and with a caressing motion put another one on. He swatted my bare bottom hard and made me sheathe him totally. His hard shaft penetrated the softest regions of my pussy and acquainted itself with the hungry G-Spot that was sending cataclysmic shivers of delight up my spine. I plunged down hard and shuddered as his cock began to silently service me. Up and down I bounced on him and sucked my breath in as he held me still and began to play with my clit. Clever fingers stroked my swollen clit and made my body quiver with pleasure that rushed through my bodyand cloud my mind with searing flames of passion. I gasped, grabbed his hands and held them back as I began to dance on him again, hard and fast. It had been so long since we had fucked with such abandon. The three year old toddler had been rampaging till late past few weeks and when he would be asleep David hadn't been able to tear away from work. But now we finally had the house to ourselves, we were finally having sex with wild abandon assured in the fact that there wont be any distractions for the night. As I neared climax, my breathing became shallow and eyes fluttered closed but just then he pulled me into a tight hug and rolled me under him and drove his cock in harder still making my labia suck him in deeper wanting the pleasure to go. I wrapped my legs around his waist and saw my red heels crossed like red claws. The site of it was so erotic that I felt myself cum hard and fast. A flood of pleasure deluged my body and I drowned in the climax.But that wasn't it he was still hard in me courtesy Viagra. Smiling at me devilishly he pulled away a bit and grabbed my left thigh and put it over his shoulder. Still in me, he ran a hand over my lifted leg from the calf till the thigh and then touched the place we were joined. He touched his condom covered cock and then the sensitive lips of my pussy that were kissing his sheath. Slowly he moved in me with his hand still there, caressing and teasing my nether lips which began to quiver all over again. He was the master now and I was his whore and he wanted burn the raw passion of the night so deep in my mind that I would remember it whenever our eyes happened to meet. Heaving and panting in deep breaths he labored in me in slow powerful thrusts. Strong as an ox his hands covered my bare bottom and pulled my grinding hips closer still. I watched his face contort with unleashed control and his eyes burn into mine. Wanting to tease him in the midst of the act I ran myhands over the red corset and slowly grabbed my breasts that were bouncing and dancing to the rhythm of the fuck dance. He watched me rub the already peaked nipples and a hiss escaped from his lips. Pushing my leg back down he flipped me over and entered me from the back. Grabbing my clit he began to play with me as my ass opened its tender hole to his brutal invasion. Pain and pleasure drove me to cry out and my senses felt fried and I came again and again. And just as suddenly he pulled out and squirted his white cum all over the corset on the back. The Sneak! He had taken off the condom! But I was too content topull him up over it. He rolled away from me, swatted my butt and lay back on his pillow with his arms behind his head. I sat up and stared at him for a minute. He tipped his head towards the bathroom, indicating that I could take a shower but I had something else to do. I had to clean his cum from that delicate corset. Taking it off I walked into the sterile light of the bathroom and cleaned the delicate lacy lingerie in the sink. It's deep red beauty shimmered in the light andhis white cum slowly went down the drain with the detergent. Sighing I gently wringed the water out and then put the corset in the dryer. My t-shirt and jeans were lying on the floor where I had thrown them off before I wore the corset and became a sex goddess. I wore my clothes and became a regular woman again. Stepping out of the bathroom I found him to be asleep. Tip toeing out of the room I walked into the nurseryand found the little one still asleep. He looked like an angel and my heart went out to him. Walking down the stairs towards the main door Igrabbed my car keys and headed out. As I got into the car I watched the sun coming up and knew I had few minutes to make myself scarce, his wife was going to be back soon from her shift in the hospital. Driving away from their perfect little beach house I realized that his wife's corset was still in the dryer and I was wearing her red shoes. A devilish smile crossed my lips as I realized that he would have ahard time explaining the corset being in the dryer and the missing shoes. What's more, that was the price he had to finally pay for fucking the baby sitter whenever his wife went out for her late night shifts.
The Rich Lady
Courtesy of Richards Realm
A few summers ago I worked on a wealthy woman's estate doing odd jobs around the grounds and the pool area. It was fun, paid well and kept me outdoors in the sun and I liked that. Better than being cooped up in class at college like I had been all winter. The rich lady, Joan Lindsay, owned her own business she received as a divorce settlement from he ex-husband. That and a very generous cash payment put Mrs. Lindsay on easy street. Her estate was out in the suburbs and surrounded by tall trees and shrubs. The acreage immediately surrounding the house was gated and walled. I had to use an electronic pass to get in every day. Mrs. Lindsay personally hired me. She seemed like a very pleasant person. She was in her late 30's or early 40's and was very attractive. She was always stylishly dressed and her hair was perfectly done. Her skin was smooth and youthful looking. She had shapely legs and a rather generous bust line. Altogether, Joan Lindsay was a real babe and it was great working for her even if I didn't get to see her that much. By the time I got to the estate every morning, Mrs. Lindsay was already on her way to work. By the time she usually got home, I was finished with my chores for the day. I did work some weekends when she was home and did see her from time to time around the house and by the pool. I usually worked on the grounds in the morning, cutting grass and generally tidying up the place. Professional groundskeepers did the detailed work tending to the trees, bushes and flowerbeds. By late afternoon, I turned my attention to the pool and cabana area. My work arrangement with Mrs. Lindsay included my being able to use her pool for swimming and sunbathing if my other chores were finished. I always did my work well and took advantage of her generous offer to use the pool. At first I wore swim trunks or a Speedo but as the summer wore on I became bold and would often swim in the nude. It felt good and I had a killer overall tan. The pool was somewhat hidden from the main house by foliage; all except the uppermost floor. The house staff never came out to the pool area and I felt safe that they would not see me swim in the buff. Little did I know that one of the maids was spying on me from a top floor window.On one particular day I had finished the lawn work and after lunch I cleaned the pool and the entire cabana area. Over the previous weekend Mrs. Lindsay had a big party with a lot of her business and social friends. They left the cabana and bar area a wreck. I found several swimsuits, pieces of underwear lying about as well as used condoms, dildos and plenty of empty booze bottles. Mrs. L could really throw a party! I wished I were there especially for the booze and sex. After disposing of the last of the "orphan" underwear, I decided to take a swim. I stripped off my t-shirt, shorts and deck shoes and dove in naked. I enjoyed the water for about 45 minutes and got out to shower off the chlorine and get dressed for the journey home. As I was rinsing off at the outside shower, I turned around and was startled to see Mrs. Lindsay standing there in business attire looking at me angrily. I thought I was dead. She was very generous with me and here I am standing naked in front of her at her house. In another circumstance, the sight of her would cause my cock to get hard but it was limp as I awaited her explosion of anger. Instead, she just looked me up and down - her eyes stopping for a few moments at my genitals - and then said: "You should be ashamed of yourself!" I thought: "Oh shit! I've really fucked up now!" She added: "You left the back gate open. Anyone could have come in here. I finished all my appointments early and decided to come home. I noticed the back gate was unlatched and came in that way. You're goddamn fucking lucky young man!" She was lecturing me while I stood stark naked in front of her, my cock and balls exposed and dangling. But, her look changed and she walked past me. "Finish what you were doing, I'll be right out. I'll see you then", she said. And then she strutted away from me into the house...even after that scene, my dick started to rise when I saw her tight skirt stretched across her ass and those sexy legs and the spiked high heels. I knew she was coming out to give me my final pay and was going to shit all over me for leaving the gate open and for swimming bareassed in her pool. I pulled on my shorts and was picking up my t-shirt when she returned. I almost fucking died. She was wearing a very skimpy yellow bikini - unlined as far as I could see. The cups of her top barely supported her heavy breasts and her nipples were noticeably erect. The thin waist of her bikini bottom rested on her hips. A thin, almost transparent scrap of material subtly masked her pubic area. You could see her thick dark pubic hair through the cloth. As she strutted toward me on her high-heeled sandals, her boobs bounced and jiggled. I was impressed! She put her sun lotion, towel and a book on a table next to her favorite lounge chair. "Oh, you've dressed?" she said. "I sort of liked what you were not wearing just a bit ago". A shitty, fuck-it smile must have come across my face. I believe she was coming on to me.Mrs. Lindsay said: "You can get comfortable around here. You've worked hard and I'm pleased with what you have done. Besides, one of my maids, Rosaria, told me you've been skinny dipping for the past two weeks. Go ahead, remove your shorts." That fucking bitch Rosaria squealed on me! The cunt! I'll see to her later! It took one second to consider Joan's offer as I started to unzip my shorts. As I pulled my shorts down, my cock flopped out for her to see. It was semi-rigid and by the look on her face, she was very pleased. Before she lay down on her lounge chair, she took off her top and her beautiful breasts fell free. She had large dark pink nipples and since the skin on her breasts matched those of her body I assumed she enjoyed sunbathing topless - or nude!"You have a nice body and have a nice package," she said. I was glad she liked young guys. "Come here and rub some suntan lotion on my body. You're working overtime today sweety". With that I rushed to her side and picked up the bottle of lotion. She lay back on the lounge and I began rubbing the cream all over her breasts, shoulders, arms and belly. I had sprung an enormous woody by then and Joan giggled as she looked at it. She playfully flicked at my cock with her finger. I felt like a bolt of lightening had gone through my balls! I finished applying the lotion on her legs and feet and noticed that she had closed her eyes and was softly moaning. Her breasts were magnificent but I couldn't take my eyes off the yellow-covered mound between her legs. Sweat, lotion, and her pussy dew was beginning to soak her bikini bottom. Joan reached down with one hand and began to rub herself. My cock was fully erect by then and I started to stroke it with my hand that was slippery with lotion. "Yeah, pull it for me sweety. Work it good and I want you to cum on my breasts." Oh fuck, even if I didn't get a blowjob or get to fuck her today, at least I'd be able to blow my load on Joan's naked tits. I jerked myself off as fast as I could while she slipped her hand inside her bikini bottom. We both masturbated furiously and I was about to come. Joan had frigged herself to two orgasms already as I shot a thick stream of white cum from the head of my cock. The first shot splattered on her left breast soon followed by another stream hitting her right tit. Milking the last of my jism from my softening cock, I creamed her breasts and belly. She came a third time and with her other hand she rubbed my cum all over her tits. She moaned and her body writhed on the lounge. I bent down and kissed her full on the mouth and she pulled me on top of her, My dick got hard again as she slipped down her bottom and guided my cock into her steaming pussy. I fucked her for 20 minutes before coming inside of her. We lie there for some time in the heat, sweating and trying to catch our breath. Then Joan got up and took me by the hand. She wiggled out of her bikini bottom and together we both dove naked into the cool water. Joan started coming home from work early after that day. She couldn't wait to change into something barely there and join me at the pool. I never minded working "overtime" for Joan Lindsay. How many times we fucked poolside or in the cabana I can't tell you. But it was a great summer and there are many more stories to tell about it.
Further Adventures of a Horny Youth
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Dan
Shortly after my last encounter with Alison, my sex life drifted into the doldrums of indifference. In my late teens I signed on as a merchant seaman on tramp steamers trading between Europe and USA. This wasn't done in any sense to enhance my sex life, but it was done in part, to alleviate an ennui and lethargy, which crept upon me and had failed to give my life purpose. At first my travels were between Hamburg and New York City. Each of these places was a wonderland of adventure and events. The journey between was five days of uneventful drudgery, punctuated by the two days ashore at either end. Sometimes we would not dock at Hamburg but in Amsterdam instead. One day I went ashore in Amsterdam without any specific purpose in mind, but always ready, as young men are, to get laid and have as much fun as I could in the short time I had available to me. I had no specific agenda but I also had little tolerance for trivia when I explored the city. It is a fact that old mariners get laid then get drunk, but young mariners get drunk then get laid. Late in the evening I met Leslie. She was beautiful. She was also enigmatic and tantalizing. I was sufficiently drunk to be inured to the surrounds of the sleazy bar that I met her in, and sufficiently sober to know that I had met one of the loves of my life. We talked and flirted and touched all evening, then we left the bar together and walked along the canals and beautiful streets of Amsterdam, passing the shop window brothels catering for all the varied tastes of horny men and women. We stopped to kiss then our kissing got heavier and more passionate and I started to move my hands under her clothing, caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples. As I started to reach down to fulfil my imagination's promise of a wet and slippery pussy, she reached down and unzipped me. Right there in the street she took my cock out then knelt down and swallowed it. I was in heaven, but also was in a panic in case a Dutch policeman should happen along and object to our behavior. It was quiet and dark, but a few people were still walking around and although we were in a doorway it was pretty obvious what was happening. I asked her to stop although I was screaming for her to continue. She stood up and I put my cock away and continued kissing her, but my erection was still throbbing. I wanted to make sure that she was just as frustrated as I was so that when we eventually got to a hotel room we would be equally ready to fuck with enthusiasm. I quickly reached down and flipped my hand underneath her short skirt intending to push her panties aside and get to my goal. My hand encountered her cock. It was a shock. Her eyes were full of fear. In retrospect the event must have taken a second, but it seemed to be much longer. She was hard and smaller than I was, and slimmer than me with small balls. At once I realized that she was a beautiful woman who just happened to have the wrong sex apparatus, she wasn't a man in drag. I had enjoyed sex with men before but it had always been a cock relief thing and not an affectionate relationship. I had never kissed a man or done anything much other than service cocks and be serviced in turn. This was different. I leaned forward and kissed her again and stroked her cock under her skirt. Her relief was palpable. I smiled and said "My turn" then knelt on the Amsterdam pavement and sucked her cock into my mouth. We went from there to a small hotel close by where we could have the privacy we wanted. She was so beautiful. Naked, her form was a delight. Her small firm breasts and slender waist, her shoulder length hair framing a perfect face. Her sweet tight little ass, perfect hips and jutting cock were the sexiest sight I had ever seen. It was a long night. It was also the most novel sex I ever had before or since. At one point I persuaded her to take me in the ass, something she had never done before. It was a fantasy of mine that I'd never thought to fulfil and indeed never would have with a man. I hoped to persuade a girlfriend to wear a dildo and do it, but with Leslie it was even better than that. She penetrated me from the front and I kissed her and teased her nipples while she enthusiastically rammed me. I had already penetrated her ass several times and my fingers slipped in and out of the slippery wet opening as she slapped her balls against my bum. She sure wasn't faking it when she came! These were the days of pre-AIDS so there was no need to wear a condom. I had to leave the following morning but I arranged to meet her the next time I came to Amsterdam. We continued seeing each other for the following year, but drifted apart eventually. I often wonder what became of her.
The Train Rush
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Cynthia
I woke up this morning with full intentions of going to work. However, last night I was intrigued by a suggestion made by a certain individual, who shall remain a mystery. He suggested I meet him in person. Hmmm. I was a little leery; nonetheless I decided to just go for it. So the fantasy begins. The train was to arrive in his town around 11pm. He said, "I'll be waiting for you with a single red flower in hand, honey!" The thought of him awaiting my arrival was a welcoming one; it eased all the emotions that built within me - terror, curiosity, excitement. I could already imagine him there, standing upagainst the building. "Wait outside, so I can see you as we pull into the station." I said, "I want to pick you out of the crowd. Wear all black with a black & white checkered scarf, tucked inside your leather jacket." The one thing I love when meeting a man for the first time, is for him to be all dressed in black. As I board the train, my mind racing with excitement on our meeting. I get this tingling feeling between my legs. I am not prepared at all for this. The terror that runs through me as the train departs the station. This is it; there is no turning back now. In three and a half hours I will be in his hometown. Everything he has told me over the phone, that sexy ass voice teasing me. Telling me how he is going to do me, head to toe, nice and slow. First things first he said, "I will run you a warm bath and wash your body for you." That thought alone was wonderful, a sensual massage, afterwards, using strawberry flavored oils. Hot damn!! I can't wait for such treatment. All the things he has said, all the words he used to entice me. Words like, gently sucking, nibbling, tasting, pleasing, sweetness of your juices, hardness of my big cock, all thesewords are running through my head as I make my way to him. Our first stop along the journey was a little town in the middle of nowhere. Imay have to return here for a getaway trip. Perhaps, with him if all goes well. I get off the train to stretch my legs. I am so excited about our meeting. Every man I see, I wonder if it is him. Did he come and meet me here! NO!! Quit thinking like that, he will be waiting just as I asked him to do. The thought of him standing there waiting, dressed in all black.......oh yes!!! If he only knew what he was doing to me and he is nowhere near yet. There is another stop the conductor says, as we board the train again. The anticipation is becoming overwhelming. The thought of his hands exploring my body, drives me wild. The oils he plans on using and probably tasting as he doeshis work. As he calls it, "an erotic adventure of passion and lustcombined". The longer the train ride the more excited I am getting just thinking about that moment we arrive at his place. We probably won't make it past the front entrance. "Just one more stop." I say to myself. How am I going to react to this initial greeting? Will I really like what I see in person? Is he going to like what he sees? Can he be as excited and anxious as I am? The stop has come. I wait on the train, trembling at the thought of the meeting. Closer, closer it gets. OH NO!! Is all I am thinking? The whistle blows and I can feel the train begin to move again. Well, the next stop is the one. I can see him standing there, waiting patiently. I close my eyes and daydream of the things we are to do. I want to feel his hands upon me, exploring all parts of me. Feeling his luscious lips on mine, as he gently welcomes me to him. He takes me in his arms and kisses me, just the way I want to be kissed. I feel his hand grasp my face, his thumb on my cheekand three fingers on the other as he plants a long hard kiss on me. So hard and long, I am melting, getting wet from just the kiss. "Oh yeah, baby!" I softly moan to myself in this little cubicle. Oh shoot! I get a knock on my door. Who is knocking on my door? I am afraid to open it. It could be anyone, the terror goes right to my heart and it startsracing with fear as I open the door. Damn!! My heart drops to the floor. It's him. "Oh my God! Sweetie! What are you doing here?" I say to him. He just laughs and grabs my face, just as I imagined and kisses me. No words, no nothing, he just begins to tease me right off thestart. "Mmmm." the passionate kiss I have longed to feel. So delicious,those lips so round and full of passion. I can feel him parting my lips with his tongue. I can hear his gentle moans of pleasure as I respond to his tender kisses. Together, we moan with sheer delight. Tongues now finding one another, chasing each other around within my mouth, mmmmm.oh yeah! The passion of this kiss melts me just as I had thought it would. He wastes no time and pins me up against the window of the room. What a rush, to feel him handle me with such force, yet at the same time with such sensuality. All the power to the man: that accomplishes such fever of lovemaking. Our time is limited before we make it to our destination. So, the passion and the glory will have to happen fast, the trip will end in 35 minutes. As I am pinned up against the window, I can feel the coldness from it and my nipples are firm and ready to be teased. There are no words being said, the passion of it is overwhelming. Two bodies engulfed in one another with no verbal communication. Other than the soft moans of pure pleasure. "Mmmmm" "Ah yeah" He eagerly grabs my hands with his and places them on the window outstretched beside me. Our hands clasped, he goes for my neck. "Oh!" Teasing me with his tongue, sucking with such force on my neck.....yet not leaving any marks behind. "God damn Baby!" I cannot handle it, the suction power of his lips on my neck, feeling his tongue tasting me as he does such an awesome deed. The sensation goes directly to my pussy; from there it automatically goes down the rest of the way to my toes. He did say that one kiss from him would curl my toes and damn they are curled. "Fuck yeah!!!" He removes my clothes, sliding my red top over my head, teasing my sides as he removes it. Next he uses his teeth to remove my bra from my shoulders, quickly unleashing my breasts as he unclasps my bra with his experienced fingers. The cold window keeps my nipples hard, along with the teasing of his lips on them. Slowly he removes my skirt and lets it drop to the floor. Down on his knees, heuses his teeth to remove my black lace panties. Before doing so, he kisses my pussy and nibbles on it through my panties. "Mmmmm" "Oh yeah" Keep going baby, I am thinking to myself. I am getting so wet from all of this. I wish he would just take me and let me have it. Finally, he has removed all articles that stood in his way. Now, the passion really ignites. Words are spoken, "I want you to turn around and face the window," he says to me. I do so. "Now, close your eyes and feel it and enjoy what I am going to do to you. Keep your eyes closed, yet remember we are getting closer to our destination. We are going to pass through a busy town with many rail crossings, so people will be seeing you." He begins to taste my body, kissing my neck, sucking on it. He places my hands out again, outstretched and pull me back from the window a bit. This gives him room to grab my breasts. He softly twists my nipples, as he licks my neck. The sensation is overwhelming. My pussy is so wetnow. "Oh yeah!!" I feel his knee between my legs, separating them. How I wish it was his lips and tongue separating them. But no, he continues teasing me. I feel his tongue down my back, across my hips, over my buttocks. "Yes!" He nibbles on my ass, biting each cheek how sweet it feels. My heart begins to race with excitement as he gets closer to my sweet hot wet pussy. "Oh hell yeah Baby!" He has finally reached it. I can feel him as he slowly slides between my legs. "Look at me," he says. I look down to see him between my legs with a smile on his face. "I want you to focus on what I am doing," teasing me with that look in his eye. "Damn Sweetie, you had me focused from that first kiss!" is my response to him. "Shhhh. focus." I close my eyes again and return to my state of ecstasy. I can now feel his lips and tongue on my pussy.Gently he nibbles on my lips with his, blowing softly on my clit. I feel his finger enter my hot pussy. "Oh yeah!" I lick my lips. Wishing they were licking and tasting his. The teasing, the tasting, the pleasure is exhilarating. I want to cum now, just thinking about it. How I want to feel him deep inside my pussy now. Yet, he continues to tease me. In and out, I can feel his tongue going in and out of my pussy. I can hear the soft lapping he is doing, the soft moans hereleases as he enjoys tasting me. The gentle blows to my hard clit, that is ready to explode. I can feel him sucking on my clit, both lips sucking just on my clit, teasing it. "Yeah!" How sweet it is, hot, oozing with juices from within. Softly pinching, teasing my clit between his lips. "Oh God, Yeah Baby!" "Bite my clit," I say to him. He obliges me and does so over and over. Blowing in between bites, a soft gentle cool breeze from his hot mouth sends my pussy up in flames. I begin to moan louder as he continues to tease my pussy. I really want to scream, who knows someone might be outside the door, walking past. That thought entices the moment. I am now imagining someone outside the door, listening to our passion as it unfolds. All of a sudden he stops! What the fuck! I say to myself. "Don't stop." I say to him. Just then he gets up and takes me from behind. "Oh hell yeah, take me baby, give it to me!" I feel his rock hard cock enter my wet pussy. It goes in soeasy, due to me being so wet from his prior actions. He grabs my hands in his. Our fists are now clenched together. He thrusts his cock deep within me, in and out, nice and slow. As he does this, he sucks on my neck; this makes me wet from the power of his mouth sucking hard. So hard I feel it all throughout my body. The rush of passion is steadfast. The power of our bodies engulfed in each other, moving in simultaneous motion. In and out, back and forth I grind my hips to his moves. The motion begins to hasten. Suddenly he withdraws from within and goes for my ass. Easy, nice and easy he enters my ass with his throbbing cock. It is on fire, I can feel it as it slides between my cheeks. This is where the passion is lost. The power of his cock thrusting in and out of my ass, fucks me up. I get so weak from this. I can't handle it. I begin to scream, primal screams of raw energy. He continues, to slam my ass, in and out. "OH YEAHHH BABY, FUCK ME" I love to get fucked up the ass; this has to be my favorite position. I scream, "Fuck me harder baby!!! OH yeah!!!!" He responds with, "You like that don't you Cynthia? Tell me how much you like to feel my cock go in and out of your sweet ass..." My response, "Fuck yes, you know I like it like that. I have told you many times. All the times we have had phone sex and now I finally get to feel your hot throbbing cock in my ass. Oh God yeah! Fuck me harder baby! Yes" The words being screamed, is like a power boost for you. The thought to give me what I want and scream for encompasses your mind and gives you such high regard to give it to me good. You want to hear me scream even more. "Yes, baby! Let me hear you scream..." you say to me. I am so completely taken; I have no response just primal screams of ecstasy. "Faster, faster, fuck me faster baby," I say to you. "You want it faster; I'll give it to you faster baby." This hastens your thrusts, in and out, faster, harder with every thrust your mind is focused on mymoans. The sound is like music to your ears. "Harder, faster, yes baby, oh yeah!!!" The train is coming to a stop. "Oh fuck me baby, fuck me harder, and fuck me faster. Make me cum." Those words, her voice in pure ecstasy is driving you wild. "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH," you begin to moan. You ask me, out of pure respect and enjoyment, "Are you ready to cum baby?" "Not just yet, Sweetie. Keep going faster, faster!" "Mmmmmm, yeah baby you are so wet." The juices from my pussy are dripping down my thighs. You can feel my pussy throbbing as you enter it with your three fingers. My pussy muscles working which also add tension to your cock thrusting in and out of my ass. "Oh God yeah baby, I'm going to cum!" I scream "Yeah that's it baby, that's it!" you say, "cum for me."My legs are getting so weak; my pussy is throbbing out of control. I am reaching my peak, I am ready to cum. "Oh yes baby, harder, faster" In and out Harder Faster Deeper you thrust your cock into me as you continue. Harder Faster Deeper Oh yeah. "I'm cummin! I'm cummin!" I scream "Fuck yeah baby, that's it cum for me." I can barely hear you, I am screaming out of control. All motion, sound around us has disappeared. It is only the passion of the moment that is loud and out of control. We both are moaning with pure ecstasy. We are screaming out each other's names, as we cum in unison. "Oh yeah Cynthia" I vaguely hear you say, "That's it, you are so wet baby" "Oh FUCK yeah Sweetie, FUCK yes" "OHHH YEAHHHH BABY I'M CUMMINN, YEAH OH YEAHHHHH!!" As we retreat to our seat, in pure exhaustion our bodies weak from all thatexuberating pleasure. A knock on the door, snaps us out of the moment. Oh shit! The conductor is knocking on the door, saying "Excuse me! Hello, you need to exit the train now." As he says that we both look out the window and notice the crowd of people standing there. Smiles and laughter come from both of us, along with a tinge of embarrassment from our moment of stardom. So, we quickly get dressed and exit the train. Now damn, that is a fantasy beginning to end. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did writing it.
Tennis Friend Part 3
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Bryan Craig
The night of the sleepover was now upon us, after the tennis practice we both got changed. Judith was wearing a long black skirt and a white tee shirt. I had worn my jeans and tee shirt. We proceeded to Claire's house. Claire opened the door and we walked inside. "See you morning." Judith said to Claire. Judith took my hand and led me straight to the spare bedroom. "Charming." Claire replied. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, which means you can do whatever you want." "OK." I said.As we walked into the room Judith pulled her tee shirt over her head and unfastened the skirt and let it fall to the ground, she was wearing a black bra, black thong and a pair of black stockings, which were held in place by a black suspender belt. She jumped onto the bed. "Come on then." She grinned. I stripped down to my boxers and joined her on the bed. I lay down beside her and Judith climbed on top me, I placed my hands on either side of her head and pulled her towards me and proceeded to kiss her deeply, I could feel my heart rate increase, my cock immediately hardened, I was enjoying the kiss, the feeling of anticipation of a night with Judith was exhilarating. Judith's body was pressed to mine; I could feel her lace covered breast press into my chest. My hands were now on her back, I moved my hands along the strap of her bra I undid the clasp and pulled the straps from her arms, Judith raised her chest from mine, I grabbed the bra and threw it onto the floor, she collapsed onto me again, this time I could feel her firm breasts press into my chest, her nipples were hard and pressed deeply into my flesh, my hands now moved to her backside, again so firm from years of tennis. Our kiss was now intensifying, Judith started to move down my body, kissing my chest, she moved and was now kneeling by my side, her mouth started at my chest, then to my stomach, we both removed my boxers, and then the warm touch of her mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock. I lay enjoying the warm wet feeling as she swallowed me deeper, I placed one of my hands onto her firm peach of a backside, I started to grapple with her thong, trying to pull it from her lower half, and all the time she kept swallowing me. I managed to pull her thong to her knees, and then managed to wrestle it from her legs. I pressed a finger into her soaking pussy, this caused a brief pause from Judith as she gasped, and I felt the cold intake of air brush over my cock. Then Judith repositioned herself, one leg came over my body, and my eyes were gazing at her magnificent glistening pussy, I reached both hands over her hips and pulled her down towards my mouth, my mouth first came into contact with her lips, and I started to kiss her as through this was her mouth, and then I started to probe her with my tongue, she tasted so good, Judith continued to suck gently on my cock, as I continued to lap at her inviting pussy, we were both taking our times enjoying the feelings, and enjoying each other, as I started to work on Judith's clit, she started to greedily suck on my cock, thiswas now too much, I came into her mouth, but continued to suck on her clit, all the time caressing it with my tongue, Judith had now sat up slightly, this allowed my tongue deeper access, I felt her body tense as she too came, she was squealing, trying to muffle the sound, but this was to no avail, she rolled off me , I immediately rolled onto my stomach and pressed my head between her legs, I managed to lick at her pussy a couple more times, and this caused her to really come, the scream she let out could have woke the dead. She pushed my head away, half laughing and half gasping, "No more, I'll pass out." I jumped off the bed and went to the toilet. "God you two are having a good time."I looked around and saw Claire. "Yes." I said, in a shocked voice, I had forgotten about Claire. I was stood with my back to her. I darted into the toilet. I poked my head out of the door. Claire had gone, I entered the bedroom, and saw Judith lying on her back, her hand was between her legs, she was rubbing at her pussy, her eyes were closed and she was gently moaning, she still had the stockings on, the sight of her amazing body immediately caused my cock to stiffen. I climbed onto the bed, and then climbed between her legs, we again startedkissing, my cock was now rock hard once again, Judith had grabbed it with her hand and guided it to her opening, I pressed forwards and slowly impaled her, Judith drew her legs back, and my natural rhythm started, we continued kissing, my backside was rising and falling."Faster, please." She gasped. I complied and started to increase the pace, I started to ram into her with increased vigor. "That's it harder, HARDER." She screamed. I started to ram into her as hard as I could. "YESSSSSSSS." She screamed. Her legs were locked around me pulling me deeper, and then I felt the build up of my own climax, I exploded into her, we both went limp and I fell onto her sweating body.Judith got off the bed this time. "I'm just nipping to the loo." She said. When she came back the stockings had gone and she climbed into bed. We lay together; Judith had her head on my lap. "Will you miss me?" She asked. "Of course I will." I replied. "It's just that this wasn't supposed to happen. It just sort of did, I just felt really comfortable with you, and when I saw you naked, I just wanted sex withyou, you've been my friend and well I thought I'd like you to be my first." Judith said. "Well I'm glad you did, I just feel relaxed with you. I suppose this is quite good cardio work." I laughed. "Yes you're right, not boyfriend girlfriend sex, but just another form of workout." "Every mans dream. To be able to have sex with a beautiful woman with no strings attached" I said. "Well the night's not over yet." She responded. We both drifted off to sleep. I woke up, Judith had just got back into bed, and she was lying on her side, so I put my arm over her back and grabbed her right tit, and pressed my groin into her warm backside. "Mmm that's nice." She whispered. Judith started to press her backside into my crotch, I adjusted my position. My cock had hardened up, I took it in my hand and positioned it on her pussy, Judith raised her leg and I slipped my cock into her. We very gently fucked, as I rhythmically pumped into her, I could feel Judith's fingers massaging her own clit as I continued my gentle rocking. We lay like this for some time and then my balls let go of their cargo and I pumped it into Judith, a minute later she had bought herself to a gentle climax,and again we drifted off to sleep. I awoke at nine thirty and found Judith lying face down on the bed, I placed my hand on her back and she turned her head to mine. "Morning." I said. "Morning." She replied.I lay my lips onto hers and we lay like this kissing, I caressed her back with my hand, and then let in wander down her back, then onto her firm backside, I gently moved my hand over each cheek and then ventured my hand lower down between her cheeks, Judith parted her legs, and my finger pressed into her pussy, which was already damp, I then pressed another finger into her, and started to gently fuck her with my fingers, all the time we lay kissing, I withdrew my fingers, and found her hard little clit, as soon as I touched it, Judith buried her face into the pillow. I positioned my self for easier access and continued to slowly caress her clit, now and then I would press my finger into her wet pussy, and then withdrew my finger and continued to rub at her clit, Judith's backside was now rising from the bed and then collapsing back as her hips started to buck up and down, she was now letting out little squeals into the pillow. "I'm going out now, be ready by twelve." Claire was standing outside the door. "OK." I shouted.Judith's legs clamped shut trapping my hand, but my fingers continued the work, Judith was shaking her head, and screaming into the pillow, her body then relaxed, I immediately climbed between her legs, and pressed my cock into her pussy. She screamed into the pillow again, I started to pump in and out of her, she raised her hips off the bed slightly allowing me deeper access, I could feel her hand pressing on her pubic mound, and felt her fingers touching my shaft as she worked on her own clit, I increased my pace, and at this point I felt hervaginal walls clamp onto my cock and again she was screaming into the pillow, I pumped harder and faster and then I too came, I could feel the release into her pussy, and my cock pumped its load into her. I rolled off Judith and lay panting on the bed. She was lying with her legs parted face down on the bed. "That was great." I gasped. "Fancy some breakfast." She gasped. "Yes please." I replied. "Come on then." Judith jumped out of bed and straight out the door, I followed, it was now ten thirty, we had something to eat, my cock was semi rigid as I sat gazing at her body, it was now eleven. "Time to get ready I suppose." I said. "No way, we've still got an hour until Claire gets back." Judith stood up and walked over to the chair; she knelt down, placed her hands on the seat, and leant forward. Her arse was in the air, and her beautiful pussy was pointed straight at me. "Come on, I want you take me now." She said. I didn't want to disappoint, I knelt behind her and pressed my cock into her waiting pussy, I took my time and pressed forwards slowly, I grabbed her hips and pushed forwards forcefully, my hips were now pressed into the flesh of her backside.I started to slowly buck my hips back and forth, practically withdrawing with each thrust and then pushing forwards again with force, each time Judith gasped. The door opened. Claire had got back early; me and Judith were locked together. Claire walked over to us and smacked my backside. "Don't let me interrupt, I'll go and get changed. She walked out of the living room. I didn't know what to do. "You heard her, keep going." Judith gasped. I started to go for it I was banging in and out of Judith, with each forward thrust she bucked back, I couldn't hold on and grabbed her chest and with the forward motion exploded into her. My cock slipped from her pussy and I took the initiative with my fingers, I immediately found her clit and it didn't take long, Judith was squealing with delight, her body had tensed.When we had stopped the door opened again, Claire threw us our clothes, we got ready. I said my goodbyes and thanks to Judith for the best six weeks of my life, and she did the same. We kept in touch and still do, I can honestly say she was my best friend and probably still is, when we meet up now we just talk, I don't think my wife or her husband would be very happy with anything else.
Just Another Day on 33rd Street
Courtesy of Richards Realm
The morning begins with a slash, as Beethoven suddenly descends upon our neighborhood, loud and liquid flowing into the alleys and throught the crevasses in the walls. The bums arouse with this, exchanging smiles, then scraping their pockets for bits of bread and stale pizza they rummaged from the trash bins the previous night. We arouse too, me with my customary morning affliction and you with the remains of your dreams. I waddle towards the bathroom but am restrained by your rigid arm as it sneaks and snakes down to enquire below. I sigh rolling my eyes up in anticipation and praying my bladder doesn't spill at the wrong moment. Your eyes do the talking and I obey, parting-lifting your robe to be presented with a view of your rose in bloom, crowned by a laurel wreath of soft curly down in hues of chestnut fire. Tasting your pink petals deeply, I uncork your nectar as it spews out withwarmth and that cheesy smell I have learnt to lust for. You oblige by unlocking your passage in a yoga posture that simultaneously exerts assertive pressure on my lower back, further lengthening my shaft so it almost becomes impossible to leverage. Your eyes signal Yes, and I decide to hold back just to tease you, listening to Beethoven floating on pussy odor instead. It's a bad idea, because that gets me so horned up that moaning grunts deep in my abdomen, I kneel between your gatesof venus. Now it's your turn to tease and as usual you are far better at it than I, turning over ever so carefully to zip your slash shut but allowing a little labia to stick out. Tormented and impatient with sperm battling to out, I try and pry them apart, half smiling and pretending to be in good humor. You sulk seriously, your small pert breastlets tucked under you safely. I understand, and reluctantly and eagerly grope my way underground to arrest them in their cosy nest.Your eyes gleam and as you turn over your nipples tell me why. Aimed at me like supersize rivets, they challenge my fingers to nurture them and watch them grow into full blown pacifiers. I am reminded briefly of your baby sleeping soundly satisfied with her sovereignity over your teats, little aware that a denouement is about to happen. You softly cradle and squeeze them into conical weapons, inviting me to defusethem with wetness. I salivate, into, onto and over them slicking those twin peaks into submission but unable to prevent the tips from erecting tall into the nippy air. Beethoven washes and swirls around us, and there is a bird reporting our every move to the bums below from our window sill, and your eyes flicker perhaps in similar alarm as I momentarily am. The bird flies away perhaps seduced by a mate in estrus, as I turn to your womb with every intention of making it awashwith my semen. Now, your breasts aflame, the fire moves into your eyes and I can see them flash morse-coded signals to my body machine. Knowingly, and giving up the notion of further resistance, I lay my palm upon your lips. Pause. Feel the pulse pound, and the wetness ooze from within. The muscles clench, and unclench. The restless button press insistently against my middle fingertip, pleading for immediate attention. My palm sends a momentary electric shock up your spine, then you lose control and open your legs wide and close them tight around my hand. In a single sinuous twisting motion, I find your heavy buttocks pressing into my crotch, closing in on my erection. There. You got it already. Even as I wrap my arms around your full belly, your cleft parts in heat and wetness, almost sucking me in with a violent slurp, all the way in. I stop breathing and think I should burst any moment, as your fingers reach me before my thought can, and you squeeze my shaft in that womanly way that gives me reprieve from ejaculating.Only for a moment, though - a moment that you exploit, writhing and rubbing your clit, nursing my arms around your breasts, sucking my tongue in sideways, and your heels thrusting me thrusting into you deep. Yes, there it is - I orgasm, you orgasm a fraction later, we both give, give so much that it floods the room, the space, the street, mingling with Beethoven as he marches to a climax unaware that his purity has been carnally invaded by our symphony. The bird returns, at peace now, and we lie langourously entwined, not knowing which part belongs to which of us, and where it is tucked away for now. The bums have finished pissing on the walls, and walk out, singing.
Pure Sensuality
Courtesy of Richards Realm
*sigh* Just starring at this incredibly hard mathematical problem makes me tired. I don't understand it and my mind starts drifting away. Fantasizing about a highly sensual and erotic woman who's touching me so softly and tenderly. My body shivers. I can feel a slight erection between my legs....growing stronger as my fantasy proceeds. My hand slips gently between my legs. Carefully stroking myself. Suddenly it hits me. I have a date in 15 minutes! Geezes...I put my clothes onin and hurry and run to the station. While standing there in the sun waiting for my date to show up I notice a very attractive, intelligent woman with long brown hair. She's smiling politely at me. My eyes looking deeply into her warm brown eyes as she's walking towards me.As I realize that it has to be her I walk up to her and give her a warm, tender hug without hesitation. "You look bright.", she says."Do you like that?", I ask with a big smile. Her face turns a little bit red. "Sure.", she replies. It gets a little silent as she looks closely at me... My slim body, light brown hair and light brown eyes together with my careful look and glasses makes me look very understanding and bright. Her eyes are sparkling and I understand that she likes what she sees. "Would you like to take a cup of tea at my place", I ask kindly. "Sure, I would love to." As we walk our way home to my place we both know that it's not tea that's on our mind. Our conversation on the way home is really calm and relaxing. Finally wearrive. She sits down on the bed. Softly I take her hand and let my fingers slide slowly over her sensitive skin. I sit down beside her. Circling my fingers around it. "Does it feel good?", I ask kindly."Mmmmm...", she responds. My heart beats faster and I slowly lean over to kiss her softly. Our lips sensually massages each other. It feels so wonderful. Her warm tongue suddenly touches mine. I breath heavily as my tongue responds. Flicking it very slowly against hers with a lot of feeling. I want her so hands rapidly removing her sweaterand shirt. Then smile at her as my tongue starts making surprisingly creative flicks on her bare stomach. Her stomach follows my tongue like a magnet. Circling around then rapidly moving up between her lovely breasts. Gently grabbing her right breast in my hand. Teasingly letting my tongue move around her nipple. When I finally touches it, it raises wonderfully like a spring morning. My soft tongue playfully teases right under her nipple. My eyes look up at her. Her eyes are closed and her body is bent. I take her nipple into my mouth. Sucking it sensually...flicking it from side to side rapidly. "Ohhh....", she moans. My mouth moves over to her other delightful breast. I can't get enough... Massaging it up and down with the tip of my warm tongue.Very gently sucking it into my mouth. Then slowly faster and faster. Until she let's out a moan. My hands work their way down the side of her body as my tongue makes combined fast and slow motions down her stomach. We stop for a second, removing her pants. She lay down on her back again. Totally confident about the situation. Very gently I let my fingertips stroke over her white cotton panties. It's softly massaging my long finger over the wetness. One place at a time. Her hips follows my finger up and down. I don't want to hurry so I let myfingertips slide inside her thighs and to her sensitive buttcheeks. She places her hands against my head and guides me down to her wetness. With a fingertip I remove her cotton panties to the side before pushing my thumb against the base of the clit. Then placing my long- and index finger at each side of her warm fabric. Massaging them up and down and a bit around to open up the lips. It opens just like a flower. My tongue starts exploring the wetness of her inner lips. Caringly flicking them so wonderfully. Skillfully finding the clit underher hood and circles my tongue around it. Taking it gently between mylips...understanding the sensitivity it possesses. As it grows larger I slowly slide my long finger into her hot fabric. Moving it very slowly at the beginning to find the right pace. Her hips start moving as my tongue teasingly plays with her clit. My finger moves along to the rhythm. "Ohhhhhh...wonderful.", she moans. I slide another finger inside while massaging my thumb at the base of her clit. My lips taking her clit, rolling it between them. Her hips going faster andfaster to the rhythm of my fingers inside her. "ooohhh yes!" ... ooooohhhhh, good...She's breathing heavily. I can feel her juices coming and moving even faster to the anxiety. Massaging her clitwonderfully between my lips as she burst out into an orgasm. Not letting the clit go although her hips are moving wildly. She cries out the incredible feeling and I let her go. Her face is glowing red. She smiles so sweet at me. I move up beside her, cuddling... Her hand moves down to my pants. I remove my clothes as her hand touches my hardness. It feels so great! Her soft, sensual touch. She knows it and smiles wickedly. She removes my pants and underwear playfully. Her glittering eyes looks down at one of my nipples. Oooohhhh...I'm so aroused. My heart is beating fast. Her silky tongue teasingly plays with my nipple while her hand very slowly massages my hardness."Ohhhh, it feels so wonderful.", I moan. She knows very well what she's doing. Her tongue sliding slowly down my stomach. Taking my hardness into her mouth...letting her lips massage it sensually while her tongue dances around my sensitive head. She looks up at me for a moment. Smiles wickedly again and says: "Now I want to try you." She straddles me and slide my hardness into her wetness. My back arches a bit to the sensation. Very erotically she moves her hips all the way in and out. At first slowly and then faster. The way she's moving turns me all hot. I move my hands to her buttcheeks and gently caress them. It makes her hips move even faster. The warmth is incredible...Her wetness massages my hardness like only a highly sensual woman can. It's just too much for me and I moan loudly as I climax. My climax makes her body shudder and she let out a loud moan too as her juices pours out. Wehold each other comfortably for a while before we exhaustedly fall asleep.
Tennis Friend Continued
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I hadn't seen Judith for a couple of weeks, but it was tennis time again, again we did our usual session. Judith was wearing a tight top and a skirt, every time she bent down to pick up a ball, she made sure I got a view of her arse, what made it even better was the fact she wasn't wearing any knickers. The sight of her firm peach of a backside was making it hard to concentrate on the tennis. When we finished practicing, Judith met me at the net. "See you in a bit." Judith said."Yes OK then." I responded. Judith wandered off to the changing rooms and I followed. As I entered the male changing rooms, Judith grabbed me around the neck and pressed her lips to mine. "I want you now." She gasped, and then pushed me onto the bench, her skirt was hitched up around her waist and her pussy lips were glistening, I immediatelypulled my pants down. Judith positioned herself, her legs were on either side of mine, and she grabbed my cock and started to lower herself down. "What about the condoms." I exclaimed. "We don't need them." She gasped. Judith was now straddling me; I could feel the warmth emanating from her body, as her hips lowered I then felt her wetness on my cock, and for the first time my naked cock felt the thrill of entering a pussy unsheathed. Judith was now kissing me as she rose and fell on my member; my hands were supporting her weight, by grabbing at her naked backside. Judith started gyrating and rising and falling faster and faster, between our kisses she was squealing with delight, I was merely trying to contain the point of my explosion into her. Then t my surprise Judith stopped in mid bounce, she was gasping for air, and I felt her pussy contract around my cock and then she screamed out. "YES, YES YES, OH MY GOD." The squeeze from her vaginal walls caused me to come immediately. I thrusted up and she ground down on me; we sat locked together catching our breath. Judith then stood up and my cock slipped from her pussy. "Got to go." She sighed. "I'm leaving for university next week and I want to spend the night with you." "What about my parents?" I asked. "Claire came up with the idea of us going to a practice session down south, she said we could use her place, and she would say that since we had to leave early, it would be best for you to stay at hers, she's going to give us a lift there."Judith said. "Can't wait." I smiled. Judith let her skirt fall back into place; she grabbed her bag, kissed me and left.
An On-Line Transcript
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Ron: Cum for me dear. I lick your cunt and feel you against my face.Debbbie: My pussy grinding hard onto your face...making your face wet with my juices. Suck my clit, rub it with your tongue......Ron: Cum for me first. I want to know you love my tongue in your pussy and cunt and vagina and. Debbbie: You type, I'll masturbate and return your posts Ron: I taste your pussy juices, running my tongue up and down your pussy lipsDebbbie: Yes I love your tongue in my pussy. Eat me and make me cum for you...i want to cum for youRon: My tongue circles your clit around and around then up and down it. cum for me.Debbbie: I am very wet...fingering my pussy to your postsRon: I find a place that makes your skin tremble, that makes your legs tense.Ron: That's where I lick as my finger so what yours are doing now...Debbbie: moaning loudly ahhhhh yes that's it Ron: Pressing your clitoris, running your nipples, finger fucking yourself. My cock is hard for youDebbbie.. Cum for me so I can cum for you. my clit swollen begging to be licked and suckedRon: I lick on your sensitive spot till you moan, and beg for more.Debbbie: yes Please I want youRon: I nip and suck at your clit. It is like a rose, It makes my mouth true and real. Licking and sucking on it.Debbbie: I'm gonna cum real soon ohhhh yes yes Ron: My hands on your breasts, my tongue in your pussy, my body so much in love with you. My tongue up and down your clit, in your cunt, tasting, mmmm, licking your hard clitoris, cum baby, cum my Dear Lady. My tongue on your clit over and over again.Debbbie: me legs spread wide fingers in my pussy rubbing my clit wishing it were you do itRon: I want you to have an orgasm. What can I say or do to give you that?Debbbie: I'm cummmming hard, making your face wetter. cumming right now.. oh Ron ahhhhhhhhRon: I press my cock deep in you and fuck you slow and hard and with love and with real desire.Debbbie: my body trembles an shakes my hand and thighs wet, my chair drenched. Yes fuck me, slow and very hard.Ron: I continue to fuck you hard, Here is where it happens. Here we are one. Cum Tell me how I can help you to a real orgasm.Debbbie: Wrapping my legs around you pulling you deeper. Oh God yes love I'm cumminggggggggg aahhhhhhhh yessssssssss I did love. I was masturbating while you posted me. I had two fingers in myself and my thumb was pressing and rubbing my clit. I love you.Ron: Slowly but deeply I fuck you, you golden slut, Deep and hard. I love you. My cock getting so deep in you coming out then back inside.Lick your fingers for me.Debbbie: You want to make me cum again don't you love? I take your cock deep inside, feeling your hard shaft going deeper. Taking my wet fingers from my pussy I run them across my lips... I run my tongue up and down my fingers licking off my juices...tasting myself.Ron: You are beautiful. Make me cum. Please. You know the buttons to push. May I just lay back and not post for awhile? You understand.Debbbie: Yummy... I wrap my lips around your huge hard cock...wetfrom my juices... Slowly i stroke your cock with my lips and tongue. Yes love go ahead. I taste your precum mixed with my head bobbing up and down. I reach the head of your cock on the upstroke and swirl my tongue around the circumference, running my tongue across your slit. My hands grasp your balls and squeeze the gently.Debbbie: I place my other hand at the base of your shaft, jerking yourcock up and down as my mouth slides up and down sucking hungrily... God you taste good. Still jerking your cock with my hand i suck only on the head of your cock, my free hand running along your ass. Running my finger along the crack... my mouth locked tightly around your cock bobbin my head up and own faster and harder. I take you deeper into my mouth, deep into my throat... I hear your breathing become more rapid the faster and harder i suck Debbbie: my finger circles lightly around your ass hole. your cock deep in my mouth, in and out, faster and faster... Yes love I want to taste your cum in my mouth, I love to taste of your cum... I love to play with your cum on my lips, tongue and teeth... I pull my mouth from your cock, and take your balls into my mouth licking and sucking, stroking them with my tongue Debbbie: My hand jerks your cock up and down as i lick an suck yourballs. Yes I love the feel of your sweet frothy and white, so delicious... Ron: Thank you. Hold me.Debbbie: Your cock stiffens and jerks in my hand spasmodically, I rise quickly opening my mouth wide as you grunt...shooting your load into my mouth and over my faceDebbbie: Did you cum love?Ron: You are the most delicious girl. I hope everyone appreciates you at least half as much as I do. Thank you.Debbbie: Thank you Ron. You make me feel good. I pull you close to me, holding you gently in my arms.Ron: You want details?Debbbie: *grin* I take it you did then. I am glad.Debbbie: Your frothy white cream covers my face tongue and lips. I run my tongue across my teeth feeling the silkiness of your cum cover them, your cum drips from my teeth down my open mouth... I run my tongue across my lips letting your cum trickle down my chin. Your cum stuck on my tongue and lips, white and creamy your cum dangles from my tongue and I lick it up running across my teeth again, swallowing what is in my mouth Mmmm your cum is so sweet , using my tongue I lick my lips and teeth clean, swallowing it all.Ron: mmm you are the best.Debbbie: I run my fingers across my face scooping up the cum that shot there...I hold my fingers over my tongue and wait for it to dribble down.
The Strange Stranger
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It was a very hot day. I was wearing a pair of elastic shorts only. Since I was all-alone at home and getting bored, I started chatting on the Internet. While chatting, I realised that someone is staring at me pretty badly. I looked around and then looked out of the window at my right. I saw a pretty girl staring at me from the window of her house opposite ours. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She then vanished from the window. I started chatting again. A few seconds later, some crumpled papers flew in from the window. I looked out and saw thegirl smiling at me from her window. I picked up the papers and found ";)" on all of them, but nothing else. I thought the winks meant that she liked me. So, I motioned her to come over. She smiled and vanished from the window again. I wore a t-shirt and continued chatting. Once in a while, I looked out of the window, but the girl was not there.After a few minutes, my doorbell rang. I opened the door to find the girl standing. I thanked her for her accepting the invitation and then brought her in and made her sit in the drawing room. She was wearing a lime shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. She told me that her name was Sheena and that her age was 25. I told her that since I was in the middle of a very important chat, I should attend to her and the chatter both in turns. She agreed and I left the room. I went to my chat.After a minute or two, I thought of spying on her. The window of the room where my computer is kept opens into the drawing room. I peeked through it cautiously, but the sofa Sheena was sitting on, could not be seen. As I was about to retreat, I saw a pair of jeans on a sofa that was visible through the window. Its color was faded blue. I got nervous and entered the drawing room at once. I saw that she had opened all the buttons of her shirt too and now her white bra and panties were visible. Seeing the look of surprise on my face, she told me that since it is too hot today, she was trying to be comfortable. Politely, Itold her to dress up. She told me that she would wear her jeans, but not close the buttons of her shirt. I thought for a while and then agreed. We returned to our conversation. She was sitting in such a position that the part hidden by closing her buttons was now visible to me clearly. Her bra was not trying to hide much either. Most of her full breasts were showing. It seemed that she had wore a bra just to hide her nipples and the portion under that. "Why do you not remove your t-shirt?" said Sheena. "When I saw you from my house, you were without it, but now you are wearing it. It is a very, very hot day today." Thinking about it for a second or two, I decided to remove my t-shirt and then went out to hang it on the clothesline for drying it off. When I came back, Sheena looked at me from my head to toe and then smiled at me. I returned the smile. Suddenly, we experienced a power failure and my hot house became hotter. She asked me if she could remove her shirt and jeans because the heat was getting unbearable. I permitted her to do so. She handed me her clothes and I put it on the clothesline. Now I was in my shorts and she was in her bra and panties, but we were comfortable. "Could you bring a towel for me?" she asked me. "I want to wipe the sweat off my body." "Okay," I said, "I shall bring it." When I returned with a towel, I saw her lying on the floor face-first. She heard me coming and asked me to wipe off her back since she would be unable to do so herself. I thought that there is no harm in doing so. I started wiping her back and legs. Just when I thought I had finished, she asked me to unhook her bra and wipe that area. I hesitated. "I promise I shall not turn over," she told me. "Okay then," I responded. I unhooked her bra and wiped that area. She then told me to hook it again. I did as I was told to. Just as I was about to stand up, she asked me to slide down her panties and wipe that area. "I shall not do so," I said in a firm voice. "Oh, come on," she said. "You must have the same type of buttocks I have. There is no difference between the buttocks of a girl and the buttocks of a boy." I thought and agreed to wipe her buttocks off. I slid down her panties until half her buttocks were visible, but not any further. I wiped the visible area ofher buttocks and slid her panties back on. She stood up, smiled at me and told me to lie down. I refused. She told me that it was her turn now. I agreed and lied down face-first. She started wiping me really slowly and told me that she will do her job well. As she reached my waist, I felt her arms on my shorts, but before I could say anything at all, my shorts started sliding down. They did not stop sliding down until they were removed completely. She then started wiping off my buttocks really slowly. She grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, thenwiped between my buttocks. After wiping me off for a thousandth time with a speed slower than a snail's, she stood up. "Done," she said."My shorts," I said. "What about them?" she asked jokingly. "Would you mind putting them back on?" I asked. "Of course, not," she said.I felt my shorts sliding up until they were back on. I stood up and wiped my front body. Then handed the towel to Sheena. She started wiping off her front body really slowly now. She wiped her breasts with care and started wiping in her bra. It seemed she was wiping her nipples and the inside part of her breasts. She then pulled her panties forward and wiped inside her panties. She then asked me to check if her clothes were dried off. I went out to check. When I returned, I saw her bra and panties on the floor. She was standing completely naked, but her back was towards me. She was wiping her body with the towel. I saw her pull apart her legs, then grab her buttocks one by one and wipebetween them. She noticed my presence and turning her neck a little, asked me if her clothes had dried off. I told her that they were still a little wet from sweat. "Could you lend me some clothes?" she asked. "Because this towel would be too short for me. It would show my upper part if I hide my lower part and show my lower part if I hide my upper part." "Of course," I said. "I shall make arrangements for your clothes." I left the room and came back with a long, white t-shirt. I handed her the t-shirt and she wore it at once. She then turned around and I saw that it ended on her knees. "You have not showed me your house at all," she complained. "No tour at all." I smiled and showed her out of the room. I then gave her a short tour of my house and showed her my bedroom the last. She seemed to like it. When she saw mylarge, soft bed, she jumped onto it. At that moment, the power resumed. Both of us lied down to cool down ourselves. Before I knew what was happening, I felt her lips on mine. We kissed each other passionately. Her tongue entangled with mine. She licked my tongue and I licked hers. She licked my lips and I did the same. Then she turned me over and started kissing and licking every inch of my back. She removed my shorts and bit my buttocks. She licked them and inserted her tongue between them. She then turned me over and my rod sprung toward her.She gobbled it up and started sucking it. I felt as if she was trying to suck my life out through my rod. She then put my rod under her t-shirt and I felt it going toward her love-hole. As soon as my rod was touched to the entrance of her love-hole, I felt an electric current passing through my body. I pushed her back and made her lie down. She turned over and removed her t-shirt revealing her buttocks. I kissed her buttocks and licked between them. I inserted my rod in her rear end and started moving my buttocks faster and faster. Soon I sprayed inher rear end. She then turned over and pushed me back. She bent down upon me with her breasts suspended on my face. I pressed them tight ly and felt the fullness of her breasts. Then I opened my mouth and grabbed each one of them one by one. I tried to suck her life out of her breasts. I bit her nipples so hard that she had to scream. She then moved forward and one of her breasts got out of my mouth. She moved more and stopped when her wet, shaven love-hole was right on my mouth. I kissed it and licked it a million times until she could take no moreand grabbed my rod to enter it in her love-hole. She touched the entrance to her love-hole with my rod and pushed inside. We both screamed with pleasure. She moved her buttocks backward and forward increasing her speed with every motion. Slowly, she started lying on her back and I had to get up now. Now I was moving my buttocks with the speed faster than when I loved her rear end. Soon I sprayed in her love-hole. She got a bit calm, but her excitement did not die away. Shewanted more. I gave her more. I wanted more too. She gave me more than I had asked for. After we were completely exhausted, I got up, wore my shorts and brought her clothes in. She wore them and we started towards the main door. I smiled at her and gave her a long, wet kiss. After that she looked at me for a while and entered her hand in my shorts. She grabbed my rod and pressed it so tightly, I had to scream. "I wish I could take this with me," she said. I just smiled. She withdrew her hand from my shorts and walked out the door.
Tennis Friend
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Bryan Craig
I'd been playing tennis now for about five years, my school had partnered me with a girl called Judith, at this time I was fifteen about to turn sixteen in a week, Judith had just turned eighteen and was about to leave our school in six weeks to go to university. We used to practice at Judith's local club, it was a small club only two courts. The changing facilities were located in a little summer house, split in two, one door to the women's and one to the men's. We always practiced on a Friday night because we had the courts to ourselves.On this particular Friday we finished playing. I picked up my bag and racket. "See you next week. Have a nice weekend and don't drink too much tonight" I said. "Yep OK. I'll be good" Judith replied. I walked along to the bus stop and realized I had left my money in the locker; Iturned round and headed back to the club. When I entered the men's changing room, I was greeted by Judith with a towel in her hand; she was walking from the shower. This was no great surprise, I often seen her walking out the shower, but this time she wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. Judith was five foot six, long dark hair, and now I could see she had an athletic body, nicely shaped legs, a firm toned backside and an athletically shaped back. "I forgot my money." I said in a shocked voice. Judith turned round, I now caught a glimpse of her pert breasts, and her toned stomach, and then I couldn't help but stare between her legs. Judith was the first real naked woman I'd seen, I'd seen pictures, but the sight of Judith made my jaw drop to the floor."The ladies shower was too cold." Judith said casually. "I thought I'd use the men's, should have put some clothes on though, sorry." "No problem." I said, still in my shocked voice, still staring at Judith..."Well I'm sure I haven't got anything you haven't seen before." Judith giggled, looking at my face. "Well, actually...." I stammered. "You've never seen a naked girl before?" Judith said. "Well you have now."She then covered herself. "See you next week." I said as I left. "OK." Judith said. All week I thought of Judith. The picture of her body in my head was as vivid as the real thing. Thursday came along and today I was sixteen. Judith came to my house. "Hello happy birthday, I'll give you your present tomorrow at tennis." Judith said as she kissed me on the cheek. Tennis practice went as planned, however I was rubbish, and I couldn't help picturing Judith naked. We finished off and proceeded to the changing rooms, I went into the men's and Judith disappeared into the women's, I climbed into the shower and showered. When I came out the shower I grabbed my towel. I heard footsteps, and Judith walked in, she had her track suit on and a box in her hand. I quickly covered my lower half, my cock was standing to attention, I'd been thinking of Judith again. "Here, catch this." Judith said as she threw the box.I instinctively grabbed with both hands, this meant I dropped the towel. "You weren't thinking of me?" Judith asked, gazing at my cock. "I'm glad to see the effect I have if you were." "Eh thanks for the present." I stammered. Judith was now standing inches from me, and then I felt her hand grab my cock. "Let me take care of that, happy birthday." She said. The next thing I felt could only be described as the best feeling I had ever had. Judith was now on her knees, I felt warmth engulf my cock, and I looked down and saw my cock disappearing into Judith's mouth, the warmth moved over the shaft of my cock, and then Judith started to gently lick the end of my cock as her mouthmoved up and down my cock. I didn't want this moment or feeling to end, this was the best feeling I had ever had, I just kept thinking I was going to wake up. Judith removed her mouth from my cock, and then started to rub her lips and tongue up and down the base of my cock, and then she kissed my balls, as her hand worked my cock, and then again she swallowed my cock and this time her movements increased, faster and faster and then, I couldn't hold on, I tried to stop the inevitable."I can't hold on." I gasped. But Judith just seemed to increase her rhythm; her hand came up and lightly brushed my balls. This caused me to come, Judith had managed to gently nip my foreskin closed withher teeth, when I had emptied my load, and Judith released her grip andswallowed the lot. Judith then stood up. "How was that?" She asked."Unbelievable, fantastic, that was amazing." Was all I could gasp."Not bad then for a first attempt." She said. "I've never done that before." "Well I've never had that done to me before, you're the first girl that's seen me naked." I replied. "You're the first man that's seen me naked." Judith said. "The strange thing is though that when you walked in on me, I didn't feel embarrassed, I felt really comfortable. I thought about it all week and it really turned me on." "I'd thought about you all week as well, and I have to say that's the best present I had for my birthday though." I laughed. "You owe me one." Judith grinned. "I've got to go and see Claire now; you can make it up to me next week." Judith kissed me and then disappeared. I sat down on one of the benches and reflected on what had just happened. Next week could not come quick enough. I opened the box and inside was a photo frame, with a picture of Judith; she was standing against a wall with her hands above her head, completely naked. I'd have to hide it someway safe; I couldn't let my parents see that photo.
Burger King Surprise
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It was at Burger King where I met her. It was an accident really. I was sitting there waiting for the car in front of me to move at the order line when suddenly it moved backwards. I beeped at the car but no good, the car hit the front of my car anyway. Now, to say I was pissed was an understatement, if there was a another word stronger than pissed, I was. As soon as I got out the car, the driver got out the other car. My mouth dropped as soon as I saw the driver. She was beautiful. Her black hair long and flowing. Her brown eyes and light brown skin shined in the sun. She wore a short T-shirt and some short pants. Her legs were long, and no so much as a inch of fat on them. Her stomach was lean, which I loved to just to wrap my arms around. She was 6'0 ft. tall,which was my height. But, the thing on her that really got my attention was her breasts. About 38 C's if I wasn't mistaken and later I found out I was right. They looked trapped in her T-shirt, her nipples were visible, which was a sign she wasn't wearing a bra. I just stared at her and daydreamed about sucking her nipples while she played with my cock in her hand. I was snapped back into reality when she tapped me on my shoulder. "Are you listening to me?", she asked. "What", I said. "Were you daydreaming about me?" she asked. Embarrassed and shamed by being found out, I nodded. "Its OK, really, my name is Debra, andyou are," she said. "The man who you will be fucking tonight, baby" I thought. Instead, I said, "Brian Shelby. Nice to meet you." "Look about earlier, I.." "Its OK, a lot of men do that to me. I don't mind. You're the only though that hasn't offer to fuck me senseless all day after doing that. I think you should look at your car to see if there's any damage." She said. I looked at the front of my car. No noticeable damage so I don't to deal with insurance people. "Thank goodness for this, No damage so far, but I'll have to take it to the mechanic to check for sure," I said. "Here's my phone number so you can call meif there's anything needed to be done," she stated. She gave me the phone number and got in her car, and with a goodbye wave, drove off. "Needed to be done, I thought, I needed to see you naked, and fuck you all night long with my dick. Fill on your big ass tits, let you suck my dick. That's what needed to be done." So after about 8 P.M., I got home from my teaching job. All I could think about was Debra. Then, I stopped to think about what I was about to do. "I'll know she'll never go out with me. I'm 290 lb.. and have a gut the size of Texas. There was just no way she will go out with me , let alone fuck me, " Ithought. "Oh hell no, I thought again, I won't blow this opportunity to get some ass." I guess my dick had a mind of its own , I thought. So with that, I called her. The phone ringed a long time when she finally picked up. "Hello," she said, in a sexy voice that made my cock go ultra hard. "Hi," I responded, "my name is Brian, the guy from the Burger King. You told me to call if about my car." "Yes, so what's the damage," she asked. "None, and that is not the only reason I called, I wanted to know what you was doing tonight," I said matter of factly. "Oh, um nothing, why?" she asked. "I wanted to take you out to dinner tonight, if possible," I said with a knot in my throat. "No, I haveto get to know you better, is it okay if we talked on the phone," she asked. "Sure, I have no problem with that. So lets get to know each other," I said. We talked for hours about ourselves, our lives, our relationships with others. She had many boyfriends which didn't surprised me, but when talking about mine, she was shocked. "You only had about four girlfriends," she asked. "Yes, why are you surprised" "I asked. "I don't know, she answered, your voice is so sexy, like Barry White." "Really, I didn't know that, no woman has ever told me thatbefore," I said in shock. "Yes, I just love it, it has got me all wet. I'm powerless against it," she told me. Then, she asked me to talk dirty to her which wasn't too hard, unlike my cock, because of all the daydreams I had about her. I say, "Well, we are in a forest near alake. You are wearing a low cut, black dress with straps on each shoulder. I comment on how sexy you look and you smile at me. I kiss you softly on the shoulders and remove each strap. I look in your eyes and kiss you long and hard on the lips." During all this, I hear moans on the phone, so I took it as a sign to go on. "I put your hands on top of your head and lick your chin. Then I kiss and lick your neck where I see goosebumps. I then pull down a little on your dress, which exposes your breasts. I kiss between them and lick all over your left breast." "Oh yes, suck that tit baby," she moans on the phone. "I run my tongue over your nipple and take it in my mouth. I suck it like a child andplay with your nipple, Then vise versa, again, your hand is holding my head to your chest." "Stop it," she screams on the phone. "What, why," I said in confusion. She then gave me her address and begged me to come over. "But you said..." "It doesn't matter what I said, I need you now," she said cutting me off. Then she hung up. Readers, if you know me, I first went to the drug store to get a condom, safety first, then drove to her apartment. I ran to her door and knocked. The door and she was naked. My cock was as hard as a rock. I wanted to dive in her cleavage, but instead, when for the kiss. She told me that most of the men she dated with for her breasts first. "You are different from all my other lovers," she said in middle of our kiss. We were suckingtongues for awhile while I fondled her breasts and she touched my dick through my pants. The only sound that could be heard were our moans. I licked her skin like a lollipop from her chin to her breasts, my favorite part of her body. I licked her left breast all over while she had unzipped my pants and played with my cock through my underwear. I sucked the left tit while I played with the right one. I talked to her in a low voice. "Do you like how I'm messing with your tits, baby? Does this feel good baby? Tell me or I'll stop. She moaned loudly, telling me yes and to suck that tit harder. "Okay baby, I love to suck tits," I said I did just that, then went to the right tit to suck it and playedwith the left one. "Oh, mmm, this feels so good, suck it, suck it, suck it baby," Debra said with lust in her voice. I kept sucking for two minutes and talking to her at the same time until she came. She shook like a leaf and then fell on me. She said, "That felt so good. After a little rest, she got to her knees and pulled my dick out. My seven inch cock was hard and needed some relief. "Umm, just right, not to big, not to small," she said and licked my cock like some candy. She licked it all over and then took it in her mouth and sucked it. She took all seven inches in her mouth. When I saw that , I moaned loudly. She sucked on it loudly and then just the head. I was in paradise andwas loving every minute of it. She stopped a minute and jerk it in her hand, telling me , "Say it, Say I'm the best cock sucker you ever had, Say it, baby, say it." "Yes," the words finally came from my lips, "you are the best cock sucker I ever had. You give the best head, now keep sucking it , you bitch." She smiled and kept sucking my cock. I was so close to cumming, and she sensed it too so she stopped and led me to the bedroom by my dick. She laid me down on my back and got on top of my dick to ride. "Turn around so I can see your ass," I said. She did and her wet pussy was on my dick. It was so warm and wet I moan as soon as the dick went it and so did she. She went up and down slowly, withooh and ahhs escaping her lips with every hop. She rode it like a horse. Faster and faster she went, letting the lust take over. I talked to her all the way. "Ride it , Ride that cock baby. Yes, Yes make me want to come, baby." She rode it even faster with the talking. "Oooh, your pussy is so wet ,so warm, so tight, so good," I yelled. After awhile, she started to scream, "I'm coming, I'm coming, oh shit, this feels so good." That triggered me to come as well and shot huge amounts of cum in her pussy. We'll fell out and after a hour or so, we start to kiss, touch, and feel each other up. "I want you to fuck my ass baby, please do this for me, OK," she begged. Who was I to say no. "I never done that before," I told her. "It just the same as fucking a pussy, but tighter," she explained. I fuck her pussy doggie style so I couldgrease up my cock for her ass. I pulled out her cunt and told her to sit on it and face me. I laid down on the bed and let her sit on it. The cock went in quickly, to my surprise. "She was right, her asshole is tighter than her pussy, I thought, at this rate, I'll be coming in minutes." She moaned and groaned as she plowed my cock into her ass. I had both her pussy and her tits in my view. I stuck my finger in her pussy and rub it all around and then rubbed it on her tits. She moaned loudly at this and was coming in no time. Her pussy was leaking girl cum all over me, and I took a finger to lick it. It tasted sweetlike sugar. Soon, I came all in her ass and we both fell out in exhaustion. I then remember that I had no condom on and told her this. She told me, "Its OK, I'm on the pill." With that, I fell into a deep sleep dreaming about fucking her again.
My Cum Restriction Report
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Belle Diamond
As i finished my work last night, i had trouble concentrating. Your putting me on cum restriction made me able to think of nothing else! i finished my work and went to bed, only i couldn't sleep. i masturbated and decided to blow off the restriction, but changed my mind when it was almost too late. i stopped myself and did not cum. It is mportant to me to take this very seriously and follow the directions for my punishment. After all, not following directions is what got me into this predicament in the first place. i hugged my pillow tight and squeezed my thighs together and eventually drifted off to sleep. i dreamed about women on my bed, holding my legs and licking my clit and sucking my breasts and nipples. They were kissing the most delicate areas of my neck and running their hands all over me. i have never cum in a dream, but that was very close. No relief, even in sleep!When i got up this morning, i took a shower and did my first 5 minutes of the day. i waited until i was done bathing and then fingered myself for 5 minutes. i have a shower radio with a clock on it so i was able to time myself. i put my left foot up on the ledge and fingered my clit with my left hand. i massaged it very eagerly at first, because i was so horny, but then i realized that if i kept up that pace i would cum before the 5 minutes was up. i slowed down and lightened my touch, and dipped into my pussy with my middle finger several times. When i had just over a minute left, i just slowly massaged my clit area with my hand very flat, not applying any direct pressure. It stimulated me incredibly, but i could not cum from it in the minute i had left. When the minute was up, i stopped and my whole pussy/ovaries were fairly spasming with desire. i rinsed my slutty cunt with cold water from the hand-held shower massage; it killed but had the desired effect - it cleaned me and quelled my desire a little. i have to go now, i will give a report of the masturbation breaks i take throughout the day. i will not cum. The first report i sent you was for the 8 o clock hour (pacific time). i left for my destination at 9:20am and arrived at 9:47am. i stopped on the way to buy mini pads, because already i was getting wet, thinking about my next "break". i knew this would be happening to me ALL DAY and so i NEEDED those pads. i parked at a meter and found a bathroom in a restaurant next to my destination. Thankfully it was one of those restrooms where only 1 person could enter the room at a time (just 1 toilet & sink in 1 room with a lockable door) - not a room with many stalls. i didn't have much time, so i had to get right to it. i put my stuff down, went over to the toilet, and put my left foot up on the seat. I grabbed the bar on the wall for support and slipped my left hand down my pants. I tilted my right wrist towards me while still holding onto the bar to see my watch and it was 9:51am. i began fingering myself eagerly, like the first time, but was ready to cum in about 12 seconds! i kept the speed the same, but moved my hand away from my clit a little to reduce the intensity. i was still feeling like i might cum, but i slowed my breathing. Taking deep breaths and watching my watch. i plunged my fingers into my pussy for some juice and came back and massaged it all over my clit. Now my clit was so slippery that i had to really work for the friction. i had less than a minute to go, and was fairly panting at this point. For the rest of the minute, i slowed down and simply circled my clit with my middle finger very slowly and lightly, breathing deeply and slowly. When the 5 minutes was up, i shakily pulled my hand out of my pants, pulled my foot down off of the toilet seat, pulled my pants down and wiped (twice) and applied a mini pad.
That left me 4 minutes to get to my appointment at the building next door, which i made on time. i was then kept waiting of course. The meeting i had come for finally began and i excused myself at 10:50am to use the restroom. Being an office, it too had an exclusive bathroom. i did the same thing i did in the 9am hour, only i STARTED with the slow, light circles and that is all i did for the entire 5 minutes.My nipples were hard as rocks and i felt shaky and shallow of breath as i replaced my soaked mini-pad with another and washed my hands. i hoped my lust didn't show in my eyes when i returned.
i was out of my meeting by 11:30am. i went back to my car and headed for the department store i needed to stop at that is back near my house. Due to some construction, i didn't make it there until almost noon. i ran inside and went to the bathroom. i had to pee badly, so i went, wiped, and at 11:56 began masturbating. The only thing i could do without cumming was to make my fingers very flat, so that i got no intensity whatsoever, and massage my clit. That was difficult enough to do without cumming. Believe it or not, i could still feel safe enough in that bathroom, with people coming and going in the stalls around me (no pun intended) that i felt i might cum. i finished at 12:01pm. i removed my hand and just sat there on the toilet.i felt like my ovaries were dancing and i was squeezing my pussy HARD against the air; i even tried to pee again, trying to get SOME relief, any relief ... none was found!!!!! i replaced my soaked mini-pad and continued on my day.
i am home now, and typing this out at 12:40pm pacific. i feel it is time for another round of my punishment, so i will do it sitting here.Ok, it has been 5 minutes now. This time i leaned way back in my computer chair, put my hand down my pants and inserted my index and middle finger into my pussy. i fucked hard for 5 minutes and did not cum, although the knuckle of my thumb was lighly massaging my clit the whole time. i breathed steadily, kept my eyes open and on the screen, and thought about why i was being punished. It took this long for it to sink in how important this lesson is. To never cause the disruption of Your pleasure should always be my goal! i am undeserving of pleasure and release and am receiving none. However, You are deserving of uninterupted pleasure and release and my bad behavior prevented that!i am horny and shaky and living on the edge of release, but am ready to finish out my day's pushishment soberly and attentively!
Camping Trip
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Thank goodness the week ended. I left work and ran home to quick packeverything for a well-deserved camping weekend with a very sexy lady I met awhile back, her name is Sue. I through everything into my jeep and headed to Sue's house to pick her up. I was very excited about this weekend, I needed sometime away from the hectic week that I had, and the thought of being with this beautiful lady made it even more exciting. Before I knew it I was at Sue's place, we packed up her stuff and off to the mountains we went. It was so relaxing to get out of the city just enjoying the mountains. Sue and I were so engrossed in some stimulating conversation the time just flew by and we wereat our destination before we knew it. We parked and had to hike for a few miles until we came to a perfect site. We camped along a lake that was feed by a beautiful waterfall. There was no one around for miles. We set up camp and since it was still hot we decided to take a swim in the lake to cool down. Sue took her clothes off to reveal one gorgeous body, she went into her bag for her swimsuit. She pulled out herbikini and started putting it on when I stopped her. I proposed that since we were all alone, we swim without suits. She smiled and approached me, we kissed, I took that as a yes, so I picked her up in my arms and carried her down to the lake. We entered the water, the water was very warm, but refreshing. We playfully swam around for awhile having a lot of fun. We swam into each other's arms and began passionately kissing. We started to caress each other and things started to get a little hotter when all of a sudden......BOOM.....a loud clap of thunder echoed through the trees. We were having so much fun we didn't notice the storm clouds moving in. We quickly swam out of the water and headed for the tent. When we got into the tent wewere laughing at how quick we moved out of that water. Our laughter stopped abruptly, and we moved into each other's arms again to regain our kiss. Our naked bodies pressed against each other's. We lay down onto the blankets kissing and caressing each other. BOOM, the thunder echoed and the flashes of lightning lighting up the skies. We kissed, my hands moved to her breast as I softly caressed her breast. Our kiss broke and I kissed my way to her breast. My tongue circled her nipple as my hand continued to caress her breast. My mouth sucked her nipple in as I softly sucked it. My hand took the other nipple and I played with it between my forefinger and thumb. The thunder and lightning continue in the background. The raindrops started falling onto thetent. The rain on the canvas was very soothing and relaxing. As I continued to work on Sue's breast, our soft moans begin to fill the tent. My hand continues to caress her, I left her breast and began caressing over her stomach, light fingertip caresses. My hand moves from her stomach, up and down her sides, down her leg, up her inner thigh, down her other leg and back up her thigh again until I brush against her wet pussy. Sue moans as my hand rubs up her wet pussy lips and I start rubbing against her clit. As my hand massages herclit I start licking my way down over her stomach, as I reach her naval I licked around it leaving a saliva trail as I lick my way down. As I got to her wet pussy my hand continued massaging her clit, as I slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy lips upward until my tongue replaced my hand at her clit. I licked and sucked on her clit until her moans got a bit louder. The thunder and lightning continues as it rains a little harder. My tongue wiggles its way deep into Sue's pussy, as I lick her deeper and deeper her hips raise to meet my lapping tongue. Her hands move to my head as she presses my head into her pussy to get my tongue as deep as it can go. With her hips raised my hands cup her ass cheecks and I start caressing the soft flesh on that beautiful ass of hers. As I lick faster and deeper I feel Sue's body tense up just before the first wave of her orgasm started. As her orgasm continues my hands pulled her closer to me as I licked and lapped up every ounce of juice her pussy could produce. As Sue's orgasm subsided we laid there, not saying a word, just listening to the rain hitting the canvas. I lay there with my eyes closed until I felt a hand on my cock, I opened my eyes in time to see Sue's tonguestart licking my shaft. A moan uncontrollably escaped from my throat. Sue licked up and down my shaft, sucked on my balls, and moved back up to dance her tongue on the tip of my swollen cock. Then as her eyes looked up and locked onto my eyes, with on gulp she sucked all 8" down. Sue masterfully sucked and licked my cock until she felt my excitement build,(as if that took much, just being with this gorgeous beauty was enough to put the starch in the flagpole) she then let it slip out of her mouth, grabbed it and held it as she sat over my hips and slowly lowered her wet pussy onto my hard throbbing cock. My hands instantly went to her breast as I caressed, massaged, and gently pinched themas Sue raised up and down on my cock. I watched as Sue bounced up and down on my cock, her head looking upward to the skies, then back downward as we looked deep into each other's eyes. Our moans became louder as our excitement built. As Sue rode my cock I would raise my hips upward to meet her downward thrust. Our excitement continued to build until our orgasms hit. My cock exploded like an erupting volcano deep into her pussy. Sue's juices coded my cock as it was buried deep in her pussy. As our orgasms ended Sue collapsed on me. My armsheld her tight as we could feel our heats beating together as if they were one.
Tropical Seminars
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I hated technical seminars. A few months ago my company sent me down to one of the Caribbean islands for such a meeting. I really hate attending these things but the prospect of going through one on a tropical island was just too good to pass up. I arrived lateSunday evening and just had time to get to the resort, unpack and climb into bed so I could make an 8 AM kick-off meeting. I arrived at the meeting and was welcomed by a table groaning with pasties, bagels, coffee, fresh fruit and juice. I grabbed what I thought would carry methrough the morning session and took a seat toward the back of the room. I got there early so I was able to see the people come in. There were several hot women among the attendees and I made mental notes of those I would like to chat up later. The warm weather of the venue brought out a lot of cotton sundresses and other loose and "cool" clothing among the females. I was miserable in my suit and tie.After six hours of blah-blah-blah, we were released to do as we pleased. I hurried back to my room and immediately stripped off my business suit. I dressed in walking shorts and a t-shirt and put on tennis shoes without socks. All I wanted to do was get away from the meeting area and be by myself for a while. I wanted to enjoy some of this island charm. The resort backed up to a short hill that rose from the lagoon beach. I took a hike up the hill and stopped after about fifteen minutes. I was in an area thick with trees and brush but could see the beach below. Several of the hot gals from the meeting were now frolicking in the water wearing next-to-nothing bikinis to my delight.I sat down among the grasses under a tree. There was a gentle wind and the smell of local flowers in the air. The sound of the waves rolling into the beach was very soothing. I felt tense from the day's meeting and had a slight case of "blue balls" from fantasizing about the sexy babes all day. There appeared to be no one in sight up on the hill so I unzipped my shorts, pulled out my dick and began to slowly stroke it. The masturbation felt good and I even pulled down my shorts a bit more to expose my balls to the open air. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the trunk of the tree. I allowed the soft breeze andthe soothing sound of the ocean waves to put me into a feeling of sexual bliss. My cock flopped in my hand at first but the more I jerked it the thicker and harder it got. Soon I was fully erect and developed a pleasing rhythm with my hand sliding along the shaft. Visions of young ladies paraded in my mind's eye. Each was slowly undresseduntil they were delightfully naked. One redhead, a secretary attending the seminar with her boss (who was probably fucking her as I sat there jerking off) appeared to me with fiery red pubic hair between her thighs. My breathing increased as I imagined sliding my hard cock inside that copper-colored nest. Suddenly I heard a twig break nearby and became aware of someone close to me. "Oh shit!" I thought, "Someone from the resort is catching me pull my 'pud' out here in the open!" I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head in the direction of the sound. I couldn't believe my eyes as I stared at a wonderful sight. Standing about ten feet away was a young, tall bare-breasted black woman wearingonly cut-off jean shorts and sandals. She carried a white t-shirt in her hand along with a pair of sunglasses. She was gorgeous. She had long, wavy black hair that fell past her shoulders, down her back to the waist. Her skin was of a warm brown color with her full round breasts a shade lighter. Dark chocolate nipples tipped each bare breast. They were large but now were puckered and erect. Her legs kept going on for 'miles'. The material of her shorts was tight against herpussy. I thought I would go nuts! I remembered one lovely black woman at the seminar but she was fully clothed and had her hair "up"."Hey, everything's cool. Don't stop. I was enjoying myself just watching you!" she said. I continued to unconsciously whack off while staring at her tits. "Uh...hello!" was all I could get out. She apparently realized she surprised the shit out of me and tried to put me at ease. "I hated it in that meeting room. I could not wear my business clothes any longer and just had to get out of that bra." She said. "I thought I'd take a short stroll up here on the hill and aftera while I decided to take off my top and really get comfortable. I see you had the same idea but took your matters into you own hands!" With that pun she giggled and her boobs bounced as she laughed. I said: "Uh, yeah...couldn't stand the tension with all you lovely creatures at the resort...had to find some release. I guess this place isn't so private after all." "No, I guess not," said the beauty. "My name is Ja'neece and I remember from your nametag at the meeting that yours is John. I took the liberty of reading it when we both got some juice during a break." Ja'neece came over to me and knelt down by my side facing me. Her beautiful breasts were at eye level. I couldn't take my eyes off them and it must have been obvious to her. "Since I startled you, let me make it up to you by helping you out", she said. Ja'neece took my stiff cock from my hands, wrapped her slender brown fingers around the shaft and began to manipulate it. I was going out of my mind withpleasure. I fought the urge to blow my load right then and there. I wanted this to go on for a while. Ja'neece leaned toward me and lifted her left breast with her other hand. "Suck it" she said. I opened my mouth and filled it with a generous portion of soft flesh. I licked and sucked her nipple, as I had not done to any other woman. I was losing myself in all of it. My mouth on her bare tit and her hand sliding up and down my cock. I reached down to feel her crotch and found her jean shorts to be wet between her thighs. I rubbed her pussy through the material and she began to sigh and moan. She increased the speed of her hand jerking me off as I rubbed her love mound and sucked her tit. Soon we were both going at it in a fury. I couldn't hold it any longer and let her nipple slip from my mouth as I let out an "Arrrggghhh!" and shot a jet of cum from the head of my cock. The sticky white liquid covered Ja'neece's hand and splattered my balls and pubic hair. The cream ran down the shaft of my cock as Ja'neece licked her fingers. I collapsed back against the tree as she bent down and cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue. I have had some wild sex in the past but this was the most fun without sticking my dick in some gal's pussy.We put our arms around each other and relaxed for a while to catch our breath. Then Ja'neece put her top back on and stood up. I pulled up my shorts and zipped them and got up as well. She planted a hot kiss on my mouth and asked me if I would be eating dinner at the resort. I said yes and made plans to meet her there. We parted and went to our separate bungalows to clean up and dress for dinner. I met her and we enjoyed each other's company the rest of evening. Which also means we went back to my room to strip and fuck 'til we dropped! I love technical seminars.
Shaving the Kat
Courtesy of Richards Realm
"Ping" your friends today! Download Messenger Now I live on a military base and have to pay monthly bills to the "Mess" I live in. The Mess accountant is called Kat, and for the past year I have always been attracted to Kat, despite still being (just) married and having a mistress. I always knew that she was attracted to me too, but we'd never done anything about it. That was until recently. I usually see Kat in the mornings as I leave to drive to work. We've always passed pleasantries, but a couple of weeks ago we started flirting with eachother. It was only a few loose comments, but I always ended up driving with a hard-on and wondering what lay beneath her business-like suit. Were those stockings or tights? Does she wear sexy panties or granny's bloomers? Then one Monday morning, with a leaving party coming up on the following Friday, I summoned up the courage to ask her to come along. I was just about to drive off when she came out of the Mess, so I stopped and asked her if she was free, fully expecting to be disappointed, but I wasn't. On the Friday Kat and I joined the rest of my guys on a minibus and we drove off to a local American-style restaurant. During the journey and the meal we chatted easily, and then at some point towards the end of the meal my hand strayed to her leg beneath the table. Sadly she was wearing trousers, but I was heartenedwhen her hand found mine, and electricity began to pass between us. The touching continued on the journey home, and I ventured a first kiss. I automatically flicked my tongue into her mouth, and she eagerly responded; our tongues searched each other's mouths and we nibbled each other's lips. My hands roamed over her thighs and I rubbed her crotch beneath her big coat, and Kat slid her hand between my legs and rubbed my stiff cock. I could feel the excitement literally rising in me.Having arrived back at my Mess we grabbed a couple of quick drinks before retiring to my room. We removed our coats then held each other close as we kissed long and deep. I ran my hands over her buttocks and up her back. I pushed Kat's long hair back from her face as I probed her mouth with my tongue, then I pushed her head back and licked and nibbled her neck. I began to undo the buttons of her blouse and revealed an amazingly well kept secret ­ her 36DD chest! I had no idea her breasts were so large. Kat put it down to her narrow back and keeping them well in check, but now that I had them in full view, heldback only by her lacy bra, I was extremely pleased with myself. I massaged them as I kissed her nipples through the lacy, black material, then I slipped my hands behind her back and undid the clasp, releasing their magnificence. Kat sat in my armchair and I knelt between her legs, leaning over to lick and suck her tits. As I did this I also undid her trousers! and began to pull them off. Kat raised her ass to let me do this, and I pulled her shoes and trousers off to reveal a pair of sexy, black, lacy panties. She wrapped her legs behind my backand pulled me towards her and I buried my face between her huge mounds, licking, sucking and biting her nipples. After a few minutes Kat pushed me away and we both stood. She quickly undid my shirt buttons and pulled it off, licking my own nipples as she did so. Kat knelt before me and undid my jeans, pulling them down my legs. As I stepped out ofthem she rubbed my hard cock through my pants licking at the damp patch that had appeared. She pulled my pants down and my cock sprang from their binding slapping her in the face. Kat poked her tongue out and licked my swollen head, a silvery string connecting the two. As she took hold of my manhood with one hand the other passed between my legs to rub my heavy balls ­ balls that hadn't been milked by a woman for many weeks. Kat slowly started to wank me as she opened her mouth and took me in good and deep. Her lips and tongue expertly worked mycock as she continued to wank me off, then she suddenly stood up and said: "You're not cumming in my mouth just yet young man! I could taste it rising in your shaft." "How do you feel about me cumming in your mouth?" I asked her. "Just swallow and get on with it is what I say."I couldn't believe my luck! It had been years since a woman had let me(intentionally) cum in her mouth, and now here was an opportunity too good to miss. However, now it was my turn to do something for her.I got Kat to kneel on the armchair facing away from me. She leant on the back of the chair and I knelt once more on the floor between her legs. I ran my hands over her smooth legs and thighs, and over her creamy buttocks, fingering the thin piece of material that divided her bum cheeks. I reached round to fondle her big, pendulous breasts and ran my tongue over her bum. I pulled the thong to one side and ran my tongue up and down her pink cunt lips. I poked my tongue between the lips and tasted her moistness, but as I did this I noticed that herfanny was really quite hairy ­ not what I like at all. "Would you mind if I shave your fanny for you?" I asked Kat. "Yeah if you like."Kat sounded more than a little surprised, but I turned her over and pulled her panties down revealing the full extent of her hairy bush. I fetched my clippers, the ones I use to cut my own hair on a weekly basis, and I set about cutting off her fuzz. Once I had done as much as I could with the clippers I fetched my razor and shaving cream, and I set about giving her a totally clean-shaven pussy. Having done so I got some moisturiser and gently rubbed it into the smooth, hairless mound. She seemed very pleased with her new appearance, and even more pleased as I pushed her legs over the arms of the chair and buried my face eagerly in her cunt and began to work my tongue up and down, in and out. I sought out her clit and licked and sucked it as I worked first one then two fingers in and out of her now sopping wet hole. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure, caressing her breasts. I loved the taste of her juices as they ran into my mouth and down my chin and before! too long I felt her begin to buck beneath me and her breathing came in short gasps. Her orgasm ripped through her and she writhed and twisted as she held my head in her hands, and I lapped and slurped at her cunt, enjoying the sensations her juices were giving me. I stood and turned her over, slipping my cock deep inside her. She was so hotand wet and her cunt was still in spasm as I buried myself in her up to my balls. I could feel her wetness running over my balls and I kept myself in that position as I kissed and nibbled her neck, fondling her heavy tits. Then I began to pump into Kat, long, slow strokes at first followed by shallow strokes, then deep, quick strokes, my heavy balls banging against her thighs. "Take me to the bed." Kat ordered me.We stood and I led her through to the bedroom. "Lie down." Kat told me, and I did as I was told. She knelt on the bed next to me, took my cock in her hands and began to lick it up and down, tasting her own juices. Kat sucked at my balls before popping the helmet in her mouth and shebobbed up and down, my cock going deeper and deeper into her throat. She wanked me slowly as her mouth worked expertly and I began to feel the cum rising up my shaft. I withdrew my cock from her mouth, grabbed Kat's head and pushed her onto the bed. I knelt above her face. Kat opened her mouth wide and held her tongue out as the first powerful jet of sperm shot over her, hitting her cheek and hair. The second went straight into her mouth, and I sent subsequent jets of cum over her chin, nose and mouth. Kat ran her tongue round mouth and swallowedwhatever she could reach. Then she used her fingers to wipe her face clean and licked my cum off. She pulled my face down to meet hers and we kissed long and hard, sharing the taste of my s! punk. My cock was now becoming flaccid, but he was well satisfied, and he saw plentymore action before Kat slipped away from my bed the following morning. That was the first of many liaisons between us, and every one has thrown up something different, and I've loved every illicit minute of it!
Playing with Myself
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Laying there in bed and hearing nothing was quite pleasant. No Hubby, No kids just peace and quiet. It was the first time I have slept in for a long time and it was great. I was feeling very frisky and I knew just what I wanted. I got up and took a shower found my new Brazilian Lace Chemise that Chris bought from Fredrick's for me just because he thought I would look sexy as hell in it. I tried it on and stood in front of the mirror and he was right, I loved the way it looked on me. I went over and up the camera and then got my toy out. I put onsome soft music and started the camera. I was kneeling on the bed and started to caress myself, blowing some kisses and flashing some skin. I slowly pulled the top to the side exposing my breast one at a time, squeezing my nipples and giving them a tug. I slowly let a hand slide down across my stomach and down my leg. Wetting my fingers I gently rubbed my nipples making them stiff, I slowly lifted my outfit up exposing my recently shaved pussy. I ran my hand flat over my pussy up to my navel and back down to my pussy. I ran a finger through my slit, feeling my juices flowing in me, I pushed a finger in. I let out a soft gasp as I started to bite down on my lip. I pulled my finger from my pussy and brought it up to my mouth and sucked it like it was a small cock. I feel back into my pillows and let my hands run all over my body. I spread my legs wide and opened my pussy, my clit was swollen and the cool breeze from the fan made me shiver with excitement. My fingers squeezing my clit, I tugged at it then pushed my fingers down in my wetness. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices run a out and down. I reached over and grabbed my glass toy, which after setting out in the cool air has become just as cool. I gave it a few licks and sucked it for a minute or two. The cool glass made my nipples hard as the toy glided over them. I put the head of the toy on my warm wet pussy, my body tensed up for a moment as the chill shot up through me. I pushed it in me, was so cold but felt so good in me. Long soft strokes pushing deep in me, I rubbed my clit and could feel my pussy tighten down on my toy. Harder and faster as I needed to cum, I was moaning and shouting "oh god fuck me", and I was. I could feel my juices flow even more, my sweet little ass was wet as well. I pulled my toy out, rolled over and got up on my knee's lifting my ass high up. Placing the toy back under me I lowered my pussy back down, as Imoved up and down on my glass friend, I reached back and started to slowly rub my ass, was so soft I slid a finger in. Feeling my orgasm starting to build, I was bucking harder on my toy. I pushed my finger deeper in my ass and felt my toy pushing on my insides, rubbing my clitwith my other hand as fast as I could I started to cum, I pushed my toy as deep in me as it could go. I felt my pussy clamp down on the toy and my ass on my finger. Felt like an hour of pure bliss as I didn't move, I collapsed down not wanting to move anything just yet. I slowly removed my finger first and when I did my pussy squeezed even harder around my toy. As I slowly removed my toy and rolled onto my side, Laying there feeling my body come down from all that, my mind put me on my own private island. Just then I heard someone clapping, I quickly popped up to look who was there and to my surprise it was Jenny. Shecame over to the bed and sat down next to me, smiling she said " nice show hope you let me give you one someday". I had completely forgotten she was coming over today, as I told her that "she could give me a show anytime". With a grin she whispered to me "that it will be sooner then you think", as she patted me on the ass and told me "to move it or we are going to be late". I know we were going shopping and couldn't help to think what else she was planning for our day together.
Those Damn Geese
Courtesy of Richards Realm
They met for lunch, as agreed, at a little Italian bistro overlooking the lake. She arrived first. Stunningly, she showed off her deep tan in stark white—a short, white leather skirt, ultra-soft, topped with a cap-sleeved silk t-shirt, also white. The contrast of cinnamon and white dazzled. As she studied the wine menu, he sneaked up to her, pressed his hands softly over her eyes and rested his cheek, a swath of velvet, on hers whispering in her ear, "Guess who." She placed both her hands over his, moving them gently away, and turned to his blue eyes. "Trying to scare me?" She laughed, tossing her long, sun-drenchedhair over her shoulders. "Are you especially hungry?" he asked. "I wouldn't mind to take a walk along the lake for a bit. I need to unwind; the morning's been a bit rough." The day was sunny, but not unusually warm for July, mostly comfortable. As they left the restaurant, he took her hand, squeezing it gently, holding onto itfirmly. His touch melted her heart. They walked wordlessly side by side, hip to hip, to the end of the wooden walkway, then descended the stairs heading toward the breakwater by the lake. With just a few bobbing sailboats off in the distance, the area ahead was totally deserted. They exchanged no words, but the warmth in their hands, the rhythmic bump of their hips, tingled electrically. When they reached the mismatched concrete slabs of the breakwater, he stopped, then took both her hands in his, "You look fabulous in white, like a goddess. Ididn't know anyone could carry it off so well. It's so non-descript. Your beauty blinds me." Blushing her thanks, she moved closer to him, loosed her hands from his and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Their eyes met, and needing no further invitation, he pressed his body into hers, kissing her softly, inhaling the perfume of her mouth. She parted her lips, her tongue resting at her bottom lip. He licked her lips, top then bottom, and then slipped his tongue inside, glidingit over her tongue, and then into every nook inside--a fuck kiss, preliminary, sure. She welcomed it, slowly; then greedily, she sucked on it. He pulled his tongue out, then kissed her forehead, eyelid, cheek, tenderly, lovingly. Passions afire, their hips pressed into each other; she could feel his erect cock through his pants. "I want more," her voice rasped. At that, he kissed her slowly and deeply for a long while. When he momentarily stopped, her breath was slow and choked. She caressed his back, then moved her hands hesitantly down to his firm buttocks. She loved the feel of them, steely and curved. She pressed her fingers into his ass cheeks, bringing him yet closer. He, in turn, slid his hands onto her ass, stroking the roundness, up then down, side to side. He pulled her closer pressing her into his rigid cock. She smiled feeling him yearning to enter her. As their tongues danced a slow sensuous waltz, she writhed into him, her hips moving as ifprogrammed. At some point, he paused to catch his breath and swallow the smoky aqua pools that were her eyes. "Let's sit awhile; you're blowing my mind," he suggested. "There's a stretch of concrete just over there." Hand in hand, they walked to a section of breakwaterwall that extended out, flat, even and smooth. In anticipation, her heart pounded in her chest. At the vertex where thighs met, she was a pool of heat, wet and lust. He sat at the edge of one of the blocks and leaned slightly back. He smiled, his lips loose, wanting. She stood before him smiling impishly, searching his eyes. He cocked his head to one side, then placing his hands on her thighs just above her knees, sliding upward along them, his thumbs reaching ever higher, he askedhuskily, "Anything under this lovely white skirt?" She smiled, then shifted her body so the skirt lifted slightly more. His hands moved farther up her thighs until they reached the heat of her soft lips. "Ifigured," he whispered, stroking her thighs gently, his thumbs moving closer to the source of her ultimate pleasure. She glanced at the bulge that threatened to destroy his zipper. Then, like a maestro conducting a symphony, she unsnapped and unzipped him spreading the cloth away from his body the way one would shuck an ear of corn. He wore nounderwear. His smooth, flat stomach was sheathed in descending layers of dark, gently curling hairs, and just below that, his marble cock throbbed and bounced, deep pink, arrogant, impudent. The first drops of pre-cum, a puddle of lust, already glazed the tip. Standing before him, her knees touching his, she leaned forward dropping melon-sized breasts near his face. As he reached to squeeze them, she kissed his mouth deeply, her tongue caressing his. Swiftly, she left his tongue, and hungrily her tongue slicked over the tip of his glistening granite cock. She lapped eagerly, rapturously, enjoying the rigidity, thesilkiness, the scent, the taste. "Mmmm," she murmured. "You taste like the ocean." Almost choreographed, at the sound of her twentieth, or so mmmmm, and now lost in abject longing, he raised her skirt until her naked pussy was fully exposed. He stroked the outer labia strongly, and then, as if riding on air, she straddled him, slipping herself glovelike over his beautiful, bulging cock. His cock felt every muscle in her vagina. Arms wrapped tightly, cock inside deeply, they began a slow rhythmic rocking. She drove her hips down and forward, then squeezed every muscle tweaking his cock extra hard. He clutched at her ass, pulling her more closely onto him, taking her as far in as he could. The fiery tip of his cock strove for her cervix. Her vagina pulsing, she nuzzled her face into his neck, her pouty nipples grazing teasingly at his chest through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She moved like a well-oiled piston, at first up and down, ever so slowly, over his pulsing penis. And then she changed the range, rocking on him from front to back, pounding her clit onto the base of his cock the rest of which seemed forever lost inside her. Nearing orgasm, shetightened her vadge muscles vice-like on his cock, squeezing him...sotightly...until he cried out incomprehensively. She was lost in the magic, and waves of ecstasy engulfed every nerve in her cunt. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper. More!! Go deeper, darling... AAAHHH!... aaaaahhhhh!!!!" He rode her like a cowboy on a wild bronco as she thrust her ass high, flexing her buttocks and vadge muscles, holding the last up move until they drove deeply into each other, then wrenching his cock like a vice. As she shuddered, moaned, cried out, he savoured each syllable that urged him to plunge deeper, draw her ass in closer and bring them both to orgasm. "Do you love this, baby? Do you want me to touch your soul?" He whispered, barely audible. "Yes! Hurry...fuck me...fuck me harder! Deeper. Hurry!!" He moved out of her, just 'til his cock was half in, half out. He held the position, feeling her vagina tug at him, once, twice, again. Then he withdrew, all but the tip. She moaned. "Want me, darlin'?" he asked. She thrust downward, pulling him in, squeezing her vadge muscles tightly, and when he tried again to pull out, she grabbed yet more, thrusting her hips up, clutching his back with full fingers and arms, driving her ass forcefully into his thighs. The pleasure rippling through his cock drove him to utter a long cry as he dove deeper into her, his cock a pestle. Sliding his hands under her ass, he drew her up to slam her into his buttocks, drawing her farther yet onto his cock. He leaned toward her face searching for her tongue. Explosively, theirmouths swallowed each other, tongues entwined. Her body was a human bonfire, writhing in passionate dance. "Deeper, darling," she urged. "Fuck me. Fuck me--oooohhhh! Deeper." He thrust with each word, his cock aflame, his cum ready to burst through at the first strong, sure contraction of her cunt, the first sign she was there. Temptress, scamp, wolf, she drew back. She inched herself off easily, his cockbobbing at the affront. Only the cockhead stayed inside her. In full control, narrowing her eyes, she slowly...slowly...swirled her hips, her lips squeezing and writhing on his cockhead as he moaned in ecstatic agony. "How does this feel, darlin'?" she smiled. In reply he clutched at her buttocks, pulling her onto him, wanting to feel thefull length of her vagina, but she resisted. He removed both hands from her ass cheeks, and with one freshly- licked finger he traced a quick path up her inner thigh, over her vadge lips, into the wet hot valleys there and finally onto her puffy pulsing clit. She groaned, squirmed deliberately to get the right position, then moved swiftly, purposefully against his finger. He obliged, dancing with her, his fingers an Astaire of pleasure. She flung her head back driving her clit into his fingers. And then, hot orgasm moments away, she drew her knees up to her waist and slid him as far inside her as she could fit him. Holding tightly to each other, they were one, a mass of frenzy, sensuousness, excitation. Forcefully, at her demand, he pumped his hips upward to meet her uncontrollable, driving thrusts. She cried out loudly, her ass working to bring every bit of his cock far into her. Moments later they melted into one chorused moan of animalistic pleasure. As they shuddered spasmodically, they held each other closely. Their coming was loud, long, intense, wave upon wave, shiver after shiver, sirens of sensation. All the while her mouth was pressed to his, her tongue drowning in his mouth, his, drinking her essence, consuming her. For an endless while, until their breathing evened, they clung to each other, breasts to breasts, hips to hips, knees to knees. Then slowly she withdrew from him, their love liquids like dew drops polka-dotting their pubic hairs. They kissed again, softly, gently, then again. As his sperm slowly trickled down her inner thighs, she massaged two hands of fingers into it, then caressed her thighs and her labia, the wetness a love-balm. Then she edged two fingers insideherself, curving them forward and squeezing on them once again to savour the final throbbing sensations. He took her hands in his, then raised her fingers to his mouth. Gently, he took them into his mouth sucking gingerly. She trembled, first in her thighs and buttocks and then all over. Still holding her close, he spoke almost inaudibly as tears streamed down her cheeks, "You made a lot of noise, darlin'. Attracted a big crowd," he chuckled as he pointed behind him. Her attention was drawn to the grassy stretch beyond. Peering over his shoulder, she stared directly into the inquisitive eyes of atleast a hundred Canada geese.
Precious Me
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Mmmm guess what I'm doing right now. i'm sitting here at the computer, going to type to you what I do to me. I cant stop thinking about you. I keep thinking about your cock. How perfect it is. How big you are. How much its going to hurt and stretch me and my god i want that so bad. My pussy is so wet now. My breathing is irregular. My pulse is so fast. My eyes have dialated and are heavy and my nipples are so hard. My breasts feel full and heavy in my hands. I cant stop my hands from moving down to my pants, cupping my pussy thru my pants. Its so hot now.. and damp. I'm so wet for you my panties are soaked. I want you so bad right now. Wish I could feel that cock burried inside. I slide my hand downmy pants and under my panties waistband. I move my fingers down till i feel... hot silky wetness. I'm so wet for you. My pussy so ready to have you slide inside me. I slip my fingers between my pussy lips. I sigh because it feels so good. My little clit is ready for your mouth. It's so sensitive and tiny. God it feels good to touch it. I roll my finger around my clit and I try to keep a moan inside. I move my finger lower and slip it inside. Oh my... i'm so hot. my pussy is so hot and wet. With one finger inside, I use my other finger to rub my clit. Tiny circular movements while I push my finger deeper and move it around too. God it feels good. my little clit is so sensitive. My baby toes curl up and I let my head fall back... still trying to keep my moans inside. I feel my nipples tingle they are so hard now. All my muscles are clenched... body is tense and I arch my back deep. It feels so good, what my hands are doing to my pussy. My hands are getting completely soaked now. My pussy is so ready for your cock. You would slide inside soooo good. I keep thinking about how that is going to feel, how your cock is going to stretch me... and I slip another finger inside and spread the two fingers apart and try to stretch my pussy. I stretch my fingers apart hard and think about how ur cock is going to stretch me... but my fingers are too little. It is not enough. I need more. I slide my hand back up and give my nipples a squeeze. Then, I slip my pants and panties down. I grab my newest toy... the glass dildo with the little balls on the end. It is heavy and cool to the touch.I know this is going to feel so good. My breath quickens with anticipation. I spread my legs wide and tilt my pussy up to recieve it. I close my eyes and open my mouth and let my toy slip inside. Oh God. I cant stop the moan and just the tiny cringe my body makes when I feel my toy stretch me. I love that feeling. It makes my pulse beat faster and faster. I want that feeling again so I pull my toy all the way out, spread my pussy lips farther and slip my toy back inside. Oh GOD... there it is again. That stretching feeling. I love that. My pussyjuices are just flowing out now... dripping onto the floor. I push my toy deeper this time... feeling it move deeper inside me and I moan.It feels so heavenly. With my other hand I tentatively touch my clit. Just a tiny brush with my fingers. I moan and my pussy clenches tight around my toy. My nipples tingle more. My eyes are closed and my is head tilted back. I can feel my blood pump through me. Feel my body getting hotter... and I feel my cheeks begin to flush pink. I pull my toy back out all the way. I need that feeling again. I need to feel it stretch my virgin tight pussy again. I begin to rub my clit with my free hand and at the same time I slam my toy in and suck in a deepbreath when i feel it penetrate and push so deep. My god it feels so good. I cant open my eyes and I move my head from side to side. I cant stop the moans that come out. I want more. I cant stop thinking about you and what you would do if u were here and could see me now. You would pound my pussy and pump it till you filled it up. So, I have to go faster and push it deeper and deeper. I feel my body clench asI rub my little clit in circular motions and push my toy in and out - in and out. Letting it fully slide out so I can feel that delicious stretching sensation when it slips back inside. My pussy is pouring juices even more than before. My hands are wet. Both of them. I can feel it running down between my ass cheeks. There's a thought that makes my pulse beat faster and my breath quicken even more. Oh God if only I could feel that huge cock pound into my ass. I move my hands faster. I stroke my clit and I start to really thrust my toy deep... feeling it so deep inside. I clench my pussy muscles even more. Tt feels so good. The tighter I can make it the better. I cant stop my moans and little pants now. I cant stop thinking about how good it would feel to have that huge cock burried in my ass. To hear you pant and groan when you felt how tight I was. To feel you grow harder and bigger inside. The little screams and moans that would pour out of my mouth. The sounds of you pumping my ass hard. Like an animal. So wild and hot. The only thing you think about is cumming in my tight little ass. I can feel it. I can feel how soft and swollen my pussy is becoming. My heart beats so fast now. I cant open my eyes. I feel a huge cry building up inside. Its going to come out soon. I feel my toy as it pushes harder, finding that spot that i cant resist. It feels so good. I have images flashing through my head so fast. The things yousay. How hard i make you, how bad you want me. How you want to rip my pussy apart. Oh I cant stop myself. I'm wiggling all over in my seat. Beginning to kick and push with my feet and I know I'm close. My cheeks are so hot now, my breath so fast. I can feel it building inside. I'm so close. I keep thinking about my ass. About how its going to hurt... and i want that. Oh God I want that feeling. Please give it to me. Thinking about it makes my pussy wetter. My god is that possible? Can I be any wetter than I all ready am? Oh but it feels so good. I rub my clit hard now... and fast. Mmmmm... i can feel it... every stroke my toy makes deep inside I feel it closer. My legs are wanting to kick wildly. I have my ass raised up, I keep pushing my feet down and resisting the thrusts with my toy. I'm so close. That scream that has been building up inside is ready to come out. Any second now. I think of how you are going to sound when you cum. Your growl. Your moan. Your pants. I think about hot cum filling me up inside and you still pumping me even after you cum. Oh I cant take it any more. I thrust my toy so hard so deep! I rub my fingers so fast! faster! harder! deeper. Again and again!! Yes!!! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I feel the heat! I'm there! I'm flying! I'm climbing higher and higher! I scream! Oh God it feels wonderful! Oh yes!!! I fuck myself while I cum! Please! Make it last! Oh please! I cant stop my hands. I'm still pumping my toy in and out - in and out and rubbing my clit! ohhh it feels so good!My cum is pouring out over my toy! I feel it and i moan and pant. Oh yes... Noo its fading... its fading... the high is coming down... but still i move my toy in and out. Slowing my movements. Slowing the speed of my fingers. Slower and Slower... till I barely move my toy in and out.. its over. I'm falling down now. My pulse still beats fast... but my body has slowed. My cum still pours out and runs down. I leave my toy inside. I slide my fingers over my wet pussy... I bring my wet fingers to my lips and I taste. It is good. I love the taste. I ruba wet finger over my lips. Its so warm. I flick my tongue out and lick it off. I move my hand back down and grab my toy. I pull it out and bring it to my lips. It is so hot. My pussy is so hot inside. I slide it over my lips and tongue until it cools. Making sure I lick off all my cum and only then do i lay it at rest on my chest. I move my fingers back down and cup some more cum in my hands. I lick my hands and suck all my cum off. Its so warm and it tastes so good sliding over my tongue. I like it. I think about you... wonder if you will lay there and smile while I eat my cum... and yours... I wonder if u'll join me. I lick and slurp my cum until there is none left. I lay there and feel my pulse slow. My breathing return to normal. I'm so tired now. So sleepy. I think of you and smile. I cant wait till you can watch me. I cant wait till you sit and tell me what to do. I want you to take pictures. I want you to film. I want you. My eyes get heavier and heavier. My smile fades and my eyes close. as i begin to drift off i think about you once more. I wish I could curl up with you and feelyour heartbeat too... watch you drift off to sleep with me thoroughly dicked. My last thought as my body falls into darkness is how much I cant wait to tell you what I've done... while you were gone.
Aunt Alice
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I had just graduated from college with an engineering degree and had taken a job in the same town as my aunt Alice. We had been very close when I was a kid as her family lived in the same very small town as I had. Her oldest boy was my age and I spent a lot of time at their place because we lived in the country and they lived in town. Her youngest had graduated from high school last spring and she divorced her husband during my freshman year in college and had moved to Rochester, Minnesota where she was a cook at a local cafe. Alice insisted I staywith her until I found my own place so I did. She had to be at work by 5:00 n the morning and I worked the graveyard shift in a manufacturing plant as the only night engineer so I didn't get home until 6:30. That meant we could share her one bedroom for sleeping except for weekends when I slept on the couch. I was pretty popular in high school but none of the girls I dated ever screwed anyone. Keep in mind I graduated in the early 1970's. My first fuck was with a very fat girl after we got drunk and ended up at a party in her basement apartment. I came pretty fast and she didn't, so that wasn't too successful. My only other actual sex also occurred when I was drunk. A hometown girl wasvisiting one of her friends and she ended up in my room after some heavy drinking. She was also quite heavy and her pussy felt like the Grand Canyon. Shortly after I entered her she asked if I had any protection, which I didn't. I soon withdrew and went down on her until she came. She didn't want to return the favor and the booze had gotten to me so that was the end of that experience. So as you can see I was pretty inexperienced in the sack. Alice was also on the heavy side and had pretty big tits for her 5'3" frame. She had been divorced for over three years and my guess was that she probably hadn't been screwed since then. She had just turned fifty when she was divorced so shewas 53 at the time. Since the sleeping arrangement was working so well and we really didn't see much of each other, I continued to live with her to help pay her rent. When I returned from work on this Friday in early December the forecast was for very heavy snow and it had started. I was disappointed because I was bound and determined to go out and get laid this weekend and the blizzard would probably ruin that. I was beat when I got home and hopped into bed in my boxers as I usually did. I was horny but decided no to beat the meat in hopes that I wouldget some later tonight. Little did I know. Alice came home around noon because the weather was closing everything down. She quietly came into the bedroom and picked up her nightgown the went to shower. She always showered when she came home because she smelled like grease. After her shower she put on her nightgown which reached her mid thighs. She was dead tired so she decided to crawl into bed beside me. I was dead to the world and didn't notice her getting into bed. It was 2:30 in the afternoon when I awoke needing to piss. Alice and I had ended up snuggled up a little bit with her back to me. Her ass was not quite making contact with my dick but it was close. I had a hardon which is normal for me when I wake up. Realizing I was in bed with my aunt a few feet away in her nightgown didn't help my state of arousal. I had never thought of her in a sexual manner before, because she had always been my second mother. Since I was a horny 23 year old guy I thought what the heck and pretended I was still sleeping as I kicked the covers a little and moved a little closer. This movement brought me into slight contact with her ass. I almost creamed my shorts right there. I gave that first contact about five minutes to settle down just in case it had woke Aunt Alice. I got bolder and carefully reached down to open the button on my boxers and release my prick which is only 5" long. I nuzzled a little closer and pressed my cock into her fleshy buttocks. It felt like she wasn't wearing any panties but I couldn't be sure. I tried to hold still but my prick was twitching on its own and I was leaking precum already. I became bolder in my horny state and slowly reached for her thigh where her nightgown ended. I slowly moved the material up until there was resistance from my prick. I moved back a little and allowed the top part of her nightie to slide past her heavy ass cheek to uncover one buttock. As soon as my prick made contact with her flesh I started to come all over her ass and nightie. I pressed hard into her and it seemed like I would come forever. When I had finished I about panicked. What would I do now? Alice must have sensed my fear. "Don't worry about the mess it washes off. I just hope you have some left for the rest of the weekend." She then rolled onto her back and gave me a big hug. "That was a pretty big load you shot. Have you been saving that for someone special?" "I was hoping to get lucky this weekend." "I have a feeling you will." She laughed as she placed my hand on her wet pussy. I did and I got quite an education on how to take care of a woman's needs.
Office Girl
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I was now in my early twenties and I had been working at the company now for a couple of months and shared an office with Kim and Joanne.This office was a satellite office and apart from the receptionist in the complex we never saw any of the other company employees. Kim was five foot two, had jet black hair, brown eyes and a pretty face, she had a curvy bottom, slim waist and the biggest pair of tits I'd seen, she always wore a trouser suit, and kept herself covered, however now and then her blouse would gape and I'd catch a glimpse of milky lace covered flesh. Joanne and the other hand was five foot six, had dyed dark hair, blue eyes again quite pretty, she also had a curvy bottom, her mid section wasn't as slim as Kim's, but her tits were quite small. She always wore sweaters and short black skirts, her legs were always covered by tights. Whenever any mention of anything sexual was made Kim would blush madly and leave the room, Joanne would often make suggestive comments and deliberately try to shock Kim, and I have to admit that I always went along with it. It was Wednesday night and after the girls had left I started to change for the gym, I had managed to get my pants changed and taken off my shirt, the door opened and Kim entered, she saw me stripped to the waist. "I forgot my book." She stammered. "You should get changed in the men's." "There's not a lot of room in there, and any way look at Jo's calendar, I'm covered up compared to them." Kim was bright red. "I'll see you tomorrow." She said and quickly left the room, I continued getting ready. On Thursday Kim came in the room and nothing was mentioned about the previous night. "What nights do you go to the gym?" Kim asked. "Monday's and Wednesday's?" I answered. "Why?" I asked. "Just so I know." She said."What's all this about?" Jo asked. "Kim caught me changing last night." I answered. "Oh dear, I hope you weren't naked." Jo said laughing."No I had my pants on." I replied seriously. Kim had got up and left the room. Monday came around, again I started to get dressed, I pulled my tee-shirt on and stripped off my pants and boxers, as I reached into my bag to grab my pants the door opened, Kim was stood at the door, I quickly positioned my hands over my crotch. She walked over to me and was stood inches away. "Sorry, forgot my keys." Her eyes were locked on my hands. "No problem." I said. I expected her to blush and run, but instead she grabbed my hands and pulled them away. My cock was starting to harden; Kim then reached forwards and grabbed my now rapidly hardening cock. Her soft touch made it throb with anticipation. Kim pushed me back into a chair, she started to unbutton her blouse, I watched as button by button her flesh became exposed, now that her blouse was undone I could see the full magnificence of her tits, they were trapped inside a white lace bra, which was pushing them up and together. She pushed apart my legs and knelt on the floor, again she took my cock in her hands, she leant forwards and a small drop of saliva dropped onto the end of my cock, she started to rub it into my sick, both hands were rubbing up and down my cock. She let go and undid her bra, her breasts dropped slightly, I couldn't help myself, I reached out and grabbed those amazing tits, her nipples hardened in myhand, she then bent forward again and her mouth engulfed my cock, this was very surprising from the girl who got embarrassed by the slightest mention of sex, what was even more surprising was that she managed to take my seven inches fully into her mouth, I sat back and enjoyed the feeling as she gobbled my cock, and licked and sucked, but the best was yet to come, as my cock slipped out of her mouth, she straightened up and her tits rubbed over my balls and across my cock, her tits were so soft, when my cock was positioned between her tits she pressedthem together, what a feeling, they were so soft, Kim started to push herself up and down, as my cock poked out the top of her tits she would give it a quick lick, I was lost in the moment. "That's amazing." Was all I could keep repeating, I didn't want this moment to end, but that was impossible, as her tits fully engulfed my cock one more time,I couldn't contain my self, my cock erupted between those amazing soft milky orbs. Kim looked up at me and smiled. "That was amazing." I said."Thanks." She said. "See you tomorrow." "Eh OK then." I replied.Kim stood up and grabbed my boxers, and quickly dried my cum off her tits. She quickly dressed and left. The next morning I entered the office; Kim didn't mention anything about last night and seemed back to her shocked self. I tried to ask her about what had happened but she dismissed it as a spur of the moment thing, Jo was looking across at our whispered conversation with interest. Kim left the office. "What was that about?" She asked. "Oh nothing, she's lost her keys." I said."Oh well, I'm leaving at four tonight. Do you think Kim will be alright in an office with just a hot blooded male?" She said jokingly. "Of course she will." I answered. At four o'clock Jo left for the evening, I was left in the office with just Kim. "Last night." Kim said. "I'd had an argument with my husband, and well I'd had a couple of drinks and when I saw you, I thought what the hell. ""Well, I'm not complaining, but your husband might, I didn't even know you weremarried." I answered. "He's a bit older then me, he's forty three, and you know I'm twenty seven. I met him young, I was only eighteen, and to be fair sex has never been a big thing." She said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well it normally occurs once a month and consists of me lying on the bed with legs open; he hops on top, a couple of minutes later all over." She answered. "Well what you did to me last night wasn't like that." I said. "I tried it once, but he didn't like it." She said."Well his loss." I commented. Just thinking about last night caused me cock to harden. I wheeled my chair round to hers. I placed my hand on hers. Kim smiled at me, and stood up. "I'm just nipping to the loo." She said. "Yes, see you soon." I said. Kim disappeared, a couple of minutes later she re-entered the room her hair was now down. "You should wear your hair down more, it suits you." I said. "Thanks." She answered. Kim came over and sat on the corner of my desk. "Has Jo gone for the rest of the day?" She asked. "Yes." I answered. "Oh that's good." She said and stood up, walked over the door and locked it.Kim then came back over to my desk, she pushed my chair back. "I want you to make love to me." She said. Kim then started to unbutton her blouse, and then let it fall to the floor, the next thing she did was to unzip her pants, and again they slipped down to the floor, she was now stood in front of me in just her bra and pants, her tits wereheaving up and down, I gazed in awe at her tits, and then down her narrowing waist, and then back out over her hips. The bra and pants were matching black lace, I could see her tuft of hair throughthe lace of her pants, and her nipples were also showing through her bra. Kim came over and started to unfasten my pants. She pulled my pants and boxers clear and my cock sprung to freedom. Kim then turned around, she had a lovely curved butt, I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my lap, I moved my mouth to her neck and kissed it gently, theweight of her body pressed into my lap, my cock was pressing into back, and as I continued to kiss her neck and ears she laid her head back allowing me to kiss the side of her neck and around to her throat, my hands were grabbing at those amazing tits, but I was deprived the full effect as her tits were still imprisoned in their lace jail, Kim had reached up and undid the catch, I felt the weight press into my hands, I slipped them under the cups and felt again the soft skin of her tits, I started to knead and caress her tits, feeling her nipples pressing into my hands, Kim was moaning softly, with one hand still feeling every inch of her tits, Ii moved my other down over her belly and thendown further, I felt the waistband of her pants, and pushed my hand into the fabric, and down over the tuft of hair, and down and then into her opening, down over her clit and into her pussy, she felt tight, but wet, I then proceeded to rub up and down, my fingers coming into contact with her clit. Kim pressed down on her legs, the weight on my lap decreased, she hooked her fingers into her pants and pulled them clear, she was now sat naked on my lap, my cock was now in full contact with her warm flesh, and her hand grabbed my cock. Kim guided me to her opening, after a couple of attempts I felt my cock slip into her tight warm pussy; I moved my hands from her tits and pussy respectablyand grabbed her hips, I sat feeling her pussy gripping my cock, and then we both started to move, I started to thrust my hips forward, and Kim moved forwards, she was now bent at the waist and supporting her weight on the arms of my chair she started to bounce gently on my cock.Our pace was unbelievably slow, each thrust was taking at least ten seconds, and I sat and enjoyed the ride. This went on for many minutes, I reached forwards and pulled her back, I needed to feel those tits again, I grabbed them, Kim started to bounce faster, I could feel her tits bouncing up and down, and I just wished I could see them. I tilted my pelvis forward and this allowed my cock to penetrate her further. Iagain moved my had to her clit, within seconds Kim came back down on me fully, I then felt her walls tighten on my cock, Kim's body was rigid and then she started to squeal, I could feel her clit pulsating."Oh bloody hell, please keep going." She screamed. I complied and started to thrust into her faster and faster, she then lifted her legs and clamped them together, this changed the angle of approach totally, I thought she was tight to start with but now just the tightness of her pussy caused me to cum, my cock jerked violently inside her. I grabbed her tits and pulled her back onto my chest. We sat locked together."How was that?" I asked. "You'll laugh, but that's the first real orgasm I've ever had." She said. "It can't be." I said in a shocked tone. "No honest, I've never had one with a man, I normally have to take care of myself." Kim confessed. "Glad to oblige." I said. As Kim stood up, my cock slipped from her pussy. Kim grabbed her clothes, and started to pull them on. "This can be our secret. If you say anything I'll deny it." Kim said. "It's got nothing to do with anyone else." I said. I straightened myself up and we left the office. "See you to tomorrow." She said smiling. "Sure will." I answered.
The Barmaid
Courtesy of Richards Realm
JENNY the barmaid was in the process of getting ready for her shift at the “local bar”. She found the job usually boring during the week, but at least there was generally no trouble then. On Wednesday’s apart from a few regulars playing pool it was even more boring than usual. She remembered that last week there was a stranger turned up, he was visiting a company in the area. She secretly hoped he might turn up again, as he said he may be back to visit them. A NIGHT AT THE BAR What will I wear just in case he pops in, she thought. It didn’t take her long to sort out that nights clothing. She had been waiting for an excuse to wear her new red one piece . As she did up the three studs she felt a slight tingling and found she was moist, a small smile was upon her lips. Slipping on her low cut red top she reached into the drawer and picked out the black lace top seamed stockings, her favorites. As she rolled them up and clipped them on she hoped her stranger would turn up. Deciding that a black skirt would look best with her red top, she chose a short one, but not to short to show her lace tops, unless she wanted to. JENNY finished off with her black stiletto’s and stood in front of the mirror. She liked the way her high heels looked with seamed stockings. He better turn up now she thought. Pity to waste all this on the locals. So feeling really good she was just about to head off when a thought occurred, what if he does not turn up. It will be just another boring night. Reaching into the box in the wardrobe she picked out her “black mamba” vibrator and put it in her handbag, it just fitted . At least the breaks wont be boring. It was only a few minutes walk to the Bar, the cool air round her thighs felt good and was in contrast to the heat in her pussy as she anticipated her stranger turning up. Her high heels sounded on the wooden floor as she made her round to the other side of the bar, the locals only glancing up before they returned to their pool. They place was as quiet and boring as she expected. Trade at the bar was slow as she knew it would be, to pass the time JENNY tidied up the shelves and restocked. It was now 11-O-clock, she had been their for two hours, the landlord came out and she had her break for ten minute’s. Before going back behind the bar she went to the ladies to tidy up her makeup. Just as she was about to leave she thought, what the hell, reaching under her skirt she undid the three studs. Taking out her black mamba she inserted it as far as it would go, a sigh emanating from her as she did so. Doing up her studs to keep it in place she went back to the bar. Although there was still an hour to go till closing time there were only two people left in the place. As she walked round the tables clearing up, the sensations in her pussy as the vibrator moved within her set her on fire with lust and desire. Her hands were trembling as she washed up the glasses. The door to the bar opened and her stranger walked in. Placing his briefcase down by the bar he ordered a gin and tonic. Reaching up to the optic JENNY could feel her skirt rising and her big black friend moving. Hoping he had noticed the lace tops of her stockings, she turned to pour his tonic, her legs trembling, she handed him his drink. Moving away to serve another customer she left him with his drink. By the time she returned he had finished his drink and requested another. He explained it had been a hard day and he really enjoyed it. He moved to take a seat and JENNY said she would bring his drink to him. After pouring his gin a wicked thought came into her mind. With back to everyone she reached under her skirt and running her fingers around her soaking pussy she smeared her juices around the rim of his glass before putting the tonic in. The walk to his table nearly caused her to scream out in orgasm as her black friend moved around in throbbing pussy. Reaching forward to place his gin on the table she noticed his eyes were staring at her by now heaving swollen breasts. JENNY felt her nipples hard and sensitive beneath her clothing. The other two customers had now left, as it was only just a few minutes to closing time. The stranger asked if she would like to join him in a drink. After I’ve closed up if you like replied Jenny. Pouring large drinks for them both she placed them on the table and then locked the bar door. The look in the strangers eyes let her know that he knew what this meant. As she sat down next to him she could feel her vibrator being pushed further inside her and squirmed with desire. As she crossed her legs she saw his eyes stare at the lace tops of her stockings. Staring him in the face she reached down and deliberately pulled up her skirt till her tanned thighs showed in contrast to her dark stockings. So far the stranger had said very little, but the look in his eyes said all. As her stranger moved his gaze to her face JENNY flicked her tongue around her lips and taking his face in her hands licked his lips with her moist tongue. Pushing open his lips she sucked greedily on his mouth while taking his hand and placing it on her lace covered thigh. Putting her head on his shoulder she gasped as he squeezed her thigh and slowly moved his hand towards her aching , throbbing, and by now drenched lips. Burrowing her face in his neck she reached out and felt his male hardness bursting to free itself , barley able to take it in one hand she began to stroke his hard member through his tight trousers. She stopped her stroking just as his hand approached her quivering pussy, would you like the barmaids special she asked? With a nod he removed his hand and wondered what he was going to get. Straightening her skirt JENNY went behind the bar. Returning, she placed two glasses of gin on the table with a bottle of tonic. Sitting opposite him she slowly poured in the tonic and told him to wait till it was stirred. Leaning back in her seat she parted her legs and pulled her knees to her ample chest, still staring at him she undid her red body and slowly pulled out her black mamba, the look on his face brought a wicked smile to her lips, she then stirred each drink with it , mixing her juices with the tonic, the barmaids special. Dipping her hand to her pussy she mixed more of herself into each glass, She let out a gasp when she noticed the stranger had released himself and was stroking his hand up and down the largest cock she had ever seen, his fingers barely able to encompass it. Her eyes glazed over as she reached out and ran her finger round its wet throbbing head, dipping her fingers in each glass , the perfect cocktails she murmured. By now all she wanted was to be impaled on this huge rampant rod that was before her. All she could manage to say was, take me home and shaft the arse off me, even she was stunned by her voice, but she just wanted her pussy filled with hot cock. On the walk to her home even the cool breeze about her thighs could not cool down the fire inside her. As she tried to insert her key with shaking hands she could feel the strangers erection pressing into her firm cheeks from behind. Once inside she pushed him against the door , opening his trousers she knelt down and grasping him with both hands engulfed his cock with her mouth, barley able to take it in. Pulling her from him the stranger knelt down and pushed her gently but firmly onto the floor. Placing a leg over each shoulder and moving his head between her open thighs he traced the outline of her damp pubic hair with his tongue. JENNY crossed her legs behind his head and pulled him towards her ever more tightly, eager to feel his tongue lapping at her hot insides. Pushing the back of her legs till her knee’s pressed upon her engorged breasts the stranger began to lick the slowly up and down trembling lips, hearing her cries of passion as he probed between them. Reaching up to her stilettos JENNY pulled her leg further apart. Thrusting her hips towards the probing hot tongue JENNY could feel the pent up orgasm come upon her. Grabbing the strangers head she pulled him tight against her pussy as she squirmed and screamed in ecstasy. The convulsion of her tight love tube pushing her sweet juices all over the strangers chin. As she lay recovering on the floor her stranger lifted her up and took her through to the bedroom , placing the orgasm racked JENNY gently on the bed. She looked through glazed eyes and saw the stranger undressing, her eyes fixed on the hard erection he was gently stroking as he looked down at her. When he bent down to kiss her, JENNY could taste herself on his lips, such had been the amount that flowed from her. Turning her over the stranger began to trace his tongue down her back. She could feel light kisses travelling down her spine. Kneeling behind her the stranger lifted her hips up and back towards his waiting engorged rod, impaling her on his mighty erection. JENNY gasped as she felt herself being stretched and filled with his hot, throbbing member. The stranger held her hips tightly as he lunged into her, encouraged by JENNY thrusting back at every pulsating stroke. JENNY felt his cock throb and jump within her as a torrent of hot cum drenched her insides, the cum running over her thighs as he pulled out to spray the rest over her.
Turned On at Meijers
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Two weeks ago I made a quick stop at Meijer for a picture frame. While browsing at other items, I caught the glance of a man who was passing by. He was very attractive - stocky build, tight jeans and Roper boots. There was an immediate connection as our eyes met and he said " are you?" I replied " are you?" I can't explain the sexual energy that was being exchanged; it was overwhelming. I told him that I was having a really good day, to which he replied "I'd like to hear more." I became surprising flustered, giddy and started to walk away. He encouraged me to stay, but I told him I'd better go. I went to another area of the store. After a few minutes, I happened to lookdown the aisle and there he was again, walking past. Our eyes met and I knew we would be continuing our conversation. I could feel myself getting hot. He came over to me and we began talking - he kept encouraging me to tell him something sexy and I tried to keep from blushing. I'm not shy, but I've never been in this situation. The attraction was so intense that if I would have allowed myself, I could have reached down and began stroking his cock I'm sure was rock-hard and throbbing. My pussy was on fire, dripping wet and begging for his touch. We talked briefly about ourselves. He asked where I went for fun and I told him he should come with his wife to the strip club I go to with my husband. He said she didn't like clubs...impossible to get her to a strip club. He asked what I wore when at the club, to which I replied "as little as possible." He flattered me by asking if I danced or would strip-dance for him. He told me about his favorite website for stories (Richard's Realm) and I said I had never visited that site, but would check it out. He asked me several times if we could go outside the store so we could talk more. I knew if I did I would be unable to control myself. I asked him to leave ahead of me. I hoped he wouldbe gone by the time I walked out to my car, but also hoped he would be waiting for me. He was in his truck when I came out of the store and he drove up to me. He asked if I would unbutton my blouse and expose my breast. I released several buttons and moved my bra aside to reveal my large blonde nipple. He asked if he could kiss it and I refused - I would never have been able to stop until I had his cock deep inside me.He parked his truck and invited me to join him inside, but I found the strength (or was it stupidity) to refuse. I asked that he enjoy the experience we'd just shared and not leave unsatisfied. What an understatement. I told him I planned to tell my husband about our encounter. After telling my husband every detail I could recall, we had the most incredible sex. He even told me to scream this guy's name while he was fucking me. We decided I should write about my erotic experience on Richard's Realm. I hope I see him again soon. Next time it will be satisfying.
My Phantom Lover
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Gypsieroze
I'm lying in bed on a hot, sticky August night. Even thought I'mcompletely nude, my skin is moist, and the sheet covering my lower halfis clinging to me. The bedroom window is open but its doing no good.Justas I'm starting to doze off there is a sudden breeze and I get aslight chill up my back. A moment passes and I feel a soft touch on myshoulder. I know I should be afraid, since I was alone in my house,but I'm not. I lye there as if asleep. The hand slowly and gentlyslides down my side. Then brushes the hair off of my neck and I feel akiss on my shoulder. It moves slowly from my shoulder to my jaw line.I have no idea who this person is. I don't have a boyfriend or even alove interest, male or female, at this time. I can't tell if it is aman or a woman. I just wait. The person (Phantom) urged me over onto my stomach and started messaging my back. It felt so good. They rubbed my neck and across both arms then moved down to my legs. This was a huge turn on for me. I was so relaxed. The Phantom messaged my inner thighs, letting their fingers brush against my damp core. I felt a tingle of excitement rush through my groin. I couldn't believe this was happening! The Phantom's soft hands worked their way down each leg, all the way to my toes. By this time I was so close to cumming I thought I was going to scream!! I think the Phantom sensed my tension, probably because of my labored breathing and quivering body. I could feel their hands lingering just millimeters from my steaming cunt. They teased me almost to a frenzy! Then with just one touch of their finger to my clit I exploded so hard I passed out. Still lying on my stomach, I regained consciousness. I could tell I was alone on the bed but felt the Phantom was still there. All of a sudden I heard something. At first I thought a mesquitoe had gotten in through the screen on the window, but as the sound got closer, I realized what it was, my vibrator. I felt it being slide up and down between my cheeks. The Phantom suddenly nudged it in a little and touched my tight hole. That sent shock waves through me! And I let out a load moan I'm sure the neighbors could have heard! I heard the vibrator being dialed up to a higher speed, then felt it between my legs again. It was gliding over my still creamy lips up to my rock hard clit. The Phantom rolled my over onto my back and ran the vibrator up and down my soaked slit a few more times. I could hardly stand it! Phantom plunged it deep inside of me and started fucking me with it. I was moaning and panting so much I could hard hear myself think (not that I needed to at the moment)! Then I felt their tongue on my clit and I shouted something I couldn't even make out! My phantom lover sucked my clit and fucked me with my vibrator for what seemed like forever, backing off every time I came close to orgasm. I was almost in tears. It felt so good, but was painful at the same time! I needed to come, I had to! I was begging, "Please, let come, oh God, please, I can't take it anymore!" Just then, Phantom sucked me into their mouth and it felt like my head exploded, I screamed as wave after electrifying wave shot through me. It seemed to last forever. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. After the last wave passed, I lay there in a soggy, sweaty mess, and then fell asleep. A few hours later I awoke and remembered my fantastic dream! Or was it? I got up for some water, and sitting on my coffee table was a bouquet of white roses (my favorite!), with a card that said, "Hope you had a wonderful night" signed, "Your Secrete Admirer". Phantom Lover--whoever you are, I hope to feel you again soon!
Hawiian Encounter
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Arriving in Maui last night I decided to take the first day and just relax poolside so I could get adjusted to the time changes. Spending most of the day poolside I took in the sights of all the lovely sexy ladies. I thought to myself I'll have to thank my travel agent personally since she booked me at a hotel with a lot of gorgeous ladies in it. I noticed this one especially since she also spent most of her time during the day by herself. I watched and noticed how her bikini just barely covered the right parts. I caught her a few times looking my way also and was excited about a possible encounter. I took this vacation to unwind and have as much fun as I can, and what other way to have a great time than in the arms of a beautiful lady. I was a bit disappointed after going into the pool to cool off, and then noticing this beauty was gone. I could only hope our paths may pass again, then I depressed myself even more wondering if she might be there with someone and she left to meet him. I wasn't going to depress myself any more and started checking out the others by the pool. I was there to have fun not to depress myself, but my thoughts kept going back to that sexy hot body I was admiring at the pool. After a shower and a quick bite to eat I decided to take a walk on the beach to watch the sun go down before I went in for a few drinks. The beach was quiet, I walked out as the sun was just starting to go down. I sat on one of the lounge chairs the hotel had on the beach. There was a sailboat on the water and I was thinking what a great picture that would take with the sailboat against the bright orange sun. I was brought back to reality when I noticed a lady walking down the beach, I watched as she approached. I was checking her beauty she got a little closer I noticed it was the lady from the pool. I could feel my excitement build again. As she got close I wanted to start a conversation but couldn't think of anything to say. As she came upon me our eyes met, we smiled at each other, I came out with something stupid like did you enjoy your day by the pool. I couldn't believe I was that stupid, but it did get her to stop. We made some real small talk, I found out her name was Trixie, she was in Maui to relax and have some fun. After a few minutes it appeared she was interested to continue with our conversation, I couldn't figure out why, I was really nervous and not at my best. I asked her if she'd like to join me and continue watching the sunset. She said she would love too. I was really shocked when Trixie didn't take the chair next to me, she sat with me in my chair sitting between my legs. We continued to some small talk as I moved closer to her. She didn't appear to mind, I moved my hand and it brushed against her right leg. She looked back into my eyes, we stared into each other's eyes not saying a word. I leaned into her and kissed her, I was pleased to see that she didn't mind and kissed back. My arms moved around her waist and I held her tight as we kissed. We moved around as we lay down on the chair and continued our kiss. My hands started caressing as we kissed. They made their way up under her T-shirt. I was pleased to see she didn't have a bra on, my hands caressed her gorgeous breast. I could feel her nipples grow as I softly caressed her. Her hands made their way to my groin, she started rubbing my already erect penis through my shorts. Our kiss broke and I started kissing along side her neck up to her ear, kissed and licked her lobe, back down her neck, I raised her shirt to expose her wonderful breast. I kissed my way down to them, and started circling her nipple with my tongue. I kissed, licked, and sucked her right nipple, as my hand caressed her left breast. Taking her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and lightly twisting it as I suck the other. Her right hand caressed my head as her left hand was still rubbing my cock. Trixie's breathing was getting a little heavier and some low moan escaped from her throat. My hand left her left breast and caressed its way down over her stomach lightly rubbing as it went down. It made its way under her shorts, MMMMMMMMMM, no panties either. It made its way to Trixie's clit as I continued sucking those hard nipples. My finger rubbed her clit and made its way down and into her hot wet pussy. Her moans became a little louder. I was enjoying myself on her breast but it was time to leave. I started kissing my way down over her stomach until I came to the waistband of her shorts. I slowly pulled them down over her hips, past her knees, over her ankles, then Trixie kicked them off. My finger found its way back into her wet pussy as my tongue found its way to that lovely clit. I licked and tongued the clit while my fingers rammed deep into the wet pussy. Trixie's hips raised off the chair to get all that she could, I sucked on the clit and pussy lips. As the clit was in my mouth my tongue circled around it, my fingers rammed harder. As her hips raised higher I could feel her body start to shake as the first waves of Trixie's orgasm started. I licked and sucked harder, faster, and deeper as wave after wave of her orgasm hit. After a few minutes to regain our composer, I removed my shorts and crawled between her legs. I leaned down to kiss her, the tip of my cock rest against the lips of her wet pussy. As our tongues tangled, the tip of my cock enters into her wet pussy. I slowly thrust a little more till half of my cock was in her, then as we continued to kiss, I thrust hard and fast till I had my whole shaft buried deep in her. Our low moans filled the air, as I started slowly pumping in and out of her. Slowly I pulled out till just the tip was in her, then a hard fast thrust back in, out then in again, out, in, out, in, pumping harder, deeper and faster every time. Our excitement continues to build as Trixie holds me tighter, my juices start boiling deep in my groin as I continue to thrust even harder and faster. My moans intensify as does hers. Her hips raise to meet my every thrust, her arms tighten as her orgasm starts. I thrust deeper and faster as my cum starts to erupt deep into her pussy. I pump faster and faster as our juices mix in Trixie's tight pussy. We lay in each other's arms my limp cock still in her wet pussy as we continue to watch the sunset and the stars come up, just enjoying each other's touch.
Naughty Time
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I can never forget the most naughtiest fuck of my life. I think it's because It was also one of my best as well.... I was at one of my best friends wedding reception. We had known each other for years and we had grown up and learnt everything together. And I mean EVERYTHING! I was wearing quite a revealing dress for the occasion as it was mid summer and very hot. The combination of the dress and the heat was really starting to turn me on and I couldn't help but discreetly sneak my fingers up my dress underneath the table. After a while of pleasing myself, my glance briefly came in line with the groom, Tony. He was staring right at me with a very mischievious grin on his face. I had always thought he was quite attractive and knowing he had caught me out just turned me on even more. I had also heard that he had quite a lot in a certain department and that he knew how to use it. Without thinking, I got up from the table and slowly walked past where he was sitting. As I past him, I turned around slightly and mouthed out "room 14" really slowly. I detected a slight nod from him and he mouthed back "5 minutes." I couldn't believe what I was doing, but sure enough I was on my way to my room, number 14 and getting more and more excited by the second. I had just gone inside when I heard a knock on the door. Starting to breathe heavily, I spun around and opened it. It was Tony, who immediately grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He slammed the door shut and took off his jacket shirt and tie straight away staring at me all the time. He then told me how he had always wanted to fuck me hard ever since he had first met me and that because it was his wedding day to someone else, just turned him on so much.He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled the zip on my dress down while I started to loosen his belt. As we did this, my tits popped out right in front of his face and Tony just burried his head in them. He then stripped my dress and panties off me and took a step back. By now I was getting extremely wet, and there was only one thing I wanted: COCK! I lent over to him, pulled out his belt, and ripped off his trousers and boxers. I couldn't believe it. Right in front of me was the biggest cock I ever seen. It was already 12 inches, and incredibly thick. Tony grabbed my head and thrusted my face onto his giant piece of meat. I could feel my pussie juices trickling down my thighs as I attempted to suck on his cock. Then he jumped on the bed, laid on his back and ordered me to mount him. It was incredible to see him there, with this massive erection standing to attention, throbbing for a cunt to fuck. I climbed on top of him and gently eased his dick into my pussy. As he slid inside me, I looked down when he had filled me and could see he was only half way in! Slowly, I took all of him in and then grabbed my tits as I felt the power of him go straight through my body. This was amazing! Here I was mounted on Tony's dick, just 2 hours after he had got married to my best friend! He hadn't even fucked his new wife yet! Now I know why she wanted to get married to him! I then started riding him as I felt his hands clasp my arse. He was pumping me harder now as I felt myself starting to cum. I cried out for him to keep fucking me harder and started to lean back. Pumping harder and harder, he started talking dirty to me which only loosened my juices further! He cried out that he wanted to fuck a whore like me all his life and that I would make quite a good living out of it! I could then feel the urge in his cock to cum at the same time as I did. He gave me one massive thrust and could feel his cock exploding inside of me. He must have shot a load of cum into me about 14 or 15 times as it seemed to go on forever. We both cried out as both of our bodies cummed together. About 5 seconds later, he grabbed me and threw onto the bed face down. Straight away he pulled my legs slightly apart and just pounded my arse in one go. I couldn't believe this either. He had only just cum and what to fuck me again already! Whats more he went straight up my arse in one go. He grabbed my head in one hand and forced me into the pillow. This meant I could hardly breathe but only did more to turn me on. He then proceeded to pound my ass pump after pump while keeping my head burried in the pillow. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to. At one point, he was pumping me so hard and deep that cried out in pain. It just made him fuck me even harder. He shouted that he was going to cum so hard in my ass, that it would seep through my eyes. I almost literally believed him! After a short while he started to cum again even harder then last time. It hurt so much that it reminded me of my first anal experience but turned me on just as much. Then there was a knock at the door...
My Favorite Nurse
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It all began sfter I had surgery a few months back. Upon my release from the hospital, A home Care Nurse was assigned to me to do daily dressing changes. I was expecting an older woman, a retired RN who needed the money. Much to my surprise, the nurse that came was absolutely stunning. She had long brown hair and eyes that could melt the coldest heart. We would tease each other that neither of us has "gotten any" in quite awhile. Most times, she would be in her nusing outfits. Occasionally, she would wear street clothes. She could wear aburlap bag and make it look good. She was 39, divorced with kids. I am 45, divorced with kids that live with their mother. So my days were pretty much free. She and I would talk about everything. Fucked-up relationships were the usual topic. Today was somehow different.She was running late aa was I. She showed up late becuase her workload was such that she had to take care of other patients with more serious needs before she could get to me. But she was worth the wait. She came and and appologized for being late. I told her that I completelyunderstood and there was no need to appologize. She did what she had to do and took my vitals. She commented that my pulse was running a little fast (it usually did when she was in the room). She also noticed the bulge in my pajamas. Se aked when the last time I had gotten laid. I told her it had been months. Which was bullshit, but she didn't know that. So looked down and asked if there was anything that she could do to relieve me. She didn't have to ask twice. She processed to give me the greatest hand job that I have ever had, Now it was my turn. She asked if I could help her out. So she came into the other room where Ihave a hospital bed set up. She stripped off her nurse's outfit and climbed into bed. I grasped her breast, which was small and massaged her nipples. She I crawled between her legs and proceeded to gently kiss her inner thighs. This was driving her crazy. She pressed on the back of my head to get my attention. Little did she know that I love eating pussy more than I do fucking. I gave her a good tongue lashing (not for being late). She came four times and said that her ex nor any of her boyfriends would do that for her. I told her that the pleasure of the woman is a priority for me. She Had me eat her for almost anhour. Then her break was over and she had other patients to tend to. But she is coming back tomorrow. Hopefully for Round Two.
The Sales Girl
Courtesy of Richards Realm
One of my friends suggested that I put a sign next to my front door to repel unwanted visitors. You know the sort, religious people trying to give you their propaganda, siding/vacuum cleaner/insurance salespeople, research/poll people, and all of those "unwanted visitors". His suggestion was to put up a sign that said: "The occupants of this dwelling are nudists. Please do not proceed if you are offended by the human body in it's natural state" Well, I thought that this was a great idea! No more religious freakos interrupting my Sunday morning sleep-ins, no more "pushy" sales people... Yeah. This was the way to go.....So I put up the sign, and for months had a wonderfully peacefull existance, free from unwanted visitors. All of my friends knew about this little ploy, and would shout: "Put your gear on!" when visiting, and it became a bit of an "in" joke. I would watch in amusement as the car pulled up the drive, and the occupant, usually dressed in a suit, would head for the front door. Suddenly they would retreat to their car and drive away.... One day however, the door bell kept ringing. I peeked out of the window and saw a very young lady persistantly pressing the button. I checked the drive and saw an old model car, rusty and with a broken headlight lens. OK, I thought, if you are prepared to keep ringing my bell, then you get what you get. I stripped off and opened the door. There stood an extremely presentable young lady. In an instant I figured that she had dressed "to sell", and that she was very nervous. She wore a very short skirt, with legs that were a mile long.... Her hair was short, her face impish, her whole impact was stunning. I suddenly realised that I was completely naked at the door, and although I wanted to frighten her away, I was also smitten by her prescence. "Er, how can I help you?" I asked, very concious now of my lack of clothing. Her eyes bulged as she took in my naked form, but she steeled herself and started on her speil..."I am doing a survey, and if you are prepared to answer a number of questions, you can win a new car or a years supply of our product!" "It will only take 15 minutes of your time, and I'll give you a free calendar, even if you don't win the major prize" Her voice was wavering as she spoke the last sentence, her eyes and mindfocussing on my naked body instead of her prepared speech. "OK" I said, and ushered her inside. We settled on the lounge, her not even acknowledging that I was nude, and I treating her as another "pain in the ass" salesperson. She started on her sales pitch, but I could see that her eyes were concentrating on my dick. I stood up and walked around the loungeroom, watching her eyes following me. I told her to stop. I decided to take a chance and said to her: "By the way, you might have noticed the sign near the front door....That sign states that this is a 'NUDE' home. I think that you should abide by the local rules." She looked at me for a few seconds before replying, "I'll do what it takes to get a sale, and if that means getting nude, I'm in!"Without waiting, she stripped. I sat there almost dumbfounded, as I watched this young girl divest herself of her attire. She pulled her top off over her head slowly, revealing her perky bra-less boobs, the nipples hardening as I watched. Then she stared me in the eye as she slid her skirt and panties down in one swift movement. She steppedout of them and sat again on the lounge, keeping her knees together to try and keep some form of modesty. As much as I tried, I couldn't "play" the soft home nudist part, as my dick began to swell. She sat there and began her sales pitch again, all the while watching my dickgrow. I tried to put her off by fondling my balls as she spoke, and it nearly worked. She stuttered a couple of times, but managed to keep to her "script". With a raging hard on, I couldn't hold back. I began to stroke my cock, up and down, whilst making out that I was seriously listening to her. To tell the truth, to this day I still don't know what she was selling! She finally cracked, and lost her place in her "sales script", and even dropped her notes in a pile on the floor as she stumbled to keep her composure.... The tears began to form in her eyes, and I realised that she was was on the verge of leaving, so I sat beside her on the couch and placed an arm around her to comfort her. She melted into my chest, the sobbing subsiding, and without hesitation, she began to stroke my dick. Her touch was like velvet, and I'm sure that my dick stretched to an extra half inch as she bowed her head and took me into her mouth..... Our bodies writhed as we sucked and stroked, and probed and fondled. She sucked my cock and I licked her arse, she fondled my balls and I squeezed her tits, she held my head as I licked her pussy. She arched her back and a deep growl left her throat as she abandoned herself to her first orgasm. My tongue lashed at her now swollen clit, not letting her subside, and she "went over the top" again. I sat back and watched her gasping for breath. As her breathing slowed, I moved in again. With my thumb in her pussy, and my middle finger in her arse, I frigged her to "number three"... By now my dick was so hard that you could crack wallnuts on it, and she motioned for me to bring it to her face. She cupped my balls in her hand, and began a sucking that would put a Hoover to shame.... With her other hand she stroked my arsehole, before gently working a finger into that nether hole. I began to see stars, as my body took on a determination of it's own... I was no longer in control. My balls felt bloated, my engorged cock wanted to explode, and my arsehole squeezed around the intruder... Muscles began to quiver, and I didn't know if I wanted to piss, shit or cum, but I did know that I could not hold off for long.... I pulled away, wanting to regain some control of the situation, but as I looked down at her pussy, I saw that the outer lips were bloated and swollen, and there was a trail of "pussy juice" running down to her asshole. Her tits were heaving as she breathed hard, and she gasped deeper as I thrust into her, sinking my dick "to the hilt" in her well lubricated cunt. We stayed motionless for a fewmoments, her gently squeezing her pussy muscles, and me "flexing" the dick. Then all hell broke loose! She began to buck her hips as I thrust in and out, pulling the tip of my dick right out, and then penetrating her again and again, over and over. We writhed and wriggled and pumped and humped, and groped and fondled, and probed... She finally pulled away, and spun around onto all fours. I didn't know if she wanted it "doggy style" or what, so I leant down and began to lick her asshole.She wriggled a lot more and reached back and grabbed my dick. She steered it to her asshole, and as much as I tried, I could only get the head in. In the end I rammed her cunt again and popped my thumb into her ass. She bucked like a wild bronco and squealed and whined, before shuddering like an earthquake and letting out a banshee like scream. Her arsehole and pussy contracted together and I couldn't hold back. I pushed into her as far as I could and unleashed a load of cum deep into her womb. We collapsed on the floor, and it was about an hour later that the doorbell rang again. I pulled myself up and opened the door. My Mum wasn't impressed with what she saw.... My salesgirl was spreadeagled "cunt up" on the floor, sperm drips all over, andI was standing there with "half a " hardon... The salesgirl left shortly after, and my mum hasn't spoken to me since, but hey, it WAS WORTH IT!!! P.S. The sign is still there, and the rule still applies.... NUDES ONLY!
Hiring a Maid
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I thought I'd tell you about the great luck I had at the casinos in Atlantic City. I won 8 million dollars. I built a huge house on 75 acres of land, outside of town. The only problem is, being a single male.....I don't want to take care of the house and cook all the time. So, I decide to hire someone. I placed an ad in the newspaper that read,"Wanted, A female to be a personal maid. Duties would be to manage the household in an efficient manner, answering to no one but the owner. Please apply in person on Monday between 10 and 11 AM." Monday comes and about 8 applicants arrive. One by one I personally interview them, 1st one, a very miserable bitch....very hard to look good, 2nd, no good, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, all no good for one reason or another. 7th, a man...definitely specifically asked for a female...goes to reject pile. The 8th and last applicant, sounded fairly good, had some concerns but best of all so far....last question for her..."where did you work last?" She replied that she just got out of prison, she was in the last 18 years for 2nd degree murder....well, she's out. Wow, 10:50 and all applicants were interviewed, not a prospect in the lot, shit this is going to be harder than I thought. 10:58, the doorbell rings.... I open up the door...there stands anabsolute beautiful, energetic, and personable person. "Hi, my name is Donna, I hope I'm not to late for the interviews." I tell her no, "I think your right on time." We met and talked in length about the job and it's duties, I told her of the pay and benefits that she would have. I also asked her if it would be a problem since this would have to be a live in position, you would have the house in the back to do what you want with it I tell her...she said that would be no problem at all since she needed a new place to stay anyhow...she has been new to the area for only a week or so and does not have a place as of yet. The second condition was that she would have to wear a uniform while she was working, it would be a french maids outfit...she had no objections to that. "Well, welcome aboard, your hired, if you want the job." She accepted in a flash. A few weeks have gone by and Donna has been doing an exceptional job managing the house, cooking, and cleaning, and I must confess, it's a pleasure watching her work around the house in that sexy maid outfit. Black stockings, shortblack and white dress....low cut enough to tease me with those beautiful breast ready to pop out at anytime. One day it was very hot...high around 100...I was sitting out by the pool after my morning Jacuzzi. I was sitting in a lounge chair naked. I didn't realizeit but Donna brought me out a cold cup of ice tea, I looked up at her and then remembered I was naked, I tried to cover up with a towel, but it was too late. I looked into her eyes and told her I was sorry, she grinned at me and told me not to worry about it at all, that she was liberal herself. She left and went back in the house. She came poolside again about 10 minutes later to pick up around the pool. I watched her strut around the pool in that uniform, watched her very closely, as she leaned over to pick something up off the ground about4 feet in front of me I noticed she had no panties on under that outfit. God, my mind was wondering then, I had to cover up with a towel since my cock instantly went rock hard. I had to get her out of there before I couldn't control myself anymore. So, I yelled over to her, Donna, it's too hot to be worrying about that stuff, you have done such a great job the last few weeks, take the rest of the day off. She smiled at me and said thank you.... off she went. I laid in that lounge chair after she left with my eyes closed, dreaming about the vision I just saw, and the excitement kept building. I came back toreality when I heard a splash in the pool.... I looked up to see Donna just popping out of the water. She looked over at me and asked if I minded if she took a said "I could make myself at home when I wasn't working"..." I could leave if I'm bothering you." "No, not at all enjoy yourself." As I said that she started to get out of the pool...Oh my god, she was naked, and what a lovely site it was. She came over and sat next to me. "Boy, that water felt good on a day like this she said as she sat down." She looked over to me and told me I better watch out I was getting really red.... you don't want to get sunburned. Then she asked me if I would like her to put some sunscreen on me. I looked over at that wonderful naked body and could only mutter out...."that would be nice." As she started to rub the sun block on me I thought I was going to explode right then and there. She rubbed it on my chest, arms, and legs. She looked me right in the eyes and told me we wouldn't want this important part to get to much un...we better get it out of the direct that she leaned down and took my throbbing cock deep into her mouth. Oh God, the excitement rushed through my body as she engulfed my cock, and danced her tongue over my shaft like a ballerina. The tension kept building as she continued to go up and down on my manhood. I couldn't take itanymore and erupted my hot sperm deep into her throat...she moaned deeply as it filled her mouth, sucking wildly as to not waste a drop, she continued to suck it all until it went soft in her mouth. As she picked her head up our eyes met, and we both smiled in pleasure. I took her hands and stood up from the chair, she followed me, and we walked through the sliding doors that lead into the master bedroom. The air conditioning felt great as we entered into the house. We moved to the king size bed still not saying a word, I lead her into the bed and gave her a long hot wet passionate kiss as I climbed in beside her. As I kissed, my hands started caressing those magnificent breast. I moved down and started kissing and sucking them, my hand moved down to her wet pussy. I slide a finger in rubbing it over the clit asit entered. I sucked her tits even harder, gave them a light bite, circling her nipples with my tongue. Her tits felt so good in my mouth and my finger felt fantastic in her pussy, but it was time for more. So, I moved downward and stuck my tongue deep into her wet pussy with my finger. She was moaning wildly as I sucked and fingered her pussy. Her hips were raising to allow me to go deeper and deeper. She whispered down to me, "Fuck me now..... please put your rock hard cock deep into my pussy, now please." I became even more excited hearing her ask for it like that and I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Donna's hips raised to get all that she could, she wrapped her legsaround my hips and pulled me in. I thrusted fast and hard into her wet pussy. Her pussy lips clinched tight around my throbbing hard cock as it goes in and out. Faster and deeper.....our moans fill the room...she's telling me that she's ready to explode...I pump faster and faster..... she keeps pulling me in more and more.... her body starts to shutter as her juices start to flow. I pump more and more as my hot creamy juices shoot deep into her wanting pussy. I continue to pump and pump as the cum keeps shooting out of my cock into her waiting pussy.... we kiss as my thrust start slowing down. We hold each othertight in each other's arms, both feeling totally satisfied. She looks at me and tells me that it looks like another duty will have to be added to my job list. She was right, this was the start of many days and nights filled with hot sexual adventures. Donna turned out to be the best employee I have ever hired, she definitely put a new meaning to personal maid.
Accidental 911 Call
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It was a Sunday afternoon, I was home alone doing laundry. Not veryexciting but it has to be done. I had tried calling mom, I misdialed the phone number, and had to redial it. Within moments of hanging up there was a loud bang on my front door. I asked who it was, and got a strong masculine voice saying, The Police. I peeked outside the front window, seeing the police car, I decided to open the door. There in front of me stood the most incredible looking man. In uniform. Tall dark, handsome. With Fabulous green eyes. He told me someone called 911. I said No Sir, not from here, he then repeated back my home address, confirming that the call came from this address, and my phone number. Apparantly when I called Mom moments earlier, I had dialed911 instead of 917 for the area code. A harmless mistake that lead to a very interesting afternoon. The officer repeatedly asked me if I was okay or if I had made the call. Asking me if I had children and asking if it was possible they had played with the phone. After a few short moments, he asked to come in and look around. I was more than happy to let this hot looking stud, into my home. In the back of my head all I could think was how much I wanted to fuck this gorgeous police officer right there in my very own living room. Could I nonchalantly, get his attention. I was wearing a black denim mini skirt that opened in the front , and a low cut white lace blouse. I must add, no bra, and only a black lace thong. The police officer took a quick look around my home, which consisted of only 9 rooms. A Small ranch house. He was all ready to leave when he saw something that caught his eye. A small shimmery reflection from the corner of the living room, he bent over to reveal a pair of scissors lying on the floor. As he bent over I couldnt help but look at his mighty fine ass.. so firm, so perfect. I reached over to pick them up and he loudly said, "NO DONT TOUCH IT" I was so startled by his tone, that I jumped back a bit losing my balance and ended up in his arms, across his lap. He looked down and asked if I was ok. Ijust stared into his gorgeous green eyes. He edged his face closer, as he pressed his hot lips onto mine. I could feel his lips part as he slid his tongue into my wanting mouth. He continued kissing me hard, and deep thrusting that skillful tongue into my mouth. I have to say just kissing him, made my pussy wet. It made me drip. I couldnt stand much more. I wanted him in me! He reached up, with his large hands, and started caressing my firm, breasts. He unbuttoned my blouse revealing both of my perky tits. He leaned over and slid his tongue over my nipples. Of course they were hard as rocks, just like his cock that I could feel beneath my ass. He was kissing me deeply andpassionately. I took this opportunity to undo the buttons on his uniform, exposing a fit, firm, tan, muscular body! I kissed down his neck and across his chest. I unzipped his slacks and tried to prepare myself for what I was about to see, but nothing could have done that.I slid his slacks off, he had no underwear on what so ever, his cockstood at attention. I felt as though I was the "General" and I was being saluted. His cock was large, about 8 1/2 inches long and quite fat. I reached down holding it firmly I could see the precum dripping off the head already. I took my pink sensual lips and wrapped them around the head of his fully erect cock. Licking off each and ever drop of delicious precum, letting it glide down my throat. I worked my way up and down his shaft driving him insane. He was moaning loudly. I felt so good knowing that he was being pleased. His cock just continued to drip with precum, as I slid my tongue back down his shaft, taking him entirely into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel he was getting close now. He was holding me by my long blonde hair, tugging on it at just the right times. He was driving me crazy. I wanted him to fuckme! Now and do it hard! I continued stroking his hard member just a bitlonger, I licked his balls, holding them in my hands. Grabbing his ass cheeks and squeezing them. He suddenly pushed my head away, telling me I was about to make him cum. I wanted to taste his hot cum as it shot down my throat, but no yet, it wasnt the right time. I quickly got up and laid across my cocktail table on my back, he came up, to my face, he began kissing me, until he had kissed his way, down to my freshly shaven pussy. I was quivering from the mere thought of him licking mycunt. He took his fingers and slid them into his mouth, getting them wet, then he inserted two of them into my pussy. I could now hear myself moaning, and groaning, wiggling myself into him, he bent over and started licking my clit. I came almost instantly. He told me he could feel my pussy as it began pulsating around his fingers. He took his fingers out as I finished cumming, and licked them clean in his mouth, then inserted his fingers into my mouth. He continued down to my ass, where he slid both of his fingers up my ass, and started licking my clit once again. He stood up his dick hard and standing at full attention, he started to enter me, he took the head of his cock, pressing it against my hole, he pushed just the head in, and then back out. He once again lined the head of his fat cock up and pushed it in, and suddenly OOOOUCH.. he rammed himself deeply inside of me. It brought such pain and yet so much pleasure. I was there, I could feel myself begin to cum again. I wanted him to fuck me harder than he was, I begged him, "Please fuck me hard", "Slap my ass", "Make Me Quiver"He quickly rolled me over on the table top and slid me to the end of the table, spreading my legs as far as they could go, he reached down pushing his hard cock right back into my cunt, thrusting in and out. His cock was covered with my cum. He suddenly seemed to be like a wild man fucking me uncontrollably, my hips were grinding with him, in a circular type motion, he was slapping my ass, as I begged him to fuck me harder, He slid his finger up my ass as he was fucking my extremely wet, tight, pussy, suddenly, he let out a loud moan, and I could see he was there, he thrusted HARD and deeply inside me filling me up with his hot cum, as he did I pushed him off of me, turned around and took his hard cock into my mouth and let him finish shooting his load into my mouth! I finally got what I wanted taste this gorgeous man fromhead to toe, and tasting this part was exactly what I wanted! His cum was sweet, and hot, and he shot it down the back of my throat. He stood me up and held me by my waist, as he slid his tongue back into my mouth, sharing some of his cum. It certainly was one very interesting afternoon. I leaned over picking up my clothes, and he was back in uniform looking gorgeous all over again! He turned and asked if he could see me again, hell I was no fool, I told him to look me up next time he got a mistaken 911 call, we both started laughing together. =o) needless to say, he was in the neighborhood frequently after that!!
The Story of Ice
Courtesy of Richards Realm
The warm days of summer gone. The sweaty, humid afternoons gone. Thecool air of autumn coming back. Nice comfortable afternoons, coolafternoons. You feel so much more comfortable, cuddled up to meevenings in our Cottage in Newmarket, New Hampshire, all natural woodand lavender potpourris, pine and the noise of owls in the night and the occasional rattatat of the woodpeckers. Breakfasts of warm eggs, and bacon, coffee, the sweet smell of toast. The comfortable days back, blue skies, thick skirts, clean air, quiet moments and dry dustedsurfaces. You feel in a particularly warm mood. Remembering the hot summer days, you lay on the thick mattress in the bedroom on the patchwork quilt and close your eyes and dream, dream of the hot afternoons cleaning the windows, washing the car, the hot rays of the sun on your forehead, and the beads of sweat wiped off by the kerchiefs, and the wet cloth of your cotton T-shirt clinging to your body as you worked the garden, and painted the shed and fell on the backyard lounge chair to rest. Your dreams flickered. In the sleep of your dreams you do not hear me enter in the afternoon I chose to take off. You do not see me standing by you near the soft bed in smiles at your half asleep state. You do not watch me walking to the fridge as you dream of the hot summer days. You are not aware how I take from the freezer the condom filled with water I put there last night, How I rip the rubber off the ice dick and walk to the bedroom, watching you lying asleep. You awake softly from your dream of hot summer by the cool touch on your forehead. You open your eyes slowly and see me there and you smile as my hand cups the back of your head and raises you up a bit. You see the icy cock near your mouth and open your lips slightly. I rub the ice cock head across your lips and the cool ice melts there and tiny drops of cold water drip into your mouth. You taste the pure liquid and it cools your tongue and throat. I gently put the ice cock in your mouth and your grab the base and hold in it your mouth, gently sucking the ice dildo, drawing it in and out of your mouth and tasting the drips of liquid as they roll down your tongue. As you suck on the hard icy cock. I remove your clothes, your blouse, your bra, your skirt, your panties and you are naked there on the bed sucking on a piece of ice in the shape of my prick. As you suck the ice dick I strip. I take the long icy dong and take it from your mouth and kiss you hard and tight, feeling the coldness there on your tongue and lips and teeth. I run the ice cock over your chin down your neck leaving a cool trail of water there. As the trail lengthens I lick up the cool water warming the place behind. I circle your nipples with the ice dick and watch your buds rise and pucker in the little pool of water. I cool a nipple with the ice dick then suck it hot; the other, cold, very cold then suck it hot. I run the ice dildo down your body, again licking up the cold residue with my lips and tongue till I circle your clit with the icy hard cock. Around and around it till it is almost frozen then my mouth, sucks and licks your clitoris till it heats, your body throbbing like a single organ in pleasure. I get between your legs and push the ice dildo deep in you and hold itthere sending a cold chill throughout your body, pull it out and drivemy cock down in you and ram in and out of you again and again heatingyour inside. Then the ice dildo again, deep in, inside of you, all wetfrom water, and your juices. I remove the frozen cock and hold it in my mouth tasting your juices as I ram my pick in you again. I am so excited and aroused from the afternoon I pull out and my cock shoots a load of cum on the ice dildo I hold inches from my cock as you rock with the beginnings of an orgasm. The cum freezes there in a whiteglob as you grab the ice cold ice cock and put in your mouth. I force my hard dick as it is about to release the rest of its load in you and fuck you hard and long, deep strokes in your wet hot pussy, my shaft rubbing the liquid levels of your inner skin, the top of my cockdragging and pressing on your clitoris, the rest of the cock dildomelting in your mouth to a nothing as you suck the cold water in, thethickness of my cock widening till you begin to fold in on yourself in a lost moment of ecstasy, so thrilled in, my seed pouring into you as Ilose all control a rise and fall in you leaving all that my body canproduce to liquefy in you, so treasured, so remembered, for just asecond and lost in your life, in my life, forever forgotten, foreverremembered in those places in our lives that we cannot approach with our conscious minds, but always available to the depth of memory that really matters.
Caribbean Vacation
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I new friend of mine and I had decided to take a "friends only" trip to the Caribbean. We flew into St. Thomas, arrived at a picture perfect resort, and were by the pool by noon, the afternoon consisted of little food, many drinks, and lots of lotion and then she took my hand and led me to the room. Jill scanned the room for an area to disrobe discreetly. She looked at me sheepishly and disappeared into the bathroom with the door slightly open. Feeling awkward yet curiously aroused, I pushed the door open to find Jill standing there massaging her most private parts, barely able to speak, I worked up the courage in a split second to say, "I could do that..." she replied, oh,I'm not sure." Wanting to plant sexual thoughts in her subconscious mind, I said, "I just wanted you to know that if anything were to happen it would be our secret, I am looking forward to this evening." During dinner, drinks and dancing, I knew said keep revisiting this statement. We ended up at a very trendy club, the pulsating bass vibrated through our loins, and I kept catching her looking at me, while she seductively sipped her drink through a straw. I kept telling myself, "it's not the kill, but the thrill of the chase, entice her, but don't make it easy, get her motor racing." The music was pounding a very seductive Latin beat, fog made visibility very difficult, the lights were low, and we began to dance. The heat of the night hadboth of us moistened with perspiration, she clung to me while we danced, our eyes were locked, she seemed to lose her strength as her body moved to the motion of mine. We joined as one on the dance floor, close to each other, eyes locking, lips touching, hands probing over one another. Her lips caressed mine, she closed her eyes but I moved away from her, she almost fell limp to the floor and looked pained that I might not feel the same desire, this troubled her deeply, she ran her fingers through her hair, while maintaining eye contact, she pressed close to me again, gently brushing her breasts against me, she revealed her breasts, I saw through her shear blouse and her nipples revealed her excitement. As she gyrated back and forth, she swayed her hips slowly, seductively, in a motion that looked like she was going toorgasm at any moment. As she danced, she never took her eyes away from mine, she looks at my waist, she moved her already short skirt up a few inches and continued her virtual fucking on the floor, closing her eyes, leaning her head first back and then forward as she slowly opened her eyes to catch mine, obviously seeing that I was enjoying her show.Jill moved into my arms again and whispered in my ear, "I am having a great time, the night is young, I can't wait to see what other fun we can have later." She lightly brushed her hand against one of the most painful hard ons I've ever had while smirking. I about blew my load right there and could barely resist lifting her skirt and pounding her right there. A slow methodical tune came on and we embraced as we danced, the club was in the habit of turning the lights off, blowing smoke and just having the strobe lights flash to the beat of the music. In the darkness, Jill began to gently caress my ear and guided my hand between her thighs, everything was warm and moist. Her thighs were drenched with excitement. She moved my hand inside her wetness andpushed herself hard against me. She nibbled on my earlobe while moaning loudly. The music was vibrating through our bodies and we seemed alone although the club has people shoulder to shoulder. She probed down my pants rubbing my now "diamond cutting" cock. She whispered softly in my ear, take me now , "I want to fuck you all night". We dance to the edge of the dance floor and made our way to the street exit. Shequickly hailed a cab and we both looked at each other with desire, our hands continuing to probe each other's body during the 5-minute cab ride back to the hotel. As we got back to the hotel, she grabbed my hand and said, "I hope you are prepared to sleep in tomorrow, I am going to ride that hot cock of yours all night." As we entered the room, Jill spun around and threw me against the door and anxiously pulled my shorts to the floor, my cock exposed to her for the firsttime. She instantly fell to her knees and began to suck me. My cock disappeared down her long throat. She paused and looked up and said, "come down my throat, I'll get you hard again when my pussy's in your face and then we can fuck all night." She continued to pull on my cock with her mouth, moaning and stripping naked. I blew what I think a gallon down her throat and her mouth never left me as she began to work on getting me hard once again. She stood up, grabbed my hands and pulled me on top of her. Our mouths joined and she relished the idea of kissing me after she just swallowed a quart of my steaming love juices. Her naked breasts were very round, absolutely gorgeous and stood firmly away from her body, she was a full C cup and with her little hardbody, they looked even bigger. Her nipples we so erect that when I licked them, they didn't move at all. She moaned as I encircled each of her nipples and gently sucked on them. She moved further back on the bed, pulled her tight black skirt off and threw it over my head. She kept her very sexy, black strap, wrap around pumps on and pushed my head lower toward an engorged wet love box. It took about 45 seconds of lapping that love bowl, when Jill arched her back and let out a loud scream and blew one of the wettest female ejaculations I've seen,directly into my face. We fucked like dogs in heat the whole night; she never dried up and had multiple orgasms. She came so hard the fluids ran down both our bodies. I quickly and often came and was amazed that this little minx could get my dick hard again and again. We fucked most of the night and decided that sleeping on the beach during the day would be okay. We drifted off to sleep about 6 AM and woke up in eachother's arms about 9. We started fucking upon awakening, showered, and headed to the beach. What a week, her sexual appetite drove me crazy, but I knew I couldn't keep up with her. She kept me as her love slave for the next month. She wanted to fuck all the time and that was fine by me. We don't date exclusively. No one man is enough for this sex-crazed beauty. I've heard that she frequents the Caribbean with a girlfriend of hers named Victoria. She's plays both sides of the fence to make up for the lack of what men could give her. Their hobby is to devour men on their excursions while giving men a vacation that they will never forget. Good luck on your next trip to the Caribbean. Just go to the swingiest place on the Island and I'm sure you'll be able to pick Jill out of the crowd. Make sure you tell her I said hello and take it easy on you. One thing, take your vitamins you'll need them.
Doggy Style
Courtesy of Richards Realm
This incident took place during my final year in college. I was in my second year in college, I met this 18 year old girl from town who was a friend of a friend. My friend Emily introduced me to her during a dorm party. Her name was Jamie. Jamie used to visit our campus almost everyday. She used to sit and watch the soccer team practicing. I played soccer and thus got to see her everyday. One day she was wearing a tight fade jeans and a short white top. That was the time when I first noticed her huge round breasts. They were really nicelyshaped. Jamie wasn't that tall, around 5 feet 4, she wasn't that slim but wasn't fat either. She was perfect! Anyway, that day after practice, I walked her home. She had the nicest ass I have ever seen. I wondered why haven't I checked her out all this time! She was single, living with her mother and sister. She was a senior in high school and planning to go to our college. I started walking her home everyday after practice. We started holding hands while walking and after aweek the 'good bye kiss' started. After one month, we went to see a movie. When I was dropping her off to her house she told me that no one was at home and I can stay for an hour or so. I wanted to do that too. I parked my car and went in with her. She offered me coffee. We were in the kitchen, talking, waiting for the coffee. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse. I was horny like hell by then. At onepoint when she was standing close to me, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. She held me with both arms and crushed herself onto me. We started kissing. Nicely at first then we were practically biting each other. She took my shirt off and started to kiss my chest, She lowered herself and kneeled down, slide down my jeans and started sucking my dick. It felt so good, seeing her sucking me was like a dream. I grabbed her short blonde hair and started to pump in her mouth. That was too much, I wanted to cum but I controlled my self. Igrabbed her and pulled her up, took her blouse off....Jesus....the bra was way too small to handle her 36 D breast. I waited one month but couldn't wait any longer, I ripped off her bra and freed the melons. They were so damn beautiful and huge. I grabbed them with both handsand started to bite them, lick them, suck them. Jamie leaned back and grabbed my head with both hands, she pulled my head towards her breast and screamed...suck...suck my tits... It was too good.... I pushed her back towards the dining table. She got herself up on the table and parted both legs and grabbed me tight. I was sucking and biting her big pink nipples. 10 minutes passed like that, she whispered in my ear, 'I want you to fuck me right now right here on this dining table' that was it....i couldn't hold on any longer....she laid down on her back, I didn't even bother to take her skirt off, I ripped off her panty as she held her legs high. Less than a second, I was inside her. She was screaming with every thrust, I started slowly then speed up a bit, standing on the floor naked, holding both her legs high up, pushingmyself in her hard! Her big huge breast were bouncing all over with every strong stroke. That view made me hornier, I started pumping her real strong. She was on her back, on the table, screaming.. ' fuck me please, do it do it, fuck me hard before anyone comes...oh' I fucked her like that for 5 mins and when I was about to cum, she pushed me and got up from the table. She smiled at me and turned around, she leaned down on the table standing up, spread her legs and told me 'fuck me doggystyle' Wow! I was out of the world....that was my favorite position. I pulled her skirt up and shoved my dick in her cunt frombehind. I was standing up holding on to her hips pumping her hard. Her big round juicy ass was bouncing with each stroke. Her Big breasts were pressed up against the dining table and she was holding on to the sides of the table. 'fuck my brains out' she screamed. I was pushing and balls were slapping on her ass. After 5 minutes, she screamed real loud and came, I wanted to cum too, so I basically slammed her from behind, pulled my dick out and came on her big round ass. 'WoW! That was fantastic' she said. I couldn't agree more! Coffee was ready. We sat down and enjoyed the coffee, I had my shirt on only,she got dressed and told me ' want to have more of me in the bedroom?' I nodded ' hell ya' she said 'follow me stud' Her bedroom was upstairs, I followed her towards the stairs, damn her ass was so damn big and bouncy, I kept on starring at them moving left and right while she walks. Damn I couldn't help it, while she was going up the stairs, I grabbed her ass from behind and squeezed, I pushed her down so that she was on her hands and knees, she grabbed the stairs on the top, I stood behind her pulled up her skirt and rammed my dick in her. Started to fuck her from behind standing on the stairs. I held her hip and kepton pumping her. Jamie's ass was bouncing here and there with each stroke and she was moaning real loud. 'fuck my ass...fuck it damn it' so I pulled out of her cunt and forced my dick in her ass. Damn it was a virgin ass, tight and packed! 5 minutes like that and I came in her ass. Filled it up with my fluid. Right then, we heard the main door, her mother was home. We ran towards her room and hide there. We hugged each other and kissed. Since then we started dating officially and I've got some more stories to share with you guys, which I will. I haven't introduced you guys to Jamie's sister yet!
Up and In
Courtesy of Richards Realm
One of the most interesting sexual encounters I have ever had was with a women I had never met. We were at a birthday party and the guest of honor was her best friend. It happened that the birthday girl took a liking to me and I to her, Well at least her hot body which she was showing me more of as the night progressed. We made our way to her bedroom numerous times but always seemed to get interupted before we could anything going other than some great kissing and exploring of each others body , It was just enough to make us both want more.The party was starting to wind down with guests either leaving or finding their place in a bed on a sofa or wherever they were comfy for the night. I thought I was finally going to have the b-day girl all to my self but it was not to be seems she was passed out and sex with someone that isn't conscious doesn't appeal to me all that much. I decided to find my bed for the night and try to get some sleep. I had just gotten comfy when someone decided to claim the other end of the sofa I was on. I could tell that whoever it was wasn't going to takeup much space by their sillouette against faint light from the bathroom on the other end of the room so I didn't mind. I heard shoes drop to the floor and then a zipper followed by a slight struggle before a pair of tight jeans slid to the floor.This got my attention, (1) because I wasn't going to share a bed with a half naked guy and (2) I was still trying to put sex out my mind and that wasn't going to be easy with a women in panties and bra being so close. As soon as she lifted her sweater I could smell her sweat perfume. I drew her fragrance in with a deep breath and must have let a slight sound of approval escape my lips. She took this as the compliment it was and thanked me with a whisper and a soft kiss on my cheek. By this point my cock was at full attention again and straining to be released from it's denim prison causing some discomfort andmaking the spot against the tip of my cock wet with my juices. I figured since she was comfy then I should be too. Just as I was about to ask if she was ok with that I heard sweet sexy whisper telling me I should get more comfortable. I didn't waste anytime my clothes were in a pile on the floor in no time. She started to ly down at the opposite end and in doing so her foot brushed hard cock. Once again I heard her sweet voice asking me if she could lay next to me so we wouldn't be kicking each other all night and besides without a blanket we could keep each other warm. I agreed and crawled the end where was lying feeling her way in the dark. Her skin was soft as she slide in next me taking the outside with me behind her. I asked if she was comfy and she whispered that my cock was a bit uncomfortable against her back. I apologized and told her could find another spot to sleep if she liked. But instead she offered another solution, She reached behind her and carefully slid my cock from the thin cotton barrier of my boxers and adjusted her sweet ass so my cock was between the cheeks of her firm ass and pressed against the warm dampness of her panties.My arm pulling her close with my hand on her soft breast. I kissed her neck and caressed her soft skin. I could feel the slight but deliberate pressing of her hot women hood against the hard cock she had invited so dangerously close to her most intimate of places. She turns and kisses me with her soft lips and hot mouth. Our lips parted long enough for her to ask me to fill her pussy with my cock. She lifted herself enough to free her panties and slide them off her hip while help slide them from the other pushing them down her leg to her foot which she uses to deposit them on the floor. I follow with my boxers so now we areskin to skin. My cock now enveloped between her hot puffy lips. I feel her soft firm grip on my cock while she feeds my hard meat to her hungry cunt. With my cock filling her cunt she turns to me and says " wow my little girl was right you are big and hard ". Turns out it was moms B-Day also and I was her little girls gift to her sexy mom.
My Fantasy
Courtesy of Richards Realm
When I come in the house. I notice you are not home yet. As always I am thinking of ways of surprising you...... food first.. then ..... we shall see..... .. I start dinner.. since that is one of your orders to have it done 30 min after you get home.. Remembering I went shopping earlier.. I look at the outfit I bought just withyou in mind.... I hope you like it .. and not rip it off of me.. hehe.. I set it aside.. and go to the bathroom.. start the tub.... pour in the vanilla smelling salts... while that is running I go and turn on the radio and light the candles around the tub.. and turn off the light.......I dream of you while I take my come home just as horny as you always are.. You see me in the tub and start to strip and come in with me.... I look up at you wondering what you are doing.. You never do this..... seeing you in a frenzy to get in .. I start to get very excited.. giggles... moving over so you can get in... I grab the wash cloth and start to soap it up.. you grab it from me and throw it aside. I see a look in your eyes I have never seen before.. starting to get a little bit nervous.. but still knowing you will never hurt me.. that is how much trust I have in you.... my mouth drops open at your actions.. "Get out of the tub NOW....." .. knowing I will never disobey you .. I get out. and grab the towel.. "NO TOWEL~".. "WHAT?" I drop the towel.. you get out and demand I dry you off.. so I reach for the towel again.. "what did I say? no towel.. lick me off . and make sure you get all the water.."by now with all the stern words. My pussy is so wet its starting to drip.... not sure what you will do if you see the wetness.... feeling you reach over me running your hands down my back lower.....lower.. you find the wetness I was hoping you wouldn't.... "what is this.... " very stern voice" um. "well. Sir you excite me so much I can't help it.." ".. did you cum already.?" wide eyes.. "oh no sir would never do that with your permission.." "Good Girl you are learning" patting my head like a dog.. smiling very big at your praise.. since I don't get it too often.. Walking out of the bathroom.. I notice things around the room.. things that were not there before I got in the tub.... a flogger, wrist shakles, paddles, candles, what could he want with this stuff?.. smiling softly looking up at you.. "what is all of this for?" Seeing once again that stern look.. knowing he remembers my transgression from this morning.. looking again to all the stuff.. I'm in big trouble now. "On your knees sub NOW!" drops to my knees, eyes lowered.. waiting.. you walk around me.. stands behind me.. grabs my hair and pulls it back fast.. makes me look up at you .. smiling at me.. "good girl".. pats me again.. knowing it isn't always a good thing when you do that .. bending down you start to kiss me hard.. sucking on my tongue while you continue to hold on to myhair. I reach up to touch you.. you smack my hands away.. ending the kiss fast.. "get on the bed on your knees facing the head of the bed.."..very worried look now.. I comply.. knowing all will go better if I do.. Crawls to the bed and assumes the required position.. waits.. SMACK! SMACK!.. now you remember what you did this morning? do you need more reminding?.. I'll bite.. (biting your dick while suckingon it wasn't such a smart idea) while on the bed I felt you insert a butt plug and turn it on high.... "If you cum with out permission you will get 10 swats.. understand?." Nodding head.. Yes Sir I understand.." staying very still...... that usually works.. but he has never turned it up on high before... oh shit...... closing my eyes .. head down.... You walk behind me.. running a finger up my pussy.. SMACK.. no don’t let it get any wetter...... squeezing all muscles to not allow any more wetness to escape.. Oh god he is mad at me.... looking behind me.. Sir I'm so sorry or the mistake of this morning.... as I say that you shove a vibrator up in my pussy.. I scream.. I CAN'T!!!!!! feeling my self go over the edge.. aaahhhhhhh. looking up to see you smiling.. Smiling? You remove the plug and the vibrator.... Alright I think you have learned your lesson this time. just don't let it happen again.. OH thank you Sir.. very big smile.. knowing I got off lightly.. Waking up at the sound of the door opening. looking at the clock.. oh my gosh I have been in the tub for an hour.. getting out to start drying off and going to finish dinner.. walking out in the bedroom .. I stop dead in my tracks.. seeing.. all the toys in my dream.. what the hell??????????
The Dorm Room
Courtesy of Richards Realm
Anne was our best friend. We were inseparable the last two years in college. My wife and I lived in university housing for married students, Anne in the towers across campus. On any giving night we could be found either in our apartment drinking and partying or in the dorm room doing the same. Somehow we still managed to get to class the next day. I still don’t know how. This night found us an Anne’s trying to console her latest failing attempt at a relationship. My wife and I couldn’t understand it. Anne was pretty, sexy, petite, 5’3” tall, with the most incredibly green eyes I had ever seen. She had long silky blonde hair, and small but perfectly shaped tits. Her ass was tight and tiny, and her lips were just asking to be kissed. But no matter what she did, the guys would date her once and then vanish into the ozone. And it wasn’t because she was a prude. She had often told us tales about “the one” she had meant last night at the Petals, our local drinking spot and how they had gone back to her dorm room and fucked each other crazy all night. Tonight was more of the same. This really cool guy with great big blue eyes, a great body, and an enormous bulge in his pants had picked her up at the club; they had grabbed a bite to eat and the pizza house and then retired to Anne’s room. She proceeded to tell us all the sorted details. How they had practically ripped each other’s clothes off as soon as the door was closed. How she had dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until it was rock hard. How he had picked her up, pressed her to the wall her legs draped over his shoulders and ate her pussy until she screamed. How she thought she would never be able to get his huge prick in her cunt but somehow had managed. You can imagine what the details were doing to my wife and I. We sat on the couch listening, she leaning against me between my legs, my arms wrapped around her waist, fingers entwined with hers. I knew she could feel me hard-on pressing into her back and she made little tiny movements against me to let me know she was aware. Anne’s story continued, detailing the taste of this guy’s cum, how big his balls where, no detail was left out. We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Before long I started to let my hand drift over my wife’s belly, teasing the bottom of her tits with my fingers. I half expected her to push my hand away, because we where only four feet away from Anne, but on the contrary, she pushed herself harder against me. She was enjoying the sensation. As Anne’s narration ran on, I became bolder and occasionally swept my hand across her tit, quickly at first as if I where just shifting my position, and then slowly, cupping and caressing her tit. I saw Anne’s eyes focus on my hand as she spoke. After another ten minutes of “The Erotic Life of Anne” I started to stroke Susan’s thigh starting at the knee and working up to just short of her pussy and back again. Within three strokes, Susan’s legs drifted apart. She was obviously turned on by my attentions, Anne’s story and the fact that Anne was watching the whole thing. Anne still talked. And I continued to test my wife’s limits at this game. My hand settled directly on her cunt. I could feel the heat of her excitement though the denim. I kept my hand still, waiting to see if it got a reaction. Anne’s eyes were glued to my hand. For a second she stopped talking and stared at my hand as if it were the sole focus of her life. She began her narration again, this time explaining her first attempt at anal sex with “Mr. Right” and as she got to the good part, my wife’s hips moved up and against my hand, her legs closing on it, holding it against her. I pressed back to her, and for the next chapter of Anne’s story, my wife pushed her pussy against my fingers as I worked them against her. My other hand had found its way under her short blouse and was playing with her nipple, pinching it and pulling at it until it became hard. Suddenly my wife reached down and undid the button fly of her jeans, spreading the fly open. She took my hand and slid it along the soft skin of her belly, under her panties and pushed it down until it was right on her pussy. Anne didn’t miss a beat. One finger slid into her, spreading her swollen pussy lips, while another searched and found her clit. Slowly I rolled it beneath my finger while I finger fucked her. Anne went on to tell us about how good this guys cock tasted, that she could have sucked it for days if he had let her. And with this my wife lifted her hips and pushed her jeans down to her knees and pulled one leg out. I couldn’t believe it. Anne was telling us dirty stories, I was finger fucking my wife in front of her and my wife was getting naked. What a great country, America! By this time, my cock was so hard it hurt. I kept pressing against my wife’s back, but that wasn’t doing it for me. I needed some attention. I stopped feeling her tit for a second and shifted her position so she was on her side against the back of the couch and took her had and put it on my cock. And Anne spoke on. Susan quickly grew bored with playing with my cock though my pants and proceeded to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down far enough so she could put skin to skin. Anne’s voice was getting a bit shaky at this point, but on she went. Soon Susan’s lips had engulfed the tip of my cock and she was sucking furiously at it. My finger continued to finger fuck her and her hips moved more quickly against my hand. I looked over at Anne as she spoke and noticed she had her hand down the front of her sweat pants and was working her cunt over pretty furiously herself. And still she continued. She started to repeat herself, revisiting the sexual escapades of the previous night that excited her more and Susan and I raced each other to orgasm. I wasn’t’ sure if my wife was still paying attention to Anne (I sure was!) because she had managed to free my cock completely from my jeans and was giving me an incredible blowjob. He alternated between sucking me against the back of her throat, and letting her tongue trace the vein along the underside of my cock all the way to my balls. We were both ready to explode. The aroma of pussy was heavy in the room. It was then, as I was seconds from cumming down my wife’s throat and she was ready to cum from my finger fucking that I noticed that the room was silent except for the sounds of my wife’s wet cunt slurping under my fingers, Anne’s pussy slurping under her fingers, and my wife’s mouth sucking my cock. Anne had finally shut up. And then the lights went dim as all three of us moaned an animalistic primal moan. My wife’s legs clamped around my hand as her hips fucked it in violent spasms of orgasm, Anne’s hips rose from the couch in uncontrollable thrusts against her own fingers, and stream after hot white stream of cum rocketed down my wife’s throat. When I awoke, my wife was still cradled between my legs; my now soft cock resting against her cheek, pearly white droplets of cum still clinging to her lips, and Anne was nowhere to be seen. I guess she is out looking for Mr. Right. I hope she finds him.
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Vincent
I'm sat in the chair, naked, waiting for you. You stand close to the window and undo the buttons on your dress and allow it to slide to the floor. Under the dress, you wear plain white bra and panties, I stand up and walk towards you. I kiss you long and slow, gently nibbling on our upper lip. I gently kiss lower down your body, stroking the sides of your breasts as I kiss my way down your cleavage and then onto your tummy button and down to the lacy edges of your panties which I pull to the ground and you step out of them and lean forwards against the end of your bed. I come up close behind you and then force my penis into your vagina. While we make love I gently kiss your neck and shoulders all the time feeling the powerful force of your vaginal walls working their magic on my penis until eventually I can't stand it any longerand my seed shoots out in to your warm depths. I could not keep up with you as you still have far to go before you climax. You turn around and palace my hands on your breasts allowing me to feel their size and shape. I pull one of the cups of your bra down and hold your breastas I gently kiss it, savouring the slightly salty sweat that is on you after making passionate love. You unclasp your bra and gently put and your hands behind my head and bring it to your breast holding me as if I were an infant. I seductively play with your nipples, rolling my thumbs around them and watching excitedly as they gradually expand with your pleasure. I hold your tight in my arms as I alternate between sucking and kissing your tanned breasts and then you let me know that you are going to come I suck hard on your left breast increasing your pleasure, as the power of your orgasm sweeps through your body you nearly fall to the floor but I support you as you gradually calm down and then get dressed again knowing that we will soon meet again and enjoy the time we spend together. Each in the others arms.
Sex at the Beach
Courtesy of Richards Realm
One summer day, my boyfriend and I went to a beach at Lake Michigan. Something about laying in the sun always makes me horny. My boyfriend knows this and is always eager to get me in the sun. This particular beach is famous for sand dunes and you can usually find a hilly area that is somewhat private. We found ourselves a nice spot and laid our blanket down and sprawled out to catch some rays. My boyfriend was laying on his back and I was laying on my stomach with my bikini top off. After a little while, I noticed my boyfriend checking out the side view of my tits, and I could tell he had a nice hard on. Just to tease him, I would occasionally lift myself up just enough for him to see my nipples. I noticed him squirming around with that hard on and wondered what he planned on doing about it. I was getting pretty horny and I think he knew it by the way I was staring at the bulge in his shorts. Soon, he put his hand on my ass and his middle finger found its way underneath my suit and into my hot pussy. By this time, the beach had gotten pretty crowded and although we had a little privacy, it was not enough to start fucking without getting arrested. After a few minutes of gently fingering me, my boyfriend pulled his finger out and just laid there. I said "baby, please don't stop, I want to cum" and he said he was paying me back for the little peep show I'd given him. He said "you were teasing me, now I'm gonna tease you." I promised him that I'd take him to the car and give him the best blow job he's ever had if he would just finish me off with that finger. That was all the encouragement he needed, and he slid that finger right back into my pussy and started working it real slow. Just knowing there were other people close by made me extra horny, and I begged him to finger fuck me faster. He has a little technique he uses on me where he finger fucks me and rubs my clit with his thumb at the same time and it always makes me cum. He did that move for quite some time, and I held off from cumming for as long as I could but then I creamed his finger and got my bikini bottoms drenched with pussy juice. He pulled that finger out, licked it off and said "let's go to the car." Off we went, up the hill, and before we got up to the parking lot, he pulled me over behind the restroom/shower building. I said "not here, someone will see us" and he said "we'll see them before they see us and I'll just pull my shorts up." That did sound better than going to the hot car, so I told him to "drop them" and I went to town sucking that rigid cock. A little girl came to use the bathroom and we had to wait for her to finish and leave, but then I started stroking and sucking his cock, even grazing it with my teeth which he really likes. I massaged his balls while I took his cock all the way into my mouth and he was breathing so heavily I could tell he really liked it. He had pre-cum oozing out of the tip of his cock and I used my finger to rub it all over the head of his cock and then I licked it off. His cock was so hard and the head was just bulging with blood, and sucking it was really making me want to have it in me. I said "do you think we could get away with a quick fuck?" He said "no problem, bend over baby." I bent over, and he pushed my bathing suit aside and gave my dripping pussy a few long licks with his tongue. He then took the head of his big fat cock and teased the outside of my pussy and clit with it. Soon he was pumping me with nice even strokes and I began to finger my clit at the same time. Just then, another couple of sunbathers came up to use the bathroom and we had to pretend that we were just standing around talking. It was agony waiting for them to leave. The second they headed down the hill my boyfriend put that big fat cock right back in me and began pumping feverishly. His pumping me, and fingering my own clit sent me into a huge orgasm and, as my pussy gripped his cock, he came too for what seemed like a really long time. He pulled his cock out of me and some cum ran down my leg. Conveniently we were right near the showers, so we went in to get cleaned up. He said "meet you back at the blanket." When we got back to the blanket, we soaked in some more rays and talked about the long, slow fuck we were going to have tonight after we get home. There was no doubt in my mind that thinking about that beach fuck was going to get us really horny again.
Secretary Sex
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I recently took a job as a consultant for a large firm. A lot of traveling would be involved. This was a bit of a downside, but, in a way, it also intrigued me, as I had always had a fantasy about going to a strange town and having a one night stand with a complete stranger. I'm married, but have had marital problems on and off for a few years. My wife had a brief affair with her highschool sweetheart a few years into our marriage and, though she broke it off, I have always felt betrayed and even sometimes felt the need to get even with her.As expected, I was sent out of town to one of our affiliate firms. When I got there, I was greeted by their secretary, who was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had dark brown, shiny, long hair which was pulled up into a tousled looking bun. She had a fabulous body, lean and curvy with nice tits and an firm ass to die for. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke a few times throughout the day. I had the feeling she was eyeballing me just the same as I was her. Nobody in this firm knew that I was married, so I asked the VP that I was working with if the secretary was married. He said "no, in fact she broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago." That was exactly what I wanted to hear! The next time I saw her, I asked her if she would like to have dinner that night and she said she did. I didn't know my way around town very well, so she said we should eat at the restaurant at the hotel where I was staying, which sounded good to me. She said she would meet me at the hotel at 7:00. I was so nervous, I had been married for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to be getting ready for a date. Just as I was ready to go down to the lobby at 6:45, there was a knock on my door. I opened up the door and there she stood. Before I even had a chance to say anything, she said "lets not bother with dinner, we both know that all we really want to do is fuck." I stood there with my mouth hanging open as she walked right in and proceeded to take her coat off. You guessed it, there was nothing on underneath her coat. Like an idiot I stood there, not knowing what to say. She said "I saw the way you were looking at me all day, I know you want to fuck me, and thats fine because I need a good fucking." She walked over to me and said "I want you to suck my nipples." So I began sucking them and, at the same time, wondered how in the world I could get so lucky. She had fabulous tits, nice and firm with little perky nipples that were hard as I continued sucking and licking them. She pulled me up to kiss her and while she was kissing me she reached down and grabbed a hold of my prick through my pants. As you can imagine, it was plenty hard. She immediately unzipped my pants, pushing my boxers and pants down to the ground in one quick motion. The next thing I knew, her warm mouth was all over my cock, licking and sucking it with passion. "You have a great looking cock, do you fuck alot?" she asked. I stammered something like "not really" and she said "you're married aren't you?" Before I even answered, she said "I knew it, that's ok, I don't want any commitments anyway, just a nice fuck." I didn't think a woman like this existed, and here she was sucking my cock! I could tell she was experienced at sucking cocks because she worked mine over like she was a polishing a rare antique. I came so close to cumming about ten times but held off, because I didn't want to seem like an amateur. She stood up and said "now it's my turn." She walked over to the bed and laid down, spread her legs and said "c'mon." I practically lept onto the bed and buried my face into that sweet pussy. It was shaved completely clean, not a hair in sight, and it tasted so sweet I could have eaten her all night. She quivered and moaned while I probed her with my tongue and sucked on her swollen clit. I don't even know how much time when by, but she said "I'm ready to be fucked now." She didn't have to tell me twice, I said "how would you like it?" She didn't say anything, she just led me over to a chair, pushed me down, and, facing away from me, lowered herself down onto my throbbing cock. I had never had sex in this position and it was great because I could see her beautiful ass as she slid up and down my pipe.Then, she abruptly got up and went over to the bed, stood beside it, leaned forward, and spread her legs. I didn't need to be told what to do. I slid right up behind her and guided my hard cock between her legs into her hot, wet pussy. I held onto her hips as I fucked her gently, then harder. She moaned continuously and said "harder, harder," I thought I would hurt her, but she kept asking for it harder, so I began to really pound her and this made her moan even louder. Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight that I knew she was getting ready to cum, and then she did cum, practically screaming and shaking as she did. I was ready to cum too, and just as I was about to, she said "cum in my mouth." Oh my God, this just kept getting better and better! My wife would die before she would let me cum in her mouth, this was a real treat for me. I pulled my cock out and she knelt down in front of me and stroked me as I shot cum out in long streams, all of which she gobbled up as if it were chocolate. We fucked again, this time slower and missionary position, very tenderly. Then we fell asleep in each others' arms. When I woke up, she was gone, and I had to catch a plane. I've never been unfaithful again, I figure the score is even now. I don't think I could ever top my hotel experience with the brown haired beauty, anyway.
Camera Store Seduction
Courtesy of Richards Realm
One summer break from college, I got a job at a camera store. The man who owned it was a really attractive guy, newly divorced and very straight laced. I had seen him sneaking peeks at me several times, and I figured he hired me mostly because I have a fantastic body and he figured it wouldn't be bad for business to have a pretty girl around.I had thought about seducing the man, but he just seemed too uptight for me and plus, I never had a lack of dates. Still, he sure looked good and I found myself fantasizing about what he would look like naked and how big his cock was. I would purposely wear seductive clothes, go braless and bend over the counter to give him little peeks at my tits, just to see if he would possibly make any moves on me, but he never did. I was beginning to get a little offended that he never did make any moves on me, after all I look damn good, if I must say so myself!As it got to be close to the time I would have to quit my job and to back to school, I decided that he needed a little lesson in seducing a girl who so obviously wanted to be fucked. I decided I was going to have my way with him on my very last day of work, after the store closed and we were alone. We put the closed sign up and locked the doors, then he disappeared into the back room to get the bank deposit ready. I took this opportunity to strip completely naked, except for my high heels, and then I sauntered into the backroom and surprised him. He had his back to me so I came up behind him and put my arms around his waist and I felt him tense up. "What are you doing," he said in a sort of happily suprised voice. I said "right now I'm just hugging you, but I'm fixing to fuck you." He didn't say anything, but just stood there for a minute and then I felt him relax a bit. All of a sudden, he turned around and began kissing me more passionately than I had ever been kissed before. This guy was definitely an experienced lover, but who would have known? He picked me up and sat me on the counter and began sucking my nipples while I ran my fingers through his hair. I thought I was going to seduce him, and now he was doing all the work! How lucky can a girl get? I laid back a little on the counter so that he could get a look at my pussy. He immediately dove right in and began to eat my pussy like crazy, until my pussy juice was dripping onto the counter. I could not believe my luck! He was still fully dressed, so I hopped off the counter and began to undress him by taking off his button-down shirt first. It was obvious he had a huge boner and only when I unzipped his pants did I realize just how big it was. He had a fucking gorgeous, huge cock! If I had ever had any idea of this, I would have been fucking his brains out every single day. It was at least 9" long and thick and it stood straight up. I didn't even have his pants down to his knees before I began to suck that glorious cock, working it with my hand as I sucked it. I wanted this to be an experience he would never forget, so I really lavished attention on that massive cock, sucking and slurping and stroking it from bottom to tip. It was so big, I could stroke it with both hands and still have plenty to suck. Sucking his bulging cock made me so horny, I could not stand it anymore. I told him that I needed him to fuck me NOW. So he spun me around, leaned me over and began to work his fat cock into me. He had to go slowly because he was so huge, but once he got it in, it slid in and out perfectly with all my pussy juice lubing it up.He would pump me a few times slow and deep and then he would pull his cock almost out and swivel his hips so that his fat cock would stimulate my clit. Then he started pumping me faster and his cock filled me so full that I knew I would be cumming very soon. Every thrust was like a mini orgasm. Soon, I was shaking and almost crying as I moaned and had a long, beautiful orgasm all over his huge cock.He began thrusting faster and I knew he was going to cum. I moaned "I want to taste your cum," so he pulled out and I knelt down and began sucking the head of his cock. A small dribble of his sweet cum poured into my mouth, then big gushes shot across my tongue and down my throat. I love the taste of cum and I gobbled his up. I could see that he enjoyed watching me savor his cum. His cock never even got soft and before you know it we were licking, sucking and fucking again. It was the best fucking I've ever had, he wore me out. You had better believe that I will be going back to visit him again on my next break!
My Girlfriend’s a Tease
Courtesy of Richards Realm
My girlfriend is one of those rare women that any guy would die for. She is gorgeous, intelligent, and people think of her as a very moral, very straight-laced person. On the other hand, she can be as raunchy as any other girl I've ever encountered, and she likes to surprise me every now and then. It's always a thrill. One Sunday after church, we decided to go to a nice restaurant for lunch. We sat across from each other at a small table. While looking at her menu, she leaned across the table and said "I've been thinking about sucking your cock and it is making my pussy SO wet." I say "is that so?" Then she says "if we were at home, I'd suck it till you came, then I'd lick the cum off and suck it some more so you'd be nice and hard for fucking me." The waitress arrived and took our order, as I sat there with a swelling cock. Luckily, our table was in an area that left my girlfriend with her back to the wall, and me with my back to the nearest other table. As soon as the waitress left, my girlfriend unbuttoned her blouse just enough to hook a finger inside and start rubbing and flicking her nipple. She sat there, looking at me hungrily, as I watched her rubbing that hard nipple. After checking to make sure nobody was coming, she pushed her blouse aside so that I could see her swollen nipple. She left it exposed for a few seconds, then dipped her finger into her ice water and rubbed it around her erect nipple, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she did so. I had seen that look of arousal on her face so many times before. I was so wishing that we had skipped lunch and gone straight home for some fucking. My cock was so hard, it was aching to be touched, or preferably sucked. She said "I can see how hard your cock is, I sure wish I were sucking it." She is one of those women who truly loves giving head, and loves the taste of cum. She is the first woman I have ever met that has a sex drive to match mine.The waitress brought our food, but rather than eat, my girlfriend again dipped her finger into the ice water, dropping her hand under the table. She looked at me and said nonchalantly, "no underwear." Then I saw that look on her face again and I knew that she was rubbing her clit. She said "I'm so horny, I wish I had your cock inside me." I said "believe me, so do I!" Then, she told me that she won't be able to wait for us to get home, she is so horny that she has to come NOW. She kept checking to make sure nobody was coming and then she continued to masturbate. She reached across the table and took my hand as she continued stroking her clit. She began to squeeze my hand as she was coming closer to climaxing. She had again pushed her blouse aside to expose that hard nipple. I could tell that nobody was on to us, so I leaned across the table and took a hold of it and began to squeeze it. She was clenching my other hand so tightly I knew she was going to cum. As she did, she quivered, but remained as quiet as she could. I swear that not a soul in the restaurant had any clue what she was up to. She pulled her hand back up and licked her finger and said "mmmmm." I could just about have cum in my shorts at that point, but she had other plans. After she had buttoned her blouse back up, she began to nonchalantly eat her lunch. I was sitting there with a hard on that wouldn't quit. In between bites, she leaned across the table and, matter of fact-ly, said "I'm going to suck your cock as soon as we get out to the car." Needless to say, I wasn't particularly interested in my meal, but she sure took her time eating hers. This was all part of her plan, teasing me, she loves that sort of thing. Finally, the waitress came with our bill and I handed her my credit card, which she said she would be right back with. My cock was throbbing while I waited. My girlfriend just sat there, looking at me with that naughty look on her face. The waitress returned, I signed the bill, and off we went. She thoughtfully walked just in front of me so that nobody could see my hard on. We stepped outside and quickly walked around the back of the restaurant to where the car was. When we got in, I immediately unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, exposing my hugely swollen cock. I knew that I would soon be blowing my load within the next few minutes, as long as nobody else came out to their car. I reached my hand between her legs because I wanted to feel the creamy pussy I knew would be there. It was so hot and wet, I wanted to eat her right then and there, but I wanted my cock sucked so bad that her pussy would have to wait. She took her time to admire my cock and told me how she had been looking so forward to sucking it. She took hold of it and began stroking up and down with a firm grip. Then she swirled her tongue around the head while she continued stroking it. Suddenly, she went all the way down on it and was eagerly sucking it and stroking it at the same time. It only took seconds and I was telling her "I'm going to cum!" I shot a huge load, right into her mouth and cascading down my cock. She licked up every drop of it, saying "mmmm, mmmmmm" as she did.She licked her lips, gave me a passionate kiss, and said "what should we do now?" I said "I think we'd better go home."
The Seduced Pilot
Courtesy of Richards Realm
After years of flying as a private pilot, finally, in my late 50's I decided to get my Instrument Rating. Instrument flying is very precise and demanding and requires many weeks of flying and ground school training. One has to already have a pilots license to get an instrument rating. The flying school that I attended had a policy of pairing off every two students for the duration of the course so that, as well as studying together, when they were flying, one could be a lookout while the other one was practicing under the hood. As fate would have it my study partner turned out to be a young, buxom, college girl who was studying to become a commercial pilot. We spent the first couple ofweeks in classes at the school and then it was time to pair off and do some homework. We discussed where to study and she suggested I come over to her apartment to study which would be less distracting than at my house with my noisy, bustling family. I was a little apprehensive about being alone with such an attractive, single, girl since my wife had lost interest in sex, but she did not appear to think there was a problem so why not. Besides, I was old enough to be her father.When I arrived I was impressed by how neat and clean her apartment was. She said it was being paid for by her folks while she was going to college. As I walked in I thought I could tell she was a little nervous, but maybe it was just my imagination because I definitely was. We sat on the couch and started comparing notes. After we studied a while she politely asked if I would like a glass of wine; I had previously told her that I enjoyed good wines. It was a good redwine she served which was the type that always went to my head in more ways than one. After finishing the glass I felt myself relaxing more.But as we studied she kept having a problem. Her bust was so large that when she leaned forward on the couch the buttons on her blouse constantly popped open revealing her lacy bra underneath. She would blush, apologize and button them up again. The peek that I was getting of the cleavage bursting through was distracting to me though. I was trying to keep my mind on business and not the size of her bust but being alone in her apartment with the popping buttons was not helping me win the battle between concentration and distraction. She was notfat. She had a thin waist but just an unusually large breasts.After she poured the second glass of wine we found ourselves goofing off and talking about the love of flying instead of studying. She was truly an enthusiast of airplanes and flying. I was beginning to feel a strong respect for her as I would any pilot but with an extra admiration and attraction because she was a young and ambitious female. I could tell that she had the same common admiration for me even though I was much older. Of course I did have a lot more experience with airplanes but not much experience with young girls. Then she seemed to stop caring about the popped buttons and more and more of the lacy bra was showing up which was starting to unnerve me. I could tell she wasstarting to get kind of bold and silly from the wine because she started chattering continuously and enthusiastically about everything. Finally she noticed that her front was open and started to 'casually' button up again when she said, "Oh what the heck. We're alone here - you don't mind do you?" and left them unbuttoned. After seeing that I had no particular reaction, and that I was not going to rape her or anything, she continued, "I'm hot anyway. I'm just going to take it off." And with that she slipped off the blouse and lay it overthe back of the couch, and all this while she continued talking. "I hate the confinement of clothes anyway," she exclaimed. "When I get home the first thing I do is get out of all my clothes and run around naked. It feels soooo good." As I pictured her running around that way in her apartment, I felt a strong swelling in my loins. I was making an effort not to appear shocked and not to stare at her cleavage. Her bra was large heavy-duty type and had a big job to do, but it seemed to be holding things up very well - and - actually, I tried to rationalize, was not much different from a swim suit top anyway - not much different but, somehow it was, especially since it was a lacy see-thru and Icould just see the blush of pink nipples. I was starting to break out into a sweat but I tried to remain cool and wished she would pour a third glass of wine. Trying to act casual I said, "Well you can relax around me," and stupidly put my feet up on her glass coffee table for effect and then realizing that I had overdid it, immediately took them down again. She didn't seem to notice for she just kept on talking. "With my build I have to be trussed up all the time," she said, as she splashed our glasses full again. "Well, you certainly do have an abundance there," I laughed nervously as I sipped and sipped on the glass trying to concentrate on something out the window. She drank her wine down straight without stopping, hiccuped and then looked atme coyly with just the first hint of teasing, "Do you know that I can get my nipples in my mouth." Now she really had my interest. I was about to say, 'I would like to SEE that,' when she continued, "would you like to see them?" Really teasing me now, winking, "It WOULD give them a chance to breath," and she pushed out her chest and shook them to bring home the point. I was beginning to think she had some exhibitionist in her but I figured that she was just bluffing and that it was just the wine making her so bold so I joked back, "Well ofcourse. I'm a man aren't I," laughed and leaned back figuring it was the end of THAT and I was glad that I was relaxed enough to be able to joke about it. "Boys do make such a fuss over these things," she continued as she turned her back to me and said, "undo it for me will you?" "Rea. Rea-rea-rea-really!" I stuttered, stunned. "Sure. Go ahead. It's alight. I trust you. I feel so confined with this on. I'llput my blouse back on." The thought of those naked breasts under a loose blouse seemed to turn me on even more. She sat with her back to me waiting and still rattling on about clothing and things. I hesitated then felt for the clasp. The bra WAS very tight and her skin WAS hot. When, after fumbling a bit, I finally got it unlatched she flipped it off and threw it up with the blouse. I figured she would keep her back to me and put the blouse back on but instead she turned and leaned back on the couch with her hands behind her head, eyes closed, stretched and sighed in pleasure. My visual world exploded. Two huge breasts hadpopped out and away from each other and pronged up - not down as if they had just found their freedom. Little pink nipples that blended perfectly into the large globes twanged and quivered, and didn't seem to want to settle down. I sat agog at the sight of the super generous female glands right out in the open that covered the whole front of her chest. It was like an electric signal to my groin and suddenly my shorts were REALLY tight. I felt a tremendous urge to put my nose between her breasts and nuzzle, especially with her there leaning back with her eyes closed. Didn't she know what a temptation they were? Maybe she did. After a moment she sleepily opened her eyes and saw me leaning forward probably with a silly, sloppy look on my face for then she teased again, "Oh, do you like them?" I gulped with a loss for words. All I could do was lick my lips to keep the saliva from dripping out. I think she knew she had the advantage when she said in a quiet, sweet, teasing manner, "Would you like to kiss them?" And whenshe saw my reaction was to move closer she cautioned, "But now just kiss them. Just KISS. Don't suck. Sucking gets me all upset." And with that she leaned way back and closed her eyes again, hands behind her head, nipples quivering and pointing almost straight up. I tried to resist but just couldn't. I moved over beside her. My pants wereabout to tear. I wanted to bury my face between them and bat them with my cheeks but I didn't want to scare her so I moved slowly closer and carefully put my lips to her chest under her neck just where the swelling started and then moved slowly down to one nipple watching for a negative reaction from her. She just sighed again. The breast was warm and smooth, smelled so good - soft, warm and buttery. I kissed it gently then moved across and kissed the other one. She sighed again. Then I kissed them back and forth. Each one seemed to quiver inanticipation before I got to it. Then I found myself starting to engulf them into my mouth, running my tongue around the nipples and then, unsatisfied, and without being able to help myself, began sucking and pulling on them in a warm, quivering, wet parade of sucking and nuzzling. She began to writhe around. "Ohh - you naughty boy," she scolded but she didn't stop me. Instead she commented, "Isn't it warm in here?" When I agreed it CERTAINLY WAS, she sat up and started unbuttoning my shirt. "Here, let me help you" and she motioned me to stand and helped me slip my shirt off pushing it back until her breasts touching my hairy chest in the process. She rubbed her nipples from side to side across it. "Oh you are just a beautiful man," shesaid, rubbing her hand across my chest and then on down to my stomach and then she sat down and started working on my belt. All this while she was still talking. "I'll bet you got something that would like to breath too, ha ha." Sitting down on the couch put her eyes on the level with my fly, she undid my zipper and started working my pants down. In a taunting, little-girl-like, high voice she sang, "You got to see mi-ine. Now I should get to see your-rs, tee hee," and started slowly pulled down my shorts which were really bulging intensely. Down and down they went exposing more and more of my seemingly endless shaft until it finally pronged straight out, almost hitting her in themouth seemingly to shout, "You. You. You. Yours!" "WOWW," she exclaimed, surprised, as it strained upward and forward toward herpuckered lips as she made the wow comment. She had been right. It felt good to be out and it 'breathed' in anticipation. She examined it for a minute in wide eyed admiration with her fingers coming up under and just barely tickling the balls and then she said, almost in a whisper as though it was naughty, "If you don't mind, there is something that I have always wanted to do?" then in the little girl-like voice she sang, " You kissed mi-ine so I get to kiss your-rs." She leaned forward and touched it with the puckered lips and kissed it right on the end."Ooo, its so hot!" Then she kissed it and kissed it again and again - kissed it down the shaft as it twanged around. Then she started licking it with her tongue just as I had done with her breasts and her mouth came around the head sucking and pulling on it while her fingers were lightly touching and massaging my balls. I was groaning in exquisite pain and my legs started to shake. I was about to explode. "Oh STOP," I finally cried, pushing her away before I went off in her mouth."Gosh you are big" she said, "you filled up my whole mouth. My mother told me what to do but I never knew what it was like. It's really neat"As I had pushed her away she stood up and my hands ended up on those wonderful breasts. I started feeling them while at the same time she was hurriedly taking off her slacks and then slipped down her pink panties. As she leaned down to remove them she was giggling and making teasing kissing passes at my pulsating, bouncing penis as I stepped out of MY pile of clothes. It all became instinctive from then on. I had her by the breasts and she had me by the shaft and the balls. We sank to the floor and wrestled around with each other almost like in a ballet, with her trying to suck my penis and massage my scrotum, and me trying to massage and suck her breasts. At the same time my penis was screaming for relief as I tried to maneuver her into an insertion position. She would not go down on her back though. I would almost get it lined up for insertion and then she would giggle and wiggle away. We were crawling and giggling all over her living room. I finally caught her on her hands and knees crawling away and grabbed her by the hips and held her in place from the back. My bursting penis twanging up between her legs and found the magic spot and slipped right into her."Ohhhh" she cried out in pleasure and stopped pulling away. My legs were apart for balance but I was so long I had no problem pushing it deeper into her. She went down on her elbows for better effect and groaned as I held her by her round hips and rammed it home trying to get in still deeper past her plump bottom and grabbing on to her breasts for leverage. I felt that I should ease up but I was past being considerate and the more violently I pumped it into her the more shecried out in pleasure, "Oh give it to me. Give it all to me," she cried and I rammed it into her deeply. Way too soon I came and shot load after load into her sweet little body. Then I started to soften and slipped out of her. I lay down on my back exhausted and started thinking - - things like this just never happened to me - - and what was I doing screwing a girl so young - - and did she have protection and - - and - - and - - was kicking myself on and on. She had been quiet for a change and had left to go to the bathroom. Then shecame back with a hot wash rag in her hand. Her breasts bounced as she walked and they seemed to have swelled up even larger than before. Her body was flush and rosy and for the first time I noticed her full, think, powerful legs. Had I gotten past THEM? With them closed she could hold me like a vice. "You just lie there and let me clean you up," she cooed. I knew, from her apartment, that she was neat and clean but this was unexpected. She started wiping my stomach with the hot rag and then slowly moved it down to my genitals, working it around them and up and down my inner thighs. I wondered if her mother had taught her that also. She kept massaging with the warm rag while I watchedher breasts quivering around and her thick, smooth legs. My penis started coming up again. "Ohh YES," she said as she stroked it and massaged the balls upwards until it was up to a full six-inch plus height. "It's got more for me," she said as she straddled me and while she bounced the breasts off my face I could feel her sucking my penis up into her with muscles that seem to be pulling it from the inside. I tried to lie still but my hips kept instinctively punching upward tothrust it deeper. But she chided me to just lie still. This time I was able to hold off longer, and I could tell by her pumping that she was raising a super climax. I had to hold and support her breasts with my hands for the way she was bouncing they would have surely been painful to her. When she seemed to be going into a frenzy I let myself go and pumped her full again. She collapsed on top of me groaning and still holding me tigh t inside of her, seemingly sucking every last drop out of me. I thought I probably didn't have much left. But I was wrong.We got dressed and went back to the studies. But a half hour later we were back doing it all over again. I could not believe I had so much stamina but she teased and danced and tickled and sucked until shehad me completely pumped up again. Then she would run around the apartment naked and squealing with me in hot pursuit trying to stick it into her again. Finally she would let me catch her but would make sure that I had a full helping of those breasts before she would let me take the main course. Could she have had it planned it from the start? I don't think so. We just hit it off in a sexual way. I'll never know. Studies over, we were perfectly proper with each other, flew together, we graduated, she left and I never saw her again. What a tigress!
The Mirror
Courtesy of Richards Realm
She'd felt sexy all day. She'd woken up that way. feeling that if she didn't have an orgasm soon she may explode... and now having the house all to herself for a few hours she would make the most of it. It wasn't her ideal of course, doing it on her own but it was better than nothing. She wanted him there, making love to her but she knewthat was impossible. She wondered what he was doing, whether he was thing of her too...She'd opted for a long bath rather than a shower and had enjoyed the luxuriant oils in the warm water flowing all around her body while she lay there... her mind gently dreaming of making love while her hands caressed herself. It was all she could do to stop herself masturbating there and then. Her fingers moving over her body, teasing herself into arousal. She wished he was here to join her in the bath and she closed her eyes and imagined him watching her as she touched herself... she knew he liked that. It was while she dried herself that she had the wicked idea. It was such a deliciously wicked idea that she just couldn't resist it and herpussy moistened at the very thought... She would dress for him even though he wasn't there. She would imagine turning him on as if he was.She walked from the bathroom to the bedroom imagining all the way... she imagined the peep-hole that he looked at her through... imagined him watching her as she moved gracefully... imagined his eyes longingly looking at her towel wrapped body... imagined the beginnings of his erection as he followed her every move.She looked at herself in the mirror. She was sexy. She felt sexy. She gazed at her own full length image. This was what he saw... as if she were seeing through his eyes and knew just how sexy she was and how turned on he'd be, watching her. That appealed to her. The power that she had over him now... his mounting desire... his ever hardening cock... She knew what she was going to wear for him... she knew what really turned him on...She reached into her bedroom drawer and pulled out the sheerest stockings she could find... black and sexy... she imagined him watching... The material was so sheer it felt warm to the touch. She held it up to her cheek and ran it softly over her skin... the towel dropped away revealing her body to him. Her heart began to race....Feeling the stocking on her face made her understand just why it turned him on. It felt sensuous...Erotic... so she moved from her face to her neck... then lower still... all the time watching her own movements in the mirror... now down further to her upper chest... then tracing to outline of her breasts... her nipples ached to be touched.... but that would come later.She remembered her lover watching her... she reached into the drawer again and pulled out her garter belt and deftly put it on to herself before sliding the first stocking on. She looked at her reflection... her long leg encased in black nylon... then the second... her legs now captured by the sensuous material. She ran her hands down her thighs and knew why he liked it so much... Her pussy ached to be touched...Could she be so naughty?... yes she could, she was here on her own... just her and him.. watching her every move....The feeling of wickedness increased as she put on the highest heeled shoes she could find and watched in the mirror as her already long legs grew before her eyes. What an image she was now, tall and sexy standing there in nothing but stockings and stilettos. She knew he was hard now, touching himself...wanting her...She crossed the room to the wardrobe now.. her hips swaying with the confidence of sexuality and pulled her slinky black dress out. It was almost too daring to wear.... buttons down the front...... buttons that she imagined him opening... She pulled it on and moved back to the mirror.... god, she looked stunning... she toyed with him again as she slowly did up the buttons, beginning with the lowest.... watching in the mirror as her soft flesh disappeared from view...until she reached the top ones... She left just enough undone to show a tantalizing view of her breasts... then she undid one more. The shapely curves of her body now apparent. She ran her hands over the dress. Upwards from her hips until she cupped her breasts... she wished it were his hands. She moved them slowly, feeling her nipples hardening to her own touch... fingers tantalizing her body... she slipped one hand inside the open dress and gently squeezed the hardness she found there. Oh.. that felt good... rubbing and softly squeezing... She knew she was wet now... both handsnow exploring her shape... touching, teasing herself... watching herself through his eyes...She lifted one leg onto the bed and steadied herself, noticing the glimpse of stocking as she did so and imagined him playing with his hard cock as he watched. More buttons undone now... her body reappearing in the mirror... her tummy... her pussy... her stocking clad legs... One hand moving slowly down her skin...teasing all the way. She caressed her long black thigh, feeling the sensuousness of her stockings... inside of her thigh...and upwards... Her pussy yearned to be touched.... her fingers keen to oblige now... she teased herself more... before gently moving on to her aching sex. She was dripping with desire.. her breath caught as she touched it, fingers moving over her self... dipping into her own wetness. Her eyes now unable towatch the erotic picture in front of her, closed as waves of pleasure began to flow over her. A soft breeze ran across her face.Gentle hands touched her shoulders. A warm kiss on her soft neck.Her heart skipped a beat as she opened her eyes and saw him standing behind her in the mirror.Her head swam... as he slowly slipped the dress from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She didn't care how or why. He was here. Standing behind her, naked, his arousal all too apparent. His hardness pushed into the crack of her ass. Hard and wet with pre-cum. Herfingers were unable to stop themselves moving, faster and faster on herself as she now became voyeur... watching her own erotic movie in the mirror. His hand moved down her chest, joining hers on her breast. Two sets of fingers now teasing her erect nipple... his kisses burning into her neck and throat. He looked at her and their eyes met in the glass... she could see the urgency in his stare and that realization drew her even further on. Her body felt on fire. She watched as his hand now guided hers from her breast down her skin to joinher other... in the mirror now three hands dipping into her hot, wet pussy... the sight was so erotic, it nearly drove her over the edge... but still he continued...... still their fingers moved together... she was dripping wet.With his other hand he felt her thigh, caressed her silky leg and she watched him do it. Now his eyes unable to tear themselves away from her image she looked as his hand moved behind her. She felt his fingers softly run down the wet crease of her ass... downward... downward... moving... touching.... brushing against her soft, sensitive anus. She gasped... for a second she wanted it to linger there. Their wetness now so great she knew he would only have to gently push his fingers and they would have simply slid in to her... but she watched in the mirror as his fingers appeared beneath her at the entrance to her pussy tojoin the others in their erotic dance. Now a new sensation... his erection moving down her ass with it's wetness... running down between her cheeks... slipping, sliding on it's way... He paused and let it slide against the wet opening of her anus as if teasing her to say'yes'... but she was unable to speak now. Her breath was as irregular as her heartbeat as she felt her oncoming orgasm fast approaching... She looked at the wicked picture they made in the mirror... and she knew she couldn't hold back much longer...watched as she saw his fingers gently open the lips of her pussy... readying it... she saw his cock slide towards her opening... saw the hard tip of it dip into her... just a little... teasing to the end. It was almost the last thing she had control over. Her orgasm rushed over her as she finally saw him bury his cock into her up to the hilt. Her muscles lostcontrol as the waves of pleasure crashed into her. She moaned aloud as their fingers carried on working her clit... The spasms were so great her legs began to give, but he held her up and she opened her eyes to see his soaking cock slipping easily in and out of her pussy. As the trembling died away, he lowered them both on their sides, to the bed and they lay there, his arms still enfolding her. All the aching had gone now and what remained was an overwhelming warmth as sheslowly drifted off to sleep. When she woke, alone, she found it was dark but someone had tucked her in.
Football Stud
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I love football. I have always loved playing football. It wasn't until I was asenior in high school that I realized how much fun being a football player canbe. Coach always told me I had great endurance, and boy, would I need it tosurvive.In case you haven't figured it out yet, I made starting Quarterback my SeniorYear, and with it came Sandy, the head cheerleader. Tradition is always to havethe head cheerleader date the starting quarterback; it has been that way foryears. The difference this year was that Sandy was the most desirable girl inthe entire school. Long blonde hair, green eyes, a perfect set of tits, a tightass and legs that wouldn't quit. There wasn't a guy who didn't try to get intoher pants. The way they acted around her, I would be surprised if any of themgot lucky.Anyway, I had just finished changing after practice and went to the main gymarea to pick her up so we could go to dinner. As I approached the main door, itappeared as if the cheer session was just ending and the squad was breaking downinto small gossip groups prior to everyone leaving. Apparently no one had seenme, so I listened to one of the conversations between Sandy and Lisa, the secondmost desirable girl in the school."So, have you fucked him yet?" asked Lisa."Not yet, the time isn't right yet?" Sandy replied."While if don't soon, I may have to for you," Lisa said, "He is so hunky, I bethe has a great big dick too."Sandy simply smiled and grabbed up her things. Thinking quickly I darted backtowards the locker room door to make it look like I was just coming out. After agreeting and a deep kiss, we began to walk out towards my car. Stepping outside,the cold shocked us a bit; it had chilled down significantly since practice hadended. The cold caused Sandy's nipples to harden up and poke through her tightshirt. Dashing for my car, we got in and cranked the heat up."So where we going for dinner?" Sandy asked."I don't know, I was thinking Hillcrest, considering today is our 2 monthanniversary.""That sound great, but we need to change first." Sandy said, "Drop me off andpick me up in about half an hour."After dropping her off, I went home, relieved myself, and put on some decentattire. Arriving at her place a little after half an hour later she answeredwearing a beautiful white dress that showed off all of her curves.Shortly thereafter we arrived at the restaurant and had a fairly uneventfuldinner. We played footsie a little, but for the most part tried to keep itclean. I desperately wanted to fuck her, and it looked as if there was lust inher eyes as well.After dinner, we went back to her place. Upon arrival she asked if I wanted tocome in for a little bit. This sounded like an open invite for some fun. Lookingin her driveway, I saw that her dad's car was gone, meaning the house was ours.We barely got in the door when she laid a deep French kiss on me, pressing meback against the front door. The signs of lust were burning in her eyes. Leadingme back to her bedroom, she pushed down onto her bed. Unzipping her dress, itdropped to the floor, as she stepped out of it. Now wearing only a black lacebra and thong she walked over and began to undo my pants. At the same time Iquickly removed my shirt and allowed her to do her work. Real quick like, I wasnaked in front of her, my cock mostly hard at just the sight of her in herunderwear. With a quick snap, her top came off releasing her beautiful tits.She then took my cock deep into her mouth and began sucking me off. The onlyother time she had sucked my dick, was at the drive-in theater, and this timethere was a lot more lust involved. Once my dick was good and hard, she poppedit out of her mouth and lay beside me."I want you to fuck me NOW!!!"With that, I pulled her thong off and tossed across the room. Pausing to takethe site in of the most beautiful girl on the planet, knowing that I was goingto pop her cherry as well. Guiding my cock to her waiting pussy lips, I couldhear almost begging me to fuck her hard and fast. Her cunt was so tight that thehead of my dick didn't even want to go in. Finally with a little umpf, I got thehead in, which was accompanied by moans of pleasure from her. Slowly sliding mycock in, I got about 3 inches in when I hit her wall. Leaning down to bite herear, I gave a Herculean thrust and sliced right through her cherry. I'm sure shecame at least twice during that one.Starting with long slow strokes, her nail dug into my back with every stroke. Itdidn't take her long to reach orgasm again. After she settled down a bit I beganto increase my pace. Soon I was fucking her so hard, that her tits were bouncingto the same rhythm as my fuck strokes. Her moans grew louder until they weregrunts as she came again. We continued this frenzied pace for 20 minutes until Icould feel the pressure building up in my balls. Increasing my tempo again shefought back her orgasm and chanted "Fuck me harder, fuck me faster." Over andover again. Quickly I got to the point of no return, and just as I was about torelease my load her whole body began to quiver and shake as she had he largestorgasm so far. The sight and feel was too much for me as I felt my load explodeinto her. Wave after wave of cum shot into her pussy. Quickly overfilling it, itbegan to drip down the side of her pussy onto the bed. Finally I stoppedshooting my load and collapsed into her ample breasts, my now semi-hard dickstill resting in her pussy.After catching our breath, she began to slowly grind my dick, bringing it backto life inside of her pussy. Pushing me over, she climbed on top of me and beganto ride me, my dick had never left her pussy during the transition. Bouncing upand down on my rigid member, I reached up and began to play with both of hertits. They were so soft, I pulled her down to me and began to lick and suck hernipples, all the time she kept the same pace on riding me. About 25 minuteslater and 5 of her orgasms later, I turned her back on her back and withdrawingmy cum soaked dick, slip it between her ample tits and began to fuck them. Eachstroke between her soft globes was met with a strike of her tongue while shemasturbated. It didn't take long till I was ready to cum. Thinking quickly shetook my entire dick into her mouth and sucked my member till I began to shoot myload for the second time. The first squirt surprised her a bit and she almostspilled it, however she recovered and swallowed ever last drop of come I coulddeliver. After she finished milking my cock, we showered and I left for home.That was the best date ever. The question now was how we were going to top that. I could only wonder.
Helping Hands
Courtesy of Richards Realm
This morning, the lady next door called asking for help with her VCR. Herhusband doesn't know much about them and is of little help to her. She couldn'tget her playback to work so after I arrived we sat down in her living room and Itold her to do what she always does to record movies. She turned it on, pressedthe playback button and a blank screen was all we saw. She had somehow screwedup the tape while inserting it into the machine.After I fixed the VCR we played one of her video tapes and on the TV screenappeared a picture of a woman's hand on a man's huge, erect penis jerking himoff. His testicles were large and covered with black pubic hair and they jiggledwith every stroke she made.Oh my God!,she whispered, her face flushing with embarrassment. I never knowwhat's going to happen when I insert a tape. I sometimes enjoy movies of asexual nature but not at this moment with you sitting here.I am so ashamed of myself.I said not to worry as I liked them too and you are a normal, healthy woman withspecial needs and sexy movies were ok by him. So we proceeded to watch theentire film.It was quite a turn on for both of us as she got very quiet and her breathing rhythm changed to a faster pace. Her robe had opened slightly and Icould see the outline of erect nipples through her bra. Her breasts werebeautiful.Standing up and bashfully smiling I said I'm going home to take a shower andcool off. Well now see what I did getting you in that way,her voice sounding nervous. She wanted him to stay so swallowing hard she forced herself to utter the next line. Now, if you were open-minded enough, you'd allow me to help with your problemthen we'd both be satisfied. Are you saying what I think you're saying, knowing full well what she meant.What do you think I am saying, she replied? Well, l'd say it means you could help with this pointing to my bulging groinarea. Yes, she said, that would be what I am saying. Sit back in the chair and perhaps I can do something to relieve you.I sat back unhooked the belt, opened the fly and pulled the pants down to myknees. Why don't you just take them completely off, she asked? I stood up and removed them while she reached over to pull at the top of myshorts saying let's get rid of these too. I was now totally nude from the waist down in my next door neighbors house andshe was about to masturbate me.As I sat back in the chair she got down on her knees and held my semi-erectpenis. Knowing she's a married woman and touching another man in this mannerwith her husband at work only turned me on even more. If he could see us now Idoubt he'd be pleased but who cares!It looks to me like you need a little help with this as she continued to bringme to full hardness. My penis was growing in pure pleasure wishing I could buryit deep inside of her.Leaning back I pushed my hips out over the edge of the chair and she startedstroking my erection up and down, soft and slow, every once in awhile dribblingsaliva over my cock head making it slippery and smooth to her touch.She had mytesticles cupped in her hand gently petting them. I was getting very excited andshe started pumping me faster.My hips bucked with her every thrust.I was reaching the point of no return unable to hold back.I was about to cum in her presence and was loving every minute of it.Shifting slighty in the chair, I tensed my buttocks to project my hips towardsher face then proceeded to have an intense orgasm. My seminal fluid ejaculated all over her hand and arm. She milked me for all I was worth as I pumped mycream onto her skin and clothing. It was the best hand job I ever had and itturned me on more knowing I had splashed her body with my innermost juices. I see no harm in doing this for a good friend as you are. There was nopenetration and we're not going to have an affair. It was just naughty fun and apleasureable release for you and a turn on for me too. Sometimes I prefer masturbation to sexual intercourse and your soft hand on mypenis was a wonderful feeling. So then we are both happy. I'm not sure if I should ask but would you like me to masturbate you? Only if it's something you want to do as she touched herself between her thighs.It is,I replied, so she sat down pulled open her robe and spread her legs out onthe edge of the chair. Now undress me and see if you can bring me to an orgasm. I pulled off her panties and viewed quite a lovely, hairy bush surrounding her vagina. Gently I started rubbing the pubic mound carefully working my fingerinside her past her extended lips soon finding her swollen clitoris. She wasgetting hotter and wetter by the moment and she squealed in delight as I arousedher to her maximum level of excitement. Literally speaking I soon had her eating out of my hand as she begged me to keeptouching her erotic spots. My other hand unhooked her bra exposing her breaststo my eyes. I viewed her up and down violating her privacy drinking in hertotally nude body with my eyes. Her erect nipples pointed directly at me longingto be licked and sucked so eagerly I complied swirling my tongue and lips allover her heaving,womanly chest. She was in ecstasy and so was I. Moaning for me to keep massaging her most private area after five minutes shewas on the verge of orgasm. Pushing hard against my fingers making her hipsthrash up and down she made soft, panting cries and her body started to tremble.Goose bumps broke out all over her baby-smooth bodyand I was in control of her emotions. Due to my hand placement she could donothing to hold back the impending explosion. She was under my total control andI loved it. She cried for me to "Fuck Her Raw"!GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!!! OH! OH! I'm FUCKING Cumming! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! YES,It's Going Right Now...ahhhhhhhhhh!YES! YES! YES! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HAND! Ican't stop cumming. Oh My God...ohhhhh...ahhh...She held her breath for a moment to compose herself.My middle finger was deep inside her aching softness and her legs clamped aroundit like a vise. My other hand was all over her sensitive breasts.She grabbed my hand helping me to finish her off and I could feel her warm,moist pussy pulsating to the beat of her heart.Closing her eyes she settled down into a comfortable bliss. This was so unlike the gal I had known a few minutes ago.I had turned her into a passion-crazed woman overcome with lust and desire and Icraved the power I wielded over her.*********We thanked each other and said good night promising never to revel our secret toanyone. Also, to not get romantically involved as this was only a physical escapade andbetter kept that way.P.S.Hopefully her other electronic devices will break down so I can 'help her out'.
Beach Fun
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It all started when we found our beach. The both of us stripped down tonothing. I was a bit shy-you were confident (with every reason to be). Isensed your eyes on my body and I could feel my nipples hardening. I headedtowards the ocean to cool off-I was getting a bit excited. "Where are yougoing?" you asked. "For a swim." "Come here sexy...I need you to rub somestuff on my back." Not only did I rub your back, but I also scratched it withmy nails. You were on your stomach as I coated you with fragrant oils. I wasstrattling you and as I leaned forward to coat your shoulders, my tits would rubon your back. This made my nipples even harder. I guess you noticed becauseyou turned over. You pulled me to you and gave me a kiss. It was little oneand I hesitated a little. We looked deep into each other's eyes, saw the lovewe feel and kissed once more again-only this time it was more passionate. We both wanted each other and could feel it, but I guess we both decided withunspoken words, to make this warm evening on our own beach last as long aseternity.You reached up with your big hands and grabbed my breasts, rolling my nipplesbetween your fingers. I let out a small gasp and smiled. I leaned over andkissed you, this time plunging my tongue into your mouth. You were rubbing mytits harder now and our kisses were deeper and more intense. I rolled my hipsand rocked them back and forth and I could feel your hard cock. You pulled meup and began sucking on my nipple. You were sucking it with your entire mouthand also nibbling on the rest of my breast. You wee working my other with yourhand. I kept rocking and rolling my hips, but harder now because I was tryingto accommodate the tingles and tickles I felt in my clit. I slithered off of you and slid down between your legs. I chewed on your innerthigh a little, I worked my way up and bit you where your legs meet your body.You let out a moan. I laid on my stomach and wrapped my arms under and aroundyour bent legs. At first I played with your belly-button with my fingers, as I breathed close to your balls. I licked your balls lightly, as I would icecream and then I licked them harder. I started from your base and let my tongueslide to the top. I then gently took one of your balls into my mouth and suckedit. I moved to the other and did the same. I brought my tongue behind andbeneath your balls and flicked you lightly. You know the spot. Your bodyjumped a little and I saw a single pearly drop come out of your hard cock. Imoved up and suckled and nibbled the head of your dick, enjoying your tastydroplet. I swirled my energetic tongue in circles around your big head as youmoaned slightly. I plunged and your cock went down my throat. You let out aloud moan. I kept bobbing up and down, while tickling your balls with myfingertips. My hair was sticking to your oily body but neither of us cared. Ilicked up and down while tickling your balls with my fingertips. I licked upand down the back of your dick, sucked all over it, then slid it deep down mythroat once again. We got into our rhythm. I had my hands right below my mouthand they squeezed your hard cock as it went in and out of my throat. Your hipsmoved faster, sharper and more intense."Get ready...I'm going to shoot my load." I just kept bobbing my head, onlyharder and faster now. Your muscles began to spasm and I felt your hot, sweetcum in my mouth once, then again and again. I sucked you dry without missing asingle drop.You lay back, a little out of breath ans sweaty. Your pulled me up to you,rolled over on top of me, gave me a long gentle kiss and said "Thank you." Weboth lay there catching our breath and kissing until our gentle kisses becameintense once again. You started exploring me with your hands. You wanted torediscover me, since it had been so long since we had been together. You rolledmy clit with your fingers and I kissed you hard. I moved my hands back to yourstill hard cock. As you slid your fingers up my twat, my grip tightened on yourdick. You moved down my body with your tongue, then found my clit ready andwaiting. You licked it lightly, then slid your tongue deep within me as Igripped the blanket we were laying on. You moved back to my clit and tickled ita bit, causing me to jump. You flicked it quickly as I started to shake."Oh yes Bob! Right there! Don't stop...Please...don't stop...Bob, oh Bob...ohmy God! Yes!" Right as I was about to have the most incredible orgasm, youplastered your lips to my cunt and would not let me go. I had the longestorgasm ever, then another! "Stop Bob, stop! I can't take...uh...." I beggedbut you wouldn't stop. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and pried myself outof your grip.You looked up at me from between my legs, your mouth and chin shiny from mysweet wetness. As you moved slowly, yet eagerly up my body, I was distractedand my eyes shifted to your huge overpowering cock. I t was standing straightup and you were hard as hell! I took slow, deep breaths, knowing full well whatI was in for. You leaned over me and rubbed the huge head of your hard cock upand down my little clit. I jumped a bit-still sensitive from my orgasm. I wasdripping wet and ready to take you all.The head of your hard cock found the opening of my hot box. Slowly, you put himin and we pulled towards each other, like some sexual magnetic force. You slidyour whole self into me, filling me up completely. We both moaned, for we hadbeen building up and waiting eagerly for this incredible moment. I took all ofyou, yet, as always you surprised me with your size. It seems as though you getbigger each time we make love.You pulled yourself all the way out, then dove all the way back in-filling me.I pulled you closer so that I could run my hand all over your beautiful chestand shoulders. As I kissed you, I tasted my own sweetness on your lips.Guiding yourself in and out of me, you looked at me and said, "Oh baby, it feelsso good to be inside of you." I smiled, looked up at you and told you how Iloved to feel you in me-filling me. Sliding in and out of me, a little fasternow, you moaned, "God you are so hat, so tight, so wet." "Yeah, but I can takeall of you," I replied. And with that, you dove into me with a harder, sharper, faster rhythm. I closed my eyes, licked my lips-tasting myself again and enjoyed taking you. Our rhythm intensified. "I can take all of you. You are perfect. I was made for you. I was made to take all of you...mmmmm. God, you are so huge. Give it to me Baby.Give me all of you. I can take it!" You were hammering the hell out of me andI loved it! You were losing control and I swallowing you up, taking you all.Suddenly you stopped and pulled out. "Get on your hands and knees." Happily obliging, I rolled over, got on all fours and waited for you to enter me onceagain. I reached down between my legs, found your huge cock and guided you inside of me. Grabbing my hips, you plunged deep, over and over, faster andfaster. Once again you were losing control. We were both moaning and I couldtell you were getting close to shooting your hot load! God damn you felt sogood!!!!"Oh yes Baby...give it to me...Oh yeah...Cum for me...fill me with youhot...steamy...salty...sticky...sweet cum! I need it! I need you! Give it tome Baby! Please give it to me!" I was begging, pleading for you. Faster youplunged, deep in and out of me. You were close. Still you plunged and moaned,"Oh Baby...oh yeah, oh yeah! You dove in a final time and held yourself deepinside of me. I could feel your cum pump into me in spurts. Shuddering, youbreathed a great sigh of relief. Simultaneously, we moved our way down so thatI was laying face down on the blanket with you on top of me. Our heads wereturned so that we could look at each other.====By this time we were both sticky and sweaty. I went to the water, you followedand we swam and played a little. I figured we'd cool off a bit, but you werejust heating up all over again. The water just revitalized us. We wereenergized. Actually, you and your everlasting hardness were energized. Thewater was nice, smooth, warm and salty (not unlike your cum). I swam towardsyou and you pulled your body close to mine. Our kisses were deep and passionateonce again. I wanted you in every way, like I've never wanted before. I wantedall of you, inside of me. You sensed my hot desire, brought me to the shoreand lay me in the wet sand. We touched and teased each other as the waterlapped at our intertwined legs. You and your everlasting hardness needed no stimulation and you slid right inside of me.You brought me up carefully as you got on your knees and sat back on your heels.We were facing each other and I had every inch of your cock covered. We started off slow and deep. Very deep. We held each other close and my hair hung in wetstrands onto our shoulders. We began to get more excited, so I got up and ledyou to the rocks. Your cock was saluting me as it stood at BIG attention. Ileaned back on the rock and you lifted my left leg with your right arm. Once again, you entered me. You were so big, I couldn't help but moan. We got evenmore excited so I turned over and bent over a smaller rock. You came in frombehind and held onto my waist so you could bang me even harder. I am feelingthings that I have never felt before! We were moving faster and faster. Nextthing you know, we're back in the wet sand again on our hands and knees. At first, you grabbed my tits to help pull yourself to reach yet more depths. I could feel your dick in the back of my throat. You slid your hands down to my hips, found your grip and fucked me hard. In and out, harder, faster and fasteruntil I thought I was going to scream louder than I already was!"Uh, oh Baby...Ineed you! Fuck me! Fuck me harder...mmmm!"You stopped and pulled out. I was going to kill you if you didn't keep fuckingme! You flipped me over, put my ankles behind your ears and plunged inside. Inand out...mmmm. I moved my legs down and wrapped them tight around you. My hips were up off of the ground and I was taking all of your rock hard cock.Your rhythm sped up-you were so close!"Fuck me harder Baby! I want to feel you come all over me, inside of me. Iwant to taste your hot cum! Cum for me! Come on, fuck me hard!" With thatyour muscles started to contract, you pulled out and came all over me. I havenever seen so much cum in all my life! You straddled my legs and rubbed yourcum into my tits and pinched my erect nipples. I ran my hands over my stomachand rubbed your hot cum all around. I kept licking my fingers (I couldn't helpit). We did this for a few minutes. You kept playing with my nipples which gotme all worked up. You would pinch them, nibble them, then bite them. My backwas arched. I reached my hand down between my legs and found my clit standingstraight up-I was all fired up! I felt sparks the second I touched myself.Still pinching my nipples, your eyes shifted to my hands. I rubbed my lovebutton up and down, side to side, and rolled it between my fingers. I took oneof your hands in my mouth and slid your fingers in one by one so that I couldsuck your sweet cum off of them. Your cock was hard once again. How could it not be with all of this action?You reached down and grabbed yourself. We were both touching ourselves-watchingeach other made us even more excited. You couldn't stand it anymore and youdove down to lick my clit and taste our mixed juices. I wanted you inside of meagain. You happily obliged and I played with my clit, rolling it around as youworked your cock in and out of my hot box. I moaned louder and louder andarched my back. I came and I came hard. I told you to pull out, I sat behindyou and put oil on my hand. I grabbed your hard cock and jacked your off. Iwhispered naughty things in your ears, and in return, you warned me when youwere going to shoot your load. I came around front, plastered my nouth aroundyour cock and swallowed every drop you gave me===Hello Baby!I have a very vivid image of you the last time that we were together. I can seeyou standing at the foot of the bed with your big, hard cock in your hand andthat look on your face that I find so damned sexy. That image drives mecompletely crazy. I am aching to feel your lips on mine, kissing me, with ourtongues teasing and tasting each other. I want so badly to touch you, runningmy fingertips over every inch of your body, sliding my hand around your big,hard cock and stroking you and kissing you, until you cum so hard all over mybreasts, so I can rub it all over both of us and taste it on my fingertips.After a while, I would climb on top of you and take all of you inside of me.You know how badly I need you to fill me up and ride you until I cum over andover again, calling out your name and moaning in complete ecstasy, feeling myhot, wet pussy tighten up even more around your rock hard, wide cock. Then Iwould slide off of you and get on my hands and knees so that you can take mefrom behind, with your hands on myhips, with you stroking so deeply in and outof me, you giving me a little slap on the ass, I'll look back at you and tellyou how badly I want you to cum and fill me up, just grinding back against youuntil we both explode!
My Internet Fantasy
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Andrea
I have been playing games with an acquaintance over the Net for awhile. We would send each other E-mail that was suggestive and downright naughty. His were stories, wonderfully explicit stories, of a very sexual nature. And mine were usually simple little remarks aimed at getting more stories. I didn’t see him very often, but I can always see how he looks in my minds eye. His tall, well-built frame completely covers any standard doorway. I always wondered if it would affect him if I were to have to squeeze past him one day, rubbing my breasts against his broad chest in the process. The last few nights have been filled with thoughts of encountering him somewhere that I could make use of a few lines in the stories I have read. I lay in my bed imagining his large, work roughened hands gliding over the soft skin of my back, massaging away the days pressures. Feeling his breath on my neck, as he leans over to smell my hair or whisper into my ear. I can see him turning me over to take in my nakedness. Looking at my body, touching it, and then kissing it slowly. Making his way to my breasts, to taste my hardened nipples and sending shivers of delight up my spine while he does it. My eyes closed, I can even smell his scent. Musky and overwhelming to my senses. His beautiful body glistens with sweat when I strip him of his shirt, and I can’t resist the urge to feel his chest, splaying my fingers across it then reaching up to kiss him. Tasting his sweat with a flick of my tongue. I can feel his heart racing through my lips as I trace a line down his stomach to his navel, then follow with my mouth. I grow wetter and wetter the closer I come to his cock. It’s bulging through his jeans, waiting to be set free. I touch him there gently and look up into his eyes. I can see that he too, is ready. I undo the button, unzip his zipper, and open the door to an ecstasy we never imagined before. He shrugs the remainder of his close off in one swift movement and lays on the bed beside me. He leans down and kisses me. Softly on the cheek, on the nose, then finally on my waiting lips. His hand runs down my thigh, parting my legs, as he continues to seduce my mouth with pleasure. My breath catches as he moves to position himself above me. I can feel his hard cock seeking to enter me, and it makes me loose what little control I had left. As I grasp his member to guide it into my wet pussy, I can hear him moan. I whisper his name and as he opens his mouth to whisper back I hear bells…bells? I slowly open my eyes, rub the sleep from them, and smile as I imagine finishing that dream for real……….
The Rose Fantasy
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I stir slightly, moving ever so slowly from sleep to wakefulness. The scent of rosesfills my mind, & I smile. roses, I love that smell-there's something so soft and sweet-- &an underlying sensuality -- nothing is sexier than the smell of roses. Something tickles my nose and I stir further, the gentle touch brushing over mycheeks and lips.. I slip closer to consciousness. I peek through one sleepy eye to gaze atyou, sitting on the edge of the bed, a mischievous glint in your eye. I smell roses again andI realize it is the soft petals of a single yellow rose that tickles and kisses my skin.. I chuckle groggily.. and futiley pull the covers up over my head-- waking is nevermy strong point. You laugh, yanking the covers away, leaving me shivering slightly at thesudden cold rush of air. My skin gets goosebumps and I growl softly at you, although asmall smile quirks at my lips. You brush the rose over my bared shoulders, my collarboneand down towards the scoop neckline of the brief tank I wore to sleep. You shift closer,your hip against mine, brushing the soft petals back up my throat to kiss my lips again.You place it on the headboard above my head and then trace your fingertips lightly overthe same path. You move your hands down, to slide them under the material of my shirt...fingers splayed as you lightly rub my skin. I feel the warmth, the heat, the hidden strengthof your touch and my breath catches, something deep inside me melts. You move yourhands up, fingertips brushing over the undersides of my breasts. I gasp and open my eyesfully for the first time this morning. The green fire in my gaze deepens to dark emerald as Igaze at you, feeling my body and desire starting to smolder. You cup my breasts, yourmischievous look fading into the one of passion and possessiveness I know so well. You pull my top off in on fluid movement, followed quickly by the panties I stillinsist on sleeping in, a habit, one you continually tease me for. You lay down beside me,your weight against my side as you press your body against the length of me. One handcups my breast, and your thumb begins to tease and flick my nipple, a soft moan escapesme and you lean over to kiss my lips. I always lose myself in your kiss, the soft lips, the gentle or harsh exploration orplundering of my mouth, sometimes asking, sometimes demanding, always breathtaking.An eternity seems to pass as we kiss, again,.. and again... as your thumb flick...flick..flicksmy sensitive nipple. Slowly, your lips move down my jaw to my neck to that spot ...right... *there*,that makes me moan and squirm, guaranteed. I move against you, eager for more, more ofyour touch, your lips, your love, just MORE. You move to lay atop me, cradling your hardness in the welcoming valley of mythighs. I moan softly, grinding my hips against yours, and a thrill runs through my blood asI hear your low growl in response. I wrap my arms around your neck and caress your skin,running my fingers through your hair. You kiss and nibble your way down my collarbone,working your way to my breasts ..oh so slowly.. Finally you reach them, first flicking yourtongue over one nub and then the other, as I gasp and clutch you closer. Your tonguecircles my nipple, closer and closer, until finally you make contact with the tip, growingpebble hard as you suck and nibble and pull on it. I writhe beneath you as you move backand forth and back again between my aching breasts. One hand slowly trails down my skin, reaching down between us to cup mymound... rubbing gently... a whole new set of sensations rushes over me as I grind againstyou, and your thumb slips in between my lips to circle my clit... around and around,making me wild with want. You slip a finger inside me, then two as your thumb tortures myclit... my hips seem to move of their own will... urging you on, my moans soft andgasping... my nails in your back, urging urging....You need none, you are in control, andyou continue to let the waves of pleasure build slowly... wonderfully.. A third finger slipsinside me and you pump them as your thumb rubs and flicks my hard clit.. I throw my head back as your touch works its magic on my body, pumping yourfingers in and out of my body. Wave after wave of pleasure takes me higher and higher,small mewls and purrs of pleasure escaping my gasping mouth. You raise your head frommy breasts to watch my face as you whisper just one word.... "now..." and the tensionreleases.... the orgasm rocks my body as I shudder with the pure joy of release... Yourfingers slowly massage as I come back to earth, my body languid and relaxed, but nowhere near sated. You pull your fingers from me, and present them to me. I dart mytongue out eagerly and lick and suck my juice from your lean strong fingers... Your eyes darken further and I shiver in anticipation of what is to come.. youmove slowly off me, your hard cock grazing my thighs.... and you kneel on the bed, gazingdown at me... tousled from sleep and passion... lips swollen from your kisses, breastsheavy and heaving as I regain my breath, thighs wide, revealing the drenched lips of myshaven pussy. You smile as your eyes darken with lust and desire.... "On your hands & knees, little one." I recognize that tone... and a shiver of purelust and love traces down my body as roll over languorously, and draw my knees up,spreading them slightly, raising my ass up in the air. I wait eagerly.... still unsure whichvenue this will take. A stinging slap and I hiss in a breath as your palm meets my ass cheeks with force.And again... and again... I whimper briefly, but make no other sound... Knowing I havedone nothing wrong..this is no punishment.. this is simply for the pure pleasure of it...Your pleasure in doing it... my pleasure in receiving it... The warm glow from the briefspanking suffuses my body and I squirm as my I feel myself getting wetter.... As if readingmy mind, you slips a finger inside me... chuckling.... "Your a naughty girl, little one..." One more stinging slap to my ass. I nodmutely... purring slightly as you stroke me slowly... You move closer to me.. and I can feelthe throbbing as you brush your hard cock against the flushed cheeks of my ass. I shiver,unconsciously moving my hips back in eager anticipation. You pull your hand from me,smacking my ass, light and playful this time.... "Oh you want it, hmm little one?? You want it bad... your such a good little one." Iwhimper in agreement... almost mindless as I am lost in desire and want. You grab my hips, and trace around my pussy lips with the head of your hardcock... teasing me... eliciting moans and whimpers and mewls of pleading from me. Thenwithout warning, you impale me.... thrusting deep and hard, slamming yourself to thehilt... my head rears up as I half scream, half gasp in pleasure/pain. You are still, and for amoment I revel in the feeling of you.... in me..deep inside me... filling me, throbbing,warm, hard heat... You begin to move, long, slow strokes. You move my hips, impalingme again and again.. feeling deliciously hard and filling me again and again. You speed upyour pace... My head bowed, I growl low... slamming my hips back against yours.. "Yes... fuck me...oh gawd yes... harder.. oh give it to me.. please... please... " Mywords are a breathy growl... begging for it, needing it... Your fingers entwine in my longthick hair.... pulling my head back.... slamming harder and harder into me... making meyours.. showing me again and again that I belong to you, desire you, need you.. and I loveit... every pussy grinding, hip slamming, breath taking moment of it... I feel myself buildingcloser and closer... and your cock throbs harder in me.... I know you are close... I slamback harder onto your cock, enveloping it in my hungry cunt...You thrust ferociously intome, pulling on my hair, you growl low.... "Cum...." Just the word... in just that tone... and I feel a body shaking tremor asthe pleasure suddenly shoots out of my control and my body explodes in climax...Pure joyand release and it robs me of my breath..... I catch it, screaming your name... just longenough to feel you shout as your cock shoots your hot cum deep inside me.... Feeling youshudder as you orgasm buried full to the hilt inside me.... the sensations overwhelm as Iclimax again... you release my hair and I half collapse on the pillows, you lower yourselfon top of me, .... your heart racing as is mine.. breath panting.... roll us onto our body spooned against yours.. your arms tight and protective and possessive and lovingaround me... we lay there with eyes closed... your lips kissing my earlobe as you stroke myhair .... I purr softly as I rest against you once I catch my breath... "Awake now, little one?" you ask softly... I open one eye... and above me... still dangling and filling my nose with its scent...along with the smell of our lovemaking.... is the rose.... and I smile... "Nope," I murmur sleepily... "Better try it again......"
Office Desires
Courtesy of Richards Realm
It's been a crappy day, lots of work on, people complaining, raining all day. It's 5pm, people are finishing work, the building starts to empty, staff eagerto get home... As usual I have paperwork to finish, easier to do after hours, no distractions, well not usually...I have a few things to fax, the machine in finance, is broken again, I'll have to use the one in admin... I walk through reception, you're getting ready to leave too, I pause for a second, to watch you, my eyes fixed on your smooth curves... you're well shaped breasts, your beautifully rounded ass, I like what I see... As I stare, you turn and catch my eye, realise what I've been lookingat, you smile and carry on as you were. Embarrassed at being caught I mutter my apologies and continue red-faced towards admin. A couple of minutes later you come up the stairs into admin, your lift home has been delayed, and it's raining heavily, you ask for a lift, if that's ok. It's very ok, I've been thinking about you for ages, imagined what it would be like to kiss you, to touch you, to feel you... We've been flirting for the last fewweeks, just harmless fun mostly, I know you're happily married and nothing will come of it, but I enjoy the flirting and the imagining...There's just the two of us left in the building now, the lights are off inside, the only light is from the security lights outside, a dim glow illuminated the office against the pouring rain soaked windows. You sit on the desk next to the fax waiting for me to finish.I'm aroused by your mere presence; I can smell your perfume in the air, it's intoxicating. From the corner of my eye I can see your legs, your skirt riding up over the knees. I catch a glimpse of flesh in between the buttons of yourblouse... I can't believe how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, embarrassed to turn round, I'm imagining what we could be doing, I'm hard just thinking aboutit...All done now, time to go home, I collect my papers and turn round, you get down from the desk, your standing in front of me, looking up into my eyes... maybe it's how you look in the light, maybe the flirting, maybe just because I'maroused, I lean forward and without saying a word, I kiss you, just lightly on the lips.You pull back startled, not expecting it... I'm red faced again, embarrassed, I'd miss-read the signs, I go to walk away, as I pass you catch my arm, I turn, expecting a slap, but it never came. Instead, taking my head in your hands you gentle pull me towards you, this time you kiss me... As our lips touch, an explosion of sensations, fills my mind... all the waiting, the wanting thedreaming, finally I get my kiss...I bring my hands to the small of your back, and draw you close too me not breaking contact with your lips, not wanting the kiss to end. I let my tongue slowly enter you mouth, to caress your lips, probing you for more sensations, searching for your tongue, they meet, it's bliss...After what seems like an eternity of emotion, out lips part, we're breathless...I look into your eyes trying to work out what is going on, how far I'm allowed to go. You answer the question before I need to ask, you reach out, loosen my tie, undo it and let it fall to the floor, next is the top button, then thenext... I don't need any more encouragement; I reciprocate the gesture, loosening the buttons on your blouse. Waist bands mutually undone, we pull each others tops free and discard them. Again I pull you close, pressing my naked flesh against yours, gently stroking your naked skin with my finger tips, tracing the curves of your body, feelingthe soft material of the black silky bra you said you'd never wear for work beneath my touch. Again we kiss, this time more passionate than the first, more sure, moreneeding, more wanting. I love your kisses, sweet tasting and sensual, but I need to explore, need to experience all of you... Wrapping my fingers in your beautiful raven hair, I gently pull you head back away from mine... your taperedneck now exposed, I place gentle kisses along your collar bone, dart my tongue to caress your skin, before placing another kiss and another, and another... kisses becoming firmer, harder, small loving bites... As my kisses begin todescend into your shapely cleavage, I unhook your bra, you lower your arms and allow it to fall slowly to the floor.I revel in the bounty that I find beneath, unable to resist I move straight to your nipple, it's already hard, I take it in my mouth, gentle kneading it with my teeth, sucking and kissing, encircling it with my tongue. Taking your other breast in my hand, I let my fingertips play over your other nipple, stroking tenderly, keeping it as hard and erect as the first. Not playing favorites I move change hands and move my mouth over to your 2nd nipple, leaving a string of kisses on the quivering skin as I go...After pleasuring myself once again on your erect, succulent breasts, I rise and kiss you again, lifting you from the floor, holding you in my arms... still kissing I lift you higher into my arms and take a few steps across the room and place you gently on the table in the corner. You grab the pigeon holes for support, spilling envelopes as you take hold, as I curl my fingers around your waistband, you raise your hips from the desk and I slowly peal your skirt from you revealing your smooth, shapely tapered legs.You sit there amongst the mail, wearing only a skimpy thong and high heals. The dimly lit office casting erotic shadows across your naked tanned body, I take you in my arms. As I slide my hands over your smooth firm, thighs I kiss youagain, a deep lingering kiss that takes my breath away, you cross your ankles behind my back, encasing my body with your, pulling my In tight, your hair falls across my shoulders, I can sense you all around me, sharing this moment, together as one. My kisses roam again, I smother your soft cheeks with my warm lips, I trace theshape of your jaw line with my tongue, I lightly nibble your neck, loving kisses, I know you like your neck kissed, you've told me. I want to please you... I hear light sigh's and gasps as I kiss, lower I go, nipples, slightly relaxed, return to full hardness, beneath my touch, erect and yearning... Still further down I go, you lean back against the pigeon holes, allowing me full access, to your smooth supple stomach, I kiss each rib in turn, down one side,up the other, then slowing gliding my tongue down your sternum, down your stomach, circling and penetrating your navel... I kiss every inch of your stomach, devouring the taste of your flesh. You run your fingers through myhair, down my spine, I tingle beneath your touch, I shiver, but I'm not cold... I'm hot, burning up with emotion and feelings, it feels like there stream coming from our semi-naked, entwined bodies...I bring my hands down to your knees and gently force your legs apart, you don't resist, you hold on tighter, so as not to fall... Starting at your knee I begin to ascend upwards and inwards, your inner thigh trembles at my touch, you gasp as I head higher... just as I am about to reach the top, I bypass my goal and head slowly down the other thigh... You cry out in frustration... taking my head in your hands, you guide my head forcefully back up, into your centre. As my lips touch the soft fabric of your underwear, my mouth is filled with you, I can taste you through the material, the dampness ready beginning to show through... I lap greedily at you, loving the taste of your free flowing juices. I need to taste you properly, without the barrier. Still licking, I tear the thong from you, marveling at what awaits my hungry mouth. Greedily I bury my face deep into your course pubic hair, my tongue entering you easily, you're well lubricated lips parting easily to allow me access. Dropping to my knees, you swing your legs over my shoulders, forcing me to plunge further into your depths... Your erect clitoris presses into my face, refusing to beignored... how can I resist? I take it into my mouth, flick my tongue across it, circling it, gentle teasing with my teeth, nibbling, experimenting, discovering how and where you like me... Your hands are still firmly forcing my face into you, your hips start to sway in time, bucking against my probing tongue... My fingers now filling the void my tongue had previously vacated, penetrating deep inside you, your juices flowing in torrents. Purposefully, my fingers enter you, matching your rhythm stroke for stroke, my tongue lapping greedily at the feast of sweet tasting delights oozing from deep within you, setting my tongue on fire, my taste buds bursting with sensations...Faster you grind yourself into my face, my fingers and tongue working overtime. Your movement is more frenzied now, you need a release from these feeling... your nerve endings are alive... Suddenly without warning a burst of electricity flows through your body... your climax descends upon, you wrap your legs around me, pulling my face deep into you, bucking wildly as the waves of pleasure beatagainst you... still I lick you, sinking my fingers into your ever moistening crotch, stroking your g-spot, drawing out pleasure as orgasm after orgasm hit you in turn... big at first but slowly decreasing in size... as the feeling goes away, you regain control, you draw me up and reward me with a kiss, your tongue tingles as you taste your own juices on me. I still hold you in my arms, you reach down and undo my belt, it's not fair that you should be naked, while I'm still half dressed... You unfasten my button andslowly undo the zip, you hand descends into my trousers, gently wraps itself around what it finds inside and withdraws it from the restraints of my clothing. Still holding me firmly in your hand, you continue to push down my trousers until gravity takes over and they fall to the floor, I kick off my shoes and step out of them. Now I'm completely naked, at least you still have your heelson! You jump down from the table; you kiss me again, one hand now gently caressing me, becoming, harder, more erect, at your touch, the other hand on the back of my neck, drawing me into your kiss... You have that cute little glint in your eye, still holding me, you push me backwards onto the desk... you lightly kiss my neck... over and over, placing light, sweet kisses around my throat, you're tongue flicking against my skin, you're driving me crazy, I feel like I'm gonna explode... Still you kiss me descending down my body, running your fingers across my chest, lower you go, sinking to your knees... cupping my balls with your hand as you gently caress me. You flick you're tongue across my tip, then down my full length, lap at my balls, taking them into your mouth in turn, kissing and caressing. Slowly you inch back down my shaft, gently teasing it with your tongue... after placing a soft sweet kiss on the end, you envelop me with your lips, allowing me to slide deep into your mouth. Slowly and softly at first you guide me in and out, the softness becoming firmer, the stroking moredetermined... I watch in awe as I see myself disappear inside you. You wrap your hand around me, the other fondling my tight balls. You thrust me into your mouth, my hips bucking against your face, my fingers wrapped in your sweet smelling hair, drawing your lips around me. I can feel my orgasm building, a dull tingling deep inside of me, electrifying every muscle, every nerve, my whole body begins to feel alive. The feeling is so good I don't want it to stop, I want to come, but not yet, I want more of you, all of you...My fingers still entwined in your hair, I pull your head back, releasing myself from your mouth, I stand erect and proud, glistening with your saliva, throbbing at what might have been, so close to climax, but so far to go...With gentle persuasion, you rise to your feet, I step behind you, and guide you face down on to Sarah's desk... I take a second to admire your ass, it's the first time I've had a chance to see it. It's firm, nicely rounded, I bend down to kiss each cheek, and let my tongue run over it's smooth contours. I dip lower and check your dampness with the tip of my tongue, no need, you're still moist... Standing again, with one swift movement, I sink myself deeply into you from behind. You gasp as I enter you full length, deep and hard. You lift yourself from the table, your body a perfect right angle. I stroke your back with my hands, starting at the shoulders, down your spine, the small of your back, around the smooth supple curves of your arse, then round, over your stomach, finally cupping your breasts as the sway in time with my thrusts. I tease your nipples, already erect, I let them run through my fingers, enjoying the light moans I hear as I caress them. Faster I drive myself into you, the sense of urgency becoming greater, my hands forcefully kneading your breasts. With hard, fast, deliberate motions, I repeatedly enter you, feeling you envelop everything I have with your warm moistlips. Moving my hands I grab your hips, locking our bodies together, at the middle. Again I drive myself into you, easier now, your juices are flowing freely, allowing smooth access inside. Holding you tight with one hand, I move the other down between your legs, searching for the spot to give you more pleasure. Soon my fingers find their goal, your erect clitoris, begging to be touched. You quiver as my finger settle on it, encircling it, stroking it. Your hips try to push again mine, you knees bending as I stimulate you, still thrusting myself into you, throbbing now, blood pumping throughout my body, I can feel everypulse, every heartbeat. We're both so close, but I want to see you, I want to watch your face as you scream out in ecstasy. I slow my hips, and stop. We stand there for a moment, you stand erect, your back to my chest, me still inside of you. We hug for a minute. We both know how we want this to finish, we talked about our favorite position and we both have the same. I want you on top, you want to be on top. The carpet looking uninviting, we survey the office looking for an appropriate spot. I have an idea...Taking you by the hand I lead you across the office and through the door to the stairs. Both of us still naked, we creep downstairs to the boardroom, luckily unlocked. Not wanting to wait any longer, we quickly clear the glasses and bottles from the centre of the table, I climb on and move to the middle. As I lie on my back, you follow me onto the table. You crawl towards me on all fours, your breastsgently swaying with your movement. You reach me and straddle me, sitting on my stomach you arch your back, allowing me full access to your chest. I can't resist, cupping your shapely bust in my hands, teasing your softening nipples back to erectness. You lean forward and we kiss, your tongue enters my mouth, filling me with warmth, I can feel your hard nipples on my chest, just slightly touching. I wrap you in my arms and draw you close... still kissing, I guide myself into you. You sit up and push yourself back, slowly inching me further inside you. Now you have me all, we hold hands and slowly you begin to grind your hips. With me locked inside of you, I can feel the warmth burning from inside you, I canfeel you clench and release, making full use of me...Quicker you move, the feelings from upstairs quickly resurfacing. Your gyrations have a purpose now, the feelings getting more intense, harder you ride, drivingus both towards our common goal. Your skin glistening with perspiration, you buck harder against me, grinding your clitoris into my pubic bone, knitting together as nature intended... I can feel my excitement building, that dull tingle is back in my groin, I can tell you're getting close too, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear the change in your voice, the moans getting louder, more desperate...Up and down you go sliding me in and out, thrusting me deep inside you, your nerve endings alive, bursting with tingling electricity, you know your release is close... I'm close too, throbbing, ready to burst, but I hold on, waiting for you, not wanting to leave you behind...I can feel the moisture flowing from within you, your sweet tasting juices covering me, lubricating our love making. There is a determination in your face now, you want to come so badly... I once again grab your hips, and force myselfstill deeper inside of you, I arch my back and raise my hips, inching myself further inside of you, pressing my pubic bone into your ever grinding clitoris...You scream out loud as your climax descends upon you, your body contorting in pleasure, writhing on top on me. Still I drive myself into you, harder and faster, your orgasmic motions pushing me further towards my own end... As your climax begins to fade, mine arrives, that dull tingle now like a bolt of electricity passing through my whole body, I arch my back further and cry out as the explosion of pleasure hits me, my orgasm re-igniting yours. Wrapped in each other arms we ride out our mutual satisfaction, the rest of the world fades, all we know is each other, for those few moments there is nobody else just us. Still I keep you grinding against me, drawing out your pleasure, squeezing every ounce of joy from the experience. Everything thing is sensitive, too sensitive, the feelings intense, our bodies alive. Slowly the moment passes, the climax's ebb away and the waves of pleasure subside, leaving us drained but satisfied. Our entwined bodies glistening, breathing heavily, we lie there, basking in the afterglow, attempting to regain our composure, trying to find the energy to retrieve our clothes, glad in theknowledge, that we don't have to clean the table...
The Dance
Courtesy of Richards Realm
The music is slow, sexy, the beat echoes through the room. The
lights are dim, with just enough illumination to see the small
dance floor. The air is scented, with just a hint of musk. A drink
rests on a table next to an armless padded chair that faces the
wooden floor, drops of water beading on the outside of the glass.
You enter the room according to the invitation you received, look
around, then seat yourself following the mysterious instructions.
Glancing at the writing and seeing again the hotel's name, room
number and the words, 'Seat yourself and say nothing', you fold
the paper and slip it back into your pocket.
You hear the door open. Looking up inquiringly, you see me
enter the room. Closing the door behind and holding the knob in
both hands, I lean back on it. My attire consists of a black velvet
long formal gown, with a silver zipper that goes all the way down
the back; a full, black, floor length dress that is caught at the waist
with a silver chain and black suede calf-high heeled boots.
We make eye contact, and I place a finger on my lips. You turn
and start to rise, hungry with desire. I motion for you to re-seat
yourself and you do so reluctantly. As you do, I push away from
the door and moving gracefully, make my way to the side of the
dance floor. There I stop and lean on a pole, turning to look at you,
gazing at you in lust. You slowly nod and settle back. I smile very
sensuously, then closing my eyes, start letting the music take a
hold. My body begins to sway with the music, and I begin dancing,
for you. I dance, allowing the beat and mood of the music
determine my movements, swaying, gliding, moving my hands, my
arms, my hips, the dress swirling around my feet as I float over the
floor with my eyes half closed. I dance for you, letting the desire
for you show in my actions. The music changes, the beat becoming
stronger, and my movements changing with it, becoming faster. I
glance at you and smile. The music captivates me, flooding the
senses, and moving with rhythm, my dancing becomes exotic,
sensual, and sexy.
I grasp the chain at my waist, unfasten it and drag it from around
my middle. Holding it in one hand, shaking it, making it jingle, I
toss it aside. Beginning at the throat, I partly unbutton the top of my
dress, exposing deep cleavage in a black push-up bra, then abruptly
rip the next few buttons the rest of the way down allowing the top of
my dress to gap open. Taking a hold of my black bra, I unsnap it,
glance down at myself, then back at you, laughing as I pull it off and
turn my back to you, looking over my shoulder. The bra slips down
over my shoulders. Smilingly shaking my head, I pull it back up
covering my tan skin. Still moving to the rhythm of the music, I
turn and face you again, letting my nipples remain partly exposed.
Reaching to the waist of my dress with both hands and unfastening it,
I let it slide off, allowing it to slip from curved hips. Gathering it with
one hand and pulling it completely off, I swirl it around keeping it
between us, not letting you see, waving it back and forth like a matador's
cape. I smile wickedly at you before throwing the dress aside, the long,
silky skinned legs it covered now exposed to your ardent view. I pose,
feet apart, looking at you for a few heartbeats, permitting you to see,
my full breasts partially supported by the black bra, creamy tops
exposed; a glimpse of stomach and abdomen above a black see-
through thong; feet encased in calf-high black boots.
The music changes again, to an almost jungle beat and I resume
dancing, moving closer, closer until within touching distance of you.
Your eyes linger on my body as I brush your shoulder. Circling you,
I run my hand across your neck, bend down and kiss your ear, seeing
you try to watch me. While pausing to tongue your other ear, I feel your
fingers touch the exposed tops of my breasts and I pause. While I
continue kissing your ear, sucking on your lobe as you fondle my soft
skin, I feel you undo the front fastener of the bra and push the cloth
aside, freeing my breasts to your sight and touch. As you cover them
with your hands, I feel the nipples hardening against your palms and I
moan softly. You caress my firm flesh, then when your hands slip
down to my stomach, I move away, stepping behind you. Standing
close, I pull your head back until it's resting against my soft breasts.
Reaching around you, my hands lightly touch your face, tracing the
jaw, down your throat, rubbing gently across your shoulders and then
back, to the top button of your shirt. Unfastening it, I slip my fingers
inside, touching the warm hollow of your throat briefly, then unfastening
the rest of the buttons and pushing your shirt open. My hands wander
down over your chest, fingers outspread, to the waist of your jeans and
back up. I move away from you again, stepping in front of you. I face
you and swaying to the music, reach up, pull my breasts outside of my
loose bra, give a hard tug and pull it off tossing it aside. Crossing my
arms and placing my hands on my shoulders , I slowly run my hands
over my body. I uncross my arms and cup my breasts, offering them for
your inspection, sliding spread hands over my stomach, down to curved
hips, pushing the top of my black thong down then pulling it back up. I
grin and wink at you, then turn my back to you looking over my shoulder,
and while doing a circling, thrusting movement with my hips, slide the
dark silk down over my swaying ass then pull the cloth back up quickly.
The music changes for the last time to a very sultry song, the kind that
makes you ache as you listen. I turn and face you again, sensuously
kneel and getting on my hands and knees, crawl, catlike, to you.
Reaching your legs, and rising up on my knees, I place a hand on each of
your legs and push them apart sliding between them. You lean over and
kiss me as I offer my mouth to you, passionately, tongues meeting, lips
moist and warm, our breaths mingling. You hold the kiss as my hands
wander up your thighs, kneading the muscle through your jeans, then
coming to rest on the obvious bulge between your legs.
Breaking the kiss, I unfasten your jeans, push the denim apart then pull the
jeans down over your hips and knees, sliding them to the floor. As your
erection is freed from its confinement, I look admiringly at the hard shaft, a
tingle running from my groin and spreading over my body at the sight.
Taking it gently onto my hand and lowering my head, my warm breath
flows across your swollen member, then I lean over and kiss your stomach,
touching you with the tip of my tongue, leaving wet trails on your skin.
Moving my head lower to lap on your abdomen, I rub against your erection
with my breasts, sinking farther until reaching the tip, and placing a damp
kiss there on the soft, sensitive skin. I open my mouth and encircle the
head with my lips, wetting it, using my tongue to get it completely moist
before starting to nibble on the sides, using tongue, teeth, lips. You put
your hands on my head, tangling your fingers in my long hair and I close
my eyes and take your cock into my mouth again. Sucking it in, hearing
your moan as I apply pressure, scraping my teeth against the sides as my
head moves up and down in time to the music. Your hips raise to meet
me as my mouth encloses you, increasing the suction as you slip nearly
out, then having you plunge deep in again, and again, and again,
swallowing the pre-cum that flows from you.
Knowing that you are close, I allow you to escape my mouth, hearing your
in-drawn breath as I do, and slowly stand up. Your eyes devour me as I
sway in time to the music, reaching to the tops of the thong, and with one
pull cause the hidden snaps to release and the thong to fall. I watch your
eyes as they travel over me, from perky breasts, to the furry mound
between my legs, a quick glance to the calf-high boots and back up to my
face. I smile at you as you reach out your hand. Stepping close enough
for you to touch, feeling your fingers as you run them from breasts down
to mound, my body trembles as you slip one between my wet pussy lips,
touching my clit gently before inserting a finger into my moist cunt. My
knees shake and I step very close to you, straddling your legs, placing a
hand on your shoulders as you pull me against you. Lowering my body
as you remove your finger, down onto your throbbing shaft, encasing
you in the warmth, the wetness, the tight sexual embrace of intercourse.
A gut deep groan from my throat is audible as you fill the aching
emptiness, and trembling with desire, I begin the ancient dance. My hips
move in time to the music as I ride you, holding on to your shoulders,
kissing your face, your ears, your throat as far as I can reach, feeling it
vibrate with your groan. Your mouth quivers, you bite your lips as you
thrust in and pull out of me with the movements of my hips, your hips.
We fuck slow, we fuck fast, my sex juices coating your cock, your hands
pushing and pulling my eager hips, fingers driven into the soft flesh. My
hands clench on your shoulders. We pant, moan, feeling every motion,
every inch of your hard shaft driving deep into me...
I feel the tightness of impending orgasm begin deep within my groin
and my movements become faster, more demanding, more uncontrolled.
Your hands tighten their hold on my hips. Your cock begins to swell as
you approach your own climax and as I scream and explode into an
orgasm that rocks my world, the inner muscles clamp down on you and
trigger your own orgasm, a hard, so very strong climax that takes you out
of time and space. You stay inside me as the waves of pure pleasure
slowly subside, holding me close, kissing me gently. With one last loving
embrace, I rise from your lap, your spent cock slipping easily out in a
flood of combined fluids. Standing nude in front of you, I say the first
words uttered during our tryst, "First one in the shower gets to pick
the next fantasy."
The Nurse
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Reggie Saint
My box at the office usually full, today was strangely empty but for
a single note.
Dear Employee, It is time for your complete medical check up.
You have been booked into the Franklyn Medical Center for two
nights for a complete physical examination. This will take place
from the 3rd to the 5th of nextmonth.
I hate hospitals and dislike check ups. But my contract stipulated
that a complete physical every five years was a requirement so I
sighed and got ready to mentally prepare for the ordeal. I arrived
at Franklyn Medical Center at 9 am. "Good morning," a huge
woman with oversized breasts and a red face said as I approach
the reception. "What’s the name" She said in a gruff voice. I tell
her and she rings a bell like a mistress at the front of a hotel. A
diminutive man comes to the desk. "Follow Ralph," the red faced
woman barked. Ralph totters off with me just behind. He brings
me to a small room on the top floor. "Strip and put on one of these
gowns," Ralph said opening the closet filled with ten or so identical
surgical gowns. He left. "Great," I thought taking off my clothes
and dropping them down a shoot marked laundry and see them
disappear from sight in a long round chaft of black, down deep in
the center of the building. I get to the closet and push my hands
through the sleeves of a gown and reach behind and try to tie the
three ribbons in the back, hearing the door open behind me.
"Ralph, could you tie these things, I cannot manage, myself."
Your voice cool and low, so excellent in woman, half speaks, half
whispers. "Of course, sir. But I’m not Ralph." I turn quickly and
there you stand, A smile on your face, your chin down, your eyes
looking at me. As I stand there stunned at the beauty of your face.
You step slightly closer and wrap your arms around me and looking
at me close in the eyes, you tie the three ribbons on the back of the
gown; the top, the middle then the bottom one. As you do your
breasts touch at my chest and rest there. Do I feel them linger
there. "There you are all dressed now," you say. "And leave as
quickly as you appeared. "Soon after, Ralph arrives, drops me in a
wheel chair and wheels me to pokes and probes, needles and
knitted brows, toilet samples and testosterone tests, X-rays and
back stays. Late in the afternoon, I find myself on my back in
brightly lit examination room. Dr. Penniton looked at me and with
a gruff bark, "We need a to draw a little blood now, just stay there."
He walks out. I lay there my eyes closed. I hate it when they draw
blood form my veins. My eyes closed I dose off a moment, and in
what seems a moment. I hear a soft voice say, "You Ok." I open my
eyes and there you are again. Standing over me, smiling in my eyes.
You turn away and press the needle into a vial and fill the sample
tube with my blood and turn back do to me. "That mustn’t have
hurt," you smile. "You didn’t even wake up till Ispoke." Well, not
your mind anway. "And suddenly I feel your hand rest on my hard
prick, that has been standing stiff in my surgical gown the whole time,
quite erect, quite visible under the thin cotton cloth. "Relax," you say
closing my eyes with your long shapely fingers. I feel the cloth of the
gown raised by your hands and then your fingers wrapping my cock,
slowly stroking it up and down, the soft skin of your palms running up
and down the thinness of the under skin of my shaft. You hold your
hand straight out and press down on my hardness, and run the stiff
surface of your palm up and down the flesh. You relax your hand and
run my rod between your finger tips, running your fingers under my
up pointing flesh, touching the head softly with light presses of
fingertips, your mouth a fraction of an inch from me you blow soft
streams of hot breath against the skin of my hard place. Then you
take me between two fingers and touch your lips to the head of my
cock, and just hold them there, lightly lipping at the soft spongy head,
pressing your tongue at the slit there. Then in a long sudden stroke
you lick up and down my shaft, then down again, around the balls then
up the hardness and a single stroke fill your mouth with me, now so
hard and thick as I have ever been. In long slow strokes that make
sucking sounds, you suck me in and out of your mouth softly and then
harder and with more feeling and deep presses of lips on hard shaft.
Till you feel the throbs, my prick being to give up a load of cum. You
hold your lips parted your tongue slightly out as I open my eyes while
my cock opens its warm semen for you. You lap at the head as strings
of cum hang from your tongue and lips to my prick. You lick it up
softly and carefully till only a touch of a towel dries me as I fall into a
sleep. I wake in the morning in by bed unclear how I got here.
Ralph arrives again soon with his wheelchair from hell. He wheels me
to the cat scan room where I am stripped and lain on a table and my
prone body long and stiff, is slowly passed through a circling emanation
of vibrating waves filling me with probings that are recorded by you in
a booth far away. You watch the curves of my flesh and the pulsing of
my blood and the surging of the juices in me on the flickering screen as
you press you hand between your legs and find your hips pressing
your cunt against your finger wet now entering you and drawing in and
out of your pussy, that drips wetness down your legs under your skirt.
You press a towel there to keep the wetness for staining your clothes.
My body emerges from the testing device as your head lays back and a
moan of complete passing through touches out of your vocal chords, in
tune with the writhing moan deep within the warm movement inside
your clitoris. My eyes open there on the table as I rise up, and relax
on the bed, slide over and back into my chair. Later, after skin samples,
saliva tests, eye probes, hands testing the beating of my heart, eyes
carefully examining the pores of my neck, fingers touching the softness
of the lobes of my ears, drips applied to the folds of my skin, long silvery
pieces of metal forced deep inside the edges of my epidermis, and hot
pads pressed to my flesh an inch from pain, all carefully noticed by your
eyes from video feeds, or felt by your fingers as they apply the media to
my bones, or tasted by your tongue as you lift the glass slide to taste, or
heard by your ears as the heat of my breath touches you leaning down
to remove a sealing tape, or smelt by your nostrils and your carefully
lifted a gauze from my private parts. The night was deep then, as you
entered, my eyes open my mind awake, my senses all alive and rich in
the experiences of the day. I feel you kneel over me and reach behind
me and undo the knots on the ribbons behind my surgical dress, the top
the middle and the bottom again bringing your breasts to my chest.
This time the gown is removed and tossed aside. You reach up and
toss the white nurses cap aside, remove the few pins in your hair that
falls to your shoulders. You kneel up over my naked body, probed and
tested and poked so often during the day, and your look in my eyes,
unbuttoning your white blouse one button at a time, slowly your top
opened till it is pulled off and thrown beside the bed. You reach behind,
your breasts jutting out then revealed suddenly in the subdued light as
the bra is tossed aside. You reach behind, soon the skirt is gone and
your panties too, you kneeling over me with only your white stockings
held up by a white garter belt. One more shot, you say. You swab my
arm with a cotton and quickly press a needle into my artery and press
the plunger down. This time it hurts, hurts very much. And you pull it
out letting blood bead out just a bit. "Open up." You order and I open
my mouth a bit and you squeeze the last of the liquid on my tongue.
Testosterone is what I taste. You lean down and lick the bead of blood
from my arm, and I see it go into your mouth and your throat made a
swallowing motion. My cock already erect feels like a piece of steak
ready to be broiled and feels thickening as the hormone coats my
throat. You take one hand and hold my prick up and gently rest on it
with your pussy, your head held back, your mouth open, your finger
moving in and out of the open cavity of your mouth, as you slowly rock
up and down on my swelling manhood. You take both hands and hold
my hips and run the tightness of your loving pussy up and down my
screaming prick, in rolls of laughing delight, the muscles of your back
feel the massage of my shaft deep in your recesses. The egress and
ingress of the heated flaming hard penis, feels your body in a way
that makes your sides tingle at the rubbing of skin to inner skin. It
makes you rock your hips from side to side so all of the recesses
inside you enjoy the feeling of the widening cock there. You start
bucking on me in uncontrolled rhythm. You start moaning in large
waves that come from deep inside. You start shaking all over in the
music of the orgasms that rock your being. You start digging your
fingers into my flesh as you fall on me and I roll you over. On top of
you now, I cram my hard cock now even thicker than ever in your
cunt with animal fury born of desperation, of hormones, of year end
desire, of great affection and interest in this woman of flame, of
desire, of care and attention. My hips ram at yours, the deep
strokes feelingly in the back of your throat, the sliding of my skin
against the wall of your cunt emanating out to your hips glowing
your skin, the press of my body, spreading your legs, sending icy
chills of hot pleasure through your thighs. The pressing of my
mouth on yours, tingling the back of your neck causing you to wrap
me in your arms and we lay, body on body, body in body, mouth on
mouth, tongue against tongue, chest presses to chest as we climax
together. The throes of love fill the pores of skin inside you. My
heart racing well with yours in a beat of music. The innards of each
of us in tune with the waves of pleasure, the wall of your cunt thrill
into my stabbing cock the mash of my body against yours sending
a tsunami gushing hot flashes of lightening up your spine, spinning
around your stomach, thrilling up your clitoris, shacking your head,
clutching your hands, curling your toes, rolling your eyes back. My
cum flows, not in waves but in sprays of wetting filling masses in
you. You can feel the pools of semen pounding up inside of you and
sinking in, deep in your cavities. You feel another massive jerk of
orgasm in your pussy, coating the walls, dripping out, you feel a
lasting gyrating stream emerge from my balls to gush inside your
body as I collapse beside you. You hold me carefully and reach
down holding my diminishing prick. Circling it with your hand
you jerk me a bit and feel a last wad drip out. On your thumb.
You bring it to your face and let it slowly drip down into your
mouth. You lean over and kiss me so I can taste it and feel you
swallow. Drift, drift d…r…i…f ….t to sleep again. In the morning
Ralph tosses my clothes on my bed. "Get Dressed," he orders
and I do. I walk to the front desk and the red faced woman says,
"Sign here." My company letterhead is evident as I sign the form.
"We are finished with you," the large breasted woman barks. I
walk to the door and exit. And there you are. Standing there
smiling. Looking quite cute in your boots, fancy stockings, just
above the knee skirt and waist long winter coat. "Hi," I say. You
say nothing, just start walking toward a car, your car. I follow.
My Morning Shower
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Barbie
First I read a couple stories on this site to get me a lil horny
and stuff (I would look at porn but I've gotten caught from
my parents before (not good!) so I'd rather not). But
anyways, first, I lock the bathroom door. I turn on the
shower on really really warm so it will get all foggy and nice
warm in there. Then I stand in front of our bathroom mirror,
and pretend to strip infront of a muscular stud that I have a
crush on. I take off my shirt, gently slip off my pants, unstrap
my bra, and slide off my favorite red panties, enjoying every
bit of being able to watch myself. Then, when I'm all stipped
down, I get into the shower. We have a bath shower with the
handle nozzle that unhooks. First I start off just enjoying the
warm water rush down my little naked body. Then I start to
rub my pink nipples, and breathe a little hard. My nipples
quickly harden. I tease my whole body, going from my boobs
down my stomach, to my pussy and to my tight little ass.
Then I lay down in the cold bath and spray the water all over
myself. I spread my legs out real far so I can see my hairy bush
right there, all nice and wet from water and cream. I slowly put
the shower head against my throbbing pussy and then start
moving it around and round in circles. Holy shit that feels good!
I cant even begin to descibe the feeling. I just lay there, my
hand circling while I breathe super super hard (cant make
almost any noise at all because I wouldn't want my parents to
come in!). After about 3-5 minutes of that, I start to get super
horny and start going a little crazy. I move my hips with the
shower and whisper all my dirty thoughts out loud. My right
hand still circling, my left holding my creamy pussy lips apart.
As I slowly start to feel an orgasm, I quickly take the shower
head away telling myself to calm down and that the longer I
wait, the better it will be. In about 30-60ish seconds, I think
I'm ready to start up again. I stick my finger in my mouth,
and then with that finger I circle my already hard nipples.
The shower nozzle is between my legs again going in and out
this time. In out, in out. Damn that feels good. Again, when
I feel like an orgasm is coming, I back out...dying to get that
orgasm ssooooooo bad. But I hafta wait, just hafta. So then,
after about another minute, I start up one last time, doing a
mix. I move the shower around and around my clit, but my
hips are moving up and down, that way, it gives stimulation
to my clit and inside my pussy. I start moaning a little, and
start to feel my breath quicken. I breathe quicker and quicker,
harder and harder. My legs are spread open as far as possible
right now. Then I feel that feeling, the best feeling in the world.
My entire body tightens, my back arches, and my head tilts
back. I feel like I'm about to explode. Explode with pleasure
and excitement. I think I might burst out screaming from the
pleasure I'm giving myself. Then I just lay there after its over,
wishing it never ended. Its really hard to do it twice in a row I
think, but I've done it before. Well, that is how I masturbate in
the shower every morning.
The Limo
Courtesy of Richards Realm & Reggie Saint
New York. We were invited. “Impossible, “ you say. I show
you the invitation. “How did you get this invitation?” you ask.
“Sharon likes me,” I answer with a wry grin. “You know Sharon
Stone?!” you ask. “I was an extra in Total Recall. She killed me
in a scene and I, well, it was messy. I was standing there with
Hollywood blood down my face, mud and mashed grass on my
chest and … well I was a mess.
“She was standing beside me waiting for her entrance. She
looked me up and down. ‘Sorry,’ Sharon said. ‘You owe me
one,” I said with a smile. ‘When I can,’ she replied with a smile.
That ice pick smile that was many years ago. I gave up the
owing, but last week I got this invitation in the mail.
We see the premier, dressed. You in a long white gown, me in
a tux.. (You don’t know that I rented my tux and I don’t know
that you rented your gown.)
The movie was an action thriller with a many erotic scenes.
The spy was about to kill himself but the ingenue arrived and
confessed that though she first was just using him to learn how
the space shuttle copied the password, she came to love him.
And while they were naked and in bed, the hit man came in….
the helicopter so close … the woman on the beach with such a
tight posture… they end up in an elevator stuck between the
first and second floor.
The movie, a roller coaster ride.
At the party afterwards, you are so smooth, though your heart
was racing, “Nice to meet you, Sharon, … Michael,… may I
call you Ken? … really, call you Rob?
You look at me with craving eyes of passion. “Has this
happened,” your life says.
The night ends and we leave. The limo picks us up at the New
York Hilton and we sit in the back seat. You are in a state.
You babble, “I met Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas kissed my
cheek, Ken kissed my fingers and Julia wanted me to call her
You lean over, your soft hair falling over my shoulder. Your
shimmering eyes in a loving swell, your face so madly contented.
“You know what?” you ask.
“What?” I ask.
“The best thing about tonight was being with you.”
I press your shoulders on mine and you lean further in.
‘I think you are pretty and smart, I like your nerve. And I love
your heart. I love you just the way you are.” I say. Like lyrics
to a song.
Your hand falls on the front of my pants and you feel nothing.
Then little by little you feel a rising in my pants. In the back
seat of the limo, you slowly undo my zipper and put your hand
inside, raise it up and take my cock out of my pants.
I get rigid and stiff quickly watching your smiling face, my
hard prick in your hand. Looking at the back of the driver’s
neck you slowly stroke up and down my cock. I get harder and
harder your eyes closing. Your long fingers enwrap my hard
prick and your fingers, tipped by long red nails, plays around
my cock rubbing up an down.
You lean down and take my cock in your mouth and lick the
head up and down, the head to my zipper, then up again and
take it all in your mouth sucking up and down as it thickens
and gets harder in your mouth. I feel the warm moans in your
throat vibrate against my prick as you take me all in your
mouth, my cock head pressing the back of your throat. Did I
see the chauffeur peek back?
You suck off my cock, and let me go with a popping sound and
the driver flinches visibly. You pull off your wet silk panties in the
back of the limo and hitch up you skirt, reach down and glide
my cock in your wet pussy. You sit down on me in the back
seat of the car, your arms around me, kissing me hard, as we
stop at a red light. People in the neighboring cars look at you
on me. They wonder. Is she just in his lap, sitting there? Wait
her gown is too high! Did I see a thigh? She is riding him!!!
The light changes to green.
We start driving down the 5th Avenue at a slow clip as you ride
up and down on my huge pulsating dick more and more cars
trying to keep up with us as you fuck me, your eyes looking in
mine, your tight cunt gripping my cock, as you rise up and down,
the angle of your lips, the moans in your throat, the loveliness of
your throat as you hold back your head.
Cars start honking and the chauffeur spends more time looking
in the rear view mirror then at the road. Cars surround us,
watching us fuck each other in the back of the car. You lean
your head forward, your hair framing you face as you ride up
and down on my hard dick with your tight wet cunt. We are both
so tipsy so horny, we don’t care.
You start to cum, and scream. The massive waves of pleasure
translate to large noises in your throat. I hold your breast
through your designer gown. You bob up and down on me,
holding my hands on your tits, your moans low and deep as
you feel my hard dick fill you and unflill you as rise and fall on
me. You can take no more, and rise off me. You breathe hard
and in desperate need to calm down.
You sit a second, breathing, cars all around, the chauffeur,
peeking in the rear view mirror. You settle down and see my
cock hard, wet with your juice, not spent. You look me in the
eyes, smile, kiss me sweetly, and lean down and take me in
your mouth one more time. The chauffeur’s eyes widen. The
cars hug us close to see what is going on now, like a police
You lend down an suck my cock again. It doesn’t take long
for me to cum after all the exhibitionist fucking. I quickly
start filling your mouth with my warm load. You swallow
and swallow and sucking up and down my dick, even more.
I start to get flaccid and limp. You suck a bit more. Then
you take me from your mouth and rub my head against your
lips knowing I’m too sensitive for that. I laugh and jerk
against your lips. The chauffeur watches you finish.
You rise up a string of cum hanging from your smiling mouth.
You catch it up with the back of your hand and lick it up.
And you look around. We are at a red light.
We have embracing cars all around us. One car has a guy
masturbating. In another car on the right side, a woman is
completely naked in the back seat and shoving a safety flare in
and out of her pussy. On the left side, a guy is fucking his date
in the back seat, (you smile at him) while in the front seat
another man who is driving, is getting sucked off by a redhead.
In the car in front, you see a woman pressing her breasts in her
hands and the head of a guy, or are there two guys heads doing
something you cannot see.
We settle down in the limo. The lights change we go. The
cars all follow us to my apartment in midtown. The limo
stops. The valet opens the door and we step out, so
distinguished. On all sides of the street cars stop. I look at
the doorman, “My friends,” I say. He nods and sighs.
“Not again,” he thinks.
The Maigc Kingdom
Courtesy of Richards Realm
I am one of these people who became sexually active at an early age.
I've fooled around with guys since I was 12, and have been having
sex since I was 14. I live not far from Disneyland, and, having an
annual pass, have had many a sexual experience there. This past
summer, I was at the park with a group of friends, including my
boyfriend at the time, a guy named Steve. It was getting near
closing time (midnight during the summers). So we decided to take
the monorail around one last time. Late as it was, Steve and I
managed to get on board with my friend Jenny, 16, and her
boyfriend Armando, also 16. Jenny's not a skinny girl, but not fat.
Her large breasts and curvy hips made up for any extra weight she
carried. Her light complexion and light brown hair paled next to
Armando's darker Hispanic features. We were the only ones in that
section. Jenny and her boyfriend had been sneaking into dark
crevices to make out since about 9:00, and it was obvious they could
hardly wait for a chance to fuck. As soon as we left the station, they
practically jumped all over each other, with no regard for me and
Steve sitting across from them. I guess they didn't mind giving us a
show. Within 30 seconds, Jenny's top was around her neck, and
Armando had popped her 36c breasts out of her bra. I had seen
Jenny naked before, but never when she was aroused. Normally,
her nipples didn't stick out like they were this time. Armando kept
squeezing and sucking her nipples them like there was no tomorrow.
In no time at all, her black jean shorts were around her knees, and she
was freeing his hard cock from his pants. Jenny had told me Armando
wasn't circumcised, and that was obvious in the way she managed to
get his foreskin to slide up and down over his huge cock head. While
she did this, he was spreading her legs apartand managing to
passionately finger her tight wet pussy. Again, I had seen her naked
before, but it was a sight to see her exposed wet clit swollen in his hands.
She was definitely built differently than me. She had prominent pussy
lips, and a rather large clitoris, the hood I guessed to be probably an inch
long. My own pussy and clit is much smaller, even when stimulated.
Their wild foreplay couldn't have lasted more than 15 seconds, because
before I could get over my amazement at their animal carnage, he had
her pined to the seat and began maneuvering his cock right into her, one
hand on the seat back and the other on Jenny's huge swinging breast.
God, he washung! "Oh, fuck my tight wet pussy!" she whimpered,
"Oh, oh". I was admittedly getting wet watching them, and, with Steve
next to me, why should they have all the fun? I reached next to me and
unzipped his fly, freeing his white, uncut dick, already swollen hard from
the sight he was witnessing. Out the window, Steve could see the
Disneyland hotel, the one stop on the ride before returning to the park.
I looked up at him, and looked over at Jenny. She was by now holding
Armando's hand over her breast, to keep it from jiggling, at the same time,
watching me blow Steve, while I watched her get fucked. As the monorail
came to a stop, I quickly sat up, and threw my jacket on Steve's lap.
Armando got up, sat down, and Jenny sat backup, giggling, and pulled her
top down, but forgetting to redo her bra. She had that "I just got laid" look.
The monorail stopped, the doors opened, and no one got on. We were in
luck. As soon as the doors closed, Armando practically threw her top up,
exposing her nice boobs, again. She remained sitting upright, and he
kneeled in front of her, and proceeded to fuck her in the sitting position.
From here, I could see her wet cunt lips stretch open to accommodate him.
We knew we only had about 3 minutes or so before the ride came to an end,
so I went back to blowing Steve, while sliding my finger up my skirt to
pleasure myself. In no time at all, Jenny was close to cumming. I knew it
when she reached down and started fingering her ass, her whimpers
getting louder, his thrusts getting harder and faster. The sight of them
approaching orgasm made me hotter. I furiously sucked my own stud
while fingering my hot wet pussy. Then Jenny let out a shuddering scream,
and Armando bucked and moaned. I had a full view as he came inside her.
His dick quivered as he shot his load into her, while her two fingers made
furious circles through her pubic hair and onto her clit. As she came, her
thighs shook, and I could see her pussy lips tighten around his huge shaft.
With their pleasure completed, I concentrated on my own work. Steve
had by now put his hand on my head, guiding me as my mouth rode his
manhood. His heavy breathing told me he was going to cum, and I picked
up the pace on my own clit. He reached down and started to stroke his
shaft as I sucked on him. Then suddenly, he shot his load into my mouth.
Feeling it in me sent me over the edge as I came, moaning with his cock
in my mouth. My forehead was dripping with sweat as I finished cumming.
I sucked him dry and let go of him. Glancing at Jenny and Armando, I was
pleased to see they had gotten re clothed, and were enjoying the sight of me
blowing Steve. But we had little time. The monorail started to slow, as I
said something like "oh shit". We all giggled as Steve and I fixed ourselves.
The doors open and we disembarked. No one had a clue. We eventually
made our way to the parking lot via the tram. The four of us laughed
about our adventures all the way home. Steve drove, and we first dropped
off Armando, then Jenny. But I guess Steve was still too hot to be done with
me yet. Before we got to my house, he pulled into the parking lot of a nearby
library, and we fucked wild lyin his car for about 1/2 hour. I was so sore,
when he dropped me off, that I didn't think I could fuck again for a week.
But he would prove me wrong the next night. As I've learned, there are a
lot of places to fuck in a theme park. But those are all different stories...
I Have Control
Courtesy of Richards Realm
We meet in a hotel room. The surroundings don't matter, because we only see each other. The second the door is closed, we are in each others' arms. Hot, wet, hungry kisses. Dueling tongues. Bodies rubbing against each other. Unbuttoning your shirt, slowly sliding it off, touching every bit of skin that is bared. Stroking, caressing, feeling every tense from the pressures of the day. Well, I know how to take care of that. Into a warm bath we go. First I sit behind you, massaging your shoulders and upper back to relax the muscles. Then you slide down into the water, resting your head on my soft breasts as I gently rub your temples, smoothing away the cares of the day. My hands slide down your neck, over your chest, slippery with bath oil. When I'm sure you have forgotten everything but me, I rearrange us so we are face to face in the tub. More kisses, tender and sweet, while my hands continue to smear the oil across your chest. You reach out to fondle my huge tits, and my hands move down to very lightly stroke your awakening cock. Electricity flashes between us. Before the bath water starts to boil, I take you by the hand and help you out of the tub, drying you gently but thoroughly and letting you return the favor. Back into the bedroom. I'm determined to give you the best night of your life, so I'm in a "dominant" mood. I make you lie on your back and you agree to do only what I tell you to do. Intrigued, you wait patiently for the game to start. I lie down beside you and tell you to put your arms around me. "Kiss me". We kiss passionately for a long time, tasting each other, probing the deep dark recesses of our mouths. Meanwhile our naked bodies are pressed close together and the heat builds as our hunger grows. Finally I pull away and kneel beside you, looking you over like a work of art I want to buy. You can see my admiration in my eyes, and it inflames you. Holding back, stretching the bounds of anticipation, I smile sensuously as your erection grows hard under my hot, appreciative gaze. "Stay very, very still." You groan as I hold out one fingertip for you to suck into your mouth. Then I trace a delicate, wet line from your lips, down your neck and chest, and over your stomach, stopping just short of your cock. Staring into your eyes, I put my finger in my own mouth, getting it wet again. Like a feather, it leaves a moist trail as it skims lightly over the head, then the long hard length of throbbing flesh totickle gently at your balls. A low animal sound comes out of your throat, and I can feel a sudden rush of dampness between my thighs. I'm dying to just hop on and ride you to nirvana, but it is much too soon for that. Instead I straddle your feet so that your toes can feel the heat pouring out of me. Sliding my hand under your cock to lift it, I hover over it and warm it with my hot breath. As you watch in a frenzy of anticipation, my wet tongue slowly peeks out between my lips, and just brushes the head of your cock. Your hips jerk upward in a silent plea, but I'm holding back. Using just the tip of my tongue, I slowly lick the length of you over and over; down the top, up one side, down the other. After endless minutes of this torture, I give in and wrap my lips around the head, gently tonguing the very tip. It feels so good, you're clutching at the bed covers to stay in control. I look up across the length of your body, and see you silently begging me to take it all. Watching you all the while, I slowly take you in until my mouth is full of hot, pulsing flesh. Cupping your balls in one hand and squeezing oh-so-gently, my head bobs slowly up and down until I see your eyes start to roll back in your head. Time to push the hold button. I sit back up and stroke your chest and arms until your breathing slows down a bit. Since we don't want your hot cock to get cold, I move forward so that it is blanketed in the wet heat between my thighs. You can see the shiver go throw me at the contact, but I am determined to please you first. Your eyes drop to my breasts, so I lean forward slightly and cup them with my own hands, offering them like a sacrifice. "Touch them." As you stroke the large mounds of soft flesh, the nipples harden to tight, sensitive points. You are licking your lips, looking very hungry, so I lean forward further until my breasts are just above your face. Bracing my hands on either side of your head, I command you to "Lick them." Your tongue sends tremors through my body as you lick first one and then the other nipple. You are being very good about obeying my commands and using only your tongue, but suddenly I need more. "Suck my tits .....oh god, yes, suck them hard!" Back and forth, from one to the other, you suck themlike a starving child. Hot thrills shoot along my spine to ignite my pussy. I'm practically dripping all over you. Finally, afraid that I might burst into flames, I reluctantly disengage your lips and sit back, breathing hard. "What would you like next? Shall we get right to it, or would you like a taste first?" By now you are breathing so rapidly that I barely understand the words "sixty-nine", but it sure sounds like a good idea to me. I wriggle around on the bed, so that my legs are spread right over your face. "Eat my hot pussy!" You reach up and grab my ass, pulling me down until your tongue is deep in my flaming slit. Shocked, I grab on to your legs and shiver. Your cock lies neglected right beside my face, and I suddenly feel very, very hungry myself. In one swift movement I have it deep in my hot mouth, and I feel an answering tremor run through you. For long, sweaty moments the room is filled with muffled moans and slurping sounds. You suck on my throbbing clit, then jam your finger way up in my wet pussy. My juices are all over your face and finger. I stroke your cock with my hand while rubbing my tongue all over the head, then deep throat you with tight, tight lips. I'm squeezing your balls, you are squeezing my ass. I'm practically on the brink of a massive explosion myself, now, so I redouble my efforts on your cock. Finally we push each other away at the very last instant. Panting, we lie side by side for a minute. After a moments thought, I start to pile the pillows up against the headboard. Dragging on your arm, and laughing a little at your laziness, I finally get you to sit up so that you are leaning back against the pillows. Then, straddling your hips, I finally guide your rigid, pulsing shaft into my tight, hot sheath. For one brief moment we are still, relishing the ecstasy of our joining. I give you a hot, hungry kiss; then offer my breasts again. "Suck." You do, but it isn't enough. My hips are rotating, grinding against you. "Bite them." Ever so gently your teeth score my nipples, and the pleasure drives me wild. Your cock is pulsing deep inside my hot wet pussy. I squeeze my muscles hard to feel every inch of it inside me. You nip at me again, my back arches and I throw my head back with a long moan. Now is your chance. Using my backward momentum, you shift us so that I'm on my back with my legs wrapped tightly around your waist. Gritting your teeth, you ease your cock slowly out of my clinging pussy. I cry out "Noooooooo!", but you realize that you are now in control and you feel like tormenting me - briefly. I'm writhing under you, trying to use my feet on the small of your back to pull you back inside me. Suddenly, with one hard thrust, I feel myself skewered on the hardest, hottest cock I've ever known. I'm out of my mind with need now. "Fuck me! Please.....oh, please.....make me come....fuck meeeeee......" You pull out again, and I'm desperate. I thrust upward, trying to hold on to you. You crush me into the mattress, kissing me hard and shoving your tongue into my mouth in time with the thrusts of your cock. Our bodies are pounding against each other, and we're gasping for breath. I can't wait any longer; my nails rake down your back as I arch high in the air to take all of you deep inside me. "Oh my god, I'm coming....Oh darling!" I scream. My spasming pussy is threatening to crush you, and you feel your own orgasm looming. Your face is next to mine, and you are whispering nasty things in my ear about how tight and hot I am, and that starts me flying all over again. You are pounding into my body, fast and furious, reaching for the stars. One last, hard, deep thrust, and even through my ecstasy I can feel your cum spilling inside me. We savor our release together, and then fall into exhausted sleep, still joined.